Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 9


I was racing through a blur of trees when I came to a skidding halt. My blood was on fire as I paced back and forth. I don’t know what was wrong, my whole body was humming, and I could feel my wolf’s anxiety coursing through me. Everything happened so fast back there that no matter what I did I could still feel Gale’s bite.

Shaking my head, I rolled over into the grass and leaves as if trying to rub his sent off me, but it lingers deeper than on my fur. It was in my blood now. I could feel his essence in my veins and I hated it but loved it.

I stopped suddenly on my back, my paws were standing out as I stared up at the stars. My wolf didn’t know what to feel. He was angry because I was, and he was happy because we were just mated with our mate. All he wanted to do was go back and finish the job, but I held him tight.

‘No, he kidnapped our mate’

‘He is our mate’ my wolf whined.

‘Have you forgotten what we went through?’

‘No but it wasn’t him who took Lakota, it was his father.’

‘I refuse to accept it’

‘Stubborn’ he growled.


‘Nothing’ he snapped.

I rolled my eyes at him and twisted around to my paws, slowly mading my way back. This was going to be difficult keeping away from Gale now since he started the mating process with me but I refused to be with him after what he did to Lakota.

‘Good luck with that’ I heard my wolf laugh and I bared my teeth.

I came through the tree line only to find Gale and Lakota sitting in the middle of the clearing. His hand was in Gale’s and his fingers were playing with them.

Growling I stalked towards with them only to show my teeth at Gale pushing them away from each other and curling my body about Lakota.

“Well someone’s angry.” Gale smiled getting to his feet.

“Stop” Lakota pleaded running his hand over my head I had laying in his lap.

“I want to be snuggle up to” he said with his lip poked out.

A rumble started in my chest as I glared up at him.

“Give it time Cyrus and you’ll be begging me to cuddle with you too” Gale said confidently before disappearing before our eyes.

Damn vampire.



The next day I had to untangle myself from Cyrus to go to the bathroom. There was a cold breeze today and I shivered slightly from it, I think it might be best to just go in wolf form for now. But the moment I was about to shift I spotted Gale standing in the clearing I was about to relieve myself in.

Frowning I came to a stop, watching him quietly. He was a bit hunched over as if he was struggling to stand straight.

“Gale?” I asked walking up to him.

He spun around so fast but what really had me gasping in surprise was his eyes were a dark swirling metal gray, a color I’d never seen his eyes change to.

“Are you alright” I fought back the instinct to back away and instead walked closer.

“Lakot” he rasped out of a raw sounding throat.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” he said sharply before stepping away from me. “Just go back” he demanded softly.

“Not without you, come on” I pushed reaching out to take his hand.

He snatched it back the moment our skin sparked together.

“I said go Lakota!” I gasped stepping back.

He’s never used my name before.

Slowly I nodded and shifted form back into my wolf and ran back to Cyrus.

Maybe he can help.

No,e he needed to help.



Something heavy slammed into me and I jumped away on the offensive till my eyes focused. I saw Lakota’s bright yellow eyes surrounded by soft gray fur staring down at me desperately.

“What, what is it?” I asked softly kneeling in front of him. He whined walking up to me and rubbing his body against mine knocking me to my bottom.

“Hey” I cooed running my fingers through his fur.

I watched him nip at my pants, yanking at them.

‘Come on’ I heard him call to me through our bond.


‘Its Gale’

The mention of fang boy’s name made in involuntary shiver race down my spine.

“Where” I grudgingly asked.

Lakota faced the direction behind him and pointed with his nose.

‘Through there into the clearing.’

With that I left Lakota there since he seemed to be as reluctant to go so I trudged my way through the trees.

The vampire’s sweet floral scent was hard to miss as I burst through the tree line and found Gale down on his hands and knees a few feet away. Instinctually I raced over towards him to make sure he wasn’t hurt.

“What happened!” I demanded kneeling towards him just about to touch his back. He quickly swiped my hand away from him and growled viciously at me. My eyes widened to find huge bared fangs and jet black eyes staring into my shocked blue.


“What part of go does no one understand- Ah!” he cut himself off with a scream and hunched over grabbing his stomach.

Then it hit me.

“Either you’re having the worlds worst menstrual cramps” this caused him to glare up at me with those pitch black eyes.

“Or your starting to get really hungry.” I said slowly.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got this. Just leave me alone and make sure no one else comes to see how I’m doing.”

“When was your last feeding?” I asked ignoring his last warning.

“It’s none of your damn business.” he gasped hanging his head and squeezing his eyes shut.

“Just tell me”

“You don’t asked questions like that Cyrus” he panted. “Just leave, it will go away with time.”

I was confused as to why I wasn’t allowed to ask him that question when I suddenly remember a bit of a book I’d read about Vampires at the Elder academy. It was considered indecent to mention anything about your feeding habits to others. It was also considered an intimate transaction better left in the bedroom.

But for him to be this hungry it must have been a while ago and a hungry vampire was no better than a hungry wolf, if anything it was worse. A lot worse.

“You have to eat” I told him.

“It will go away”

“And that kind of thinking is what got you into this mess in the first place, isn’t it?!” I growled pushing him. He was so weak that he just toppled over on his side and back.

I guess all the running we’ve done recently was catching up to him and somewhere deep down I felt a twinge of pity.

Dammit, it was his fault I even experienced these moments of weakness for him!

“Come on Gale, tell me what you need.”

He turned his face away from me and I was glad slightly. A least I wasn’t the only one feeling pathetic right about now.

“Is it animal or human” I persisted.

A long silence answered me and stretched on forever before I heard him sigh.

“Why are you helping me?”

“I don’t know, quit asking stupid questions and just answer mine.”

“Yours is a stupid question” he said and I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I don’t know jack about your species so forgive me if I ask any questions to try and help you.” I countered.

“It’s useless, any blood I take now won’t last me long anyway.” His dark brown hair with its shining highlights in the sun made a huge contrast with his pale skin, which looked icy cold now.

“What do you mean?” I inquired.

“The only blood to sustain me now would have to be my mate’s blood.” He finally said.

I froze.

“Then why did you send Lakota away from you?” I asked slowly. He turned towards me,

“Because I’m starving, I’m not going to hurt him anymore then he’s already been through. I’d rather starve myself than feed from him in this condition.” His black eyes stared at me with a serious expression.

I watched him struggle to a sitting position with one leg bent up and the other angled on the ground.

“So you won’t bite Lakota even though it will sate you.” I asked.


I nodded,

“Then bite me”

This cause his head to snap up,

“You’re kidding”

“I don’t joke”

He shook his head at me.

“Why, if you won’t take from Lakota then the next best thing is me”

“No” he forced this out in a hard tone.

I felt a little offended.

“Well because of you we’re mated now too”

“And that is why I won’t hurt you” he pushed to his feet. “You don’t understand, I’d rather die than take either of you at this moment.”

“Well I’m the best you got Gale! Bite me!” I demanded from him.

He staggered off pathetically trying to escape, I caught up with him easily.

“Gale, I’m not Lakota. You don’t have to protect me or baby me.” He glared at me then,

“What makes you think I want-”

“Want my blood?” I interrupted him, hurt. He stopped then and turned to me fully,

“To treat you any differently than Lakota.” He finished.

This made me paused before I sighed holding in the sudden emotions that raced through me. Slowly I extended the nail on my forefinger and quickly without giving him time to react, I slashed the side of my neck.

Instantly his black eyes zeroed in on the gash as I felt blood begin to seep out the self-inflicted wound.

“I’m not going to let you starve because you’re too scared to help yourself.” I told him stubbornly.

I had no warning at his attack, one second he was a few feet away, and then he was on me. My back hit the ground and his teeth sank into my neck all in the same moment. Gasping I could do nothing but let it happen.

The pain from his strike dissolved into a euphoric pleasure that totally consumed my body from head to toe.

It was then I was aware of everything about him. His heavy muscular weight, his scruffy jaw as it continuously ground against my neck sensually as he drank, his tight grip on my hips were painful and delicious. He was rough and gentle all at the same time. His constant growls echoed in my ear as he sated himself on my blood.

I could hear and feel my wolf’s tension fade away as we lay there accepting Gale’s fangs. I felt him suddenly loosen his jaw and I shifted a bit to see if he was done already but my movement just made him panic and reinforce his dominance on me.

I’ve never been the type to be dominated but for some reason my wolf let him have his way, which was highly unusual. It was then I knew there was nothing I could do about him, there was no way I would be able to fight him for much longer.

Gale’s knee slid up my thigh, spreading me wide for him. Laying over me he began to grind his pelvis into mine and I could feel his shaft rub desperately against me.

“Gale” I groaned unable to keep it inside.

“Mm” he moaned through gulps.

Then his hand slid from my hips and traveled up my waist, caressed up my chest, nails scratching me over my nipples before traveling back down. His thrusts against me became more wild and fierce. It was as if he wanted to rub the barrier of fabric between us out of existence and finally feel my skin.

Not long after that thought I heard the sound of fabric tearing. My eyes snapped open and the morning’s cool breeze caressed my now free member.

“Gale” I breathed a warning.

His cold hand grabbed me, and I jerked my hips up in shock.

He pulled at my neck at the same time as my shaft. His other hand slid down my thigh, trying to touch me everywhere he possibly could.

“We shouldn’t.” I wavered as his hand threw me into oblivion.

Again, I was jolted into surprise when I felt the soft, yet hard feeling of his own member braced up against mine and together they were rubbed in harmony. I threw my head back letting the air catch all my cries of pleasure, not giving a damn about who heard me.

My wolf was on the edge unable to hold back from immersing himself completely in Gale, letting him take everything he wanted.

My body seized abruptly, the combination of his hands, his soft fleshy shaft and his essence threw my body into a tsunami of pleasure and we both peaked in unison. Gale finally let my neck go as he cried out with me and our bodies erupted between us, completely spent.

Gale rolled over on his back beside me and we said nothing, we just listened to the others erratic breathing.

Our spent seed lay on my stomach cooling, mind racing, unable to comprehend what we just did. All I could understand was that my wolf was purring his heart away, sated.

“Are you full” I asked softly.

“Utterly and happily” he responded sounding calm and satisfied.

“Good” I shot to my feet and tore my tattered pants off, using them to wipe away the evidence of what just happened from my stomach.

“Cyrus?” Gale question leaning up on his arm.

“I have to get back”

“After what just happened you’re going to try and ignore it?” he sounded slightly offended.

I closed my eyes before turning my back to him.

“I just need to be alone for a while ok” with that I shifted and took off through the tree line and found my way back to Lakota.

Even though I said I wanted to be alone I found myself wrapped around Lakota anyway. If I was honest with myself, I loved every delicious minute with Gale but somewhere in me knew that it was missing something, something important.

‘And that something, was Lakota.’ I thought as I snuggled my muzzle up under his furry neck and immersed in his earthy scent.

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