The Rockstar Second Chance Vol. 5 Rocker Girl Series

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Chapter 8

California, A couple months after the Addison and Tia had moved in…

Jimmy’s grades had been slipping over the last couple of months, and that wasn’t good. He found himself in detention just the other day for smarting off to his math teacher because he was caught writing a song in class, and now he got an F on his last test.

He hated school, and hated to go there every day when he thought it was a waste of his time. He knew he wasn’t going to college or anything, his life was going to be music, so why in the hell should he worry about his grades?

It was only last year when Mary Beth got all the guys instruments for Christmas to hopefully keep them out of trouble, and so far, they had. They had the garage to themselves every night but could only practice till six on weekdays so not to bother the neighbors. But on the weekends… they could play to eleven and it was the best. But now she had a new problem, and that was with the guys keeping up with their school work. So, every day after school was supposed to be time to get their homework done, and every night after supper and after the kitchen was cleaned, it was time for band practice… but tonight, he had to finish up homework he didn’t get with Mary Beth.

She had spent two hours trying to explain the math homework to him. It was long and tedious, and made him want to pull his damn hair out of his head. It was hard for him to focus on something he had no interest in, but he did the best he could for the sake of his family. So that meant he was going to be late again, and even if it was because of homework, his ass was going to be jumped by Dax and Jones for not getting the shit done sooner!

When his math paper was finally finished, he reached into his backpack for the song he wrote in since class and swore under his breath thinking about what Dax was bitchin’ about, and how he’s late every dam night for practice when they only had till six, and tonight was going to a big night too. Tonight, they were going to finally decide on the name for their band. “Shit!” He mumbled running back into the house to get the names he’d come up with.

Nickels, who has no musical talent what so ever, came up with the name Death Squad. Howie thought their name should be named after the oak tree out in the front yard because that was there spot. So, After the Oak was his suggestion… and hated. Jones told everyone that he could care less what name they had as long as it was dark and bad ass. With that in mind, Dax came up with Forever Darkness. But Jimmy thought he had it, and it was awesome, Death Ever After. Now he just had to see if the guys liked it too and vote on it.

Jimmy ran out the back slider with the papers in hand towards the garage, swearing under his breath at his math teacher, and why she had to give so much damn homework every night! He heard the guys start to warm up when a noise caught his attention. He slowed down and then stopped trying to pin point where it was at. He started to look around hearing a low whisper and then some sniffles coming somewhere from the backyard.

He shoved the papers in his pocket and went to see who it was that was crying. He made his way around to the back of the shed and turned the corner and saw the new little girl Addison sitting there on the ground. This girl had got under his skin, and even now when he thought of those violet eyes it made his heart beat fast for some reason.

Her knees were tucked tight up against her body, with her arms wrapped around them, and even from where he stood her hands looked white from cutting off the blood circulation from digging into her sweatshirt. And then she started to cry again, and he could tell she was trying to muffle the sound into her legs. She was so upset that she didn’t even notice him make his way over to her. Only when he spoke did he get her attention, and her body tensed up. “Hey Addie, is everything alright?” He asked.

Her head snapped up and then she shook her head wiping off the tears. She started to get up but he went over and sat down next to her. “Hey I didn’t mean to scare you off or anything. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

“Okay…” She whispered and turned her head away from him.

“I know you and your sister have only been here for a couple months, but if want to talk to someone, I’m here for you.”

She glanced over at him hesitantly. “Why should I talk to you?” She asked still sniffling, and putting her head on her knees as she watched him.

He shrugged his shoulders easily. “I Don’t know, I seem to be as good as the next person, I guess. But if you want, I can go get Mary for you.” He offered starting to get up and he watched her lip quiver and shake her head. “No, are you sure?” He asked sitting back down.

“Please don’t go get Mary Beth. I just wanted to be alone for a little bit. Tia is having a hard time with everything and… I don’t know what to do about it. I heard her talking to someone on the phone about maybe putting Tia in the hospital, but she can’t, she just can’t! Tia needs me, and if Mary Beth thinks I’m having a hard time dealing with what happened, I don’t want her putting my sister away because of it.” She whispered.

“I don’t think Mary would do something like that. She’s really nice. But I do think you should talk to her and tell her why you’re upset.” He offered, but she only nodded. “Hey, can I ask you a question?” He asked and got a shrug in return. “Where’s your parents at?”

“My mom’s dead.” She stated in a dead voice.

“Oh, sorry.” He whispered running his hand behind his neck.

“I miss my mom.” She whispered so quietly that he almost missed it as tears started to flow again.

He glanced over at her and put his hand on her knee. “Hey you know what, I miss my mom every day to.” He grinned.

She glanced back up at him and bit her lip as some more tears escaped. “Where’s your mom at?” she asked quietly.

His hand ran over his face. Talking about his parents was not something he did, ever. In fact, when someone would tease him about where he lived, or that he didn’t have parents just an old foster mom, he’d usually beat the living hell out of them. But this fascinating little girl with violet eyes… she missed her mom, and he missed his. No one at the house knew why Addison and Tia were there. Maybe if he opened up to her, he could find out what happened to them. “My mom’s dead to. She died a couple years ago.” He explained giving her knee a squeeze.

She looked up at him, and he could see on her face that that she got it. “It’s hard, isn’t it?” She said taking the hand on her knee with his. Her body unwrapped itself as she turned to him. “My dad’s dead to, but we made sure that they didn’t place him anywhere near our mom.” She said through clenched teeth.

“Your dad died to?” He asked, and she nodded. “Did they die in like a car accident or something?”

Her head then turned away from him and he could see he struck a nerve. “No, they didn’t.” She hissed and then clammed right up.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay.” He told her.

“No, it isn’t. It will never be okay again.” She sniffled.

“You want to tell me about it?” He asked, but again she just shook her head. “Addie, are you mad at your dad?” He asked and her body stiffened instantly. Then he thought about what she had just said about not wanting her dad near her mom. His free hand rubbed the back of his neck. “You know, I’m mad at my dad too.” He confessed.

“Is he at the cemetery?” She asked.

Whenever he told people what happened to his parents, they always got really quiet, or didn’t know what to say, or felt sorry for him, and that just pissed him off. He didn’t need anyone to feel sorry for him, he let his mom down by not saving her, and that was something he had to live with. “No, my dad’s in prison for killing my mom.” He told her, then glanced over to see her watching him intently but that information didn’t seem to faze her at all. She just sat there listening to him still holding his hand, like she was giving him support. “My dad was a heavy drinker, and he would hurt my mom when he was drunk. One night he got so drunk that he started beating her. I tried to pull him off and get him to stop, but I couldn’t. So, I ran to one of our neighbor’s house to ask for help.”

“The first house I went to, nobody was home, so I just keep knocking on doors until someone answered. When a lady answered a door, I tried to explain what was going on but I guess I was pretty banged up to. So, they wouldn’t let me go home and instead just called the police. But when the cops finally showed up to our house… my mom was already dead.” He whispered wiping away a couple more tears.

He glanced over at Addison, and she was nodding her head at his story. “Yeah, my daddy killed my mom to. But he didn’t shoot her at our house. He dropped me off at home and took Tia with him to some house and shot my mom there, and then he shot himself… Tia saw the whole thing.” She explained quietly.

He put his arm around her shoulders pulling her over to him to hug her tightly. She turned into his chest and started to cry again and wrapped her arms around him. His heart broke as her small body shook in his arms. This beautiful girl was just like him, she understood the pain he held inside, and she could understand all the anger and guilt that is bottled up when something like that happens, they were the same.

They both had violent past, and she would be able to understand him, and he could understand her. But one thing he knew for sure now was, he wanted to protect her, take care of her, always make sure she was safe… always. “Don’t worry baby girl, I’ll make sure nobody ever hurts you again.” He promised kissing the top of her head, and he meant every word of it.

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