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Brick by Boring Brick

Kevin yawned as he threw the ball down the hallway for the nth time, a golden retriever by the name of Schupert running after it. A gorgeous golden-brown brilliant dog he had come to love and use to kill time in the damn Lab.

A week had passed, a... very peculiar week. Kevin could only look back on it when he closed his eyes... and smile. After Lyon and Marie bid them farewell from the Lobster restaurant, Kevin and Edd had walked back to campus. The chilly air had played to his favor, along with a rather fierce gust of wind. Edd was forced to stay close, clinging to him for safety. It was endearing, he was useful, he... was actually important to somebody.

However, things weren't as... peachy as they seemed.

As Kevin knelt to take the ball from the dog's mouth, he thought of how harsh things had actually been these last few days. Edd had grown obsessed over his personal project; making them meet in these... bunkers (as he liked to call them) if they wished to see each other. Likewise, as classes came to a close, they both needed to study... a task which was even more time consuming (at least for him). They were still in campus, they weren't a couple, they were just good friends. That... that killed him. Still in campus, bedrooms apart (most of the time unless Edd slept over as Lyon was never around). It was... a start... an experience of... being together... which they both struggled with.




Kevin sighed as he walked down the hallway. He didn't understand any of this... behavior equation Edd was so obsessed with. He was still struggling to understand who HE was, who EDD was. How could an equation of some sort explain THIS?! He found it stupid... impossible...but he couldn't say it. He wanted to support him, be there for him... some way... however small.

Kevin thought back as he walked slowly down the hall. Lyon and Marie, him and Edd, his parents, his classmates, his teammates. Things had... changed. The wall was coming down...

"There you are!"

Kevin shook his head, snapping back to reality. Edd seemed ecstatic, his eyes glistening as he tugged Kevin foward and into the room he was so fond of. Kevin sighed and followed, with a smile.

Kevin: So, what did you do now?
Edd: Something amazing...

Kevin chuckles briefly with a grin as he pets the dog's head. Things had been weird lately. They... were more together, but he felt...

Kevin: Maybe we should go out... Eat something...
Edd: I know, i'm sorry. I'm just... so close... to something BIG

Edd motioned his hands up to emphasize on the grandness- coat hanging from his wrists. Kevin couldn't help but chuckle at the lab coat. He had mentioned it the first times he had gone into the lab... that was months ago. Back then, he found it... bizarre and unbearable to be in this lab day and night. Now...

Kevin: Are you torturing Archamedes again?

As he called the name out, the small tawny owl flutters to his elbow. The boys laugh. Kevin had gotten fond of the animals, his friends as the mad scientist of his boy...male friend wrote, investigated and jabbered about some... equation on behaviour. Thus, the remaining animals in the lab had been his companion. They chipped and nudged slowly at his disgust and fears, making him family... of some sort. It was tedious... brick by brick...

Edd: As you may see, Archy is fine

The tawny owl screeched and Edd giggled, making Kevin smile and sigh.

Kevin: Fine fine, so what madness are you doing?
Edd: Oh...! Be supportive! It's enough people think i'm mad thinking our behavior has a rational explanation. More than rational, a numerical explanation!
Kevin: You are mad.
Edd: Kevin!

Kevin laughed as he scratched Arch's little head. It was past 3 in the afternoon- the digital clock on the wall marked it in vivid green colors- 4 hours had passed. Finals were coming, he had projects to do... and yet... he was here... with him... again. He liked it. It was calming and soothing. He wasn't angry, he wasn't mad...he was... at peace. And yet... he felt... he felt...

Edd: Hey, hey...

Edd snuggled onto Kevin, his head resting on his chest, under his chin. Kevin was taken aback at the sudden reaction, he tensed up. The wall came right back up. Pushing him away, he breathed heavily as he regained control. Only for a second, his emotions and mindset... his wiring, going back to normal

Kevin: Dude!
Edd: Not yet huh?

Edd frowned. He was still Kevin, obviously. Edd didn't know what to expect, or how to understand him. His strides and jumps in understanding human behavior from biological to social granted him immense understanding of what triggered what, whom and why. But... Kevin... he was... stubborn. Was he leaving something out? Something from his equation?

Kevin: Sorry.
Edd: It's wrong.
Kevin: What?
Edd: It's wrong!

Edd lifted his gaze, sudden realization and eurika sparkling in his eyes. He moved to hug Kevin once again, only stopping as the boy cringed to give an awkward fist bump on the shoulder.

Edd: I was wrong! I left something out! I left something... out.

Edd sighed heavily as the weight of such statement sunk into his mind. He collapsed back onto a chair, the momentum taking him back as he closde his eyes and grimaced in frustration. Kevin looked at him completely unable to understand his reactions. He was mad, crazy lunatic mad.

Kevin: Dude, what the fuck are you talking about?
Edd: I need to start all over again.
Kevin: Oh, fuck no.

Kevin, true to himself, strode hastily towards Edd and grabbed his wrist. In a single fluid movement he pulled him up and nearly dragged him away from the lab.

Kevin: Fuck that, we're going out. One more minute in here and I'M gonna lose MY fucking mind.
Edd: Langu...
Kevin: Fuck you.

Edd chuckled at the rude yet usual Kevin that was once again taking control of things. Well, not exactly control... he was impulsive and it was the spontaneous chaotic influence that Edd needed in his life. He was stripped from his robe almost by force and dragged once again down the stairs and out to the real world.

He laughed as his eyes squinted at the bright and warm sun. The green fields of grass, the budding bushes and flowers... it was truly spring already. A time of rebirth, of change and new life. Change...

Kevin: Yo! Move man, i'm starving from having to wait for you in that rabbit hole.
Edd: It's MY rabbit hole.
Kevin: You're gonna lose your head.

The boys laughed as Edd rubbed his eyes, carefully and adjusted his beenie. He understood now. Well... he had a new idea. As he looked at Kevin, he wondered...truly wondered if he would ever be able to understand him. And... did he understand him?

We are made from a ME and an I. An individual and persona. The individual is the manifestation of your genes and predispositions as they are influenced by your environment (home, family, society, etc.). The persona is the manifestation of your predispositions according to your environment and the situation you are placed in that environment. Both are different and the same.

???: UP!

Lyon groaned as his head got crushed by a soft yet heavy large object (probably a pillow) which snapped him from his half-asleep state. Yet, he simply removed the now evident pillow from his face and rolled over, slowly pushing himself up. He sat up on the bed, hair made a mess and still asleep; a giggle audible and he knew too well who's it was.

Lyon: You know... we need to work on these...

He groaned once again as another hit smacked his head and he fell back on his back, this time the pillow was heavier... and warmer.

???: You were saying?
Lyon: My brain cells are dying.
???: Well, you had one too many.

They laugh as Lyon slowly opens his eyes to look at Marie laying on top of him- pillow separating them at their middle sections. She had clearly woken up earlier, getting her hair done and putting some simple make up on- still being in her "pjs" which consisted of underwear and a loose tank top.

Lyon: Really? Make up in the morning? You do know i've seen you drunk and undre...

Marie began to smother him with the first pillow, she grinned. Lyon smiled and simply grabbed her by her waist, shifting their positions. Taking a deep breath of air, Lyon looks down at a laughing Marie. She was gorgeous.

Lyon: Hello
Marie: Hey...

Marie squealed and laughed as Lyon began to tickle her, kicks and punches lunged aimlessly as she tried to shift her position away from him. Lyon smiled as Marie begged him to stop and so, he sat over her as she gasped for air from too much laughing. A third pillow smacked the side of his head.

Lyon: Why do you have such heavy pillows?!
Marie: Hey, i never heard you complain of these memory foam pillows.
Lyon: I had not considered them as my probable cause of death.
Marie: Oh... such a baby.

Lyon groaned as Marie fell over him once again, her giggle audible. Soft, warm lips met his as he smiled and chuckled.

Marie: So... what we doing today?
Lyon: I have no idea... but i should study.
Marie: Should.

She shifted her position to now be beside him, legs intertwining and.. throwing the pillow against the wall. Lyon laughed at her sillyness and simply pulled her closer.

Lyon: Ok Little Miss Naughty, what are you scheming?
Marie: Distracting you so we can go out.
Lyon: Riiiight, what about your artworks?
Marie: What art...

A squeal came out once again as Lyon simply gave her a quick tickle.

Marie: Lyon!
Lyon: Marie, you have an...
Marie: Expo in 2 weeks; I know, i dont...
Lyon: care. 'Cause i can just pull anything out and they'll love it.
Marie: Exac...
Lyon: 'Cause i'm Marie Kanker, and i'm the best artist in the world, and people want me, and...

Lyon groaned as Marie punched his stomach. Their horseplaying was stopped though as Lyon's cellphone rang.

Lyon: Wait, wait, phone.

He managed to stop the pillow from hitting his head again.

Marie: Huh? Must be Kevin again. He's been nagging of being stuck with Dr. Jeckyl or something in a lab or something.
Lyon: Sounds like he's bored.
Marie: So?
Lyon: I think your wish will come true.
Marie: Yee... wait.

Marie sighed in frustration.

Marie: No! I dont...

Lyon kissed her lips.

Marie: Bastard.
Lyon: Come'on it'll be just a bite to eat.
Marie: I don't...

Lyon kissed her again.

Marie: Regardless...

Lyon kissed her neck, nibbling a bit on it and working his way to her collarbone. She let a soft moan escape her.

Marie: Fine...

Marie pushed Lyon off as she got off the bed. Taking her top off, she flung the cellphone to Lyon (who caught it).

Marie: nous le verrons around 4pm, lunch.
Lyon: So precise, and that's french...mon amour.
Marie: Yeah, shut up, strip and come take a bath.

Lyon lifted his now very awake eyes to the doorway leading to the bathroom. Marie leaned on the doorway, her white, simple underwear on. He smiled and simply got up- PJ pants on, he disliked shirts. He sped into the message, throwing the phone over his shoulder after hitting <SEND>

Lyon: Sure thing...boss.

They both giggle as Lyon wraps an arm around her back and pulls her in for a kiss.

>Kevin: Sir Barker is playing ball with me. [10:36am]
>Kevin: Dude my brain is going numb. [10:44am]
>Kevin: No witty smartass, dick comment? [10:46am]
>Kevin: I'm bored [11:01am]
>Kevin: What are you doing? [11:15am]
>Kevin: Are you studying nerd? [11:26am]

[12:03pm] Lyon: 4:00. at AliVe. Lunch. U Suck. ;)<

Edd: I had actually forgotten i still work here.
Kevin: That's a first, you don' forget anything.
Edd: Well, apparently i do. I'm not perfect.
Kevin: True, you suck at sports.

Edd swirved and stared at Kevin in annoyed seriousness; the boy was chuckling at his own witty comment.

Edd: I will throw your hot coffee at your face.
Kevin: What?! I was just saying the truth.
Edd: Strike 2, Kevin.

Kevin laughed as Edd menaced him with an empty cup as the machines behind him worked in brewing the coffee and heating the milk. Kevin couldn't take him seriously and yet, he did. he smiled warmly as he raised his hands as if being aimed with a gun.

Edd: Good.

He turned around and diligently began working the press instruments and ingredients on the back counter- preparing his and Kevin's drink. There were many students coming for their drinks these study weeks and (though he had been late lately for his shifts) Edd was always sure they each had that extra boost of energy, along with a magnificent taste. These were the days his skills shined... one of the many he had. Kevin could only watch him, marveled. He smiled and "tipped" him when he got his drink and simply scooted aside to let all the others get their drinks as Edd slid them with ease and speed onto the counter. The praises and satisfaction of each customer was evident yet... to the boy behind the counter, smiling and managing an ever increasing line of people, they were inaudible. Kevin wondered what Edd wanted. Recognition? Praise? No... he was beyond any of those... human desires. Edd wanted something more... or simpler. He was... simple. Why did he like him... a ball of chaos and disaster, a complicated individual? It baffled him. His phone buzzed.

Kevin yelped in surprise and began to dig into his pockets for the damn device. It wasn't of him to be caught off-guard, and, if he was, he wouldn't ever yelp or cry. He was embarrassed. It was a text.

Edd: Who is it? Lyon?
Kevin: Yeah...
Edd: Bad news?
Kevin: Nah, he wants us to meet him to lunch in... 3 hours
Edd: That's very late.
Kevin: I know! But i'd like to know how the asshole is doing.
Edd: Kevin.
Kevin: I say it with love.
Edd: Kevin.

Kevin grinned as Edd shot him a serious stare, and proceeded with his tending of customers. Kevin simply replied back, stealing glances at Edd behind the counter. He was able to do anything, the other bartenders seemed to just get in his way. They were slower, clumsier, made mistakes...and yet, Edd made them feel like a team. He helped, he oriented them, told them where stuff was or reminded them of orders/recipes, and he asked them (politely and smiling) where stuff was and to help him. Kevin could only wonder... what is this marvelous being he called friend? Friend...

Edd: I'm sorry i dragged you here.
Kevin: Nah, dont worry. But... since we're stuck here...
Edd: Study?

Edd handed him a small usb he pulled from under his apron.

Kevin: What's this? And where were you hiding it?

Kevin bent over the counter, trying to lift Edd's apron. Edd squealed very feminine, moving back and pushing his apron down. Embarrassed and cheeks flushed, he apologized to those waiting in line and after slapping and pushing Kevin, silently but firmly away renewed his activities. Kevin laughed and chuckled as he moved to a table with a couch looking at the counter. He could be so... gay at times... so girly. It was endearing... it was why he liked him. He shivered at the thought. Still, he sat down and took his stuff out.

His laptop's screen displayed the movies he had just downloaded, the unfinished essay, the lectures he had to hear and study, his social media, etc. He sighed, he hated studying... but he had too... he couldn't fail any more exams or both his scholarship and Basketball position would be in deep trouble. He twirled the usb in his hand nervously as he tried to decide where to start. He sighed. He looked at the usb...curiosity. Plugging it in he noticed that the USB had an array of presentations and folders. He opened one, and another, and another. His jaw dropped. His head swerved to look at Edd, straightening his posture to see him better- he was in utter disbelief.

Edd, finished giving a client his drink and locked eyes with him for a second. A second later, he smiled, a wide smile, showing the unique gap between his front teeth and winked. Kevin couldn't help but laugh and smile. Edd had made a presentation on each subject of his psychology classes and even gone out to explain how each theory and concept applied to organizations and their structure. It was incredible... Edd was incredible.
Kevin looked over at Edd at the counter who was cleaning a pitcher. Edd instinctively glanced over in his direction and smiled, coyly. Kevin smiled back and blew him a kiss. He froze. Edd froze, his cheeks filling with color. They were serious. The world was silent. Kevin watched as Edd, flushed crimson ducked his head and returned to his duties, smiling at the next customer and taking his order. Kevin dropped his hand, the one he had used to make the gesture. He couldn't believe it... and yet... he did. Brick... by... brick.

Lyon scrolled on his cellphone, checking his mail, his social media... his messages. He sighed as he let himself fall backwards on the bed, arm spread. It was already 4:00. He closed his eyes. No anger, no frustration, no stress, he smiled and simply called out.

Lyon: You do have something against being on time right?
Marie: I DO NOT!

Marie's voice rang from the bathroom and Lyon simply chuckled.

Lyon: You break clocks for fun dont you?
Marie: SHUT UP!

Lyon laughed as the door opened and Marie came out in leather pants and a black, leather corset. She looked HOT... despite wearing all black.

Lyon: Damn, who died?
Marie: Shut up and help me get the zipper up.

She turned around, revealing her bare back... and no bra. Lyon bit his knuckles at the sight, quickly proceeding to slowly zip her up. Marie turned around and kisses him.

Marie: Like it?
Lyon: Feels like i should start thinking of a safe word.

As Lyon laughed, Marie smacked him with a pillow.

Marie: Come on, we're late.
Lyon: Oh! Now you worry?
Marie: I do worry! Now hurry up.
Lyon: Yes master.

Lyon laughed as Marie strutted back in and punched his arm, which he took advantage of to pull her in for a kiss.

Marie: I fucking hate you.
Lyon: Well... that explains who's funeral you're going to.
Marie: You wish.
Lyon: Damn, i'm not getting off that easily?

Marie laughed and kissed him one more time before pushing him and beginning to strut out.

Marie: This time i'm blaming you.
Lyon: Fine.

Checking his phone one last time, he typed in a last message and walked out right behind her. She captivated him... in everything... motivated him. Nothing was ever boring.

Kevin: God Dam...
Edd: Kevin!

Kevin looked at Edd with an annoyed face, scoffing as he typed into the cellphone.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. The fucking asshole...
Edd: Language.
Kevin: Is taking his fucking...
Edd: Language.
Kevin: Merry time to get here with his new...
Edd: She's also my friend and a girl.

Kevin stopped himself at the last, slouching on his chair.

Kevin: Fuck it.
Edd: Have you seen the menu? Everything reads to be absolubtly splendid.
Kevin: I dont fucking...
Edd: You do.

Edd remained cold and composed at Kevin's tantrum who (impressed) simply bit his tongue as he straightened up and took the other menu on the table for four. He was sitting across from Edd and he wondered how such a... structured and organized individual could tolerate and be so accepting of people being so late (4:34pm). He, on the other hand, was immensely annoyed... and hungry. He hated waiting for others to eat... and more so when the food would take a while longer to even be served. He simply focused on the menu though... or tried to.

Edd had dressed up in a rather simple and usual fashion his slim shirts and tight pants, along with a fashionable vest... and his beanie. He always dressed so... flattering to his attributes. Kevin on the other hand, had opted for his baggy shorts and green polo shirt with black stripes. Even more distracting for Kevin was the way Edd read the menu with absolute delight and interest while seated so elegantly with a refined and proper posture and his legs crossed rather...lady-like. He had always bothered him about it, teased him of looking...

Edd: The duck sounds exquisite, what do you think Kevin? You know i don't eat that much.
Kevin: Huh? Oh, yeah, sure whatever you.... duck?

Edd giggles, covering his mouth with the menu.

Edd: You weren't paying attention were you?
Kevin: Nah, i was... thinking.
Edd: Interesting.
Kevin: Hey!
Edd: What? Usually i'm the one lost in thought.
Kevin: Hmm, seems you've rubbed a bit of your habits on me.
Edd: I'll take that as a compliment.

Kevin chuckles as Edd giggled and turned the page of the menu, still evaluating and weighing his options. Kevin wasn't hearing him, Edd was talking and jabbering about the food and what THEY would eat. There was a lot of that lately. We, us... it was as if...

Edd: So? Come on!

Edd stretched across the table and tugged Kevin's wrist a bit.

Edd: Help me choose!
Kevin: OK! Geeze, you're so indecisive.
Edd: Well... sorry... i just... dont know what i want.
Kevin: Well.. you know more than me. You at least narrowed down the options.

Kevin was eyeing the options Edd had proposed... at least those he had managed to distinguish.

Kevin: You know what... let's take the duck.
Edd: Marvelous.
Kevin: Yeah, we should order it now so they dont take too long with it.
Edd: We should wait...
Kevin: We won't eat if we wait for them.
Edd: Shouldn't be too long now... no one is that late...
Kevin: Unless they stood us up?
Edd: Oh, they wouldn't.
Kevin: Dude, come on. Those two probably are just fucking their brains out right now.
Edd: Kevin!
Lyon: No, that was this morning.
Marie: Shut up, dumbass!
Edd: Marie! Lyon!

Edd jumped up his chair and proceeded to hug Marie who simply stopped him firmly, and simply shook his hand. Lyon did hug him though, lifting him in the air too. Edd squealed.

Kevin: Ok... sometimes you aint too bad.

He shook Marie's hand, who looked at him coldly. As he took her hand and giving each other a firm shake, Marie grinned.

Marie: Like wise, seems you keep hin happy.
Kevin: Not that hard really. He keeps me happy instead i'd say.
Marie: All that cussing is you happy?
Kevin and Lyon: Imagine when i'm/he's not.

Edd and Marie giggled as Edd was put down.

Kevin: You guys are...
Marie: It's his fault.
Lyon: Guilty as charged.

Kevin and Edd looked at him in disbelief as Lyon simply hunched his shoulders and winked at them. The two boys and girl rolled their eyes.

Edd however, seemed to relish in their reunions. Scattered, erratic and chaotic... it was a marvel of human behavior and conduct. But... more than that. He loved them all... his friends. He loved seeing Marie... improving day by day, stronger, more motivated. Lyon, cheerful, motivated, emotional... loving. And Kevin, the stubborn and violent jock who... had become so... tame. He'd never use that word with him... but... he liked thinking of him as an injured lion. One whom he had managed to get close too... and hoped could help heal. Brick by brick, the walls come down. It was just a matter of patience.

They all sat down and ordered. The food had some trouble in the kitchen, Marie and Kevin lashed out. Lyon soothed the situation with his charm, while Edd discussed the situation with the manager. Their meal got a half-price discount and a bottle of wine. They got a bit drunk (Edd and Marie) with it.
Their stay extended from afternoon to dinner and they simply ate and drank their way through it all. Cursing, screaming, joking, laughing. It wasn't a party, they weren't rowdy, they simply had much to share. Trust. It made them not only say most or all of that which they had in mind, but also to hear what the others said- even if it were just teases and jokes. But, as the clock ticked, they all had to leave. Studies, work, a mixture of both, life and time didn't stop. They bade each other farewell.

Edd: Hey...

Edd's dreary voice cried from under Kevin's arm. Kevin was blushing as the flushed cheeks and drunk Edd walked practically clinging to him. He felt as if he was escorting a drunk girl... except it wasn't a girl exactly. His heart raced in its cage.

Kevin: Waddup...
Edd: Dont you think theircute?

Kevin chuckled.

Kevin: Those two idiots?
Edd: Shhhhh, your nasty words hurt my ears. Their nice peeps.
Kevin: God you're drunk.
Edd: Maybe, a lil'... a lot. I'm not good drinkin'.
Kevin: I can see that.

Kevin laughed and pulled Edd a bit closer, helping him straighten up a bit.

Edd: I envy them.

Kevin's heart stopped. The world seemed more quiet than usual.

Kevin: What? Why?
Edd: They so honest. And and, they are very expressive. And cool. I wish i was like that.

Kevin smiles.

Kevin: You are, at least to my standards. We're almost near campus too. Hang in there will ya.
Edd: Hmm, home, bed... i need sleep. I'm so, so, so...

Edd's body began to simply weigh down Kevin, who began to struggle carrying the body beside him as dead weight.

Kevin: Hey! hey! Edd!
Edd: I'm tired!

Edd protested as Kevin properly grabbed him around the waist and hoisted him up. Edd yelped, giggling and blushing.

Edd: So strong...

Kevin blushed and, with a scoff, nearly dragged Edd foward.

Kevin: Come on, mo...

The soft and moist sensation on his cheek froze him in place. It made him feel warm...shivers coarsing his body. He was tense and relaxed all in one. Turmoil. He slowly turned his head as the sensation left... his mind confused. Edd simply looked at him with dreary and dreamy eyes. He smiled, girlishly, idiotically... he was drunk.

Edd: Sorry, couldn' help meself

Edd giggled, letting his body fall onto Kevin, resting his head on his shoulder.

Edd: You so warm.

He purred. Kevin was stun locked, his body didn't move... it couldn't move. His mind and heart raced.

Edd: You better hurry, or i'll just fall asleep. And u'll have to carry me home.

He giggles.

Kevin: Uh, oh... yeah... yeah...

He takes a step foward, eyeing the boy beside him. He was so calm, so uncaring... as if nothing weird had just happened... as if it was just normal. Kevin envied him... to be so... honest. He sighed, smiling at the boy with pain and remorse.

Kevin: Almost home.
Edd: I thin... i might need help to get inside.

He wrapped his arms around the ginger boy.

Edd: Help? help? pleaaaaaaaase?
Kevin: Alright, alright.

Edd snickered as Kevin breathed heavily... his body was rejecting all of this. It was involuntary, subconscious...yet... what did he think about it? Kevin pondered as they walked past the gate and toward's Edd's dorms. He never wanted to think of these things, yet... it struck him odd he wasn't... freaking out or hadn't ran away or... insulted the frail boy. He just... felt... nothing? No... he did feel something... something...

Edd: Home, sweet home.

Edd purred, still resting his head on Kevin's shoulder, eyes closed. Kevin smiled and shook his head.

Kevin: You are much more normal when you're drunk.
Edd: so mean!

Edd swung his arm trying to hit Kevin's chest, missing and the momentum making him slip and nearly fall onto the stairs. Kevin reacted and pulled him close, following him to the ground, dropping a knee to prevent any harm on the brunette boy (a secret he knew). Edd's giggles and laugh rung as he had his arms wrapped around Kevin's neck. Kevin looked at him concerned and angry at the same time.

Kevin: What the fuck man?!
Edd: I'm sorry i'm sorry. I slipped.

Edd giggled. Kevin's anger simmered at the ring of his voice... he didn't stay angry at the boy for long recently. It wasn't as if it wasn't worth it... he just... didn't want to. Sighing, he lifted the slim boy in his arms- making him let out a squeal. Tipsy and with no balance, Edd's vertigo kicked in and he quickly clinged to Kevin's neck once again.

Kevin: Hey, hey... calm down!
Edd: Sorry... i just.

Edd steadied himseld a bit, his eyes at eye-level with Kevin's. His cheeks felt hot, his body felt hot.

Edd: I just.

He felt himself falling... slowly falling. Forwards, towards Kevin.

Edd: I jus...

The last was a mere whisper as he closed his eyes, heat filling his body, his nerves immediately firing. He could feel... so much. Kevin's body, his mucles, his body heat, the softness of his shirt, his accelerated breathing. He could feel the pressure on his lips, of his lips, the moistness, the softness, the strength of Kevin's arms and... how tired he was. So tired... like a switch, all those intense and wonderful emotions, faded away.

Kevin simply stood there, like a statue. Perplexed, shocked, his body burning... Kevin breathed heavily. Panic attack, desire... it was all intertwined. He looked at the boy now sleeping between his arms, his head resting under his chin, his beanie nearly falling off. What should he do now? He had no answer... he didn't know. Kevin carried the sleeping beauty up the small flight of stairs and into the dorms. Why was he doing this? What was he doing? His mind kept hitting brick walls... walls closing in. What was his room again? Why did he know? Why was he opening it? How did he know where Edd kept his keys? Why was he touching this boy so much? Why? What? When? Where? Nothing. There were no answers. Kevin finally understood, as he panted beside the sleeping boy he had just placed on the bed before him. He was tired... tired of fighting... of fighting himself... of thinking... of worrying. He coudln't do it any more. He had no energy left. Edd looked so angelic when he slept. He looked soft... so... soft.

Kevin simply closed his eyes, feeling the soft matress under him, the warm body beside him. Just for tonight... he wouldn't think, he wouldn't worry, he wouldn't fight. He just... wanted to rest. The walls crashed down... or had he brought them down? Brick by boring brick...so much for that.
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