The Rockstar Second Chance Vol. 5 Rocker Girl Series

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Chapter 1

California, many, many, many years ago

First meetings…

The day was scorching hot as the city of Sherman Oaks California reached over one hundred and five degrees on that particular July day. The three little girls that played outside in a little plastic pool. It had just been bought for them by their foster mom Mary Beth, who placed it under the shade of the big oak trees out in the front yard. Their foster mom had bought it for all the kids that she had living with her, because money was tight, the next week was supposed to get even hotter, and she had turned off the air conditioning to try and save some money.

Lynn, the tall, thin, rebellious blond. Margie, the prissy little redhead with glasses on, and Mindy who was small, with mousey brown hair and big brown eyes, were all slashing around in the water enjoying their summer vacation. They loved the freedom that this time of year allowed, and were looking forward to popcorn and movies since it was Friday night… not to mention stay up past midnight.

But unlike the girls, the boys didn’t bother splashing in some baby pool, instead they took the hose and drenched themselves before going under their favorite oak tree and tried to cool down as the cars drove by.

Nickels, Jones, and Howie were the only boy’s home at the moment, laughed as they talked of cars, music, and of course girls as they ate the last of the blue freezer pop’s they stole from the freezer. They knew the girls would be pissed when they went inside to get a pop to see that all the blue ones were gone… again!

As Margie came out, Nickels who was ten, pushed his black hair from his face, and saw that she had the red and orange freezer pops in her hand and then stuck her tongue out at him.

“Oh shit, Margie just stuck her tongue out at me.” He laughed with a twinkle in his devious brown eyes at this foster sister. Everyone knew Margie believed all girls should have manners, didn’t swear, and of course act like ladies. But her sweetness went only so far and would compensate in other ways instead if pushed.

Jones, who was also eleven, with golden skin and soft green eyes looked up at Nickels, who had climbed up the great oak tree in the front yard, just laid on the old comforter glanced up at the little redhead and laid back down with a sigh. “Shut up Nickels, and just leave her alone.”

Howie, who was the youngest at only ten, with white blond hair and big blue eyes, came running out of the house. He was Mary Beth’s nephew, and was sent to her as she was the only living relative he had. His parents died a little over a year ago in a tragic car accident coming back from a vacation from Carmel. A drunk driver crashed into them on the way through the grapevine. “Hey guys, I just heard Aunt Mary talking on the phone, and said something about two new girls coming to live here.” Howie said out of breath to the guys.

Nickels put his arms in back of his head and laid back on the branch kicking his leg that dangled down with his eyes closed. “Who cares? It’s too damn hot to care about stuff like that Howie.”

“Girl’s huh? I think we could always have some more girls around the house.” Jones laughed, also with his eyes closed.

Jimmy and Dax, had just walked up the driveway laughing, when they stumbled into the conversation. “What’s up delinquents?” Came Jimmy’s voice to the group of his foster brothers.

Dax started laughing at Howie who frowned at the name. “What, just stating the obvious.” Dax laughed.

Jones sat up on his elbows smiling at the oldest boys of the group. Dax was thirteen with dirty blond hair and dark brown eyes, and Jimmy was twelve and a half, couldn’t forget the half, with hair the color of coffee, and deep blue eyes.

“Howie was telling us we got newcomers to the group and… that their girls too.” Jones told them laughing at the look on Dax's face.

“Girls huh, That's great because sweet, Lynn won’t give me kisses anymore.” Dax smiled at Jimmy, who hid his chuckle glancing over at Nickels who was now climbing down from the tree looking pissed.

“You need to shut up about that Dax!” Nic fumed.

“Okay little man, I’ll leave you alone.” Dax chuckled, as him and Jimmy headed towards the girls in the pool.

“Little man my ass! I’m only ten months younger than you!” Nickels hissed.

“Damn, I hope there older and not like little babies or some shit.” Jimmy said to them.

“Yeah, I didn’t even think of that.” Dax nodded.

The girls were sitting in the water as the boys all came their way. Dax smiled over at Lynn just to piss off Nickels even more. “Hey Lynnie, you lookin’ smokin’ hot in that bikini. How about you come over and give me a kiss? I dare you.” He winked being as smooth as a thirteen-year-old could be.

Lynn had always been tall for her age, and had the sweet appearance of the girl next door… but that just wasn’t Lynn. “You can go fuck yourself Dax!” Came the harsh words from the sweet looking girl’s mouth, making them all laugh.

Margie looked outraged taking Lynn by the arm. “Lynn, what did we just talk about? Don’t use such words, its rude!” The little strawberry blond scolded.

“Shit Marg, I like to swear. It’s fun.” Lynn shrugged.

That’s when little Mindy got up out of the water going over to Dax. She always followed Dax around... “Hi Dax.” She whispered shyly.

“Hey yourself, squirt.” He answered only to go walk away.

With that Mindy frowned walking back over to Margie hanging her head in defeat. Everyone knew that Mindy had been crushing hard on Dax, but she was only eleven, and he told her in so many words, that she was what he called… jail bait.

Jimmy wiped the sweat from his brow and then glanced over at Dax with his shit eatin’ grin that told the girls they were in trouble. “Damn it’s hot out today Dax, and that pool looks really good right about now…” He said ripping off his shirt, and then jumped in and started splashing making Mindy, and Margie scurry out, and Lynn start to swear at him… and then Dax jumped in.

Soon Mary Beth came out looking at the kids as Mindy and Margie were trying to push all the boys out of the pool, while Lynn turned on the hose and was screaming, that she was hosing the boys down, laughing in her menacing laugh. “All right hoodlums, let’s turn it off and come over for a group meeting!” She called out lovingly to the group. “I’ve got two newcomers that are going to start to live with us starting today and I want to introduce you to them.” She said making the group all look up and start making their way over to her… well, after Lynn pushed Dax back into the water.

There were two little girls at Mary’s hip, her arm around the taller girl, and that little girl had her arm protectively around the smaller one. The taller girl had sandy blond hair with sun drenched highlights, and the shorter one had white blond hair that was just as white as Howie’s, and pale blue eyes that glanced up at all of the kids, then back down to the ground.

Mary Beth’s face frowned and as she pushed some of the short grayish hair away from her face, and then put on a smile for the two newcomers. “Okay guy’s, I’d like you to meet Addison, and her little sister Tia.” She said enthusiastically, but the two little girls remained quiet.

Mary Beth knelt down in front the two girls. “Hey, I know this is hard, but I promise you that you’ll be safe here, and loved. Okay?” She said taking each one of the girl’s hands, and got a nod by the oldest one. “Good.” She smiled getting up and looking over at the bunch of kids. “So, the tall one over there is Lynn, then you have Margie, and Mindy. Then the bunch of trouble makers over there are Dax, Jimmy, Jones, Nickels, and my nephew Howie.” She stated.

All the kids had said hi, the two girls still didn’t speak. Mary Beth’s smile dipped and she glanced over at the girls giving them a look they knew all too well. The newcomers had just gone through something horrible, so be patient. “Alright, since it’s so darn hot, and there is no way I want to cook in this heat, plus we have two newcomers to the family… why don’t I call out for pizza!” She cheered, and so did the rest of the kids. “Okay now, Addison, Tia, why don’t you stay outside with the girls and get to know each other better.” She said hoping if they spent some time with the girls’ they would open up, at least a little bit.

Jimmy ran his hand over his hair and took a step forward. “Hey, how’s it going?” He said trying to be friendly, then Addison's eyes flashed up at him and he had to catch his breath. She had violet eyes, no shit, violet eyes, with pale skin and pink little lips. He had just come from meeting up with Angela Perry, who every guy in school thought was the hottest thing out there, but this new girl, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Nickels came up to Jimmy having his cocky ass grin on. “You don’t talk too much, do you?” He chuckled, glancing back at the guys.

Addison got a scowl on her face looking Nickels over and apparently not liking what she saw. “What, you think you’re special or something?” She answered with a voice so deep it rasped.

“Oh hell yeah, I like her already!” Lynn laughed bumping her elbow into Margie.

Dax came and stood next to Jimmy looking Addison over and then her sister, who looked like she was about to faint. “Is your sister okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, she’s just quite.” She answered sharply.

“Hell no she’s not okay.” Nickels pushed going to stand in front of the two newcomers. “If you ask me, she’s either a deaf mute or brain dead!”

Then this small little girl, who was so much smaller than Nickels, let go of her sister, and tackled him to the ground. Her fist started punching him anywhere she could get a hit in, and all Nic could do was block the oncoming madness. “You don’t ever say anything mean about my sister again!” She yelled as she continued to punch. Jimmy ran over grabbing her little body off Nickels, chuckling when he held her tightly in his arms when she tried to break free. “You’re an asshole!” She snarled.

Nickels who was still on the ground, and more than a little taken back. Picked himself up and started coming at her… until Dax stepped in front of him. “Not her fault man. You know there’s no naming calling.” Dax growled.

Mindy walked over pulling Addison from Jimmy’s arms and took her over to Lynn who laughed seeing her bloody fists. Margie gasped taking Addison by the wrist and shook her head. “Let’s get you cleaned up before Mary Beth finds out about this.” She said starting to already walk her to the house.

Lynn was laughing her ass off taking little Tia protectively under her arm. “Oh yeah, this shit is going to be good around here.” She grinned in her Lynn way before following behind Margie and Addison.

Mindy was staring at Dax before she finally ran off to catch up to the other girls when Dax looked over at Nickels. “I guess she really wanted to beat the shit out of Nic!” He laughed, making the other start laughing as well.

Nickels picked himself up from the ground scowling, wiping off his ass from the dirt patched lawn that now covered his ass in grass. “I don’t like her at all!” He seethed.

Jimmy looked over at Dax, Jones, and Howie wiping tears coming from his eyes from laughing so hard. “Well from the looks of it… she doesn’t like your ass much either!” He managed to get out as another round of laughing broke out.

“Yeah, whatever assholes!” Nickels snapped before stomping off into the back yard.

Jones looked over at Jimmy smiling as the gate swung shut from the tantrum Nickels was having. “She’s a crazy little spitfire, isn't she?” Jones said making his way back to the pool.

“Yeah, I think I’m in love.” Jimmy laughed making all the guys start laughing again.

“I think Lynn was right… things could get even more interesting around here from now on.” Dax grinned turning on the hose and rinsing off his hair.

“Then let the fun being.” Jimmy chuckled pushing Howie into the water.

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