The Rockstar Second Chance Vol. 5 Rocker Girl Series

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Chapter 23


It had been three weeks since the day Jimmy asked her about Dax and Mindy, and three weeks to the day since he headed back home to California. The paparazzi had finally gotten bored with the news of her and Jimmy back together, so she could at least get to work without being mobbed. That had been hard not only on her but her patients as well. Only a couple days after Jimmy left, she and the boys got the stomach flu that had been going around, and it was a nasty one. It only lasted a couple days, but she couldn’t seem to shake it. Then this morning, she threw up… and couldn’t believe her luck of catching the damn thing again.

She was missing Jimmy, something terrible. But he called her a couple times a day, texted her in-between, and face timed her and the boys every night. Then on top of work, she and Lynn had been working on stuff for Billy. Even going over some videos he’d sent over for them to watch. Lynn was planning on flying out to Hollywood to go look over some of the bands and singers that they thought had potential. So, between the boys, work, and her and Lynn writing songs for Billy, life was a blur.

Even though she thought she could go back home to her house now, she decided to stay with Tia and help her out with all the babies. Little Ester had gotten her mornings and nights turned around, and Tia was having a hard time getting sleep. There wasn’t much she could do during the day because of work, but at night she got all the kids washed, fed, and tucked into bed. Then in the morning, she got them all ready to go to school and the daycare.

Addison had decided right after she was pregnant with little J.W. she wanted to get into gynecology, and that’s what she had been doing ever since. She couldn’t think of a more rewarding career than to help bring life into the world.

Cynthia was someone she had met when they all started working at the hospital. The Jersey-born doctor was quick-witted, smart-mouthed, and kept even Lynn entertained. So, when she and Lynn began their own practice… Cynthia was a must. The bantering between Lynn and Cynthia was comical and made going to work that much more enjoyable.

It was twelve twenty, and had already seen a dozen patients and was exhausted. Her head was pounding and was still feeling really off. After her throwing up this morning, she felt much better, so she couldn’t figure out what was going on. Either she ate something that didn’t agree with her, or she did catch the bug again, but it wasn’t as bad this time around. She walked into the break room and got herself a ginger ale and banana from the fridge to settle her stomach.

Cynthia made her way into the room, grabbing her lunch from the fridge. “What’s going on with you?”

“I think I got that stomach bug again.” She sighed, plopping down into the chair at the table.

“Again? What do you have going on at your place… an epidemic?” Cynthia laughed.

“Gosh, I hope not. My life is too busy for that.” She sighed

“Hey, did I tell you my mom was in town?” Cynthia said, taking a seat in front of her at the table.

“No, that’s nice. Are you two doing something tonight?”

“Hell, yes, we are. It’s Friday night, and my divorce to that schmuck I was married to is officially done. I’m taking mom and me out to a strip club. Oh baby, I’ve ironed up my one-dollar bills so I can stuff them down well-endowed men’s G strings!”

“Well, that is one hell of a way to celebrate.” She laughed.

“Yeah, and I think mom will get a kick out of it. If I’m lucky, there will be a hottie who is either straight or bi that will rock my world.” Cynthia winked before biting into her sandwich. “What about you? You have any plans since your yummy tattooed love stud is away?”

“I swear, you and Lynn kill me.” She grinned, shaking her head. “It’s Friday night girls’ night, so I’m heading over to Margie’s to play. That is, if Margie can get behind the drum set, she’s so big now.”

“Isn’t she due soon?”

“Yeah, in two weeks. But as soon as Margie goes into labor, we’ve all been ordered to call Jones so he can get his butt home. He hasn’t missed one birth, and he promised her that he wouldn’t miss this one.” She smiled.

“Aww, that’s just so sickly sweet, I might die.” Cynthia teased, then had a funny look on her face. “You know, I’ve wanted to tell you that you look different lately.” She stated, popping a grape in her mouth. “Did you change your hair, or maybe it’s your makeup or something?”

“Nope, it’s just the same old Addie. Nothing new here to see. But like I said, I have been sick with that stomach bug that’s been going around. Maybe that’s it,” She shrugged.

“No, I can tell sickness a mile away and steer clear from it. But there is something different about you, I just can’t put my finger on it… yet.” Cynthia winked. “So, when does your rock star come back?”

“Two more months.”

“Well, we know when he does, our Addie will be not so damn gloomy all the time. You know a well-laid woman is a happy woman… hence why I got divorced.”

“Yes, I will be smiling from cheek to cheek when he comes home.” She smiled and then looked down at her watch. “Damn, my next patient will be here in two. But I’ll tell you what, when Jimmy comes back, I’ll bring donuts and coffee into the office just for you.” She smiled but started to feel sick again as she walked out of the break room.

“Sounds good. Just remember I like mine with jimmies on them, get it, Jimmies?” Cynthia shouted, starting to laugh at her own joke.

“Yes, I got it. God, you’re such a dork.” She replied back.

When the day was over, she picked up a vitamin water and then made her way over to Margie’s. She had been nauseous all day, but after only her banana for lunch, she was starving. All she wanted was a cold glass of water and something hot and cheesy. The stoplight turned red, and as she waited for it to turn green, she couldn’t believe how badly she wanted a slice of pizza with mushrooms and olives.

With a sigh, she turned on the radio when a thought hit her of what could be making her nauseous, "No, oh no, it can't be. It just can't be." She murmured in disbelief when horns started to honk behind her. She shook her head, and hit the gas to hurry over to Margie’s... not wanting to think anymore today. Instead, she parked next to Lynn and figured she would deal with what she thought could be making her sick tomorrow, or maybe Sunday.

She dropped her purse and briefcase on the floor, happy that Margie picked up the boys for her, the turned the corner. Lynn was at the counter having a beer, and Tia was laughing holding a squirming Esther as she made her way to them. “Hey, is this where the parties at?”

“Oh yeah, baby, a wild party going on here. Swinging with mac and cheese, juice boxes, and everything that comes with it.” Lynn winked.

“Then it seems I’m at the right place.”

Margie came and stopped. “Oh my gosh, you don’t look so good.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve just been nauseous all day. I think I got the boy’s sickness again.” She sighed.

“What sickness. Everybody’s fine,” Tia pointed out.

“Oh…” Was all she said noticing how Lynn stopped in mid drink to then stare at her. “Ah, I’m going to go take off my shoes and get comfortable.

“Hey, Addison...” Lynn started, but then J.W., Justin, Christopher, Vance, Teddy, Erin, Ella, and Emma, all walked into the kitchen dirty from head to foot in mud. They all had big boxes of crackers in their hands that auntie Lynn had brought them chomping away.

Margie groaned as little muddy footprints were everywhere, and then glanced at the sliding glass door. “Guys, what did you do in the back yard? It looks like you’ve been rolling around in the mud like little piglets.” She asked, to which giggles broke out making Chris snort, and Ella follow suit, and so on.

Addison saw that Tia finally got Esther to sleep, Margie had swollen ankles and sighed. “I guess I’ll give the piglets a bath while auntie Lynn cooks them dinner. But will someone please order me a pizza with mushrooms and extra olives… and sausage; I’m starving.” She said, making the kids start to laugh again.

That’s when Justin came up pulling on her skirt and offering her a mud crusted cracker. “Here momma.”

She wasn’t sure if it was the way it looked or the way it smelled, but her stomach turned. She whipped around and ran to the sink and started to throw up. When it had stopped, she tried to catch her breath, rinsing out the mess when J.W. came over. “Momma, you alright?” He asked. But something about seeing the mud and cracker mixed together on his face set off a new round upheaval. Only this time, it was the dry heaves since her stomach was already empty.

“Come on, guys. Let auntie Tia put Esther down, and then it’s bath time.” Tia said, gathering up all the little ones.

Lynn came over while Addison’s head was still in the sink and started rubbing her back. “Did you know?”

“No.” She breathed.

“Did you guess?”

She rinsed out her mouth, still feeling nauseous and sighed. “Cynthia said something to me today about me looking different, but I just thought it was from the stomach flu. Then on the drive home, I realized that I hadn’t had a period in over three months.” She confessed.

“Ad, are you kidding me? Jiminy Cricket, three months!” Margie gasped.

“Yeah, I know, right?” She agreed when Lynn leaned against the counter, waiting for her to say more. “Look, I know, alright, I wasn’t thinking. Hell, I don’t think I’ve been thinking since that first day Jimmy showed up at my house. I can’t get my thoughts straight when he’s around, he touches me, and I swear, I’m gone… I mean, I practically slept with him the first night.” She blurted out.

“So when did you sleep with him?” Lynn asked.

Margie’s mouth dropped. “Lynn!”

“The second night.” She confessed.

“Addison!” Margie gasped.

“Well, hell yeah, good for you!” Lynn laughed. “So, did you use anything, make him pull out, or something like that?”

“No, I didn’t even think of it.” She sighed, making Lynn laugh even harder. “This is not funny.”

“Oh, hell, yes, it is. Are you sure Jimmy wasn’t trying to knock you up? Maybe he got some tips from the Jones and Howie playbook on that subject matter.” Lynn winked.

“I don’t think that was on either of our minds at the time.” She offered as her head fell back, staring at the ceiling. “But I only slept with him that one night… we waited two months after that.”

“You mean you two haven’t used anything the whole time you’ve been together?” Lynn asked, but Addison stayed quiet. “Oh shit…well, that just proves Jimmy wanted to knock you up. It was only his OCD that kept you from getting knocked up all those years ago. I mean, we all know how you cave in and give that man anything he wants from you.” Lynn chuckled.

“Oh my gosh, quit laughing, Lynn. What is Jimmy going to say when he finds out? He might be pissed at me over this.” She groaned.

“Shut up, Ad, we both know that man is going to be in seventh fucking heaven if you are.”

“How did this happen?” She groaned.

“Well, since you deal with vagina all day, I think you would know the answer to that question… but I can explain it to you if you’d like.” Lynn winked.

“Oh, I have a better idea!” Margie burst out, putting her hands on her belly and waddling down the hall. When she came back, there was a white foil wrapped-up stick in her hand. “When I thought I was pregnant this time, I picked up a pregnancy test with two tests in it. I still have one left. You might as well take it and make sure it’s the real deal instead of worrying yourself sick over it.”

She glanced at the test in Margie’s hand but didn’t take it. “Maybe it would be better if I take it tomorrow… you know the first urine and all.”

“Addison, it’s been over three months since you’ve had a period. It’s either going to be positive or not. Besides, these things are made now where they can tell just a couple days after conception. You do remember that, right?” Lynn teased.

“Yes… damn it.” She huffed, taking the stupid thing from Margie’s hand.

Lynn and Margie followed her to the bathroom, where she stopped and turned around. “I don’t need an entourage to pee on the stick guys. I have done this before.”

“We know, just here for support is all.” Lynn grinned.

“Damn it…” She sighed, going into the bathroom. She didn’t know how she could have let this happen. She was a doctor for goodness sake; there was no way she was pregnant, she just couldn’t be.

She did all the unpleasantries and planned to place it on the counter and wait it out to see what the thing said, but didn’t need to. She went to the sink to wash her hands when two florescent pink lines showed up instantly. “Oh shit.”

Lynn came barging in, looking over her shoulder, and Margie was right behind. “I’d say those lines couldn’t be any pinker if they fucking glowed. Congratulations, by the way, Jimmy just knocked you up.” Lynn laughed.

Little ones passed all cleaned up wearing Jones t-shirts as pajamas, when Tia came into the bathroom to see what was going on. She peaked over at the test on the counter and then beamed. “Oh my gosh, Addie, you’re going to have a baby? That’s so great!”

“Yeah, great.” She agreed, but then took a seat on the bathroom floor.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Lynn asked, sitting next to her.

“What’s going on? I’m pregnant, Lynn. Jimmy and I, we’ve just started to mend our relationship, and now this? I mean, what if it isn’t something he wants, we’re not even married. Oh my gosh, I can’t just call him up when he’s in California and tell him, hey guess what, you’re going to be a father… I hope you don’t mind. And especially with him being so pissed over Dax.”

Margie leaned up against the door jamb. “So, what do you want to do then?”

Her head came up, rubbing her hands over her face and sighed. “I think I’ll tell him when he gets home.”

“You do understand you’re going to be like six months along by the time that happens, right?” Lynn offered.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“How about you fly out and tell him,” Margie suggested.

“I know this might sound stupid, and maybe it is but I’m scared too. I mean, it’s one thing to say let’s try this again, but to put a baby in the middle of it? What if this doesn’t work out, or if he says he isn’t ready for such a big step, then what?” She asked them.

Tia sat down on the floor next to her and patted her knee. “I don’t think its silly at all. But maybe you could start hinting at it to see how Jimmy feels. Then you could tell him one night when you think the time is right.”

“Yeah, maybe.” She sighed.

“Whatever you do, I think it would be better if you do it sooner rather than later. He’s going to come home, and you won’t be able to hide that he's going to be a father.” Lynn stated.

“I know, I know, and I will tell him when I feel like the time is right.”

“Well, when your giving birth doesn’t count.” Lynn sighed. “Now, let’s get some grub in you.”

She got herself up off the floor and followed the girls into the kitchen. “Food sounds good just as long as it isn’t cheese crackers. I think I’ll lose it again if I even see the box.”

“Then what do you want?” Margie asked.

“I just want a large mushroom and olive pizza with sausage on it.” She answered, placing her hand on her stomach and feeling the little bulge she didn’t even notice there before. “And tell them I’ll tip the guy twenty if he gets it here quick.”

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