The Rockstar Second Chance Vol. 5 Rocker Girl Series

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Five years later…

Jimmy stood in Jones and Margie’s backyard, that looked like it had been hosed down with pink enchanted fairy shit everywhere for little Ruby’s fifth birthday party. He sipped on his water as he stood in the shade, watching Jones at the grill laughing with their new guitarist Max.

All the kids were running around, yelling, and having fun when he glanced over at his baby girl. She was sitting under the awning with Lynn, Margie, Tia, and Mindy, laughing. He leaned against one of the wooden posts thinking of how he’d gotten here. It was only a week after he asked Addison to marry him that they went down to the courthouse and got married. He went from being a bachelor to a husband and father from zero to a hundred in sixty seconds… and he loved every fucking minute of it.

It was only four months later Addison had their first child, it was a boy, and they named him Gage. What he didn’t expect was seven months after Gage’s birth, they found out that Addison was pregnant again, but with identical twins. Soon after that, Jax and Jasper were born, and he felt like life was complete… until a couple months ago when she told him that she was pregnant again. Now he watched as Jax sat on her lap what was taken up by her round belly.

He looked back at the friends he had grown up with, and their new guitarist Max. He was a good guy and an excellent addition to Death Ever After. Dax had quit the band right after they flew back to California, and he found out that Addison was pregnant, but not before an epic fight broke out between the two of them. After the room was destroyed, and they were both bloody, Dax threw this guitar on the floor and told all of them to fuck off, and walked out.

Nickels had a meltdown wondering how he was going to keep the band together, but Jimmy thought it might have been the best thing for all of them. It was obvious that their friendship was over, but Dax didn’t walk out on just him, but Jones, Howie, and Nickels too. Dax scrubbed all the guys out of his life. It was a year later when they found out that Dax not only started a new band but a new label too. After that, he knew he couldn’t walk away from Death Ever After. They finished the album they had been working on, promoted it, toured, and then all agreed to slow down and start working on the producing part of the company.

“Hey, what are you doing over here by yourself?” Howie asked, coming up behind him.

“Nothing much, just thinking.” He shrugged as another one of Howie’s girls ran by. Unlike Jones, who had three boys and then little Ruby. Howie kept trying to have a boy, but after Erika and Elizabeth was born, he figured that six girls were more than any many could handle. After that, he decided to stop trying for that boy.

“Look at Jones, thinking he’s some sort of grill master.” He chuckled.

“Twenty bucks says all our steaks aren’t just well done but burnt beyond recognition by the time he’s done.” Howie laughed.

“I’m not going to take that bet, but I guess we should head on over to see what’s going on. It looks like Paul’s trying to salvage the situation but it's failing.” He offered patting Howie on the back.

“How can you fuck up grilling a steak?” Howie groaned as they walked over to the guys.

“I think if you just turn down the heat, you’ll be fine,” Paul explained.

“I swear Jones if you screw up these steaks this time… this is expensive shit I brought over. The knife is supposed to cut through it like butter; I’m not supposed to saw through it like a piece of leather.” Nickels sighed.

“Shut the hell up! I know what I’m doing.” Jones mumbled.

“Sure, you do,” Howie smirked.

Jimmy chuckled before changing the subject about their burnt lunch. “So Paul, how does it feel to be back in Nashville?”

“I didn’t realize I missed it as much as I did until we came back. Mom wanted to be back home, and so did Mindy. She told me that she wanted to raise the kids in Nashville and not Vegas, and I agreed with her on that.” Paul said, glancing over at Mindy, who looked really happy with their third baby that was on her lap.

“Besides, I know she was really missing being with the girls.”

“So no more fighting for you?” Nickels asked.

“Naw, I like being the owner of my own gym, and I still own the coffee shop. MMA fighting isn’t something you can do forever; you really do have an expiration date on you in that sport.” Paul chuckled.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you all something!” Howie chimed in. “I heard that Crystal was doing a porn movie.”

“Holy shit, are you serious?” Jones asked as he turned the steaks only to have flames shoot up all around it.

That had Max start to laugh. “You know I wasn’t even in the band then, but even I heard about what Crystal did to you guys.”

“Yeah, I saw South the other day, and he was telling me all about it. No one will give her a job anymore. I thought she had gone back home to North Dakota, but I guess she isn’t willing to give up yet.”

“And porn was her only option?” Max asked.

“Yeah, well, that’s one porn movie I have no interest in seeing” Jimmy grunted.

Paul laughed and then looked over at Nickels. “What did you do to sink her career anyways?”

“It wasn’t just me, guys.” Nickels smirked. “Lynn is one woman you don’t want pissed off at you, and she was pissed. But Hollywood can be a fickle place. If word gets around that a star has been screwing around with people they shouldn’t have… well, let’s just say that makes them unmarketable.”

“Holy shit… are you the one that leaked the photo of Crystal and the seventeen-year-old?” Max blurted out.

“I will neither confirm or deny that comment.” Nickels grinned, making all the guys smile. “Hey, have you heard that Dax's band has made the top twenty with his new song?”

“Yeah, I did. But did you hear it?” Howie asked as all their eyes slid to Jimmy.

“Listen, that asshole can write about whatever or whoever he wants… even if it’s Addison. That woman is all mine and not his, and that’s all that matters to me.” Jimmy winked, making all the guys laugh.

Just then, Ella walked by with a group of boys following after making Jones Chuckle. “That little girl is going to be a heart breaker there, Howie.”

“Yeah, and he’s got six of them!” Nickels laughed.

“Shut the hell up.” Howie groaned. “You have your own little girl to deal with Jones, and yours is a redhead to boot! And what about Paul, he’s got two girls.”

“Yeah, but you’ve got six blonds… that’s going to be rough.” Max chuckled. “I swear, if I ever have kids, I don’t want any girls. I know what I think when I see a woman I want. I think I would be beating ever little fucker with a dick that looked at my daughter!”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much how my life is going to be as soon as Erin hits twelve,” Howie admitted.

“Yeah, Jimmy is the only lucky son of a bitch who won’t have to deal with it.” Paul offered, and Jones and Howie agreed, but Jimmy’s smile fell.

“I forgot to tell you. Addison just told me this week we’re having a girl.” Jimmy admitted, and all the guys broke out laughing at his fucking luck.

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