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Life Moves On

"Do we have to?"


"Do I have to?"

"Only if you want to spend summer with me."

Kevin sighs in frustration as he rests his head on the window of the car. He simply starts taking in the scenery, the greenery. Houses came into view and passed by, the urban area had grown far more than anyone expected...but that was how life was. The Cul... so big and a world of adventure back in his childhood seemed more like the small suburban neigborhood it was. He was fond of it... of those memories, but...

"Oh, cheer up Kevin, you can't be that down. It doesn't suit you, please? PLEASE?"

Kevin frowned and growled as his cheek got pinched and tugged playfully, Nazz had always been like that.

"Knock it off Nazz!"

Everyone in the car laughs as Nazz sits back properly on the front seat. She was always playful and motherly, and constantly babied them all around...even her boyfriend.

"Nazz, don't tease the grumpy cat."

Nazz simply swats her arm playfully as they both giggle. Edd, watching the couple before him simply sighs. It was strange... she was older than him...than all of them. She had babysat Eddy once even when they were much younger. She was about to graduate... they still had one more year. One more year...

Looking over at Kevin he laughs and scoots to rub his red cheek.

"Everything will be fine Kevin."

"How can you be so sure? And don't say..."

"Because we are..."

Kevin covers Edd's playful and smiling mouth, muffling and stopping his words. Edd simply looked at him with glistening eyes as he (Kevin) averted his gaze, sighing heavily and loudly for the immense silence the car was immersed in.

Nazz: Cliffhanger.

Kevin: PRIVACY?!

Kevin blares at Nazz who begins to laugh hysterically, along with Eddy. Edd also chuckled, Kevin's big, manly and coarse palms pressing on his lips. They felt... good.

Kevin: Hey!

Edd snapped back to as Kevin wiped his hand on his shirt. His face was tinted with a line of pink across his face. Edd couldn't help but giggle, his ears feeling rather hot.

Kevin: Dont get all your germs on me.

Edd: Sorry.

Edd bows his head shyly, he knew by now that Kevin made him become impulsive and irrational. He couldn't keep his emotions in check all the time. Rather, he actually liked that. Control had been part of his life, a crucial aspect throughout all of his life...up until now. Now... he felt he was... living. Kevin gave him... no... Kevin made him start living. Though... he wondered if the stubborn redhead ever noticed how much he had changed. How much they had changed.

Time had passed rather quickly.

The days had sailed smoothly; both finishing in the top percentile of academics, both proud of what they were doing, both happy... together. In the last months that has passed, the boys had (secretively) moved a bit from their friendly demeanor to a more... bold and couplesque behaviour. It was... something that had evolved naturally (with constant opposition from Kevin). Edd never gave way to his insecurities though and stuck true and close to his... beloved ginger boy.

The boys had achieved great success in their mutual support. Kevin had not only saved his scholarship and slot on the team, but the Peach Creek Battle Rabbits (Basketball Team) had won 2nd Place in the National Tournament. However, this time, Edd was only able to cheer and bite his tongue from the crowd as Kevin and his teammates dominated their games. Edd, in his own turf, had his own achievements. His research paper "Quantifying ME" had won him an award and recognition by the scientific community. Though highly scrutinized, questioned and opposed, he had presented a ground breaking proposal to the world of how personalities and behavior can be mapped and projected by mathematical means in his personal take of Lewin's Behavior Equation. Edd was frustrated and flustered of his... inconclusive results- since he couldn't use his personal experimentation, thus revealing he had been secretly observing and experimenting with Kevin (besides the intimate way). Kevin, ever present despite his nagging and bickering of the cold underground laboratories, had become his strength, his support and had kept him going every time. He was thankful for having him.

Yet, beyond the fields of personal accomplishments and responsibilities, the boys had achieved their own personal and intimate goals together. A kiss, holding hands... a 2nd romantic date to the Planetarium (with kissing involved). They had steadily taken steps forward... baby steps. As Edd watched Kevin grunt and sigh looking out the car's window, his strong masculine features, his sculpted body...his tight pants. He couldn't help but bite his lower lip. Passion. Carnal desires. That was the next threshold... and both were uneasy about it.

Kevin: What?

Edd: Huh?

Kevin: You've been looking at me for the last minutes.

Edd couldn't help but blush, his eyes wide in surprise and ashamed.

Edd: Wh-what? I have? I-I didn't... sorry.

Kevin: What? There something on my face?

Kevin pased a hand over his cheek, checking to see if he could feel or remove something that was smeared on it. There was nothing, only a shivering startled and bashful Edd before him. Edd would bow his head and tug his beanie to cover his face.

Edd: I'm sorry. I'm sorry!

Kevin blushed himself at the adorable appearance of the shaggy, dark-haired (something nobody knew) boy before him. He... even looked... girly. Kevin's mouth quivered, ajar as his mind tried desperately to find words. However, only silence came... which allowed him and Edd to notice a muffled snickering coming from the front of the car.

Both boy's heads swerve at the muffled sound and respond in unison.

Edd: EDDY!

Kevin: Nazz!

The couple running pilot and copilot burst into laughter, the car actually swerving violently for a second as Eddy's laughter made him lose control for a second.

Nazz: I'm sorry, i'm sorry. It's just...

Nazz, speaking on behalf of both of them, had turned to look at them. She smiles as she gets to take in their sight. Muffling a laugh with her hand and taking 2 deep breaths, she continues.

Nazz: It's jus' that... you guys really do look adorable together.

Kevin: Knock it off Nazz!

Eddy simply averts his gaze and tries to curl himself into a ball on the seat to hide his embarrassment. As he does, he feels a warm, hard body press close to him, and an arm wrap around his neck.

Kevin: SO what?! It's not like we can be all lovey dovey like that idiot and you!

Nazz and Eddy: Hey!

They laugh, Nazz stealing a glance at Eddy... and a kiss on the cheek.

Nazz: Don't worry, every couple is different.

She winks.

Nazz: You have your own pace.

With a giggle, she sits properly again.

Edd simply stared at the man holding him tightly and smiles.

Kevin: Now, what you doin' that dumb face for?!

Edd: Hey!

He slaps him playfully on the chest.

Edd: I can look at you however i want.

Kevin's cheeks go red at the remark.

Kevin: Well... you look stupid.

Edd: Coming from a jock.

Kevin: He...!

Before he could protest, Edd had leaned quickly to steal a soft and fast kiss from him. It was only a second, maybe less than a second, but it meant the world for them. After a shared giggle, they sit back and enjoy the ride back to the Cul. It was summer vacation after-all.

Eddy: Ok, pit stop morons.

Eddy called out as he stretched, cracking his back a bit, to the others doing the same. The road trip home was...not so much of a good idea any more... not when they had detoured to go to the amusement park which was away from the city 2 hours. However, they had had a great deal of fun as a group... and Nazz had taken a lot of pictures to remember it by... a lot. Especially since she was obsessed with the "adorable" relationship of the two boys.

It wasn't planned really. There was no email from Edd, nor planning in their days. Ed, Edd and Eddy had simply skyped over their "new news". The Business Ed, May (soon to be wife), Lee and Eddy had started to take form. The 4 had scouted nice locations and had finally opted for a rather... expensive and abandoned Gym near Peach Creek Campus, on the farther side which gave way north to open field and the highway. Edd was actually worried of the large final sum of everything: pay, papers, installations, remodeling, etc. But... to his surprise and relief, the Business had been backed by two "new" members: Lyon and Marie. It was a family business alright.

Edd still laughed as he thought about these "vacations". Visiting the Cul, speaking with May and Ed... and Lee, coming back to check everything about the place, helping May and Ed a bit with the wedding (they were all maids and men of honor- except Nazz). It was rather hectic... god knows why they had decided to visit the amusement park (Nazz's idea). The reason was even simpler... Eddy could never say "no" to Nazz. They were endearing.

Eddy: Ok... We'll just wait for the other 2 and we're leaving. Right?

Nazz: Yey.

Kevin: Oh... Nazz... is that you being upset?

Nazz: Shut up Kevin.

Kevin snickered and laughed, making Edd punch him (rather girly) on his arm.

Kevin: Ow?!

Kevin protested as the snap of a camera was heard, followed by muffled snickering.

Kevin: Goddammit Nazz!

Nazz: You guys are SOOO CUTE!

Kevin screamed in frustration as Eddy moved towards them.

Eddy: Ok lovebirds, keep it in your pants.

Edd: Eddy!

Kevin: I'll kick the shit out of you Dirtbag!

As the boys horsed around and Nazz shared some of her "stash" (compilation of fotos of Edd and Kevin) to Edd, a car (grey sedan) pulled up next to them. The car window slowly rolled down, Kevin with Eddy in a neck-lock with his arms.

???: Always such a beast, Kevin

????:Babe, you know he can't ignore his primal instincts.

Kevin: Shut up, Asshole and...

Marie: Say it... we'll just bond over this.

Kevin: Bitch.

Marie: Was it so hard? Fag.

Kevin: Fuck you.

Marie: No... he gets to do that.

She points at Lyon behind her as they got out of the car. Who simply raises a thumb, with a smug grin.

The group laughs and Kevin and Marie actually hug.

Kevin: You guys are late.

Edd: Hey! That's my line.

Lyon: Princess took her time.

Marie: I didn't know what to wear!

Nazz: Preach it sister.

Eddy: Can relate.

Kevin: Wow... you both are so whipped.

Lyon and Eddy: Fuck you!

Marie wrinkles her nose as she does a "So-so" gesture with her hand, while Nazz bluntly nods. Edd and Kevin laugh hysterically at the couples. Who would've thought things would end this way? A parallel universe.

Marie: Fuck! I have to admit they are really damn cute together.
Nazz: I know right?! My Kev-Edd pics are the best!
Marie: Kev-Edd?!
Nazz: It's a cute and adorable name for them.
Marie: Honey... no.
Nazz: Oh come on!

As the girls bicker over... some new topic, the 4 boys simply talked and laughed, sitting on the hood of Lyon's car. They were simply killing time for the moment, a good rest before the trip waiting before them. It was a long one, a couple hours or so since May and Ed's home was a different ways from the Cul- a bit further actually. They had left the hotel by the amusement park at around 10 because... someone overslept (namely Eddy and Kevin).

Edd: Seriously though...
He catches some air from laughing so hard.
Edd: We should get going... we ARE making May and Ed wait.
Eddy: Why the rush?
Kevin: They aren't going anywhere.
Lyon: It's called responsibility dumb and dumber.
Eddy and Kevin: Fuck you.
Edd and Lyon laugh.
Edd: Come on... you know i hate being late.
Kevin: I'm not the one driving.
Eddy: Yeah yeah, i heard ya, i heard ya.

Eddy simply whistles strong and sharply, making a hand gesture in the air of "got-to-go". Marie replied back with flicking him the bird, but both girls (laughing) walked towards them and so the group set off.

The sun was setting by the time they got to May and Ed's house, the couple waving at them from the doorstep. May was beaming. The soon to be bride was ecstatic of seeing her sister again and her beloved's friends and best men. Lee arrived a bit later, work had kept her longer than expected, but they didn't care. Tonight, this night, they were all family, and after a delicious meal by May, they simply laughed and shared stories over glasses of wine. Business and personal affairs could wait.

May and Ed's house was a drastic disaster; boxes, bride catalogs and an array of things for the wedding were scattered across the living room and the first floor. It was pleasing to see it all... especially since some couples may or may not have thought of tying the knot too. May was somewhere between a nervous wreck and loving wife. Ed had done his job well... giving her strength, love and support.

Soon, it was late and it was time for them to get home. Lee, Marie, May, Ed and Lyon stayed at the new Kanker House, and they all agreed to meet tomorrow for their tour of the business location. It now had a tentative name though, one agreed on mostly by the glasses of wine than by rational minds: "Megliore Vitta".

The drive home was fast. Eddy dropped off Kevin and Edd at Edd's house (their request) and left with Nazz to her house after some teasing on her behalf. Kevin was grouchy and grinch as ever, but it wasn't out of anger or annoyance any more... it was just who he was. He laughed with them, bickered, teased and... seemed to be quite happy.

Kevin: It was nice.
Edd: What was?
Edd inquired, shaken out of his thoughtful daze.
Kevin: These last two days. Out of school, having fun, with friends, and...
He sat closer to Edd, wrapping an arm around his shoulders.
Kevin: You.
Edd blushed.
Edd: Stop it... my parents will see us.
He whispered.
Kevin: What? You ashamed?
Edd slapped his chest playfully.
Edd: No... actually... actually...
He stood up, stretching and looking up at the moon and the stars.
Edd: I was planning on telling them...
Kevin: What?!
Edd: Yeah... I mean... they deserve to know. That... this is who i am, who their son is. That i am happy.
Kevin: Dude... this is serious, telling them means...
Edd: I know... it's big... but... they deserve to know...
He turns around, facing Kevin with a nervous and anxious smile.
Edd: Dont you think?
Kevin felt his heart race, it was speeding. Telling his parents... making their... relationship THAT public. He was frozen in place.
Edd: Kevin?
Kevin: I dont know man... can't it just... stay a secret?
Edd: Well... i mean... i dont think telling them YOU are my...

Edd bit his tongue, and turned crimson red. The thought had passed through his mind. They had never said anything, never made it "official"... but... it just felt right.
Kevin: Your what?
Edd: You know...
Kevin stood up and walked over to him. He placed his arms steadily and softly on his shoulders.
Kevin: What?
Edd: My...
Kevin: Your...
Edd pushed him, flustered.
Edd: It's not fair only i get to say it!

They both laughed. It was a loud one, but it was cut short. Kevin leaned in and kissed Edd once again on the lips. It was a longer one, a kiss where Edd was able to wrap his arms around his necks, feeling Kevin's hands pull him close around the waist. But... just as it came... it was gone.

Kevin: I should get home.
Edd: Ok.
Kevin: Hey... i'll see you tomorrow.
He whispered with a smile and started to leave. Edd simply watched, the strong back of the one he loved facing him. The one he loved...
Edd: I need to tell them...
He whispered to himself, holding his hands up to his chest. His heart was pumping furiously. It made him nervous. How would his parents react? Would they be fine with it? Would they kick him out? Would they still love him? His mind raced with infinite possibilities, clouding his vision... but... a light shined through the darkness. He would still have him... his Kevin.

Kevin kept his pace, foward, across the Cul and to his house. It'd be a surprise alright... for his parents to see him again. He hadn't called them nor anything, they might be a bit mad over that since his mother would've loved to spend a day cleaning for his return. But... he hated such ceremonies which (since his childhood when he'd have to help out) were nothing but an annoyance. Instead, his mind thought of something far... bigger.

Kevin: Tell them, huh?

He whispered to himself, closing his eyes as he walked. The thought horrified him. He feared the reaction he'd get. He'd surely be banished from his home. He could never let them know about this... about Edd, nor his feelings. He wouldn't. Clenching his jaws and fists, Kevin looked at his house from the sidewalk. The house with his mother and father... whom he loved... and feared. He feared they'd stop loving him, that they'd hate him... or Edd. He couldn't, he wouldn't...

Kevin: Life moves on...

He mumbled as he took the first step toward this place he once called home. Now... it was just a house... a house he was afraid of. Life had moved on... it had never stopped... and he had never noticed it. How long would he be able to hide it? Could he hide it forever? Was it possible?

Fear... his fears were coming back.

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