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Time Goes By

Kevin: He's never fucking here anymore! I get bored!

Edd: At least he didn't move out and leave you with a new roommate. I'd feel sorry for the newcomer.

Kevin: Fuck you, i'm not that hard to live with.

Edd: Kevin...


Edd: See, Schupert agrees with me.

Kevin: Put me on Speaker!

With a beep from the phone, Edd had placed him on speaker with a skeptical look.

Kevin: Schupert, back me up buddy or there will be no treats for you ever again.

Edd: What?!


Kevin: Lyon shouldn't spend so much fucking time with her!


Kevin: He supports me...

Edd: Stop manipulating the dog! And stop feeding him so many treats! He's getting chubby.


Kevin: No one likes being called fat.

Edd sighs heavily as Kevin laughs through the phone. Things had been this way since classes had started. Things had become... quite lively and less... lovey. Edd was actually reliefed a bit for that.

Summer had gone by in a breeze. After having "the talk" with his parents, Edd had dedicated his new energies in helping in the "rescuing" of the abandoned gym and with the rest of the group. The Cul had been rather empty for the summer.

Jimmy and Sarah had come back since school was over. They were becoming Juniors next year, and they seemed unfazed by it. Edd could remember how nervouse he had been when such event had happened. Then again... he was always the nervous type. Was.

The silent Cul was a good rest for everyone, especially since they made nearly day long round trips to and from the city. The Cul was close to a completely separate city from where the boys and the others had gone to study. Using the airports would've made time less of a problem, but it would've raised expenses noticeably. They all needed to save up a bit in case of a disaster or emergency with the "project".

Their stay at the Cul was short, 2 days to be exact. By that time, Eddy had given up and decided that it was best if they all returned to the city, close to the project site. They all agreed, it was the most economical and sound solution. Back home, things fell into a peculiar and care free rhythm that Edd was actually able to enjoy.

Lyon had become the leader for the moment as he had managed to contact building contractors and hired them to begin remodeling. Meanwhile, Lee, Eddy, May and Ed had begun to talk with an Architectural firm for the design. Kevin and Edd... they had begun to evaluate the profiles required and that they'd need to hire for the place to function from the start. Everyone was participating, cooperating, moving in the same direction, to the same goal. It felt good. It felt right.

And so, summer passed by with... work, group meetings, laughter and fun. It was splendid... but nothing gold can stay. Classes began once again and the biggest changes were beggining to be felt and seen. Picking up the subject at hand the boys were discussing, Lyon had "moved out". He was still registered to the campu's dorms, but he had taken most of his stuff out. The reason was... a bit straightfoward. Marie and Lyon had begun to live together... a thought that both warmed and shivered Edd. Some people had a rather fast rhythm in their lives.

The topic was usually skimmed over since... it was a difficult subject. Easier subjects were the fact that Eddy and Nazz were around more, which was great news. Edd missed his dear friend and (though he'd never admit it) Kevin felt more comfortable when Nazz was around to both tease and root him on. The popular couple of many years, their bond was unique and strong. True best friends. They never included him in their talks- mainly because Nazz loved gossiping with him instead- but Edd could perfectly envision the girly Nazz who loved gossip and drama with him, and a tomboyish Nazz rooting and pep-talking Kevin. For what? He did not know... but it was a fun idea.

Lee, May and Ed also came by every once in a while. While Lee was being the legal front, May and Ed were overjoyed in the unity of the group. Despite all of them being around the same age, May and Ed actually felt mature. A couple. Motherly and fatherly. They were soothing and motivating for all of them, their mascots.


Kevin: Hey Archimedes.

The last snapped Edd back from his daze and repetitive motion of rubbing his temples. He chuckles as he notices the tiny tawny owl on his lap. He caresses it.

Edd: Are you more calm? You now have a room all for yourself.

Kevin: Could be yours too.

Edd: No.

Edd's cheeks were getting red at the red head's outspoken nature, but his mind new better. Boys would be boys. And such a thought actually made him chuckle; he felt such a girl.

Kevin: Had to try.

Edd: It won't happen Kevin. Not while we are still studying.

Kevin: So... if one of us were to stop studying.

Edd: I WILL slap you when i see you if you follow this thought process.

The two boys laugh loudly. This was their last year. They'd soon be graduating. Edd´s neck tensed at such a thought. As he stared down at the scribbled, highlighted and dirty (by so much erasing and rewritting) manuscript he could only think of how far behind he was. Ever since his article had popped up in the scientific community, he had been under a lot of pressure. He sighed.

Kevin: Stumped again?

Edd: No. Just. Tired. There is only so many tests and observations i can make, that i have already made. Yet, it's incomplete.

Kevin: Dont overwork yourself.

Edd: I know, I know.

Kevin: Yet, those words are not reassuring.

Kevin chuckles as Edd gasps in protest. An actual, audible gasp making Kevin burst into laughter.

Edd: I hate you.

Kevin: I dont.

Edd smiles, lovingly as he bids farewell. It was late, nearly 10:00pm, and Edd needed to both rest and eat. Maybe he'd pay a visit to his hot headed boyfriend. Boyfriend... he loved the sound of it. Made him feel warm, bubbly and such a girl. But... he knew he'd never be able to call him that. Not now. Kevin had never said he loved him, nor that he was gay. Not that he needed to do that. But... he was still... insecure. Edd could see it, and... his equation both confirmed such behaviour along with the possible reason for such behaviour. His equation, a fusion of mathematics and psychology. Making the intangible and incomprehensible, tangible, measureable and real. Was it actually a good thing? Fear, a scar caused by someone or something personal, close and intimate. Something or someone that influenced his mindset since a young age, molding his way of thought. It didnt leave many options. Edd sighed as he watched at the 3x3 matrix on his whiteboard. Equations, names of emotions, numerical values, labels; his constant attempts at materializing behaviour. So close, but he now feared the power of such knowledge.

"Scientists were so preocupied and focused on whether or not they could, that they ignored whether they should.".

Lyon: And so, a toast to the remodeling of this grand enterprise.

Eddy: To be, grand enterprise.

Lee: Aren't you supposed to be the sweet-talker?

The group giggles as Eddy scoffs and tries to settle down as Lyon passed around the glasses with champagne. The place actually looked like a stable and functional health center (to their vision). Edd was relieved, as he leaned back on Kevin's chest, that everything had worked out up until now.

It was now October, the cold New England air blowing steadily throught-out. Temperature was dropping, winter was around the corner. This year was less dramatic than the last though; no storms, no snow yet, nothing.

The place had been remodeled completely by the contractors assembled by Lyon and the Architectural design given by May. Though barren and still lacking with equipment, the place now looked pretty, spacious and functional. They were all standing in the central kitchen, a massive area made for a full professional kitchen, where Lyon had stored a champagne bottle and glasses in preparation for this personal event. As everyone grabbed a glass, they all stared at each other with new life in their eyes. They had helped to make this place a reality. They were part of this. It felt... empowering.

May: It's beautiful.

May had raised her sweet voice for everyone to hear. Tears in her eyes, Ed passing a handkerchief to wipe them off, she simply smiled.

May: Thank you for helping us making this a reality. Really! It was just a crazy idea, i never really expected all of this to happen.

Marie: Dont worry about it sis.

She moved up to hug her. May sniffles.

Eddy: Hey, it was a good idea. And I'M the one saying that.

Lee: That is terrifying, not reassuring.

The groups burst into laughter as Eddy glared at Lee and growled. He calms down as Nazz hugs him from behind.

Ed: I am very happy May is happy. Thanks guys.

Everyone smiles warmly as the giant slowly embraces his beloved.

Lyon: I may be the "new one" to the group, but... i must say, you all are like family to me now.

Lee: Give it time honey and you might actually be.

Marie's eyes widened and her smile fell as she swerved and socked her sister's elbow, cheeks burning red rather rapidly. The group laughs as Lyon moves up to grab her and hold her between his arms. They actually seemed to make a good match. They were all united.

October... the months had simply flown by, just as time did when he was with them.

Things were moving too rapidly. In a blink of an eye the year would be over, his life would change once more... for the better. His investigation had been moving rather steadily these last few weeks, he had opted for sharing his knowledge. Like wise, exams and his personal studies had been at an all time high. Things seemed to be panning out better than ever. He was even thinking of renting an apartment, checking for payment plans and all. His investigation was attracting a lot of attention for the campus, so... compensations were being negotiated. He understood why. Despite being a scientist and... naive, on some matter, he was well aware of economics and that, overall, he had to ensure a living for himself. Thus... he was.

Everything seemed to be falling into place in everyone's lives. Or... so he thought. Kevin stood contemplating the champagne glass with uninterested eyes and a rather dishearted face. He seemed... demotivated, he had given up on living. Edd couldn't help but worry.

Edd: Is everything ok?

Kevin looked at him in surprise, taking a quick breath and looking at him with a smile. He had become like this recently. Something big and dark slithered under the surface of all his facades and smiles.

Kevin: Yeah, dont worry. Best we share this moment with the rest of these idiots.

Edd: Kevin...

Kevin: I'm fine Double D.

Things were too good to be true, huh?

November came by with the first blankets of snow and freezing temperatures. A bit to soon, but it was a weather perhaps most people were enjoying. It was a change of pace, a change of scenery and a new air. Well, at least to those who managed to enjoy it.

The group was spent rather active and busy as they all managed to pull their weights in bringing the business idea to life. Well... at least those most involved. It was agreed to develope the place progressively, focusing on the diner first as it was May's forte and actual expertise. Still, everyone seemed to be part of the process in one way or another.

As November crept through, everyone seemed busy. Tests, Art Expositions, Proyects, Investigations, everything piled up and the group drifted apart only to reunite occasionally. The most absent ones were perhaps Edd and Mary; though not at the same intervals nor destinations. Mary had her Art Expositions and Galas to attend (protesting and nagging all the while). Lyon's patience was truly a mystery to them all as to how he could keep such a wild creature at bay... and with such ease. Edd, more and more as part of the scientific community, had been invited to conventions of both biology and psychology to discuss his ideas. He had perhaps the short stick out of all of them. He wasn't good with crowds, nor when placed under the magnifying glass and forced to defend his views against an actual panel of recognized experts. Yet, somehow, miraculously, he managed. He presented his still incomplete thesis to the community, and was received with both opposition and applause. It was the best reaction he could get... controversy, relevance, interest. He was pleased.

And so, Edd had found himself managing a "long-distance relationship" of sorts. As he sat in his terminal at the JFK Airport, he felt tired... and cold. Winter was felt much more harsh this far north. He checked his cellphone, the feed was a series of messages from the group, and even more from Kevin. Good wishes, motivational quotes and jokes were shared by each of his friends, and it brought him new energy, a second wind. Kevin however:

>[Kevin] :Boring class
>[Kevin]: Wat you doin?
>[Kevin]: Send me a pic
>[Kevin]: Are you very busy?
>[Kevin]: Im so bored

And the texts went on and on with daily, menial talk. No subject, just... sharing each other's life with the other... in their own way. Edd found it endearing. He took a deep breath and dialed him.

Kevin: Heyoo
Edd: Hey, i'm in the airport now.
Kevin: Shit... it's late Double D.
Edd: Yeah, around 11.
Kevin: Did you eat anything?
Edd: They did give us some sandwiches and coffee. These conventions aren't really that extravagant. Scientists, low funding, small crowd.
Kevin: So no girls in cosplay of chromosomes, nor cells?

Edd bolts out a laugh, which he quickly silences, embarrassed.

Edd: No, nothing of the sort actually.
Kevin: Maybe that's why nobody goes to those things.
Edd: Oh dear god.
Kevin: Hey, just saying, a sexy mitoc- mitochondria? Would go a long way to motivate people into...
Edd: Enough, enough, i dont need the mental images.
Kevin: Fine.
Kevin: ...I'd cosplay as a sexy...

The boys laugh, Edd trying to not cause too much noise do to other passengers who were surely just as or more tired than he was.

Edd: How was the test?
Kevin: Meh, ok i guess.
Edd: Did you study? You cant be careless of your grades again.
Kevin: Yes mother.
Edd: And i will nag at you as long as you dont take it seriously!
Kevin: I need motivation.

Edd blushes at the comment, it was quite sudden.

Edd: What?
Kevin: Y'know, a sexy and smart teacher to help me.

Edd sighs, his face burning red.

Edd: Not now! I'm in a public place!
Kevin: Bu! No fun.

They chuckle. But Edd quickly gets serious, he was still concerned.

Edd: Hey... is everything, ok?
Kevin: Yeah, why?
Edd: Nothing. I'm just... worried.
Kevin: For what?
Edd: For you. I know something has been on your mind.
Kevin: It's nothing... just...just thinking.
Edd: Come on... tell me.
Kevin: My girlfriend still doesnt want to sleep with me.
Edd: I will slap your face when i get back.

Kevin chokes on his own laughter for a long while as Edd waited in a very serious tone on the other end of the line.

Edd: You done yet?
Kevin: I'm sorry. HA HA. really.
Edd: UH-Huh
Kevin: Aww, come on. You puckering?

Edd becomes self conscious by the comment, quickly licking his lips trying to avoid doing such a subconscious option.

Edd: N-no.
Kevin: You were.

Kevin laughs a while longer, but quickly settles back in.

Kevin: OK... jokes aside.
Edd: Thank you!
Kevin: Thanksgiving is coming.
Edd: Right...

He had forgotten. The Thanksgiving holiday was around the corner, and he had no idea what they were going to do.

Edd: Have you heard anything from the others.
Kevin: The usual.
Edd: It would be nice...
Kevin: I guess...
Edd: You aren't thrilled?
Kevin: Nah.
Edd: Kevin, why do you never want to go back? Your parents are...
Kevin: That's why.

Edd fell silent. Kevin was not the type to openly state what bothered nor hurt him. Yet, so much time together, Edd had learned to understand and read his words. Something had happened, or had always been there that made him hate "Home".

Edd: Ok. Let's figure what else we can do together.
Kevin: Nah...
Edd: Oh come on, at least help me...
Kevin: We should go.

Edd fell silent for a second.

Edd: Where?
Kevin: Back.
Edd: You sure?
Kevin: Yeah... maybe i should talk with them too.
Edd: Your parents?
Kevin: NO, the dogs.
Edd: Kevin...
Kevin: Sorry. But, yeah.
Edd: You sure?
Kevin: Yeah... but i dont want you there.
Edd: Um... ok...

That hurt a bit.

Edd: Well, i'll be around either way.
Kevin: Yeah, but... i gotta do this on my own.
Edd: Ok. I support you, you know?
Kevin: Yeah. We'll see.

And with that, he hung up. Edd was left lost for words, slowly staring at the black screen of his phone. Something was wrong. But he had no time no think too much over it, his flight was boarding. Edd focused on the task at hand, making sure he wasn't leaving anything behind. He was still hurt. Time... Time was passing by.

He could do nothing to stop it. Everyone was moving, he was moving... foward. Where they? He worried for Kevin. He wanted to help him. Time was an enemy. Edd understood this, he had always managed an agenda, even from an early age. But... now... his agenda was full. Time, there was not enough time... and it wasn't stopping to give more time. It was still moving, faster each time.

"As time goes by, what is true is revealed and what is fake fades away" -Ismail Haniyeh

Edd pondered as he fell asleep on the plane.
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