Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 10

~ Lakota~

“Let’s get going” Cyrus told the group and we started heading out.

Something was bothering him, the moment he came back from talking with Gale his whole demeanor had changed and his scent too. I kept it to myself but his scent was overwhelmingly drenched in Gale’s floral smell. It was soothing and curious all at the same time when we were laying together last night. It reminded me of the time I was in the restaurant when the two of them came in and their combined intoxicating scent of spring rain falling on a bed of flowers engulfed me.

I wanted to ask if he found out what was wrong with Gale but once Cyrus returned, Gale came back not much later looking refreshed and happy, smelling overwhelmingly like Cyrus as well. Cyrus became stiff and quiet the moment Gale showed up. Silently I watched the two closely, trying to find any tale tell signs of what happened between them.

A hand brushed the top of my head softly as Gale came to stand behind me.

“Hey Lakot” he said with his usual smile. I turned towards him and surveyed him closely.

“You look better today.” I said. He rose a brow at me before his smile widened.

“I do, thank you for what you did by the way.”

“And what exactly did you guys do” I teased sniffing him loudly.

He shook his head softly and leant down, pressing his mouth to mine. A shiver raced down my spine from the shock of our lips connecting. His big hand moved from the top of my head down to the nape and gripped the strands tightly. My hands reached out behind him and pulled at his shirt taking it in my grasp.

I never knew that kissing someone could feel so good.

“Ahem” the sound of a loud interruptive cough had me pulling away from Gale slightly. My body was flushed and left gasping as Gale separated us to look over at Cyrus.

“Hey, you got to hug him all night” he shrugged. I glanced over at Cyrus to see his narrowed eyes and surprisingly flushed cheeks. He tightened his lips in annoyance and gazed down at me, his expression softening.

“Were leaving.” I nodded shifting in my wolf form.

And with that we were off.

Our group came to a halt at Cyrus command around midday. Connor shifted along with Teagan.

“What is it?” Connor asked Cyrus.

Human once again Cyrus turned towards us.

“There’s a foul stench in the air.”

“You noticed that too” Gale said walking up beside me.

“Yeah, it means we’re close to the ‘Seer’ and she’s not happy about it.”

“How do we draw her out?” Connor asked.

Cyrus snickered.

“We already have.” He answered and within seconds everything went to hell.

Something curled around my hind leg and I was airborne, everyone’s shocked faces were upside down as I whined in surprise. I glanced down at my foot to see a vine reaching out from the bushes.

“Lakota!” multiple voices exclaimed.

Then I was soaring through the air, hitting branches in my wake. I landed with a thud, rolling to a painful stop right at a pair of little filthy bare feet. Glancing up taking in the dirty ripped white dress they wore, I saw a shaggy shower of long wavy blonde hair obscuring my vision of the mysterious persons face as they leant down towards me.

“So you’re the ones disturbing my forest, are you?” a voice of seduction was all I could call the sound that came out of her mouth.

Bright green eyes shone like headlights as they came face to face with me. There were a few wrinkles here and there but her face was ageless.

With strength that didn’t look like it was possible for her small frame and 5’4 height, she picked me up with one hand by the scruff of my neck.

“Why are you here.” I cried out in pain as my skin was stretched to its capacity by my own weight.

She laughed,

“Stupid question, let me rephrase that, what do you want?”

“Let him go!” the thunderous growled penetrated my ear drums as I snapped my head over to see Teagan standing there, red eyes glaring and steam coming off his body in waves.

“Oh, and if I don’t?” her question was answered by a smoldering ball of fire she dodged just barely but not without a singe to her raggedy dress.

“Well, aren’t you a fiery one?” she chuckled.

“Put him down!”

Behind him the rest of the group showed up, all teeth and hostility.

“You know, I should be the one angry right now. You were the ones disturbing ‘my’ peace.” Her beautiful clear accent was a dark allure.

“Put my mate down ‘Seer’” Cyrus sneered.

Her green eyes glowed with defiance,

“If I do, will you leave?”

There was no answer,

“What do you want?” this time she asked seriously.

“Information” Gale answered.

She tilted her head in his direction now and then chuckled,

“I dare say, am I entertaining royalty now?” she said.

Gale gritted his teeth showing his sharp fangs in the process.

“Just let our mate go and your head won’t be looking up at your body.” Gale hissed.

There was a thick tension in the air as we stood around and then I hit the floor. Quickly I raced back over between my mates and shifted in my human form.

“You want information, what kind, ‘Your Highness?’” she gave a mocking curtsey.

The sound of Gale’s back teeth grinding together made me wince. Cyrus quickly threw his arm out in front of Gale preventing him from advancing towards the Seer.

“We’re here for the whereabouts of my mate and his brothers parents.”

“A manhunt eh?”

“No one said it was a manhunt” Cyrus growled.

“Mmm, have you already forgotten for who you went through all that trouble to find?” she reached up and tapped the side of her head with her finger. “I know almost everything you desire.”

“Then why ask all the stupid questions.” Cyrus snarled in irritation.

“For funzies.” she laughed before sighing and turning around. “Come along mutts, and leach.”

And off she went, demanding we follow her through the forest.

Gale hissed,

“I’m going to kill her.”

“Not yet, wait till we get the info first.” Cyrus said not discouraging Gale in the least.

At least they agreed on something.

The forest quickly turned in to a boggy area and trudging through the muddy swamp was harder then she made it seem. She practically glided across the muck.

For what seem like hours later I saw a hut posted right in the middle of the swamp. Glancing around me alligators and crocodiles alike swarmed around us, watching with their hungry beady pitch black eyes reflecting in the moonlight.

“Very homey.” Gale commented sarcastically.

“It’s to keep the likes of you away. It gets tiresome constantly having people begging from me at every turn.” She glanced back at us. “But you’re lucky I’m in a generous mood today.”

I almost missed the sinister smirk cross her lips as she turned back. A chill wracked my body at the thought of what she was thinking.

“Don’t worry they don’t attack people unless I give the order.” she snickered behind her hand.

The Seer threw the door open and whirled around quickly before any of us could enter and held her arm out blocking the entrance.

“Stop” she demanded and we halted.

“I don’t need a cramped house. Only the ones who seek their parents can enter and no more.” Her glowing eyes stared at us and from her expression I knew if we didn’t do as she said nothing good would come out of it.

“Fine” I said preventing my mates from arguing. I glanced over at Cyrus who was glaring at me in warning.

“This mission was meant for Teagan and I anyway remember.” His shoulders dropped in defeat.

“If you need me at all just call”

I nodded my head and reached up on my tip toes and kissed him softly.

“Hey what about me?” Gale whined and I smiled. Ending our kiss I did the same for him and turned to walked under the Seers arm and Teagan followed.

“Cute.” I heard her say before closing us in.

Her home was like something out of a scary movie. Alligator and crocodile feet hung from the ceilings and the skins were nailed to the walls. Apothecary jars full of gross looking unknown substances were huddled together on her makeshift shelves collecting dust.

Chimes and mysterious bones rattled as she moved around the small room. For someone who looked like a tiny innocent blonde woman, she was scary. Strange stains were splattered or pooled all over the room and my wolf’s senses could scent the blood penetrating the air strongly. Mostly animal blood.

He didn’t like this, he was anxious and pacing inside me as we stood there.

‘We should not be here’ my wolf whined with a snarl.

‘I know but how else are we supposed to find our parents?’ I answered back and he growled in response. I had to crack my neck to get rid of all the tension he was emitting just for a little relief in my muscles.

“I thought you were a Seer not a witch” Teagan said finally breaking the silence as his eyes surveyed around the room.

“Seer, witch all the same really.” she said waving her hand in a dismissive manner.

“Now, tell me boys, I know what you want but I need a sample of your parents DNA?”

“DNA?” Teagan asked, he seemed edgy being in this small hut with her. His messy black hair was in his face as he glared at her through the strands. I noticed the protective stance he had in front of me and I smiled a bit.

“Yes, a piece of hair or something to help me find them.” She sighed rolling her eyes.

“We don’t have any of that.” I told her.

“Look your parents are blocking my view of them and everyone around them. I can tell they have some powerful magic on their side if they can hide from me.” She said a bit frustrated.

She began pacing, her bare feet leaving tracks in the wood floor that was beyond saving.

Then suddenly I was hissing, staggering away from the abrupt pain in my arm. Grasping at my forearm I looked down to see a gash running across it.

Teagan turned at the sound of my gasp and saw the wound. He spun around as we saw the Seer standing inches in front of me at the same time.

I looked up at her to find her examining her razor sharp pinking nail.

“How did you..?” I inquired in shock as I watched her lick the blood off her pinky.

“Since you have nothing with you I had to improvise and seeing as how they’re your parents...” She shrugged.

Teagan was on her in moments but surprisingly stopped mid attack and fell like a stone to the floor.

“Teagan?” I frowned in worry.

“Don’t worry there’s nothing I want from your brother.” She assured me “I just need something from you.” her sultry voice caressed my ear drums

“What?” I asked when suddenly I was brought down to my knees.

She laughed as she stepped up close and lent down to put her ageless face in mine, her waist length blonde hair curtained us away from the rest of the world.

“Payment” she said to me softly. I struggled to stand but it was like gravity was pushing me down.

I stared in confusion, “Payment, what payment?” I ground out.

“I thought that was what my blood was for.” She shook her head.

“You have a strong mine Lakota” she said circling me. I watched her carefully as I heard Teagan growl beside me still frozen.

“It’s your most precious attribute I’d say. And your wolf makes your will stronger.”

“What do you want?” she laughed softly.

“Something you hold very dear Lakota.” she whispered in my ear, I could feel her cold lips pressed against my skin when suddenly she reached out and pulled my head back by my hair forcing me to look up in her eyes.

“Your sanity.”

I only had time to gasp when a world of indescribable familiar pain hit me and I screamed.



The scream actually made my blood run cold and a shiver rocket down my spine. I spun instantly towards the entrance to find Teagan motionless on the floor right next to Lakota who was withering, screaming bloody murder. The Seer stood over him just watching him suffer.

Both Gale and Connor came rushing next to me as we barged into the room.

“Teagan!” Connor rushed to his side then dropped next to him limply, unmoving.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I exclaimed growling jumping to attack her.

I stopped mid jump not because I wanted to but because I was forced to. I was frozen in midair. Gale saw this and hissed, his fangs descending as he ran at her only to end up just like me.

“Quiet your two.” she hissed turning her head towards us in an unusual animalistic way. I noticed her glowing green eyes were turning into slits almost like a cats before filling out again.

Growling I looked back at Lakota in panic, he was rolling and clawing at the floor leaving deep impressions with his nails.

“Stop it!” I screamed.

“Shh” she whispered as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

“Ugh!” Gale exclaimed as he struggled to fight the Seers hold.

“I’m going to kill you.” he threatened and for an instant his frigid voice even made a shiver run through me.

A smile spread on her face and that’s when I saw her incisors elongating into canines, the small wrinkles around her eyes and mouth were slowly receding and her green eyes turning yellow.

“You can try.” her low sultry voice came out light and taunting.

“Ahhhh!” the ear splitting scream that escaped Lakota’s mouth did me in and I couldn’t hold it back anymore.

A roar ripped its way from my chest as I opened the path ways, I kept close for everyone’s safey, and reached out locating the Seers and attaching myself to her. The invisible strings slithered, imbedded themselves into her sensory and I let go.

Millions of jolts shot from me into her brain as I basically tried to fry her brain mentally.

The screech that she gave made an open sadistic smile slip across my face.

‘Good! Feel the pain, f**king die!’ the malicious thought crossed my mind.

Then it suddenly stopped, the strings snapped and I jerked back from the force of it all.

“Nice try boy but I’m too old for such weak tricks.” she gasped before I was thrown against the wall loosing consciousness for a moment.

When I opened my eyes again it was only to find everything silent. Lakota had finally stopped screaming, he was laying there unconscious and Gale was still floating in the air. My eyes traveled towards the Seer to see her face me,

“Payment is complete, he can find who he is searching for.”

“What the hell did you do to him!?” I demanded.

“An exchange for payment.” Was all she said.

Slowly she walked past all the damage she did and stopped next to me gazing down at me.

“He suffers more that he shows.” Her long blonde hair swirled about her body as a powerful aura circled around her, and it was then that I saw something I couldn’t believe. Her body morphed into a wolf, and not just any wolf but Lakotas grey and white one.

I stared gapping as she ran out of the hut and vanished into the trees.

“No!” I raced after her but a field of invisible net sent me flying backwards.

The sound of footsteps alerted me and I turned to see Lakota’s limp body laying in Gale’s arms. I glanced up into Gale’s face then and grimaced. His fangs were extended, framed in a viciously edged mouth and his normally kind brown eyes were not his bright silver when he was angry; they were completely black. Just like they were back in the clearing but I knew he wasn’t hungry this time.

That was not good.

“Where is she?” he hissed.

“I don’t know,” I paused turning back towards the woods I was refused access to and growled.

“But she took our mates wolf.”

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