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Going Back

Marie: Honestly, i have no idea how you convinced me to do this.

Edd: It is not that bad, besides, you found a lot of things you considered to be lost.

Marie huffed as she managed to finally seal one of her suitcases shut by putting her whole body over it and quickly pulling the zipper all the way across. She sat on it and wiped the sweat off her forehead as Edd giggled shyly.

Edd: I must truly apologize for not being of any more help than just organizing…I…well…

Marie giggled as she saw her man fiddling with one of her blouses, trying to find the words he wished to say.

Marie: Yeah, I know, you aren't exactly muscle.

Edd: I am terribly sorry I….

Marie kissed him firmly on the lips as soon as she got up from her luggage, stopping him from saying another word.

Marie: You apologize too much.

Edd pulled his black beanie slightly down, hiding his eyes and turning a bright red. Marie giggled and moved back to the second luggage which was half way full. Everything was neatly organized: thick clothing for the cold on the bottom, underwear sealed neatly in Ziploc bags and stacked in a corner, her blouses and thin layered clothes neatly folded into squares in the corner next to her underwear, her jeans and pants folded nicely on the other side. She remembered how she always struggled in getting things into her luggage. Scrambled attires and clothing, sometimes a bottle of shampoo or toothpaste burst open, endless clothes from designers and non-designer alike ruined… it was a mess. She smiled as she noticed Edd folding delicately and swiftly with his delicate hands her blouse.

Edd: You are doing it again.

Edd giggled, covering his lips with the blouse as Marie jolted and turned around, embarrassed.

Marie: NO, IM NOT.

Edd: You were looking at me again. With that look you get when you… want to…

Marie: Still can't say it?!

Edd felt flustered and sighed as he passed her the blouse and went on the work in the now small stack of clothes Marie wished to take.

Edd: You know I do not use that sort of expressions regularly, nor have I ever. It feels…vulgar.

Marie: Oh, but you enjoy doing these… vulgar… things.

Edd: Marie…

Marie: Eddward…

They both laughed as they turned around, back to back, once again to finish packing Marie's clothes. He felt relieved he had convinced her to go to the Cul again… but it wasn't an easy task. The fact that it was already the 25th, at 10pm, said a lot of how much he had struggled to convince her.

After they had met Eddy and Nazz, Edd had pondered on the whole ride back to Marie's apartment, now basically his 2nd home. He thought of Eddy's message, Ed had called him… but not him. He found it understandable, but he wondered what Ed could have to say that he hadn't told either of his 2 best friends. He also thought of Kevin. He wondered what Kevin had been up to, why he had grown distant in just a couple of weeks. As they had walked into the apartment, Edd decided to text Kevin quickly, something Marie was quick to reproach and protest over.

Edd was used to it by now… as weird and quick as it seemed. Marie was always conflictive, expressive and outspoken; if she felt like it or thought something, she'd say it, and she'd say it straight up to your face. He had actually valued this rather troublesome personality and quality of her, it avoided misunderstandings. Edd, having shared so much of his life with this girl, had learned how to talk to her, calm her, loosen her and… at one point, care for her. Yet he wondered why his affection had never grown to the degree of LOVE.

As usual, he talked to Marie about his friendship with Kevin, a subject she both avoided and was defensive over. She didn't wish to see him get hurt or bullied… Edd understood that. Though she had never stood up for him against Kevin's bullying and teasing, she had grown a relentless hatred towards him because of it. Thankfully, mostly for Edd, they both found out that her own presence, being with Edd, whether she was the one teasing him or talking, made Kevin stay away. Edd still contacted Kevin, showing Marie that it was just casual talk; that he wished to know how many of the Cul were going back home. It was a white lie, and Edd had actually contacted already most of the Cul who had gone away to see who would come back. As they dined, discussing over the relevance of going back home Edd gradually got around Marie. A bit of promises of revisiting childhood memories, privacy and… sex…had turned Marie a bit around. Although, to Edd's own mischief, the strongest arguments were actually playing around Marie's jealous nature and protective personality.

Sarah had grown up, being 16 and quite a wild child he heard a lot from Ed that she did as she pleased (unless May scolded her). She had actually dated Jimmy, an action most took as rebound since it happened just as Edd left for college. As life is a surprise, things didn't work out between them, but it wasn't because of their friendship or other reason. A couple months into the relationship, it was rumored that Jimmy was gay. Though not an absolute surprise, nobody really expected it when he openly said it on the first summer everyone had reunited back at the Cul. Everyone was supportive to the fellow, except for Kevin. It was a rather weird day, Edd remembered feeling strange at the way Jimmy had… come out.

Kevin, after a bit of teasing, insults and fights with the others from the Cul, isolated himself for a few days before apologizing. He still had a hard time hiding his disgust when Jimmy was around, everyone learned to ignore him. Sarah matured quite abruptly after that, and her crush for Edd seemed to never subside or simmer down. She had changed from her obvious ways and… stalking habits, to being more alluring and appealing to Edd's interests. Her wardrobe had changed to proper attires and rather scholar looks, and her pool of knowledge grew every year, she sought to grab his attention. Edd, ever so gentleman and proper, always tried to make her understand that it was not meant to be. His words were obviously ignored and she tried harder every time he went back. Marie not only jumped immediately into going to the Cul, but she also dragged Edd to bed after dinner.

Marie: Almost done?

Edd: Last piece of wardrobe.

Edd passed the neatly folded button shirt, with vertical light blue and fuchsia stripes to Marie, who quickly stuffed it into the last luggage. They were 2 in total and were filled with at least half of Marie's wardrobe, which made them quite heavy and bulky. Marie once again, got up on the luggage to close it, sweating and breathing heavily. They both looked at each other, sweaty, tired and relieved it was over. They laughed.

Edd: One last thing left.

Marie: There's more to do?!

Edd giggled as he took his laptop out from his backpack, which stood neatly beside Marie's queen sized lowbed. He sat on the bed, legs crossed, laptop on his lap and opened the computer.

Edd: Well, since your motorcycle isn't an option for transportation, I lack a car and we ARE leaving after everyone else…

Marie: Yeah yeah, but I didn't want to go.

Marie threw herself over her bed, facing Edd and lying beside him. She stretched her body, arching her back as she switched to a face up position and putting her arms under her head.

Marie: I don't have anything to go back to.

Edd lifted his head from the screen, blinking rapidly as she saw Marie staring absently at the roof. He felt a knot on his throat. He crawled besides her, sitting legs crossed once again, placing his laptop beside him on the bed. He caressed and played with her short hair, running his fingers through it, massaging her skull and relaxing her. She gave short soft moans as he moved his slender fingers and soft hands.

Marie: That feels good.

Edd: Your sisters are back at the Cul. You could also… we could, spend the day together... laugh at old memories?

Marie: Sounds cute… I just hope I'm wanted back.

Edd: Who wouldn't?

Marie stared blankly at the ceiling, a single tear running down her cheek, Edd wiped it off with one finger. He motioned Marie's head onto his lap, she closed her eyes. Edd kept caressing her head as he made the final steps to check them in to their plane trip.



Edd: MARIE! Ow, scuse me, CALM DOWN!

Edd was bumping on a lot of strangers as he pulled one of Marie's suitcases and his own through the sea of people, all anxious or desperate to get on their plane. Marie was no exception, although, they had arrived 10 minutes late to the airport. Edd struggled in passing among people, apologizing to everyone if he bumped into them or accidentally hit them with the 2 suitcases he pulled. Marie was farther ahead, pushing people aside, searching for the correct terminal, asking for instructions. Despite the chaos, Edd giggled and smiled seeing her… trying to be responsible and an adult. Edd noticed TV screens to his right and saw that the terminal flights were being updated. After a brief scan, he found their flight and the gate at which they were currently boarding.

Edd: MARIE?!

Marie pushed a man with a business suit in front of Edd and pulled her suitcase and Edd's other (smaller) suitcase. The man stumbled and dropped his carry-on business suitcase, cellphone and glasses to the floor as he also fell to his knees.

¿?: Watch where you're going!

Marie: Piss off!

Edd: Marie!

Edd quickly left his luggage and quickly got down beside the man, handing him his glasses and cellphone.

Edd: I am terribly sorry for any inconv…

¿?: Don't worry, busy day?

Edd: Yeah, seems like whether it's work or family everyone wants to be in contact.

¿?: Tell me about it, boss is on my neck and my partner still doesn't show. HEY!

Edd noticed as the rather elegant and professional young man (maybe 26) in front of him, hugged a taller (1.9 meters maybe) man that emerged amongst the crowd. They gave each other a single kiss on the lips.

Edd: Well, I uh… got to go.

¿?: Thank's kid, keep an eye on that girl of yours.

They left, disappearing into the crowd as Edd turned to look at Marie standing beside their luggage, leaning on one of her black suitcases. As the morning sun shone through the glass ceiling dome, it shonebehind Marie, across the massive white lobby where they stood. A wine colored scarf, black woolen beanie, black longsleeved turtleneck woolen shirt, navy blue jeans and wine colored short boots with fur at the end… her style was incredible… and she was just gorgeous.

Marie: The first time I catch you looking at me with such awe is when we have the least time in our hands… I hate you.

She walked up to him and kissed him on the lips.

Marie: There, no need to be jealous of those guys. Now, let's run.

Edd: Jea…

Edd barely had time to get his mind straight before Marie pulled him to their luggage and urged him to walk down the northern corridor- apparently Marie had gotten someone to point her in the right direction. As they sped down the corridor he thought of the couple he had just interacted with… 2 men. Homosexuality was not something out of the ordinary these days, yet Edd had never seen such a mature relationship. Love, sincere love, they seemed so… natural together. 2 men…natural...

Marie: Edd, honey?

Edd snapped back to his senses as he noticed he had taken a couple of steps beyond their gate. The line was gone, they were the last ones to arrive. As they passed their tickets to enter the plane, Edd thought back one last time on the couple and felt something inside of him. A feeling… to be held… to be...

Marie: What were our seats again?

Edd jumped, startled. Marie stood in front of him, facing him after a sudden halt. He laughed nervously and fumbled his jacket for the tickets again.

Marie: You're weirder than usual… something wrong?

Edd: N-No, just… anxious to get home.

Marie: You sure your parents are ok with me staying over?

Edd: They won't mind, might be more of a relief actually… but, why won't…

Marie kissed him firmly on the lips just as they sat down on their seats: A and B, row 18.

Marie: Why won't i?

Edd: Why won't…

Marie kissed him again, caressing the soft short hair beneath his beanie.

Edd: So unfair.

They both laughed as Marie rested her head on his shoulder, slowly falling asleep. As the plane took off, Edd looked out the window. The city grew smaller, he was headed home… where his childhood was filled with all sorts of memories. Yet… as the clouds took over the scenery… he thought of Kevin.

Kevin took a sip of his beer can as he stared at the circular, paved branch the Cul de Sac was. Nothing had changed…or seemed to. The same houses stood around the circle, the streets were as eerie and dimly lit as always, a couple of houses had changed their color (repainted). As he sat on the front step of his house, he looked over at Double D's house. He thought of how they all used to enjoy, play and horse around on this street every summer, weekend… any time they could. It reminded him of simpler times… unlike these.

Lyon: Well, that was fun.

Lyon came out from Kevin's House, a couple of shouting coming from inside the house as he closed the door. The night had been quite hectic as a matter of fact, kinda his own fault. In the agitation of coming back home, Kevin had invited his openly bisexual roommate- who he may or may not have spent a night with- and presented him to his parents. It was quite possibly the worst mistake Kevin could've done, considering how his parents were. The moment they started interrogating Lyon, Kevin knew it was only a matter of time. Turned out it took only a couple of minutes before his mother (an executive in the reknown jawbreaker company) dropped the feared question: "Do you have a girlfriend?". Kevin stopped eating as he stared at Lyon as he openly stated out he had no girlfriend or boyfriend at the moment. That "OR" was all it took. As Lyon dodged bullets gracefully, his mother questioned him incessantly and his father openly insulted and opposed the concept of being gay- despite Lyon correcting him that he was "bi" every time. Kevin took his leave. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he stepped out of his house.

Kevin: They managed to let you go huh?

Lyon: More like I escaped, I think I know what the witch trials felt like now.

The boys laughed as Lyon took a seat beside Kevin on the step.

Kevin: Sorry, I just grabbed…

Lyon: Way ahead of you.

Kevin watched as Lyon pulled 3 beers from his jacket, clinking their bottoms a bit as he shook them playfully. They giggled as Lyon opened one and placed the other 2 between them.

Kevin: Sorry about my folks.

Lyon: Nah, don't be… thanks for inviting me over. Hopefully they'll allow me to stay.

Kevin stared absently at the night sky. He was thoughtful, worried... he felt alone.

Lyon: Though, if I do get kicked out…I could go ask Double D...

Kevin: You really want me to bash your face in, don't you?

Lyon laughed openly as he punched Kevin playfully on his shoulder.

Lyon: At least you paid attention to THAT.

Kevin smiled and shook his head as both boys looked up to the stary sky… something you could never do in the city.

Lyon: They love you.

Kevin looked over at Lyon, who looked straight up to the sky, he looked calm, serene, secure…yet something felt like it was weighing him down.

Lyon: Even if you fear they wont accept or love you…they will…you are not me…you are their son.

Kevin: I don't know.

Lyon: You'll do it when you can. Don't worry… at least you'll get to do it.

Kevin looked over at Lyon, his eyes watery.

Lyon: I wish…

Kevin wrapped one arm around Lyon, he giggled, bowing his head. Kevin watched him, not with pity or love but with appreciation… for being his friend.

Lyon didn't have an easy childhood. His family wasn't the wealthiest of them all, they were immigrants and they had worked hard to give Lyon the best kind of life they could. He grew in a loving, family oriented home, very Italian too…Vellante was Italian. During his teenage years, Lyon found himself getting bored in class and spending his time reading. It was at this time that he made his first jump into the spotlight. "Boy Genius marvels with Invention", was what the headlines read for weeks as he had won the state science fair. With a bit of wit, favors and hard work (plus support from his family) he created a construction company that specialized in producing new materials that were highly resistant and came from nontraditional materials which not only served for building, but also showed an incredible resistance to freezing and heat. It was revolutionary for building homes and reducing the green footprint of these. His Father (chef) was proud of him and took him to every interview he got to buy the idea and product. Finally, Lyon made a second jump to fame as he signed a contract with a great international building company not only for the use of the products, but to also hire him when he would graduate. Yet, sometimes life can be cruel.

When Lyon was born his mother passed away. His labor was high risk, his mother was forced into a surgery to save his life. In an absolute expression of love and sacrifice, his mother risked her life to save his… she didn't make it to the end. Lyon never forgot his mother, and his father never remarried, faithful even after death and embedding those values into his son.

As his family started to do well financially and they (father and son) were trying to move to the suburbs into a nice house, his father was detected with lung cancer. At the age of 18, Lyon watched his father fade away in his hospital bed. Distraught and lost, Lyon was hospitalized from all the pressure. Though he was visited by friends and family… he felt alone. A void in his heart. Though he graduated, he didn't attend any ceremony and was quick into leaving to college. He settled his company, hired 2 assistants, developed a work philosophy based on respect and loyalty… in being family.

Still feeling cold, alone and cheated on by life… Kevin was assigned to him as his roommate. Lyon had told this story to Kevin the first year they lived together… on Thanksgiving. Kevin was never able to react, but he didn't change one bit in how he treated Lyon. It was what made them become close.

Kevin: They'd be proud of who you are today

Lyon punched him in the ribs, with a smirk and wiping his tears with the back of his sleeves.

Lyon: Fuck you, you're supposed to be an asshole and laugh and mock.

Kevin: Well, who knows if I'm like that now.

Lyon: Oh right, now you're a delicate flower.

The boys laughed with all their heart as they pushed and punched each other playfully. Kevin felt relieved… he made the right choice. He had brought Lyon along for the support. He knew Lyon would always have his back… and try and steer him clear from trouble. As the boys went to throw the 4 empty beer bottles in the black, plastic trash container out near the sidewalk they noticed a car come in into the Cul. It was a taxi, it was late… Kevin and Lyon wondered who could come at such an hour.

The car turned and stopped in front of Edd's house, Kevin's heart skipped a beat. The two boys watched attentively as the door of the house opened, both of Edd's parents standing at the door. The cab's right door, farthest from Kevin and Lyon, opened and a black beanie was the first thing that came out.

Kevin took a step forward, but stopped as he felt a firm grip on his right shoulder. He turned to see Lyon still looking attentively at the cab. As he turned his attention back, he noticed another, shorter beanie wearing figure standing beside the cab. Kevin froze, he felt the blood pumping furiously through his veins… they felt like bursting. The trunk popped open and a distinct, girlish laugh rang through the cold November air, followed by girlish giggles.

Lyon: Do you wanna… go say hi?

Kevin watched as the last of the suitcases was taken out of the cab by the cab driver.

Kevin: Nah…

Kevin turned on his heels, his head down and hands in his pant's pockets.

Kevin: I'm kinda tired.

As Kevin took his step back into the house, he was stopped by a firm grip on his right arm. He turned to see a glaring Lyon staring at him. Kevin stood still, waiting for his words.

Lyon: Don't do this again.

Kevin grimaced and pulled his arm away from him.

Kevin: What?

Lyon: Close everyone out… lock yourself in. LET IT OUT.

Kevin laughed… a mocking, sarcastic laugh.

Kevin: Right, 'cause I should be as gay as I can be… 'cause there's nothing bad…

Lyon, walked over to him and slapped him squarely across the face. Kevin was awe struck.

Lyon: Let that go… you'll do it when you feel like it.

He took a step back to the house, past Kevin.

Lyon: When you've wanted something. When you've fought for it…or taken it…I don't see why you should be any different with this matter.

Kevin turned on his heels, surprised and watched Lyon greet his mother with a smile. She seemed to be apologizing, and they both laughed a bit as he entered. Kevin took a final look at Edd's house as he went back into his own.

Mrs. Barbs: Is everything ok honey?

Kevin: Yeah… don't worry mom... I'm ok.

Marie: You know, your parents are really nice.

Edd: I must say it is quite lovely to be able to see them. Sorry about all their questions…

Marie laughed as she sat on the edge of Edd's bed, kicking her boots off.

Marie: I guess now I know from where you got that habit.

They both giggled, Edd's a bit more shy and girlish than Marie's.

Edd: I guess so…are you comfortable? Made yourself at home?

Marie: Easy, easy.

Marie laid on Edd's bed and stretched her body, her shirt lifting itself a bit, revealing a bit of skin around the hem. Edd watched her and smiled, she was rather relaxed for just meeting his parents.

Upon arriving home, Edd and Marie had been greeted by both of Edd's parents. Edd loved his parents, but he was surprised they had been so open and loose on the fact he had brought home a girl. He remembered his parents being rather absent in his upbringing, but disciplinary strict. They had shaped him into the man he was today… though… he still didn't know what man that was. Yet, despite their heart-warming reception, they lost no time in asking Marie every detail about their relationship. Edd had blushed and protested with his parents as they inquired Marie on their personal life. In the end, her parents had both laughed with Marie and hugged her…welcoming her to the family. Edd smiled as Marie hugged his parents, but a sharp stab went through him… as if something was missing.

Proper and rather outdated, his parents were skeptical on letting both of them sleep together thus sending Edd to prepare the basement. As it was common with all their houses, basements were usually built to keep machinery, store stuff and sometimes to create a provisional guest room. Courtesy ran in the family though, Marie was given Edd's room and Edd had to fix up his bed and space in the basement. Rightfully, Edd helped Marie get installed first. She refused to unpack most of her clothes, arguing that she didn't plan on staying all the holiday there. Edd felt curious on what plans Marie had for this holiday, she had come with a new spirit (not a happier one yet).

Edd got up from the carpet floor of his room and slowly moved over to Marie on his bed. His room had not changed through the years, preserved untouched by his parents. Though it filled him with a certain nostalgia and self-esteem…it ashamed him a bit today. It was is room, where he had all his collections (driven by his obsessive personality), where he once kept so neat and tidy not even a speck of dust could be found. Where a teddy shaped bedside light still stood to fight of the "monsters in the dark". And…nthere were still all the tags he placed in every single object he had in his room- which made Marie laugh for a long time while he blushed crimson. He smiled as he examined his room as he walked to his bed… he had changed, grown, improved. He had overcome so much. She had her eyes closed, her complexion was relaxed, angelic almost, both of her eyes uncovered by her blue hair and bang. Edd smiled and sat on the edge, passing a hand down her cheek.

Marie: Stop it.

Her voice was a whisper, soft and silky. She rolled on her side and looked at Edd with a drowsy expression, cupping his hand with hers.

Edd: Get some rest, I will go downstairs to set up where I will sleep.

Marie made a soft noise in agreement as she closed her eyes again. Edd giggled and gently set his hand free. As he got up, he remembered his old germ-phobic habits, where he had kept all his cleaning utensils. He opened the large drawer of his old desk, they were still there. Edd giggled, he had conquered such fear a year ago… after a lot of self-discipline. Yet, as he was about to close the drawer, he remembered he was going to the basement.

As Edd walked down the stairs with the cleaning kit, rubber gloves on, face mask tightly placed and wearing booties, his mind quarreled on how much he was overreacting. That he was throwing all his efforts to suppress and conquer his fears to the trash and the simple argument that the he had never been to their family's basement ever… who knew when was the last time it was cleaned. As Edd faced the door to the basement he took a deep breath and slowly pushed it. The short flight of stairs descended into darkness, which seemed darker since it was past midnight. Edd placed his bucket with cleaning utensils down and fumbled with his rubber gloves to find the light switch. Nothing. He grunted and took another deep breath. Step by step he slowly descended the stairs, keeping his hand on the wall to try and find a light switch. As he made it to the bottom of the stairs he felt the switch on his left hand. As the light filled the room with a flash Edd noticed the state in which the basement was. Boxes neatly stacked on the farthest wall, a rug extended throughout half of the floor, a pinball, a miniature football, a personal bed with green bed covers (which did seem dusty)… he was truly his parent's son. Edd giggled as he set the bucket down and proceeded to get a mop. He was just exaggerating after all.

Edd: PHIU!

Edd wiped the sweat from his forehead as he placed the mop inside its bucket in the corner. It was very late, he must've spent an hour cleaning up everything and dusting the bed sheets. He had to admit he had to practice a lot of self-control to prevent himself from going into a manic frenzy about cleaning… habits die hard. As he started putting away all the cleaning gear and stuff he heard the door open. He turned quickly, only to see a slender and curvy figure lean on the door frame.

Marie: Done already?

Edd: Yeah, I was just going to get changed.

Marie: Good.

Marie glided down the steps, a soft and provocative walk. Edd noticed out of the corner of his eye that Marie had a very sexy lingerie on. A transparent night gown, purple, made out of silk, it's shiny and solid fabric covered her breasts and she had laced purple silk panties. Edd turned around and pulled his beanie down. Marie giggled.

Marie: Oh, you don't like it?

Edd: N-No, it's n-not that. I-I-I…w-well…you look….

Marie walked up to Edd's, hugging him from behind, pressing all her body onto his back.

Marie: Say it.

Edd went stiff, he was trembling, a knot on his throat. Marie smirked and slowly started moving her hands up and down his chest. Edd moaned a bit as he felt Marie caress his body through his clothes. Edd felt his nipples get hard, his respiration and heart beat accelerate, his mind getting foggy…though strange, it was simple pleasure.

Edd: Marie… I…

Marie: You…

Marie turned Edd around, she was always the dominant one, the leader… she knew this. As she gently pushed Edd down on the bed she looked at him; frail, almost feminine, excited, nervous (as always)… she loved him, wanted him… it was easy, maybe too easy. Marie shook the thought out of her head as she got on the bed with her love, straddling him and kissing him. She felt his soft, skinny and long fingers start moving through her body... electricity ran through her. Marie took Edd's beanie off with no protest on his behalf and they looked at each other, into each other's eyes. Lust… passion… trust… love… love? Marie sank her face on his neck, nibbling at it, kissing it. Edd moaned and ran his hands through her hair, she moaned louder. She smiled at him.

Marie: That's not fair

Her voice was low and soft and erotic.

Edd: You started it.

Marie kiss him.

Marie: Do you love me?

Edd looked at her… a knot on his throat… he grabbed her face between his hands and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Edd didn't know what to say or think… he just hoped maybe his actions spoke for him. But, what did they say?

As their tongues rolled and gently caressed each other, he found Marie again leading. His pants were off, his shirt was being pulled off, a cold drop fell on his chest… it startled him.

Edd: Marie?

Marie: It's nothing… i'm fine.

Edd: Marie…

Edd's voice was soft, calm as he got up, shirtless and with Marie over him. She had tears dripping down her cheeks, just a little.

Edd: What's wrong?

Marie sank her face on his neck.

Marie: I love you… I need you… don't leave me.

Edd felt his heart cringe. The last thing he'd ever want is to hurt her. Edd embraced her, holding her tightly between his arms.

Edd: I'll always be here.

He cupped her hands between his once again and swiped her tears off with his thumbs. She smiled and laughed between her weeping breaths, cupping his hands with hers. Edd slowly pulled her down to the bed with him, allowing her to lay her head on his chest.

Marie: I'm sorry… I ruined it.

Edd: Don't worry, at least we are together.

Marie: Yeah, but…we haven't done it since my birthday…that was…

Edd: You are keeping track?

Marie quickly nibbled gently on one of Edd's nipples, he moaned hard. Edd felt his back arch and his mind nearly fade into ecstasy. As he eased himself a bit, he saw her move up to him, putting a leg over his hips and smile.

Marie: Such a shame this will go to waste.

She moved her fingers gently and lightly over his chest and down hers, sliding slightly the fabric of her gown.

Edd: You are… mean.

Marie: I AM a troublemaker.

Edd: Most definitely.

They both laughed, enjoying being together and teasing each other. As Marie nibbled on his nipples and kissed his chest, Edd moaned with every sensation her fingers, tongue and mouth made. Edd, in exchange, caressed her ears making her moan consistently as his other hand held her close, brushing lightly her back. Tired and kissing each other, their bodies tangled up in a warm and loving embrace, they fell asleep.

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