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Author's Note

Hey. So... firstly i'd like to say...


For everyone who gave this story a chance and those who sent me messages or emails asking for more. For... those of you who saw the start of it all, who gave this bizarre and emotional gay couple story a chance. I mean... seriously, how common are these stories?! To be quite honest i hadn't read one of these (gay couple) stories ever.

I'm very unsure on my portrayal and growth of the characters. I still have a lot of proofreading to do too. I have a lot of work to call this story... FINISHED... but this is the end. A story that started out back in 2013 had finally come to its final chapter. It was hard and... more than once i found myself struggling to write sentences, let alone chapters down. 4 years in writting it, after so much that has happened in my life, it feels weird to see it all come to a close. However... it's just the closing of this story, their world still lives on. Who knows.. maybe i could continue this story in a future. Life is a mystery.

I know many have questions and others demand answers and... i am very reachable, just send me an email.
I... dont know what more there is to say.

I wrote this story truly simply as a guilty pleasure. I am... actually, not homosexual nor bisexual. So... i am quite afraid of how i wrote a lot of the content here. I'm sorry if anyone was offended by it all. Now... my reason for writing this story isn't noble nor wonderful. It's not like I found that... literature revolving around gay couples wasn't really a thing in today's world so... i thought maybe i could change that.

Truth be told, i never considered this work would see the light of day beyond my tumblr page and Fanfiction. Inkitt is truly the reason why this story had come this far. So... thanks... to all of the Inkitt community AND especially the Inkitt founders for contacting me and motivating me to... take this "jump".

Shoutout to:

Alex Rushmer
Lauren Burns

I wouldn't have come this far without your words.

I have much more stories to share... i do hope you guys give them a chance as well. It has been a fun and incredible journey guys. I hope you enjoyed this story.


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