Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

By T. Lanay All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


[WARNING: There is boyxboy action so if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] Wattpad original. As a boy Lakota was dropped off at the Syrin's door forced into a life full of despair and pain. But he had escaped all that with Kyle who he helped along the way and now he is happily living his life with Cyrus, his new companion. And from the tingling sensations he get when he's close to the Elder; his possible mate? But once again his life is out of his control and it might very well bring him closer to an unwanted war with the people he has come to hate with a passion. And with this, comes fated alliances that are made and astonishing surprises that are in store as he is forced to fight for his freedom and his choices.


It was raining hard, dark clouds were overhead as the young wolf lay, his fur being pelted by the rain. He was panting; out of breath.

‘I must have lost him’ Lakota said to himself.

Cyrus and he were having their usual run when they started up a game of tag. The Elder may be stronger than him, but he was faster, and Lakota prided himself on that.

He was just going to lay here till he could catch his breath and go find Cyrus if the male didn’t find him first. The sound of soggy leaves and branches being crushed made him pick his head off the ground.

‘He found me’ the wolf smiled.

But that smile soon faded when it was not Lakota’s Elder.

Quickly he shot to his feet, backing away from the group of strangers.

“The master would love to have a peace of you mutt, maybe he’ll share too” one raspy voice ground out that put Lakota’s fur on edge.

His whole body ran cold instantly,

‘Not again’ he whined to himself and abruptly shifted his weight taking off, away from the group.

‘Cyrus’ he cried through their link. ‘Cyr-’ he was cut off suddenly by a body slamming into him.

How did they catch up with him?

His form was pinned to the wet muddy ground as the crowd of strangers began to tighten cold cuffs on his paws, and proceeded to muzzle his mouth too.

“Be a good little doggy and it won’t hurt too much.” The gross voice breathed in his ear.

‘No’ he whimpered.

He struggled to the best of his abilities, but the restraints were too much for him. Before he knew it everything went black from a sudden pain at the back of his skull.

“Nighty, night wolf” was the last thing he heard along with their snickers.

He was too late!

Cyrus was scouring the whole area looking for Lakota. His nose was beginning to burn from all the scents he was picking up as he tried to locate the wolf’s smell, when something stopped him in his tracks about a yard away from where he was.

His head shot up in the direction it was coming from and he race to the spot. Taking a deep breath, his heart stopped in his chest.

It was faint now because of the rain and would be gone in the next few minutes but it was unmistakable, and Lakota’s scent was mixed in with it.

It was such a calming scent, almost like the smell of jasmine. It took him a second to recognize it but there it was, the scent of something he hadn’t come across in ages and it caused something in him to crack. Lifting his head back he let out a painfully heartbreaking howl.

His mate had been taken, and if he didn’t find Lakota fast, there was no chance of ever seeing him again.

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