Just A Dream

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. Juliet Asanova: A girl who is lost in this world due to a tragic accident in which had happened and had changed her whole life. It had changed everything for her. She knows things, even people can't explain her reasoning. They will think that she is crazy, no one will believe her until one day... Hayes Michaelson: A boy who has great and perfect life until one day he meets Juliet. What will happen when the two encounter? Will sparks fly just like in every fairytale, or will they burst into flames and have a vile relationship with one another. Will he find out the truth? Will he find out what really is going? What will happen? Stick around and find out the adventures of Juliets and Hayes life.

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"What?", I asked while shaking my head back and forth I can't believe it.

They must be playing a joke with me or something.

My throat was hurting as if I haven't spoken a single world for years.

It hurts, but I decided to ignore it thinking that it might go away soon.

I laughed out loud as if It was the funniest joke I had ever heard in my life. Call me crazy for all I care, I ended up coughing a lot while I was at it.

"You need to calm down", the doctor said.

"Calm down! What makes you think that I'll calm down. What kind of sick joke... are you all playing? Did my brother pay you to do all of this? And-",

I began coughing once more and it wouldn't stop. Why am I feeling this way what is wrong with me?

I look down to see blood on my blanket.

"Don't talk, it will only get worse", the doctor said.

"Let us in!", someone said and the voice was Offaly familiar.

"She has just-", the doctor got cut off when the door had opened.

"What's going on here?", my mother said while barging into the room.

Her eyes went wide and she took a step back and my dad had the same reaction as my mother had.

She cried on his shoulder while he was saying something under his breath and had a smile on his face.

My brother came inside as well and he looked relieved and tears were running down his cheek.

Was the doctor telling the truth?

Why else would they be crying...right?

Was I really gone for three years?

"No! Why are you crying? No this can't be", it hurts, It hurts when I talk.

I closed my eyes and held my head with my hands and telling myself that I am dreaming.

"This is Just a Dream, this is just a dream, just a dream...", I continued to chant.

That what they are saying is a lie and not the truth.

I can't believe them, I couldn't but is there a possibility that they were telling the truth?

Was I really in a coma for three years...but I had a life I was with my family. Happily living my life... was it all Just A Dream?

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