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Friendship of Sorts


Screamed Kevin to his roommate. He was clearly pissed and annoyed that his roommate was in the same room as him and Edd, grinding his teeth and causing most of the veins around his neck to pop in clear stress and anger.

Edd: The pleasure is all mine, getting to meet Kevin's roommate.


Edd: Oh please Kevin, it is quite disrespectful to not give proper introductions, especially since i am the guest and you are the host. Protocols must be kept.

?: WOW, i thought you were shitting me Kevin, i have never been so wrong.

At this, Kevin's roommate laughed out loud quite openly. Edd had just turned to face a blood red, steaming Kevin who had a face as if he could and would murder both of them on the spot. Thankfully, Kevin's roommate's open laughter and expression caused him to be the target of Kevin's wrath, Edd was thankful it wasn't him for a change, but felt guilty he was the motive of a conflict. Kevin pushed his roommate against his chair, glaring eyes and a very pissed tone.


?: Oh now now, Kevin, let me become decent and you may...proceed with standard protocols.

Kevin's roommate laughed more restraint at the last part, but Kevin still punched him on the shoulder, which was given back to Kevin on his own shoulder. This punching ritual proceeded for a couple of minutes as Kevin's roommate picked a t-shirt from his...nicely organized closet.

Edd rarely met people who were organized and kept their stuff in a specific order but, by what he saw about Kevin's roommate's closet, this guy was quite the organized type. T shirts, sweaters, polos, formal shirts, pants, jeans, shorts, everything had it's place and was nicely and properly folded. Edd was marveled at the new acquaintance he was meeting, especially since Kevin had never even mentioned he had a roommate, then again...Kevin never talked to him. It was something that ate away inside Edd, he could never stop feeling as Kevin's pet or as his safety pin in times of need or exams, they didn't go out, they didn't talk or...hang out. But, that gave Edd more time to concentrate on his own work and projects, but he longed for such a "friendship".

He was brought back to the realm of the living, where he was inside Kevin's room with his still half-naked roommate in front of them, by Kevin's very characteristic clearing of his throat.

Kevin: Ok then, Edd, this is my roommate Lyon, short for Lionel. Lyon...

Lyon: Double D, i already know much about you, and was quite eager to meet you

At this Kevin socked him once more

Kevin: I told you to not cause trouble!

Kevin said this between his teeth, but Edd's refined hearing made out the words perfectly.

Lyon: yeah yeah, chill man. So Double D, I guess we'll be seeing each other quite often... don't forget me.

At this, Lyon winked, and tugged his shirt to cover his once exposed chest. Edd, ever so observant, was unable not to measure and analyze the other's body. Lyon was about Edd's height, slightly shorter 172cm approximately, black and short haired but it fell forward in a nice bang on his left side. He looked clean, no tattoos or piercings, he was another jock, football team (the gear was next to his closet, nicely hung on a manikin). His body though, slim, not very ripped like Kevin's but thin and very agile and light. His chest had the characteristic pectoral muscles nicely developed, broad shoulder, and muscular ripped arms, and slim toned legs made for explosive speed and not endurance. All in all the boy was made for playing explosively and with great power output, yet Edd had no idea what the sport consisted of, and he wasn't going to ask a newly met stranger, and Kevin was out of the question. They needed to concentrate and he knew Kevin too well to know that he would ramble on for the whole night on the sport, the rules and how come genius Double Dork was unaware on the matter. But, avoiding to fade into his own world, Edd kept the small talk and courtesies going.

Edd: Wait, you are leaving? Please, I don't mean to intrude, Kevin and i won't be a bother.

Lyon: Oh my, well aren't you sweet. HAHA, god i really need to talk more with you.

Edd blushed slightly at the comment.

Edd: And w-w-why is that?

Lyon: Kev, is he really unaware of it?

Kevin: The dork's always spoken that way, better get used to it you doofus.

Lyon: Oh, so i WILL see him more often, my brilliant Kevin?

To the last, Kevin once again wrestled for a while with Lyon who just skillfully deflected and avoided his grabs and hits. They looked more friends than Kevin and he did, and Edd had spent the most part of his life with the guy. Edd sulked at the thought and sulked a bit further in fear that he was coming out as a weird bug to Lyon.

Edd: I-I-Is there something wrong with my manner of speech? I am truly sorry if i struck you odd or if i'm causing all this conflict. Do you wish to postpone tonight's study Kevin?

At the last, both Lyon and Kevin stopped abruptly as Kevin blurted.

Kevin. STAY! I mean, please stay Double D.

Lyon: We're just horsing around man, besides, i always take nocturnal jogs...don't i Kevin?

Edd, did notice a hint of mischief in Lyon's eyes, but paid little attention, he was quite nervous and uneasy on the fact of him being an annoyance to the daily routine and friendship both boys had.

Kevin: Double D, don't worry, make your self comfortable, i'll just take a shower and we'll start immediately...sounds good?

Edd: W-W-Well, only if you are sure Kevin, I mean i don't want to cause any trouble.

Edd had dropped his gaze and said all this with his hands behind his back and playing with his small petite feet. Which was why he was startled of the fact he didnt sense Kevin's movement until Kevin grabbed him by the shoulders.

Kevin: I am sure, stay...i need help

To the last Edd noticed the crimson color and saddened eyes on Kevin's face...it was adorable. Edd restrained every impulse in his body which begged to just caress and comfort the red head. Why did all these thought always come up when Kevin was the subject?! Edd was flustered to the fact that he always got weird around him, he always became the wimpy, shy dork he had been in his early years at the Cul-de-Sac. Edd had not invested and strengthened his character all these years to be weak, especially in front of Kevin...he could sense fear for all Edd knew. Instead, Edd repressed his thoughts and decided to prepare for the night. He was unaware he had a noticeable red blush across his face.

Edd: I find it delightful, i shall prepare the material while you shower.

Kevin: Thanks man, I owe ya one.

Lyon: And, i'm heading out.

Edd: If you are sure Lionel, but i insist in that my presence will be of no annoyance or root to any awkwardness or conflict if you stay.

Lyon: Please call me Lyon Double D, and...why are you called Double D?

Kevin huffed in stress as he entered the bathroom with his shower kit and had managed to hear the question.

Edd: Well it's nothing special, you see where Kevin and I grew up i had two other friends with my same name. We were all called Edward, but mine was spelled differently. My own name is written with two Ds instead of one.

At this Edd took out a piece of paper and wrote his first name "Eddward".

Edd: This made everyone start calling me Double D.

Lyon: Makes perfect sense, and also why Kevin never seems to stop talking about you, i mean you know each other for your whole lives. I wonder why he hadn't introduced us before, or even mentioned me.

Edd felt a sharp stab at his heart with the last comment, Lyon had quite the skill to hit where it hurt the most. Edd fell silent as a blush and teary eyes plastered on his face simultaneously.

Lyon: Hey, sorry man, just ignore everything i said, besides Kevin needs you...more than you can imagine.

Lyon moved up to Edd, placing a soft hand on his cheek and tilting his head so they could make eye-contact.

Lyon: Easy man, friends are always there to support each other, and Kevin does consider you one. He's just a bit rough on the edges.

Absolute silence fell as seconds turned hours as they looked into each other's eyes and Edd pondered over the sweet words Lyon had just said. Edd was Kevin's friend? Somehow?...even though Kevin never mentioned such terms of relationship.

Lyon: Well, gotta run...see ya.

With that Lyon bolted out of the room, he was most certainly playing a runner's position for Edd was barely able to react and catch a glimpse of his silhouette as he exited the door. Edd was a bag of emotions for the moment, and as the psychologist and medical scientist started to work on examining each emotion, Edd began to prepare the study material for the night...Basic Psychology. Edd was quite please on the subject and was eager to teach and orient Kevin. After years of practice he already knew how to motivate and teach the boy, they understood each other and connected at that level. Once Edd finished with preparations he decided to finish his own work before Kevin came out of the bath, it had been 10 minutes already.

30 minutes passed and Kevin finally made it out of the bathroom, fully dressed, with a green hoodie and baggy black pants which seemed more like pajamas or sweat pants. He seemed for a moment as the old Kevin, the one 9 years ago, the Kevin from the Cul-de-Sac, he had changed and grown but Edd still saw him as the Kevin of his memories (some good, some bad). At the same time, Edd couldn't help but get fixated on his hair, the red head had lost his bangs which he held with a cap and had altered for a shorter almost military cut. It seemed smooth and silky and the water drops from the shower made his hair shine as if it were fire, Edd was captivated and envious.

Edd always had his personal problem about his hair, he considered it hideous, which made him always stick to his beanie. Over time though, he had understood one thing, he could drop the beanie without his defense mechanism triggering to pull it back on with people he cared for. This didn't include many people and Edd was only sure he had only done so with 3 people, including his 2 best friends Ed and Eddy.

Kevin: What you looking me with those eyes for man? You feeling alright?

Edd hadn't noticed his actions had been so revealing, yet again he was never good with lies or hiding stuff (even emotions).

Edd: It's nothing Kevin, shall we commence with our study schedule?

Kevin: Very well, but don't bore me with lectures and don't forget the notecard.

Edd: I've come prepared.

Edd pulled from his messenger bag a small notecard already made with all the information needed. In the 20 minutes he had waited for Kevin he not only finished his papers (took roughly 15 minutes) but he also had time to make the note card. It wasn't as if he was a real genius and prodigy, it was just luck that his papers for classes had been short as teachers focused mainly on midterms and not the other stuff anymore. Edd had always been time efficient and organized, and his tight Schedule made him ensure no time was wasted, no work was delayed, nothing was out of order and that he had never overwork.

Edd: You may verify the information, but i believe everything you may need is already there.

Kev: Wow, thanks dork...i mean... thanks Double D.

A true and sincere thanks, those were the moments Edd lived for when he studied with Kevin, it filled him. Edd has tried analyzing himself over his reactions to Kevin's actions, only to fail and keep him as an enigma. He longed and wished to be accepted by him and be his friend, that was all he was sure about.

Kev: Well, shall we start? I already studied and i get the terms, but all these crazy bastards who did things with animals and monkeys and god knows what i don't seem to understand any of the material for this mid term.

Kevin was flustered and tense, and Edd noticed it immediately.

Edd: Well, first of all, you must be in a tranquil state. Would you like a cup of coffee? I made your order from the coffee shop, Double Mocha Latte with no foam and hazelnut.

Edd had memorized the order since the first day he saw Kevin in the shop. It was uneventful, Kevin treated him as he would treat any employee of shops, but Edd never forgot the formula and he would occasionally mix it up on the study nights of theirs. Besides, it was the first drink Edd mixed, hence the first he experimented with, hence his first masterpiece and since personal favorite mix too. In barista terms only Edd understood, it was rich in flavor and with a full, coarse body, the hazelnut heightened the roasted flavor of the coffee grain and the chocolate mitigated the acidity of the drink, turning it into a sweet beverage.

Kev: Woah, you brought me my drink? I...uhhh...thanks!

Kevin had become scarce of words and he accepted the drink, he took a sip and couldn't contain the profound satisfaction and glee that coursed his body and plastered on his face. Edd felt quite happy he could help Kevin study and relax...that's what friends are for right?

Edd: it's nothing Kevin, so now lets start with Pavlov and Little Albert?

As Kevin relished over his drink steadily, uncaring of how he looked in front of Edd, he positioned himself in his chair and faced Double D, pencil and notebook in hand; it was then that he settled the drink and nodded agreeing to start the session.

12am, wow did time fly when you have a great time. The night was anything but uneventful for both of them, it was the product of all the time Kevin had ignored Edd and the fact that, they had actually grown. Yes, Kevin was still a jock and teased Edd, but there was no longer a sense of bullying, or that of mere procedures where Edd had to simply comply to Kevin's orders and help him study, it was...a re-encounter.

They had finished studying but they were having such a great time, Kevin was always inclined to learn when Edd drew him pictures, diagrams or made him associate concepts with other stuff, but tonight just went completely lax as both fell in complete confidence. Whether it was Pavlov's dog's salivation or the monkey experimentation or the controversial Stanford prison experiment, Edd and Kevin found a way to goof it out. Edd found simple ways to prove his point with simple conditioning he made Kevin do, up to the point of Kevin actually salivating as he was denied his adored coffee cup. Kevin on the other hand, found how to tease Edd as they talked the controversial topics. They were having a swell time, but it was getting late and both boys were starting to get drunk on exhaustion. But there was one last subject at hand to discuss.

Edd: Ha-Ha-ha, oh god, ok Kevin, lets concentrate now, we have to talk about Sigmund Freud.

Kevin: Ha.-ha-ha-ha oh come on Edd, let's take a break, it's enough for one night

Edd: Oh come on, Kevin, Freud talked extensively about sex

Kevin: Oh! He's the weird old geezer who said everything was sex related?!

Edd: Call him what you may Kevin, the man made ground work discovery and works on this field.

Kevin: So being a pervert is wrong, but being a published pervert is praised?! Well, i think i'll change career.

Edd couldn't help but laugh at the comment and Kevin followed him. They were tired, maybe it was enough for one night.

Kevin: Hey Edd.

Edd: Yes Kevin?

Kevin: thanks a lot.

Edd: Oh, please dont worry about it Kevin.

Kevin: NO, i mean...thanks for always being there for me.

Edd turned to see Kevin, he had his head resting over his notebook, eyes closed, he must've been falling half asleep by now, quarter past twelve. But Edd had little care for his personal curfew hours...when was the last time he had enjoyed himself so much? Kevin looked so adoring in his sleep and all tired, he looked angelical, calm and innocent...why had they never been friends? Edd cared a lot for Kevin, it was an emotion or a mesh of them he was unable to analyze, he just...enjoyed being with him.

Kevin: Edd.

Kevin half opened his eyes

Kevin: You really are the best person i've met, and you have always helped me, no matter how badly i treated you...i'm sorry.

Edd: OH, Kevin, you aren't thinking straight.

Kevin: i'm sorry for all our past.

Edd: Kevin, let me help you get into bed.

Kevin: NO, NO, i must take you to your dorms, it wouldn't be proper or nice of me to send you away you know.

Edd: Kevin, seriously I-I can go by myself, you need to rest.

Kevin: Double D, i want to...what kind of friend would i be?

Edd almost melted to these last words, and only blushed to a glowing red while he stood up and got his stuff. He hated leaving, he wanted to stay, but such thoughts and actions would be reprimanded by normal social norms and protocols. Why was he thinking such thoughts again? Why did he want to be so much with Kevin? They were friends right? Right? Edd was turning his head round and round on the subject, but he knew he it was probably just the late hours playing tricks on him. It was a theory.

Kevin: God i hate my hair, and caps just make it worse; hey Double D, think i should get a beanie too? A cool red or green one...or a black one. Edd only turned briefly to see him staring at his wall mirror, to which Edd got back to packing his stuff to not waste time and make Kevin wait and stay up any longer.

Edd: No such thing Kevin, your hair is quite lovely. I would die to have it.

Kevin: Pfft, oh yeah? Well what are you hiding down there?

Neither Edd nor Kevin knew what happened next, Kevin had reached out and grabbed the tip of Edd's beanie and expected the usual wince and Edd shooting his arms up to pull it back on. Edd wasn't even aware of Kevin's movements...both just stopped paralyzed as Kevin slipped the beanie right off Edd's head. The silence was absolute. Edd was never expecting it, and he had no idea how to react...Kevin was seeing his most despised and feared personal physical aspect.

Holding the beanie firmly on his hand, Kevin observed how black, thin, wavy hair flowed from the other's head. Edd's hair wasn't long; it was normal, except it was plastered at the top but it flowed to the back of his head, creating a nice wavy effect, but it was thin, creating an illusion of having a thick mane. It was longer than Kevin's by far, but it had a less constant shape, which is why Edd despised it.

Edd always felt his hair so challenging, so rebellious, he could never tame it, deciding to keep it under a beanie instead of dealing with it on a daily basis (thus rooting to a slight discoloration shade effect across it). But to Kevin, it was the most gorgeous and well kept hair he had seen, he wished his hair could flow that freely at that length.

Edd: Umm, Kevin, we should get going.

Edd said this still in shock and giving his back to Kevin. Kevin didn't move, just nodded in a stupefied face.

Edd: Kevin, can i have my beanie back?

At these words Kevin reacted, moving towards Edd and proceeding to place the beanie over the boy's hair. He had no idea why he had just given the beanie to the guy, he was very curious of his hair. As he slipped the beanie back in place, Kevin couldn't avoid but move and caress the hair into position so the beanie would "fit better". Edd winced and flinched at the touch and sensation of another person caressing and feeling his hair. He bit his lip, as he felt a slight ecstasy and pleasure as Kevin's hands moved through his hair and placed the beanie back in place.

Edd was calm, he didn't freak out, it was quite a defining moment and event, one which...hadn't happened since about over a year ago. Was he really that comfortable with Kevin? He sure felt like it, he didn't panic, didn't throw a fit, he...accepted that Kevin took his beanie off, an action of absolute comfort and confidence. Kevin stood, hands on Edd's head and beanie, paralyzed once again, he was breathing heavily and his ears were hot...probably blushing. Edd turned and faced Kevin straight on, eyes met, Kevin still had his hands on his head.

Edd: K-Kevin, i-it's late.

Kevin: Oh, Um, yeah...s-sorry

Kevin quickly pulled himself together and opened the door to Double D and held it so Edd could pass first, a chivalrous and proper act.

Edd: Thank you

Edd walked through the door, and Kevin quickly followed him. They went to the lobby and were about to start the journey to Edd's dorms when they saw Lyon sitting half asleep on the couches.

Kevin: Hey! Fleabag!

Lyon: 5 more minutes.


Edd was quite relieved Kevin hadn't lost his character and speech despite the incident.

Lyon: Wah? Dude, it's past midnight, let me sleep.

Kevin: IDIOT, you're in the lobby!

Lyon: wah?

Lyon watched his surrounding briefly, accepting it truly was the dorm's lobby and noticing Edd.

Lyon: Oh, hey Double D, did you two have fun? You leaving?

Edd: That is correct, the present time is coming on conflict with my sleep schedule for which i must depart at this instant.

Lyon: God i just love how he talks

Kevin glared at his half-awake roommate and kicked his leg to call his attention.

Kev: yeah so, i'm taking the dork, Double D to his dorms, care to help me out?

Lyon: Sure buddy, MPHM lets get going

Lyon stretched and crackled some of his joints, Edd could only deduce it was perhaps of the explosive maneuvers and activity the boy engaged in...but it was quite an unhealthy habit. Edd was pleased they were now a trio and that small talk would be engaged...anything to avoid the topic of the incident.

The trip was short, but the topics were extensive: girls, grades, classes, mayors (Lyon studied Architecture), coffee (kind of a two sided Lyon-Edd conversation and rambles which get Kevin pissed), sports (Edd could only talk about Basketball), hobbies and relationships.

Edd: Quite honestly i don't find relationships as a procedure or just something you have; a relationship is when you find a potential partner for life and so you decide to share and immerse each other in their lives. It's not carnal, it's mental and physical and emotional, it's the binding of two souls, two individuals...turning a you and I into WE.

Lyon: Oh God, Marry me! Kevin, i'm sorry i'm marrying this man.

Kev: Shut up Bird brain! Edd please ignore my roommate his head has been smashed to many times on the ground in Football practices.

They three laughed as they stood outside of the entrance of Edd's dorms...it was time to say Goodnight.

Lyon: It was my pleasure Double D.

Lyon hugged Edd, who hugged him back, patting his back with one hand...he had always hugged Eddy and Ed this way. Lyon quickly strolled off the direction they came, only to stop at the next light post possibly realizing he had to wait for Kevin. Lyon was a loud yell of a distance away, but Kevin still kept his voice down as he talked to Edd.

Kevin: It was fun Double D, thanks again for everything.

Edd: No problem Kevin, I was quite pleased with the progress we made tonight.

Kevin: Hey, i'm not sure if i learned everything right, so...can we meet again?

Edd: you tell me the time and place and i'll be there.

Kevin: Sweet, how are you tomorrow?

Edd: I always finish my days at 8o'clock

Kevin: Want to come over? We'll order food this time and we can study a bit more.

Edd: i find that splendid.

Kevin: You really are special Double D, see you tomorrow.

At this, Kevin turned and walked toward Lyon...leaving Edd excited and quite full of joy. As Edd turned, huge grin on his face, he turned at the voice of Kevin's shouting


Edd was so happy, the reason was unclear for him for the moment, but he would have to analyze it tomorrow, he was tired. As he entered his room and lay his bag on his small couch, Edd half consciously (as it was routine) checked and prepared all his materials for tomorrow's classes and work, brewing even his own early morning coffee so it would be ready in the morning.

Once Edd had finished with materials, brushed his teeth (72 strokes), prepared his clothes (all ironed), Putting his dirty, used ones in their respective bags, and gotten ready for bed (he used pajama pants only). He took his beanie off, placing on a special bag and taking another almost identical beanie from a drawer. He didn't sleep with the beanies, but he was always sure to leave the one of the next day ready at hand. As Edd lay in bed, he hugged and nuzzled his pillow as he stroked his head and hair as Kevin did...he had enjoyed it quite intensely. As he slowly fell asleep, falling in Morpheus's hands he could only think about tomorrow and 3 bullet point thoughts.

1. He was gonna be with Kevin again.
2. He thought they were becoming real friends now.
3. Why was he starting to feel something in his stomach, a fluttering sensation, around Kevin?
Second opinions had to be consulted, and though it wasn't the best opinion and it would be highly biased against Kevin...Edd would talk these things over with Eddy tomorrow at lunch.

What was he plotting now?

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