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Edd: I am terribly sorry for my tardiness. Basically...
Kevin: You stood me up.
Edd: Yes. I...I...I didn’t mean to...
Kevin: To stand me up?
Edd: Yes. I mean... I... I lost track of time and...
Kevin: You stood me up for a girl.

Edd looked at Kevin in the eyes, his eyes watery, his innards were eating him away, thankfully Kevin seemed comprehensive. But, the response Kevin had given him last had a hint of disgust and anger, but, again, Edd was oblivious too it.

Kevin: It’s ok Double D. You are a dude after all. You have your own needs.
Edd: We didn’t do anything...
Kevin: You... didn’t?

There was a relief in Kevin’s tone, and his stern face softened a bit. Edd had lowered his face, somewhat ashamed and nervous on what Kevin thought of him. Edd was aware of the social expectations behind going out with a girl and to her apartment, but it wasn’t an absolute rule. Right?

Lyon: Aww, no kissy kissy? No passionate fondling? No intense carnal consummation?
Kevin: Cut the crap Dork!

Kevin glared fiercely at a laughing Lyon- too enthralled in his laughter to notice his roommate.

Lyon: Gin!
Kevin: Fuck off!

As Kevin turned around and faced Edd, Double D noticed the table and chairs were in fact from the caffe. The two boys had been playing cards- Gin, to be precise- which Lyon was now reshuffling.

Edd: Pardon me, but how did you manage to move this all the way out here? The caffe is a couple of stairs off, it’d take a while...
Lyon: Join us and i’ll tell you

Lyon handled the cards with expertise as he continually and fluently shuffled the cards in the air, his hands and the table. It was mesmerizing, and Edd also felt himself challenged by a worthy opponent, besides, the chat was also invitational.

Kevin: No, we won’t play this shit.
Edd: Challenge accepted.
Kevin: Oh, fuck me!
Lyon: How hard?

Kevin flushed his faced in a crimson red which was unsure of whether it was anger or embarrassment. His face and eyes were fixed, staring into Lyon. Kevin silently sat next to Edd and breathed heavily while clenching his fists under the table. Lyon and Edd were laughing incessantly as Edd sat across Lyon. He placed the painting next to him, for safe keeping- between him and Kevin. Kevin stared at the rolled thing and wondered of the content inside.

Kevin: Hey Double D, what is this?
Edd: A gift. Careful with it.

Lyon stared at both...friends, as he passed cards to Edd to start a game of Gin. Edd had been picking each card one by one, probably creating a strategy, but as Kevin motioned his hand below the table, probably to the mentioned “gift”, Edd looked straight at Kevin.

Edd: It’s private. Please.

Unconsciously and instinctively, below the table, at night, far from anyone’s eyes- even Lyon’s- Edd had grabbed Kevin’s hand. It had been an act to stop his hand’s movements, but it ended up with their fingers intertwining in a gentle and warm grasp and hold. The boys stared into each other’s eyes, sinking, drowning, falling into the depths. Emotions and hidden messages in each blink, their hands slowly falling and lying on Edd’s thigh.

Edd broke the trance and felt rather warm in the chilly air as he grabbed the cards with both hands again, facing Lyon. Kevin slowly retrieved his own, his breathing rather slow.

Lyon: Wow, tonight is rather steaming. Huh?
Kevin: It’s freezing you idiot.

Lyon snickered raising his cards up to his small, yet perky nose.

Lyon: Ready?

Edd rose his cards over his small almost button nose too, mimicking his adversary.

Edd: Set.
Kevin: Go, already!

As the cards dropped and the deck diminished as both boys fought for cards, the three laughed and teased (mostly at Kevin) as Lyon created an epic tale of bravery, comadery and leadership as to how they got the table and chair all the way to the parking lot. With little regard for the hour, the three of them laughed and enjoyed the night and extravagant tale Lyon was conjuring and Kevin was trying to level.

It so had happened that Kevin had sat waiting for Edd’s return. He had even called him as the hours passed (Edd’s heart shrunk at remembering doing such things). As day turned dusk and Kevin sat alone in the parking lot, he had called his “knight in shining armor” (as Lyon described himself). In the extensive (5 minutes, Kevin emphasized) existential crisis chat (according to Lyon), Lyon was begged (it was his own idea, Kevin clarified) to be with him (play cards). The lack of a playable surface was their first concern, and so they schemed a Tom Clancy mission to obtain a table from the caffe- though they merely asked Edd’s manager permission, Lyon embellished the story. And so they started carrying the loot back to the parking lot in an odyssey longer than the Iliad- basically because, as Kevin explained, Lyon had prioritized to chat and flirt with every living creature they met outside. Regardless, it was a hilarious tale as Edd laughed extensively and enjoyed seeing the two roommates.

Lyon: Gin!
Edd: What? Already?
Kevin: Yeah this bastard is a goddamn genius, at this.
Lyon: Jelly? Besides, I distracted you horribly Double D. We’ll rematch another time. I got an appointment-
Kevin: A date, faggot?
Lyon: At least i have one, bitch.
Edd: Is the swearing necessary?
Lyon: Bro talk, and i got you girls these...

Lyon extended across the table 2 tickets Edd couldn’t properly make out, but saw a manlier and muscular arm stretch behind him and get them. His body had betrayed him again. Whether it was the chilly air or the laughter, Edd had slauched a bit on his chair and slid unto Kevin. His head resting on his chest, Kevin’s left arm around his shoulders, hip bones touching, close enough to share body heat, his head bumping on Kevin’s chin. Becoming aware of this made Edd blush a girly pink on his cheeks and he slowly lowered his head and his eyes went blank and his body stiffened slightly; with a tingling feeling between his legs.

Kevin: Something wrong Double D?
Edd: Nothing!

Edd nearly blurted the words as he pulled his beanie over his face a bit and took long breaths to control himself and not show his pigmented face. He felt a strong arm straighten him up on the chair and then a delicate hand move his beanie upward, revealing his eyes and face to the world again.

Kevin: You ok?

Edd had big moony eyes and his hands were slightly clenched over his chest, startled. Kevin’s strong gaze was soft and almost warm as they held their gaze, centimeters from each other’s faces, Edd’s mouth slightly ajar, Kevin’s hand now softly rubbing his beanie-covered head. A loud clap startled both and they turned to see a turned Lyon who had just put on a black, rain-proof jacket which looked rather elegant and made him seem more muscular. Lyon turned around, whymsically.

Lyon: Well guys I guess I’ll...what were you doing?

Lyon had a sly grin, and both boys couldn’t help but turn to look each other again and in the ...situation they were. They both blushed almost in sync, dropping their gaze and slowly scooting some distance between them. Kevin rubbed the back of his head, and Edd started to straighten his clothes- always refined in presentation. These were signature behaviors each had developed to calm and clear their mind in dire situations. Kevin answered his roommate back.

Kevin: Friends worry for each other.
Lyon: Aww, you never worry about me. That hurts bro.
Kevin: I see you every fucking day! I rarely get to see Double D!
Edd: langua...

A silence eased in after the inconclusive sentence of Edd. Kevin was petrified in his last motion. He always spoke with full body gestures, arm extended, slightly leaning out towards Lyon. Lyon, silent and in awe at the “confession” of his roommate, slowly smiled and giggled, breaking the tension of the silence.

Lyon: Well, i gotta leave kiddos. Enjoy yourselves.

Edd pondered on these last words as Lyon walked away into the campus- probably in the Library direction. From what he knew Lyon, he was a pun-oriented speaker and chose his words carefully and skillfully. He turned to face Kevin again, to see why a new silence had moved in on Lyon’s departure. Kevin was sitting rather thoughtful looking down at the two tickets Lyon had handed them and he had grabbed. Edd was about to ask him about them, but Kevin’s voice quickly hushed him and grabbed all his attention.

Kevin: Hey Edd, you are into science right?

Edd giggled.

Edd: Yes Kevin, I am very fond of the field, especially investigations. But you should know that i’m captivated by biology and psychology (though not a proper science field)...
Kevin: OK! You are a nerd. Umm, what i mean is... well ...uhhh, Lyon gave me... us... uhhh...

Kevin was dumbfounded, he should’ve made a simpler script for how this social interaction should’ve taken place. Edd, thanks to his personal projects and classes, knew too well by now that the individual was highly unpredictable and there were no conclusive theories or methods to determine who someone was and HOW they thought. The closest someone had gotten to such an understanding of behavior was Kurt Lewin with his equation: B=f(P,E). Edd was actually very skeptical on such equation for it was too simple. He decided to intervene a bit.

Edd: What are those tickets for Kevin?

Simple and straightfoward, to put Kevin’s train of thought back in line.

Kevin: Ah, you see, these tickets are for a show at the planetarium. The last one at 9:00pm, it says here. Apparently it’s a 3D thing about the brain or something. Wanna go?

Edd smiled widely.

Edd: Absolutely.

Kevin’s face lit up at his words, but he quickly repressed his obvious ecstasy.

Kevin: Ok, but we better leave now then.

Saying this, Kevin stood up and motioned his hand toward the parking lot where a red and black motorcycle, much like Marie’s, blare its lights twice. Edd stood up and watched Kevin, keys in hand, walk up to his bike. He sat, put his helmet on and grabbed a second one from his back seat. He extended the helmet towards Edd, he looked so tough, manly and welcoming in his bike jacket (which matched colors with his bike). Edd felt drawn to him, like a bug to an insect light, but not with the same consequences. He gathered his few belongings and strapped the gift around his back and walked up to Kevin. Edd grabbed the helmet, stared at it and put it on as he sat right behind Kevin. He was shaking- nervous and scared.

Kevin: I know it’s not your first time anymore, but hold on tight.

Kevin had said this without looking back, Edd wrappedd his arms around his waist, clenching him slightly.

Kevin: Ow! Hey! Definitely your first time with a guy.

Kevin laughed at his “clever” remark. His laugh was somewhat nervous as it extended. Edd was just grateful he had the helmet on as his faced boiled red, embarrassed. Before he could say anything, Kevin grabbed his hands, and moved them further up his body. Edd felt his hands caress his body as they were guided to position, every muscle. His toned body, hard abs and strong chest with strong pectorals, the stop point. Edd was dazed, his mind blank, he was lost, but he held firmly to this amazing sample of human anatomy.

Kevin: Much better. You alive back there?

Edd, though now conscious, simply nodded his head in agreement, nuzzling a little against Kevin’s back; he could hear their breathing synced. A loud roar signaled the bike was revving and soon they were on their way.

The planetarium was a bit far from town and, hence, away from their college- 30 minutes without traffic. Edd opened his eyes, holding Kevin by the chest was not only comfortable but allowed him to see better the surroundings.

Racing the streets with faint lights but no noise (cause of the helmet), colors which melted into one. He felt the wind that ran his body, a mysterious peace and he enjoyed it. Kevin felt the movement of his guest, and smiled as he felt the grip tighten a bit around his chest. Those small, delicate hands could sure clench hard for dear life, but Kevin was happy for the trust. He was happy he was sharing the ride with someone; a nocturnal ride he had always wanted someone special to share with, for he knew a secret. As they made a turn right, into the main avenue that lead straight to the planetarium (except for minor turns to go up the hill it’s on), Kevin lifted his body slightly and shared his secret of the city. He felt Edd’s helmet bump him as his movement startled him and giggled a bit to himself. Edd yelped when he felt Kevin move into a much more upright position. He clung unto him; he was still no expert in riding the passenger seat of motorcycles.

Edd knew Kevin wouldn’t hear him, so he simply watched over Kevin’s shoulder at why the change in position. The wind was brushing them as they sped the avenue; it was Main street and it was well known for being a boardwalk for nightlife. The streets illuminated with hanging lights between light poles and shop lights, the sidewalks were lined by trees do to the green movement in the city (most sidewalks were having trees planted to make the city greener and fresher), and these were illuminated too. But, to them, who would be mere minutes on this buzzing street, the lights and colors meshed and looked like fireflies. Kevin closed his eyes as he took the scenery he so often would enjoy in his night rides. Edd was moved by such a scene, he felt as if they had moved to a new world, one where there were only the two of them. He rested his head on Kevin’s back, and enjoyed all the lights fall behind in a blur, like fireflies and their tinkling lights.

Though a silent ride, it was and would be the most memorable for both of them, or possibly the second one. As they reached the planetarium, just in time for the last show, neither of them said a word. It was probably the mesh of emotions bottled inside each of them, neither could find the perfect word or words for the occasion. As Kevin took his helmet off, he saw a shaky Edd take his too, and he honestly smiled. Edd noticed Kevin looking at him, he giggled and smiled back while scratching the back of his head. He felt shy all of a sudden, they both did. Edd moved towards Kevin and broke the ice with the perfect words as he gave him the helmet back.

Edd: Thank you.

Edd then moved towards the entrance, a now dumbfounded Kevin stood holding both helmets by his bike. He was unaware of it, but he was blushing a bright pink with a hint of red on his cheeks.

Edd: Kevin, we are already late. Hurry up!

Kevin was still a bit lost, but he secured both helmets on the back of his bike and turned to run up the flight of stairs into the arch entrance. He looked up half way to see if Edd was still waiting, and he was. The light coming from inside shone a great aura around him, he looked less Edd and more an angel, a vision, the illusionary vision of perfection. He looked mesmerizing and Kevin slowed down with awe on his face. Edd smiled girlishly.

Edd: What is it Kevin?

Kevin quickly ran the last steps and gave Edd the tickets.

Edd: What were you looking at?

Kevin had already sped in a bit, but he turned back and saw a handsome and fashionable guy he had grown a bond with, maybe more than a bond; as they spent more time together Kevin had become addicted. He felt he wanted to be with Edd, he enjoyed it, but he still didn’t know why. Kevin answered with a grin.

Kevin: A dork.

Edd laughed slightly and smiled at him at the remark, and he made his way inside. The two boys entered side by side as the light’s dimmed out, queing the show was about to start. They quickly found their seats side by side in the center of the planetarium and tilted their seats to look straight up into the dome screen.

Edd: You know, i read this was to be a breath taking ride.

Kevin turned his head to see an eager Edd scanning the dome to where would the first images comes from. He found him adorable, and smiled as he also turned his face up to the sky and answered back.

Kevin: I hope it is. A memorable one.

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