The Rockstar Second Chance Vol. 5 Rocker Girl Series

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Chapter 21

The night of the fight on the Hollywood strip…

Jimmy and the guys had just gotten back to Los Angeles that day. The tour was long but was finally finished. They had been on the road for almost a year now, and all any of them could think about was seeing the girls… that was if the girls would see them. In two years, everything had changed, they were bigger than ever. But they all had one problem, they couldn’t keep their dicks in their pants and lost the women they loved. Now they all come back to empty homes.

It was Nickels that found out that the girls had taken their band Spitfire to a local hot spot, and was making quite a name for themselves. There were even rumors of the girls going big, but the guys knew that was bull shit; the girls played music as a hobby, not a career. But he paid the owner of the club a lot of fucking money to send them photos of the girls, and even some videos. The guys had stopped in about eight months ago sitting in the back of the club watching their women play, then ambushed them when they got back to Addison’s place in the hills to get what they wanted. But ever since that night, none of them had heard from the girls, no matter how many times they called.

So when they got home and all they heard about was how good the girls were doing, the girls and their Friday night shows, and how fucking smoking hot their girls were… they had to go see them even though they all knew what fucking dicks they were for even trying to get back into their good graces. But as for Jimmy, the year away from Addison had been one big haze of drinking, drugs, and so many women he’d lost count.

Nickels had called ahead to the Hot spot and talked to the manager so they all could sneak in without being seen. On the last Friday of the month, the girls had a theme night, and this Friday was one of those nights. They made their way to a table secluded in the corner where their drinks were brought and watched all the people wandering around in WWII uniforms … Leave it to the girls to do something totally bazaar, and have it be a smash.

The little club was packed, and Jimmy had already downed four of his shots and a beer in hand waiting to see his baby girl. It’s been eight months without a word from her, but at this point, she wouldn’t even take his calls anymore. That’s how it was between them now. But it wasn’t just him, it was all of the guys. They’d all fucked up, and even though that didn’t stop one of them from screwing around if anyone asked who their girls were… they had no problem telling anyone who they were in love with. But that wasn’t the case with their women.

Jones zipped up his pants as he made his way to the table from getting sucked off from some groupie in the bathroom, then took a beer from the many drinks in front of Jimmy. “They’re not out yet?”

“No.” Jimmy answered thinking four shots and two beers wasn’t enough to drown of all the fucking women that he’d slept with out of his head. So, he popped a pill and hoped that would numb his mind enough to all the sluts he’d fucked on tour so he could keep his thoughts straight when he talked to his baby girl. Every woman Jimmy slept with; they were all Addison. It was her name he screamed out when he came… he just didn’t know what the fuck was wrong with him anymore.

None of the guys knew about the girl’s lives anymore. Well, Lynn made sure to show Nickels that she was just fine without him. And for all of Nickels screw-ups, Jimmy knew that when he saw her walk out with a woman or two men she’d slept with, it fucking killed him.

“I heard the girls sell this place out every night they play. Even having lines going around the corner waiting to get in.” Howie told them.

“Shit, I knew we should’ve pushed them to stay in music… they could have been fucking huge.” Nickels growled.

But that had Howie shaking his head. “I heard Addie and Lynn are helping Billy and Sam start-up their label, and are pretty damn good at scouting out new talent.”

“Why the hell would Lynn work with that douche Billy? That ass hates me.” Nickels fumed.

“Yeah, I think that was the point of them helping him out,” Howie answered, taking a swig of his beer glancing over a Dax, who didn’t look to thrilled about the information either.

“Lynn’s not going to be happy until she destroys my ass,” Nick said, slumping back and crossing his arms.

“You just figuring that shit out now?” Jimmy laughed, but then Dax swatted him on the chest.

“Hey, isn’t that Mick and the guys?”

“What the hell are they doing here?” Jones asked.

They all watched Acid Pool make their way in through screaming fans, but then took a seat upfront. “Why would they come here to see our girls?” Howie asked.

Jimmy focused on his once good friend Mickey and then downed his beer. “I know why that fuckers here. He’s been trying to get chummy with Addie for a while now. But I put a stop to that fucking shit right away.”

Dax’s head whipped around. “Are you fuckin’ with me? He made a play for Addie… that man must be fucking nuts!”

“Yeah, but if Jim’s put a stop to it, why is the fucker here?” Jones asked, and no one answered.

Mick turned around in his seat, and then gave Jimmy a little nod, and then Buddy turned around and gave Howie a smirk. He said something to Mick, making the two of them start laughing their asses off and turn back around. “You saw that, right? That asshole smirked at me.” Howie snarled, glaring a hole in the back of Buddy’s head.

“What the hell are those hyenas cackling about anyways?” Jones asked, sitting back, watching the half-assed want to be’s all laughing.

“I’ve got no fucking clue. But I have a feeling their happy to see us here tonight.” Nickels answered.

“Yeah, but why?” Howie asked.

“That’s a good question.” Was all Jimmy could say.

Right after that, the girls got on stage, and every single one of them groaned. They all had forgotten just how fucking beautiful their girls were. The crowd went wild, and all the guys were calling out the girl’s names. Addison walked over to the girls when Tia walked to the end of the stage to wave to Buddy, and the asshole waved back.

“What the fuck?” Howie growled, starting to get up from his chair when Jones pulled him back down.

“Sit down! We don’t need them to know we’re here right now. We’ll talk to them after the show.” Jones hissed.

Howie fell back into his seat with a thud. “Yeah? Well, since when do they start dressing like that to go on stage? And why the hell was Tia waving to Buddy!”

Jimmy ran his hand over his face trying to ignore everyone around him. He only had eyes for Addison, and he wanted to take in that smoking hot body of his wife. She was dressed in an updated version of Rosie the riveter, with little jean bootie shorts, a tight-fitting button-up blouse, and her raven black hair pulled up into some kind of bun with a red bandanna going around her head. She was so damn beautiful, so damn sexy, and he was so in love with her that the sight of her hurt. Lord, he missed that sweet little body under him, screaming his name in a voice so deep it rasped. With that thought, he popped another pill and downed the rest of his beer.

She put on her guitar, and Lynn walked over and said something before nodding, and Addison tapped on the mic. “Testing, one, two. Can you all hear me out there?” She called out; the crowd went wild.

Margie laughed, twirling the drum sticks in her hand, and Lynn… she pointed to some random guy out in the crowd with a wink and a smile. “Damn it!” Nickels growled, trying to keep his anger in check as his girl picked out her fuck for the night.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to the Hot Spot. Like we said last week, this Friday night is the swinging forties!” She said, and the crowd cheered, and Mickey whistled some loud annoying ass whistle that made Jimmy’s head just want to bust open.

“So Randy’s specials for are the B52 shots, and for all you extremely horny little boy and girls out there tonight, we have a sex on the beach with a slow, comfortable screw. I prefer the slow and comfortable screw myself.” She purred into the mic with that deep sexy bedroom voice that boomed over the audience and right into Jimmy’s pants.

Jimmy, as drunk as he was, was already getting hard. He couldn’t wait for the show to be over and him deep inside of his woman. But as he watched his Addison, he also kept an eye on Mickey, and how that ass watched his wife with a predatorial stare. It looked like he was going to have to have anther chat with Micky about his baby girl.

Mickey smirked as Addison sang her songs, and then that ass Buddy kept saying things that made them both start to laugh … it was pissing him off! The girls sang and rocked the hell out of the small downtown night club like it was a colosseum. When the show was over, all Jimmy could think about was talking to Addison. Now he had to just sweet talk her, and let her know how much he missed her. He gulped down the rest of his beer, preparing himself, the best he could, for the talk he wanted to have with her.

The others seemed to know it wasn’t going to be easy to talk to their girls either. Howie straitened his shirt, ran his hands through his hair before popping a mint in his mouth. Nickels plaid it cool, but Lynn can be one cruel woman when she’s pissed, and she was pissed, and he knew it. Jones looked at the table with a frown as his hands went into his hair and elbows dug into the tabletop, looking like he was having second thoughts on this being a good idea. But Dax didn’t even give a second glance at Mindy. That woman would give him anything he wanted, anytime, anywhere he wanted it.

It felt like forever for the girls to come out from backstage. But when they finally did, they were laughing and talking amongst themselves as they passed. They all started to get up to surprise the girls. But as Addie passed, he watched her go over to Mick’s table. She placed her hands on that assholes thighs, making her way between his legs, only to wrap her arms around his neck. Mickey’s eyes hit his, and a smug smile went across his face as he pulled off her aviators, wrapped his arms around Addison’s waist, and kissed her.

“Holy fucking hell!” Dax fumed.

Jimmy couldn’t move, it was like he was watching a fucking nightmare right before his drunken eyes. At first, that was what he thought was going on, a drug-induced hallucination. But when Mick’s hands skimmed along her back and grabbed ahold of her soft ass…he was seeing red. “That fucker didn’t listen. Now he’s going to pay!”

Dax jumped up as Jimmy shoved the table out of his way, pushing through people to get to his girl and the bastard he was going to beat the hell out of. He was so pissed he had to think straight. “Jimmy don’t hurt Addie! Just try to calm down so you can think, man!”

But he was beyond listening to anyone. He snatched Addison by the arm, yanking her free from Mickey’s grip, hearing her screech in pain as his hand dug angrily into her. He pulled her around, so she knew who it was. “Jimmy…” She whispered as all the color drained from her face.

Howie was staring at Tia, who was too busy making out with Buddy while sitting on his lap to notice he was even there, and only stopped when she heard her name. Then there was Jones, who was about out of his mind when he walked up to Margie sucking face with Troy, utterly unaware of what was going on… until Lynn tapped her on the shoulder.

But then Mickey got up from the seat, reaching over trying to take Addison back. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Jimmy’s hand bit deeper into the soft flesh, knowing he was hurting her, but he couldn’t stop. “I could ask you the same mother fuckin question?” He seethed as Addison tried to pull free but whimpered when he yanked her back to him.

“Let go, Jim,” Dax said, coming over prying Jimmy’s fingers free from her arm and getting her out of the way from the situation.

Mickey just smirked and then chuckled. “Addison ain’t yours any more Jim, we all know that. Hell, the tabloids make sure that we all know that. But don’t worry, she’s moved on to much greener pastures since she’s left you.”

“Mickey, no, don’t!” Addie cried.

Jimmy’s head whipped around, glaring over at Addison and then back at Micky knowing what he was hinting at. “You better not be saying what I think you’re saying, asshole?” He warned, but Mickey’s smirk grew bigger. “That woman is my fucking wife!”

“She’s not your wife, she’s my girlfriend. So get fucking used to it!” Mickey seethed as people started to back away from the situation.

“What did you say….” Jimmy growled, and it was then he knew that Mickey had slept with his baby girl, and now he wanted to kill him. “You son of a bitch!” He roared, pulling back and punching Mickey in the face with the weight of a mac truck behind him.

Micky crashed into the tables, but quickly picked himself up and crashed into Jimmy. They were going blow for blow, and nobody was willing to step in and put a stop to the two men ready to rip each other apart. Addison struggled to get free from Dax’s grip, but he held her firmly in place. “Dax, go stop this before someone gets hurt!” She yelled as Jimmy pinned Micky to the floor and started wailing on him, but Dax didn’t budge.

“You shouldn’t have gone there with Mickey Addie, and you fucking know it!” Dax growled down at her.

One of Addison’s arms broke free and smacked his face. “You’ve got some fucking nerve saying that to me. You’re the whore, not me!” She screamed.

Dax let her go like she just kicked him in the balls. He stared at her, not saying anything, then pushed her out of the way of the ruckus and jumped in to stop the fight. As soon as he did, Jones, Howie, and Troy joined in. By the time they pulled Jimmy and Mick apart, both guys were bleeding, but Mickey got the worst part of the deal. Jimmy was six foot five of pure muscle and fury and beat the hell out of the guy. “Don’t ever come near my wife again, or I swear to god I will beat the fucking hell out of you!” He seethed.

“Jim, you need to relax.” Dax started but was pushed aside as he stalked over to Addison.

Her wide eyes looked up at him as she bit her lip and shook her head, but as far as he was concerned… this shit was over. She was going to answer every fucking question he asked because whatever she had going on with Mickey, was now at an end. He didn’t say anything, just picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. “Jimmy, stop!” Addison gasped.

“Put her down, Jimmy!” Tia screamed, blocking his exit.

Howie quickly came over and scooped her up to get her out of Jimmy’s way, only to get smacked for it. “I hate you, Howie!” She screamed, struggling to get free.

Whatever was going on in the club, Jimmy could have given two shits about. But he had somehow managed to drive to their home, and he wasn’t even sure how the hell he got there him being so damn drunk, but he did. He threw the car into park, walking over and grabbing ahold of Addie’s arm, yanking her out, and dragging her to the house and locking the door behind him.

Addison was pacing in the front room, but stopped once he walked in. He went straight for the bar and the tequila and downed another five shots before he was ready to talk to his girl. It actually hurt to look at her; he was so fucking pissed. Another man saw his wife’s body, made love to her, touched what only he’d touched… she let another man touch what was his, only his. “Did you sleep with him?” He barked.

“And what if I did?” She screamed back.

“Answer the fucking question, Addison. Did you fuck that asshole, Mickey!” He raged.

Her body stiffened and then took a step back. “Jimmy, we’re no longer together, and you know that. Just because you didn’t sign the divorce papers doesn’t mean we’re still married.” She told him in a calm voice.

In two big steps, he was in front of her snatching her up by the arms again, making her gasp in pain as he shook her. “I asked you a fucking question, and you will give me the answer!” He howled, out of his drunken mind. The look on her face was of absolute terror, but he didn’t care, she was with someone else, and she better admit to it. “You better tell me right fucking now, or I’m going to put you threw a fucking wall.”

“Yes…” She whispered.

“You let that fucker touch you! How could you do that?” He seethed, shaking her violently. He was so pissed he couldn’t think; instead, his lips came down, meeting hers as she fought him off. He wanted her, needed her; he needed her to forgive him for his fuck-ups. But most of all, he needed to take anything of that other man off of her.

His mind was so damn hazy as she tried to free herself. “I don’t want this, Jimmy. Please, let me go!” She cried, finally breaking free.

He reached out, snagging her arm before she could escape. “You’ll fuck him, but you won’t fuck me!” He roared at her as droplets of spit spattered on her face. She was scared, and he saw that she was hurt, and that made him angrier at himself, and the hopelessness that he felt on getting her back.

“You don’t need me to fuck, you get laid more when I’m not around. I was just trying to catch up!” She shouted, but for the first time, he saw hatred in her eyes, and he snapped.

His hand went up, and he already knew what he was going to do, knew he didn’t want to do it but was too angry at himself to stop. Then like he was no longer in control of his senses, his hand came down, ready to damage that beautiful face that haunts his dreams, and his every waking thought. He was going to destroy, once again, the thing he loves most in the world.

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