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Past and Present

There he was, Sprinting, jumping, shooting, doing everything so gracefully- like a gazel in open field. Despite the years of highschool where Double D would have to wait for Kevin after Basketball Practices to then go work on projects or study, he still couldn't avoid admiring and immersing himself in the game. Double D, considered an almanac of knowledge, a knowledge hoarder, had only one field of knowledge where he lacked any and all understanding...sports. A common feature in those of the intellectual, introvert type, sports and physical activity where two things they had little concern for and scarcely participated in- except if it was PE Class or a class that demanded such.

For Double D, it was no different, except for the fact that he did yoga, physical activity and sports weren't part of his modus operandi. Besides, to Edd, yoga was a tension relieving body and mind tuning activity which demanded no strain on the body or muscles. Yet, the reason why Edd fell immersed in a sport such as Basketball was because of his constant interaction with Kevin. Fate must have played a cruel game with Double D for never allowing him to separate from Kevin.

The teases never stopped, even when he helped him study. In highschool, Edd felt more as Kevin´s safety pass and pet more than anything else. To make it worse, Kevin exploited the sense of power that Edd gave him when he asked him to explain what the sport consisted of. Edd was a boy who was mature enough to accept mistakes and seek help when required, it was a quality scientists and investigators he felt should have to ensure investigations to progress.

This event was dreaded yet accepted by Edd, he was explained what the game consisted of, the positions, the rules, pointing system, tactics, maneuvers, trick plays, sign communication, etc. Edd absorbed all the information Kevin shared with him about the sport, his eyes always receptive and attentive as Kevin drowned in a loathing egocentric behavior as he was teaching the nerd and genius of the school. But, to Kevin's...misfortune, Edd had quickly absorbed the knowledge and even investigated on the matter, become a game play database for the Highschool sports star.

It was ironic that sport would become the tying thread for both boys, Edd became a game strategist for the Highschool team, and made Kevin rise from a sports star to a possible basketball prodigy. Edd, still shy and frail, was overwhelmed by the pressure at times and had a hard time adapting to all the jocks talking to him, teasing him, and (when games where lost) blaming him, insulting him and occasionally dumping him in trashcans. Edd was never comfortable in that ambience, but he coped with it to expand his highschool curriculum for better university standings. He did have one thing to thank about the opportunity of being a strategist, his shy and scaredy self slowly grew into a scaredy Edd who could now at least answer back to even the meanest and biggest of the jocks.

Though it didn't save him from all the beatings, he did learn that raising his voice was sometimes necessary.

Never the less, once he graduated, Edd was decisive and quick in making the decision of hanging the game strategist cap; it wasn't his interest, passion or goal, just a stepping stone. A couple months later, here he was yet again watching a basketball game with the star player and center #34 Barbs maneuvering ever so efficiently and gracefully as in highschool. As he immersed more and more in the game, he began analyzing, calculating, formulating and judging all the team's actions, behavior and performance, but he never took his eyes off the key player...Kevin. It was this way that Edd forgot his own self imposed rule of never immersing so attentively in basketball. A bad habit he had since he watched Kevin in Highschool, Edd tended to raise his voice too much and scream at RedZone plays...no exception this time.

Edd: Kevin! Pass to your right! Bucket SHOT!

A Code Game Play he had developed for the star player, Kevin instinctively (just as in Highschool) heard the order, passed the ball, sped into the center of the enemy InZone and dunked a feint, allyhoop pass he got from his teammate.

Kevin: Yeah i heard ya DOUBLE DORK! Don't tell me what to do will ya!

Screamed Kevin giving his back to Edd.

Edd was fully aware of his actions, and quickly went crimson with a blush. He instinctively pulled his textbook and dug his head in it, covering his ashamed face and trying to act as if he was just studying. He felt stupid again, really stupid, and he repeated this to himself in a low tone voice behind the book.

Down on the court all the players were praising Kevin and lifting questioning look in Edd's direction. Kevin didn't care much about the nerd, but he always felt relieved when Edd was watching him play. It was an unexplainable (to him) sensation he always got. He blamed it always on the fact that Edd had helped him become a Basketball Superstar in Highschool and that his plays were always spot on for the occasion. Still, Kevin always wondered why he could never play as calm and secure as when he knew Double D was watching him, his game always reved up a notch or two.

As Edd heard the game resuming midway through his notes, he couldn't help but peer through the top of his book to see the plays and Kevin. He focused and mentally prepared himself to not fall into the game again...no more accidents. Edd started spectating the game with a much cooler demeanor and focused more on Kevin's actions.

Focusing on Kevin, Edd was able to observe much more of his highschool bully/colleage. Kevin had grown nicely into a man. To start with, Kevin was much taller than he was in highschool, Edd remembered they had always altered and moved between him (Edd) being taller or them being the same height. But today, Edd could see a considerable change between them. Kevin was no monstrous giant, he barely reached the 180cm mark, but that gave him a considerable stature dominance over Edd. Edd had registered all his bodily changes during puberty in a special log he had encrypted and saved in a corner of his laptop (right after burning the original book), he wanted no evidence to fall in the wrong hands of such a...shameful behavior. Never the less he had stopped growing quite early on the height scale, leaving him at a solid 175cm. He didn't complain about it.

Somehow, his body had become...proportional: arms not too log or short and well long legs helped his petite flat body and his face. Edd had never been appearance obsessed but he was very aware he had gained his mother's charm on the looks department. His face had rounded up a bit, becoming fuller, with a clear chin, long eyes lashes which seemed almost girly, and his eyes had stopped from being popping out to a proportional symmetrical appearance and olive shaped.

Kevin, on the other hand, was just amazing in his change. The langid and skinny Kevin from the Cul-de-Sac and the toned and athletic Kevin from Highschool had nothing on this new specimen. Kevin had gained a muscle sculpted, toned body; not bulky or even meaty, but still slim, yet powerful and with every muscle tightly and perfectly marked and sculpted. In Edd's mind it was no wonder Kevin was so easy on the eyes of the ladies, he just had one amazing body. At these thoughts and an ever growing anatomical curiosity growing in Edd's mind, he waved such thoughts from his mind as one would swat away flies.

Self-control, a department Edd was an expert in. Edd, the scientist and psychologist, believed that carnal passions were mere rampaging hormones and distractions for a perfectly vivid and brilliant mind that should be able to control all impulses. That is why Edd remained celibate all this time since prom, and he wasn't a newcomer to adult websites or magazines, he had grown up with Eddy. In the age of puberty, Eddy was one big sack of sexual hormones, changing scamming plans to plans with pervert motives.

Making the story short, Edd received more beatings in this time frame than he had in all his previous years, but he never lost his head to such mundane thoughts and emotions. If anything, Edd believed in the poetic and ever forgotten chivalry of romance and passion...a helpless romantic. As some might see it, Edd was quite possibly the last gentleman, a man who always made sure his emotions where the right ones and true. He believed in never harming another person by the illness of the heart. He was sure that when love rang at your heart's door, there was little you could do but to follow and heed the call. Edd still believed he would find the right person, and for that special person, he would remain celibate, so he could give himself purely and entirely to that person.

Now, there is a reason why it was only since prom that he considered himself celibate, but that was a past he wished to put a lid on...but...until that day, it was the reason why he always held the black furry leather jacket and used it. Between these thoughts in his head, the study subjects that would come tonight, and Kevin and the anatomical mysteries of his body, Edd had completely forgotten about the game and was only brought back to the realm of the living by a voice next to him and a warm body next to his chilling self.

Kevin: So, Double Dork, ya ready to start the long night? You really did space out right there

Kevin smirked, hands in his hoodie's pockets and gave Edd a nudge with his shoulder. Edd reacted immediately.

Edd: Ah! I'm terribly sorry Kevin, i was completely unaware of your presence and the fact that your training had ended.

Kevin: Hold on Double Dweeb, i'm tired ya know! There's no need tah rush, i had to sit for a small break anyways

Edd: B-B-But Kevin, it's already a quarter past 9 of night

Kevin: So?

Edd: W-W-Well...

Edd had no idea why he always stuttered so much when engaging with Kevin. Conversations where rarely more than a mere interchange of words, followed by teases and mocks, and ending with Double D tutoring Kevin. It has always been this way, ever since highschool, but it was the first time he had been summoned by Kevin in Second year. Edd didn't mind tutoring Kevin, they did share study subjects since Kevin had gone by the career of Organizational Psychology. It was a new career where Psychology was made practical and utilized to optimize work spaces and create productive work teams, among others.

Edd had always admired Kevin for picking such an engaging career, but he always knew his services would be required as a tutor or an easy way out-cheats, notecards, and the sort. Still, Edd had always wondered why Kevin always picked him to work with, more over, why he always accepted. In the end, Edd just liked the company and the fact that he was sharing time with a child-hood acquaintance, a familiar person that reminded him of home. But, after first year ended, Edd had always wondered if he could be friends with Kevin, after all, they had known and shared so much since highschool, they should've become friends since before.

Life and the human brain were mysteries, and the reason why Edd was fascinated of such. And speaking of fascinations, Edd was just eager to someday cracking the enigma that Kevin Barbs was. As Edd thought all this, a cold breath swept in to the dome, making him buck his knees together, hug himself around the waist tightly and wince, trembling, he was always prone to feeling cold by the smallest things.

Kevin lay resting on the front seats where Double D had been sitting and when he opened his eyes to get going since he DID need help with the subject at hand, he was surprised at the image that greeted him. A Double D illuminated by Moonlight, frail body shivering in coldness, such a feminine frame asking to be held and cared for, Kevin felt funny and felt his crimson blush turn scalding red as even his ears burned. Kevin deviated his eyes to the side, catching Edd's leather, black furry jacket on the seat; he picked it up and stood up.

Kevin: Here Double Dork. Now get moving, we don't have time to be wasting sissy!

Kevin had thrown the jacket on Edd's head, who quickly covered himself with it to regain his lost body heat. Edd was thankful, but had no time to do it as Kevin was already almost out the Dome's Doors. He was walking fast. Edd knew perfectly well that meant he was either pissed or annoyed...or both. Edd sighed.

Edd: This is gonna be a long night.

Saying this, Edd ran quickly to catch up to Kevin; elbows sticking out, hands clenched and close to his chest, like a chicken about to take flight, he had never been able to lose that awful posture.

Edd: Kevin. Kevin! Kevin!

Edd wailed as he struggled to catch up with Kevin and quickly losing his breath, finally catching up with him and panting. Edd placed his hand on his knees and took deep breaths trying to steady his racing heart beat.

Kevin laughed heartedly as Edd regained his breath.

Edd: What has...amused you...to this extent...Kevin?

Edd was out of breath, Kevin controlled himself.

Kevin: Oh boy, ya really are a dork Double Dweeb, ya run like a chicken

At this comment, Kevin laughed loudly again.

Edd wasn't amused and instead he quickly regained his posture and pushed Kevin aside as he continued to walk down the Campus Trail.

Kevin: hey wait up chicken! Ya have no idea where we're going

Edd: oh, are you done with your rude laughter Kevin? It's not nice or proper to make fun of other people.

Kevin: Oh, please give me a break chicken. Your running is quite something, quite hilarious!

Kevin chuckled again.

Edd: Ok, I'm going back to my dorm.

Kevin: aww, come one Double D.

Double D...saying his name properly only meant one thing.

Kevin: Come on man, i'm sorry, i'll be nice. Please help me out, you know i only ask you for help when i need it.

An apology, Edd had always had a weak spot for apologies.

Edd: Very well, I accept your most sincere apology. But this time you are not to be joking or mocking me, have we made ourselves clear?

Kevin: Yeah yeah, don't push it.

With the last, Edd was pleased and he followed Kevin to his dorms.

Kevin lived also inside campus grounds but in a new building on the east outskirts. They were called Central Point for the circular design of the building and having an opening at the center which served as a Small recreational area. On the outside it had a very minimalist, modern appearance, while the inside kept only the minimalist. Edd found with his esthetic eye that some doors were too close together, giving a sensation of tight spaces, and that the place was far smaller and cramped than what it actually seemed. They moved to the third floor on the elevator and first door to the left was Kevin's room: #302.

Kevin: Well Double D, welcome to my home sweet ho...

Kevin was saying this as he swung his door open to give Double D a look to his massive dorm. Thrice as big as Double D, it was a paradise and it offered so much free space. It was no wonder why Kevin would have a roomie with such a big room, besides it was surely mandatory for Kevin would've never agreed freely on it.

?: Hey roomie! And THE Double D, quite a pleasure getting to meet you.

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