Who We Are: College

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Edd: Wake up. Marie, wake up beautiful. Come on.

Edd's voice was a whisper as he kneeled beside the bed where Marie and he had spent the night. Despite having slept a bit he had woken up late (10:00 am) and taken a shower, got dressed and started to fix brunch for him, his parents and Marie. Still, it was already a quarter past midday; his parents had brunch with him already and left for work- after quite the interrogation on Marie and College. He wasn't surprised, to be honest, of either subject. The talk about College was just as when he went to school: grades, friends, personal activities, exercise (mental and physical). The talk about Marie was a bit… harder to digest. His parents, strict as ever, questioned the relationship…especially when Edd mistakenly remembered them that she was one of the Kanker sisters from school and the Cul. Though they weren't very optimistic, they kissed him good bye as they left to work… and reminded him to use protection. Edd's stomach churned even now thinking at the crude expression his parents had used. But he was glad they had agreed on one thing. If she made him happy, then they wouldn't interfere. Yet, as Edd stood beside Marie, watching her sleep, he wondered about happiness.

Sideways, an angelic and calm expression on her face, mouth slightly ajar, hands closed into small fists on her chest, legs retracted and her breathing slow and steady. She looked like a little girl, a small angel, fragile, delicate and pure. She was stunning, mesmerizing, and he couldn't even find the urge to say "I love you". Edd thought about all his books and studies…even his experiments with mice. He knew, theoretically, everything there was to know about emotions. Their chemical compositions, the way they alter the brain, the different stimulation they can cause and alter (like pain being changed into tickles with the mix of dopamine and serotonin). Despite his knowledge he was stuck on the same psychological question every investigator before had…Who are we?

Edd: Maaarie.

Edd caressed her left ear over her hair as he whispered softly to her. A small moan escaped her as she slowly curled up more. Edd giggled, covering his mouth with both of his hands, letting go of her ear. Marie slowly opened her eyes and looked with droopy eyes at Edd kneeling besides her, she smiled.

Marie: Hey.

The single word slurred and purred from her, she was still half asleep.

Edd: I made breakfast.

Marie closed her eyes and slowly stretched her body on the bed. She laid with her eyes closed, face up.

Marie: Really?

Edd giggled and sat on the border of the bed, looking at her. He tickled her for a few seconds, making her wake up. With her hair messed up and now gigglish, Marie rose from the bed and blew some of her messed up hair from her face, revealing her right eye and looking at Edd.

Marie: Ok, I'm up.

Edd: Good girl, come on… let's get you something to eat.

Marie cracked her neck as she placed her feet on the floor, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Marie: What time is it?

Edd: Past noon.

Marie: When did you get up?

Edd: Around 10.

Edd was already going up the stairs and Marie followed. She was oblivious to the fact that she was walking around the house with the same lingerie as last night.

As they got to the kitchen, Edd turned around to show Marie his perfectly and neatly organized table with her breakfast on it. Scrambled eggs, toast with honey, one small sausage and 5 strawberries, orange juice on a glass and a steaming hot expresso beside her placemat. However, he froze in shock as he noticed her attire.

Marie: Fuck, it looks…

Edd ran to her, hugging her, catching Marie by surprise. She closed her eyes and slowly pressed him closer.

Edd: We need to get you covered up.

Marie's eyes sprang open and her smile faded as she pushed him away with a confused face.

Marie: Wha…

Marie gasped and laughed as she noticed she had walked halfway through the house in her lingerie. Her face slowly got pink as she raised her face to Edd and asked in a low voice.

Marie: Are your parents here?!

Edd: No, they left a while ago.

Marie: You're so proper!

The two laughed as Edd took his brown sweater off and placed it on her.

Edd: I'll be right back. Start eating, ok?

Marie nodded as she hugged herself with Edd's sweater. It fit her almost perfectly, which made her feel a bit awkward. Apart from her boobs, it seemed as if she and Edd had similar body frames. She giggled and took a deep breath of Edd's scent in the sweater. It was a fresh aroma, neat, like a bathed baby and an equally fresh and floral perfume was stuck to it. As Marie smiled, she felt herself glide to the table and sit, her plate before her, looking delicious and welcoming.

Kevin woke up to a rather loud laughter which echoed through the house from downstairs. He had slept in his room while Lyon had taken the guest room in the basement… with some protest from his father. Apparently, since he left to college his parents had started to reshape the house… his room the only fragment left of his old memories. There was new furniture, new rugs, new tapestry, the basement was made into a game room (his father's) and it had a bed- couch- where Lyon slept. Everything from toys, books and stuff from his childhood had been placed inside his room… an eternal memorial.

As he got up, Kevin noticed the slightly rusted bike he loved to ride when he was a kid. He smiled, its chain was a disaster, the pedals were jammed do to the chain, tires were deflated and the high handle bars were below his chest. He had grown a lot since back then. He had changed… in so many ways. As he placed a hand on it, remembering the laughter, the jokes, his bullying to the Eds his door was opened. Startled and brought back down to reality he jumped, startled.

Mrs. Barbs: Kevin?

Kevin: MOM! Knock on the door!

Mrs. Barbs: Oh please, I've seen you since you were a naked little…

Kevin: MOM!

His mother giggled as she started picking up his scattered clothes of yesterday. He had his pajamas on, a regular brown t shirt and pajama pants which were rather warm. As his mother entered the room he had scooped a Blue hoodie and placed it on, temperature had started to drop. He was annoyed even this old he had no privacy. He frowned and walked out of his mother's way.

Mrs. Barbs: Breakfast is downstairs honey, your friend got up early.

Kevin: Yeah, he does that.

Mrs. Barbs: He helped out with the chores, something you never do.

Kevin: U-huh.

Mrs. Barbs: He's a really nice person despite… you know… his condition. I hope he'll find his way someday…

Her voice slowly faded away as Kevin ignored her and focused on his room. His eyes scanned the room up and down. With daylight sweeping in through the windows, he noticed how many few things he had. Basketball balls, trophies, photos of him and his father or some coach or team. Photos his mother had taken while he played at some game, of his graduation- his eyes stopped. He wasn't hearing his mother, simply auto-responding, as he picked his school graduation picture. He remembered that day.

The photo had everyone dressed in the blue tunics with blue hats standing on the stairs on the main entrance of the school. They had always stood in order by height, and he wasn't one of the tallest. In 3 rows, the first of the top row, the tallest had been Ed (no surprise), followed by Rolf. Other kids filled the spots, he didn't even remember most… others he sort of did, mostly by sports. He was the first of the second row and immediately beside him stood Edd. He noticed how his face had rather of a smirk and some annoyance reflected… perhaps because Edd stood beside him. Edd however stood with a wide smile, the space between his front teeth clearly visible, but he was too happy to mind. He giggled… Edd had always been a cheerful person despite all the trouble and bullying he had given him. He noticed Eddy stood beside Nazz and Marie was one space over from Edd. He noticed his best high school friend, Nathan Goldberg, stood at the last spot on the top row, a smirk across his face. Yet, he returned back to the spot where he and Edd stood side by side, passing a finger slowly over their image.

"So close and yet so far."

Mrs. Barbs: Are you hearing me?

Kevin jolted and looked back at his mother who had scolded him with her firm voice.

Kevin: Uh, yes I'll go downstairs and eat.

Kevin dropped the picture on the counter where it was and quickly walked out of his room, not paying attention to his mother or if she said anything else.

Downstairs Kevin found Lyon eating a banana on the kitchen's counter and on the other side was a bowl of cereal. Kevin chuckled as he sat at the other side of him, greeting him with a nod.

Kevin: Did you fix this up for me?

Lyon: Nope, didn't find the rat poison.

Kevin coughed a laugh.

Kevin: Asshole.

They laughed a bit as Kevin took the first spoonful of cereal to his mouth.

Lyon: So, what are we doing today?

Kevin looked down at his cereal, playing with it. He hadn't planned that far again.

Kevin: I don't know.

Lyon: You suck for plans dude.

Kevin: Shut up.

Lyon finished the banana and threw it away in the trash can, he had become quite acquainted with the kitchen at least.

Lyon: You want to go over there right?

Kevin: Nah, he's with that chick idiot.

Lyon placed both of his elbows on the counter, looking at him straight in the eyes. His face was serious and his tone was rather mature and grave.

Lyon: You should at least fight once before giving up.

Kevin averted his gaze. Lyon sighed, he walked to Kevin's side of the counter but he stood looking out the window.

Lyon: Tomorrow's Thanksgiving… it's now or never.

Kevin: I know.

Lyon: Then move…. or she will and you… will never be with him… never.

The last was said in a whisper to Kevin's ear, his grip on his spoon tightened until his knuckles were white. His eyes closed in anger and not wanting to think on that. He muttered…

Kevin: What should I do?

Lyon chuckled and massaged his shoulder… as a friend would.

Lyon: Fight.


Marie: Coming!

Edd stood outside of his house on the front steps, door open. He was rather cold despite his winter clothing and winter shoes with fur lining… and his usual black beanie. Edd rubbed his arms together and blew into his hands, mist coming out of his mouth. They were only heading to Ed's house which was a house away, but Edd had other plans as well. As Edd looked over to Ed's house he heard footsteps, he turned to watch Marie walk down each step in a rather graceful manner in elegant beige flats with a small black bow on top. Starting by her feet Edd looked her up, speechless of her exquisite attire and stunning beauty. Black thick leggings under a black loose long skirt, a big collared beige silk shirt with a black bow on her chest, a black French beanie to match Edd's, simple makeup and skin colored lips (slightly dark) and black thin furry gloves.

Marie: Thank god this was worth it.

She smiled as Edd shook his head, regaining focus. She placed her hands around his neck and kissed him softly, cleaning a bit of her lipstick from his lips. Edd giggled, dropping his eyes and pulling his beanie down slightly. Marie giggled too looking how nervous he got.

Edd: We are actually late.

Marie: And we just can't have that… right?

Edd: Punctuality is…

Marie kissed him again, quickly, just to shut him up. Edd giggled once and headed towards the door, locking it shut. As Edd walked down the steps he saw Marie standing casually with her hands in her skirt's pockets looking at the houses, her face was serious.

Edd: Marie…

Marie swirled on spot, smiling at him and grabbing his arm.

Marie: Let's go.

Edd smiled back at her sweetly and they both walked to Ed's house. It was only a short walk where they talked mostly of Edd's family. Edd wasn't surprised Marie was rather curious about his parents, and his initials. Despite the short walk Edd had to explain to Marie why his initials were EMV.

Edd: Eddward Marion Vincent.

Marie: NO WAY!

Marie laughed as Edd shook his head.

Edd: It is a silly name.

Marie: Sounds… pretty.

They laughed briefly as they were about to knock on the door. The door opened rather abruptly and a rather crimson faced Eddy stood holding it.

Eddy: Jesus! Such a brat as always, if you could stop busting…

Edd: Eddy!

Eddy turned his face to Edd with anger still raging in his eyes. He had always been hot tempered, since Edd could remember.

Sarah: Is that Double D?

Eddy hunched his head between his shoulders as he grinded his teeth in response to her voice. It had changed, to Edd's surprise. The childish raspy voice from the rather hostile girl had changed into a leveled, mid toned, luscious, rich voice. She appeared from behind the wall of the living room inside the house, Edd felt his arm being squeezed a bit tighter at her presence. Though Marie kept her cool, her body tensed and her eyes flickered slightly at her sight. Though 16, she had full A cup breasts and wore a rather elegant schoolish attire with a vest and checkered skirt. Her long ginger hair had been cut to a very short euro cut, a new look she was probably trying out. Her body was fit, muscles in her thighs and arms were clear, leaving only to wonder what routine she was following. She smiled and waved at Edd from the living room, leaning against the wall.

Sarah: Hey Double D.

Marie: Hi.

Edd looked down at Marie who had a rather forced grin on her face while looking at the juvenile young girl.

Edd: I believe you might remember Marie, Sarah. Marie, this is Sarah, Ed's little sister.

Sarah: Not so little anymore.

Eddy: Still a brat. We're leaving.

Sarah: Says the moron who forgot where he'd meet with his friend.

Edd: It was nice seeing you aga…

Edd tried to rush the words as Eddy slammed the door.

Edd: What's wrong Eddy?

Marie: She's grown.

Eddy: I can't stand her.

Edd: Maybe if you'd…

Eddy: Save it.

Eddy raised a hand at Edd, cutting him mid-sentence. Edd frowned, it was a terrible habit Eddy was never able to get rid of. Edd noticed Marie still looking at the door, as if expecting Sarah to follow them or open it again. Though it was cute to see her being protective over him, Edd felt it was somewhat…excessive at times.

Eddy: You're the one she has a crush for, she'll always be nice with you Doofus.

Marie: Crush?!

Marie's head swirled to look at Eddy, her grasp on Edd's arm tightening.

Edd: My arm…

Eddy: Relax sugar, it's been this way since we were little. Edd's turned her down more times than anyone can count.

Marie looked up at Edd and loosened her grip, quickly rubbing his arm.

Edd: Ow, I simply pointed out that I did not share her feelings. She's our best friend's younger sister. we've known her since she's a child.

Eddy: Yeah yeah and you're too good, and she's a kid, and blah blah I don't care. The brat's still a brat.

Eddy crossed the street, heading toward his house.

Edd: Eddy?

Eddy: Stay here, going for the car.

Marie and Edd: Car?

Eddy drove slowly out of the Cul into another segment of the suburbs which had recently been developed. Edd sat on the copilot seat, sitting rather tense and being very observant of the house and streets they crossed; Marie sat in the back seat across the seat, stretching her legs. Apparently, as Eddy informed briefly, Ed had been picked up by May and they had gone to her home in the suburbs before the Cul. Though he resigned from explaining anything to the couple he made it clear that they were going over there to see him. Edd was particularly curious on Eddy's determination to see Ed, and to see the house May owned- basically Marie's gift from long ago.

They arrived with a slow halt to a 2 story rather elegant and modern house with stone panels as an exterior appearance and large windows. It was the last house of the development and counted with untouched territory around it. An open field stretched behind it with a couple of trees, and an ever too familiar creek passing nearby. As they were getting out of the car, the house's door opened wide with a petite figure standing beside a large muscular frame almost the height of the doorway itself. A loud squeal echoed down the street as May, dressed in a simple dark green dress with a brown leather thin belt and black flats, ran down to Marie.


Marie was barely able to react as her younger sister, shorter than her, tackled her, wrapping her frail arms around her torso.

May: You're here! You are really here! You came!

Marie placed a hand on her little sister's head, soothing her as she heard her weep on her chest. Edd was rather confused and turned to see an Eddy with a warm smile. Edd smiled, it was short lived as Eddy's expression changed instantly when he noticed Edd seeing him.

Eddy: What you looking at Dork?

Edd: You knew.

Eddy: I have no idea…


A deep slow voice interrupted Eddy as the enormous Ed stood in front of them with arms wide open. He picked both of them up, each with one arm in his usual manner, and hugged them with great strength. Eddy and Edd screamed in pain as Ed smothered them. His body had become pure muscle: sculpted legs, wide back, ripped midriff, pronounced pects and strong arms. He didn't look thick, nor a meat head to Edd's observation… just muscular. Additionally, Edd noticed he now had a rather good hygiene, he smelled fresh and manly. His wardrobe had apparently changed too, wearing jeans that fit him nicely and complimented his worked out legs. He wore a white muscle long sleeved shirt with a green large coat and his hair was always short and military-like.

Ed: I've missed you guys sooooo much!

Edd: We… missed you too… Ed. But… you're

Eddy: Get us down you bloke!

Edd's voice was restrained as he found himself without a breath, Eddy's was equally restrained but he mustered strength to raise his voice. Ed gently lowered them to the ground, both boys collapsing to the concrete sidewalk, gasping for breath and straightening their backs.

Ed: Sorry guys… I didn't mean…

Edd: It's ok Ed. We know.

Eddy laughed with a still restrained voice, soon Ed joined in, followed by the girls and finally Edd.

Lee: What are you idiots doing?

A feminine but deep voice rang from the doorway. A deep silence crept between everyone as Lee turned her gaze to Marie and May hugging.

Lee: You came.

May looked up at Marie, she stood rigid, her eyes focused on Lee as she gave a single nod.

Everyone sat in the living room in absolute silence. They had flat screen tv and 3 couches, one being a bed-couch, a rug and plants to decorate the place. Their house was minimalistic, dark brown and white colors, rugs on the floor, a room distribution which optimized transportation as it allowed easier movement throughout the house. It had a foyer that lead into the living room that had a massive wall window and a bathroom. Beyond that there was the diner, beside it the kitchen (which occupied most of the space of the house). Beside the living room there was a hall way to connect it with the other end of the kitchen and 2 rooms: Studio and bathroom. Upstairs had a rather simpler distribution, a simple hallway with wooden tiled floor leading into 3 rooms each with its own bathroom. The house, though clean, smelled like spices, food and cooking. But, it wasn't the reason for the dense atmosphere.

Edd and Marie sat together, side by side on one of the side couches, the main and big couch was occupied by Eddy and Lee with a space between them. Ed and May sat on the last couch, May was sitting on Ed's legs making her petite size be on the same height as Ed. Edd looked at everyone, despite the tense air he found it heartwarming. Ed sat with his legs opened and with May on his left leg. His arm was around May's hip and she was resting her back on his shoulder; they finally looked like a couple. Eddy and Lee however sat without facing each other nor touching. Eddy had his leg crossed over his knee and looked out the window, while Lee had her legs crossed at her ankles, sitting in at upright very professional position. Her appearance was more of a corporate woman, wearing a red turtleneck long sleeves sweater, black business pants and black flats. Marie, sat next to him, not touching him, silent, tense, her hands closed into loose fists on her knees.

Marie: It smells delicious.

May: Thank you! I've been working very hard on my skills, I got scouted to be Sous chef in a restaurant in the city!

Marie: Wow! That's great news May!

Lee: Really?!

Marie's and May's excitement ended abruptly as Lee snapped at them. May frowned and bowed her head, Marie faced Lee.

Lee: You never wrote. Not even a call. Not even an email. You didn't say goodbye.

Marie: It was complicated.

Lee: Complicated? You left your family Marie!

Marie: I was going to comeback… I came back!

Lee: Now… with your boyfriend who you loved since we were kids!

Marie: He has…

Lee: And you didn't even tell us you were coming!

Marie: I… I thought…

Lee: YOU thought?! You never thought about anyone other than yourself!


Lee: Oh yeah! Where were you after graduation? Where were you when we had to decide where to go study or what to do to not leave mom alone? Where were you when she got the eviction notice? Where were you when we had to move to this house? Where were you…

Lee's anger was evident in her screaming, she was furious, in full rage. Marie, though sitting hearing everything had her hands trembling, tears in her eyes. No one interfered in their discussion, Edd simply bowed his head and fiddled with his beanie. Eddy kept looking out the window, Ed had May between his arms, holding her while she bit her lip and looked at her sisters fight. Lee had stopped mid-sentence only to swallow hard, the energy had escaped her, her tone became sad and low.

Lee: …when mom got sick?

Marie raised her head, 2 tears ran down her cheeks.

Marie: Mom..?

Lee: Where were you when… we had to pay for the hospital…and the funeral…

Lee let her weight fall on to the couch, her head bowed, anger still in her voice but she lacked the strength to stand. The memories were painful for her.

Marie: I… I…

Lee: You were never there. May decided to stay because I was offered a scholarship. Good thing May here is smart and found a part time job in a restaurant.

May dropped her head lower as Ed pulled her close, she was crying.

Lee: I studied hard, became the best …got a good job and I used my first check on this house. Mom was so proud… and she always asked for you…

Lee shook her head, a tear streaming down her cheek.

Lee: May and I moved in with mom, we paid the hospital… we paid the funeral… and you were never here.

Marie: Mom…

Lee: You know… even in her last days, she asked for you. She asked if we had contacted you. She still cared for you…

Eddy: That's enough.

Eddy, with a rather calm and mature voice, had stopped Lee by placing a hand on her shoulder. Lee grabbed his hand for a moment and then got up. She left the room and a door was slammed. The living room was left with a heavy air. As Ed comforted May, Marie was shaking, her tears dropping on the carpet. Edd looked over at Marie and her rather painful image, he wished to hold her. As he approached her to try and hug her she sprang from the couch and ran to the sliding door on the window wall. She ran outside, sprinting through the open field.

May: Marie!

May bolted out after her sister and the three boys were left inside. Eddy sighed along with Edd who hunched his back, his elbows on his knees as he massaged the back of his neck. He looked at Eddy, his eyes rather serious though glossy from tears.

Edd: You knew.

Eddy: Yeah… I knew… but it isn't the only reason why we came.

Ed: They said they wanted to see her.

Eddy: Ed is right. Lee asked me to bring you guys here.

Edd: I know they are sisters, but that was excessively mean.

Ed: I don't like when May cries.

Eddy: And I don't like when Lee loses it.

Edd: Wait… you and Lee are close?!

Eddy: Business partners… couldn't say no.

Edd: Business?

Eddy: Actually… it's Ed's business Double D.

Ed: May said we should do it.

Edd looked surprised at Ed and smiled.

Edd: Do tell.

Eddy: It's a health center. Lee, May and Ed placed the money and I'm basically administering everything. May will run the restaurant and she's the chef behind all the special beverages for those who'll work out. Ed here is the coach.

Ed: Yeah, I'll help people get strong!

Edd giggled as he remembered his childhood far too clearly. Eddy would always have a new plan, Ed would back him up unconditionally and he'd be the logical part and technical part.

Eddy quickly told Edd about the technical and financial aspects of the operation along with the concept of the business. The business would have the restaurant as public, along with psychiatric clinics and a membership based gym. Edd loved the idea and, though he never thought he'd be asked to be one of the psychologists for patients and members (so they don't develop any eating disorder or anything). Between jokes and laughter, Edd agreed.

Lee entered the room shortly after their talk and sat next to Eddy. Eddy told her he had already gotten Edd to agree on being part of "the team". Lee, bossy as always, explained all the do's and don'ts, but the subject seemed to lighten her up. The sound of the sliding door closing made everyone turn as May and Marie walked in again. Marie's eyes and nose were red, silence crept over the room again. May stood beside Marie and softly nudged her, nodding once when Marie looked at her. Marie nodded.

Marie: I'm sorry about everything Lee.

Everyone looked at Lee who simply waved her hand.

Lee: It doesn't matter, we can't change what has happened. Sorry for being so harsh on you.

Marie wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

Marie: Well, you're still the bossy and tough one as always.

Lee chuckled and Marie laughed slightly, things calmed down slowly.

The sun was slowly setting, Marie and Edd walked together through the open field towards the creek. The conversations in the house had eased up when Marie and Lee had made truce and everyone enjoyed May's cooking. She was an exemplary cook as she had made salmon for everyone with mashed sweet potato and asparagus, everything neatly served in a chef fashion. She was praised by everyone and she glowed with happiness. Conversation jumped from person to person as everyone shared their most recent events. Eddy was teased for a while on why Nazz wasn't invited over and how whipped he was since he checked his cellphone every 5 minutes. Edd was forced to kiss Marie in front of everyone since he was so proper. They all felt like family.

When everyone finished eating Eddy cleared his throat and asked May and Ed to tell them why everyone had been called here today. Marie teased a bit about it not being just wanted to see her, while Lee snapped at her for it. But everyone fell silent when May stood up and raised her voice.

May: Ed and I are getting married.

Everyone had fallen in absolute silence and shock. Ed stood up and kissed May, something no one had seen before. After a couple of question on the why, when and where everyone hugged and congratulated the two on their new life together. They wished a small wedding in a small church in the city, next February. They loved each other, and though Ed had once been so distant and afraid of May, he was now docile, loving and protective about her.

With everyone simply starting to mind their own business: Lee attending business calls, Eddy talking with Nazz and May and Ed together watching tv; Marie and Edd sneaked out of the house and walked hand in hand to the creek. Despite not visiting the place in years, Marie and Edd seemed to remember and find their way. The creek had grown a bit over the years, looking more like a river than a creek now.

Marie: I remember this place.

They sat next to the river, watching the crystalline water flow noisily.

Marie: Do you think it's cold?

Edd: Most probably. If I were to make an hypothesis and considering the current climate, the water should be around…

Marie kissed him deeply, cutting his words.

Edd: Why do you always do that?

Marie: You talk a lot... makes me love you more.

Marie bit her lip and slowly crawled her way over Edd.

Edd: Marie…what are you doing?

Edd's eyes widened, looking moony and innocent. Marie smiled and kissed him quickly once again as she slowly took her clothes off.

Edd: Marie! Someone might see us!

Edd's voice had dropped to a whisper as Marie was now in only her underwear, a matching pair of black sexy lingerie. She winked at Edd as she approached the edge of the river.

Edd: Marie! We don't know how strong the current is, and with this weather you could get hypothermia, and…

Marie: Oh relax… live a little.

Edd: Marie, Marie!

Marie slowly walked into the river, shivering as the freezing water touched her skin. When the water was up her thighs, she took a deep breath and sunk herself into the water. The current wasn't strong enough, allowing her to stand in the river and to bathe in it. She gasped and laughed as she emerged, her body shivering completely.

Marie: C-C-Come i-in…i-it's not th-that bad.

Marie's skin turned milky white as her lips turned purple. Edd, worried, approached her at the edge of the river.

Edd: Marie, you're going to catch a cold. Please.

Marie: I-I c-cant.

Edd watched her shaking body and quickly stripped his clothes, getting into the river and letting out a girlish squeal when the freezing water touched his skin. Edd got Marie out of the water and quickly started trying to get the water off her skin. With no towels Edd thought fast and pressed Marie against his body, rubbing her, exhaling his breath on her skin and caressing her. Marie moaned softly with every sensation, her body slowly shaking less.

Marie: M-Maybe not my... best…idea.

Edd: That was very rash Marie.

Marie: It was worth it.

Edd looked at Marie and they slowly moved in closer, millimeter by millimeter until they kissed. Her lips were frostbit and they stuck to his when they tried to pull away, making both laugh hysterically. Edd slowly dressed himself and her, kissing her body and lips occasionally to keep her warm…she moaned each time.

Among the shadow of the trees Kevin and Lyon stood looking at them.

Lyon: I told you the water was too cold.

Kevin: I wasn't going to get in.

Kevin's face was grave as he watched at the couple laugh, giggle and touch each other. Lyon, relaxed and poised, leaned on one of the trees biting on a piece of wild grass, looking a bit like a hillbilly.

Lyon: You are losing time, you know.

Kevin: On what?

Kevin turned around and started walking into the woods, though it wasn't dense one could still get lost easily. Lyon got up, spat the grass out of his mouth and caught up with him. They walked the same path they had used to get there, Lyon amazed at the beauty of nature and the fact that Kevin had lived near a place still untouched by urbanization.

Lyon: Well… what is your plan?

Kevin: Plan of what?

Lyon walked in front of him and stopped him.

Lyon: Stop sulking and being pissed and do something.

Kevin: About what?!

Lyon: About Edd.

Kevin pushed him aside and kept walking.

Kevin: I have no idea what you mean.

Lyon: Really?

Kevin: What do you want me to do? I don't even know what this shit is!

Lyon: No one really does… sometimes you just have to… jump.

Two lights flashed ahead as Kevin saw his father's car. They had lent it to him for the day.

Kevin: This is stupid, I'm going crazy.

Lyon: How about you just go all out… it might change everything.

Kevin stopped in front of the lights and turned around as Lyon walked past him.

Kevin: All out?

Lyon smirked mischievously as he turned around, one hand on the door.

Lyon: All. Out.

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