Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 14


“Alright lazy bones, time to get up and have some fun today!” Gale’s voice was loud and cheerful as he came rushing into the room. I groaned as I snuggled closer to the warm body surrounding me.

“Go die in a hole somewhere, Gale.” Cyrus growled roughly with sleep as he tightened his arms around me.

“Nah, I’m good on that but it’s 2 pm and time to get up!” with lightning fast moves he threw the covers off to the ground.

“Get up!” and then he was out of the room with hysterical laughter.

I couldn’t help the small smile at his childish behavior.

“I’m gunna kill him” Cyrus muttered into the pillow. I moved my head up to look at him,

“He’s just trying to brighten the mood.”

“Or ruin good sleep” he bit moodily. Sighing he pulled his head from the pillow and looked down at me. His beautiful blue eyes staring at me softly.


“Nothing” and without any further talk he leaned down and pressed his warm lips to mine gently. My surprise only lasted for a second before I relaxed into him. All to soon he pulled away, his mouth only a few inches from mine.

“Good evening Lakota” he chuckled.

“Good evening” I laughed.

His brows furrowed as he reached up and smoothed my messy hair from my face.

“You’re beyond anything I could ask for.” My eyes widened with his sudden confession.

His hand traveled down from my hair to my face, his thumb softly skimmed over my bottom lip. My mouth opened slightly as he caressed it. His eyes were slowly darkening, his pupils were shrinking as he stared at me with his heated gaze. His wolf was starting to emerge.

“Lakota” he whispered leaning back down and capturing my lips with his. It was different this time, it wasn’t soft, it was full of passion.

A whimper escaped my mouth as our kiss deepened. I could hear his breath becoming labored as he shifted, moving over me. Never breaking the kiss his hands traveled further down from my face, to my neck and chest, stopping at my waist. His fingers playing with the hem of my bottoms.

“Cyrus” I breathed.

“Mmm” he groaned his lips traveling to my neck. His teeth grazed and my body tightened beneath his.

“Ah” I cried.

Growling his hands tightened on my hips as he continued. The moment his warm tongue touched my skin I couldn’t help arching into him.

“More” I heard him say, “Give me more Lakota”

“More?” what is he talking about. He was making it hard to think properly.

“Yes, I want to hear you. I want to feel you.” His teeth caught my lips suddenly and I gasped in pleasure.

We were both out of breath, the room was starting to get hot… or was that me? I think my body was starting to catch a fire that seemed like it would be impossible to extinguish.

“What are you guys doing?” a voice whispered in our ears and we both jerked away from each other to look at Gale, who was leaning on the bed over us.

“The f*ck!” Cyrus exclaimed jumping away.

I couldn’t help but to laugh at Gale’s goofy smirk.

“How long have you been there?

“Long enough” he grinned.

He may have looked like he was playing but his eyes were a piercing silver. A sure sign he was affected by what he saw. I blushed,

“Getting naughty without me I see.” He pouted cutely, and I bit my lip to keep myself from smiling.

“You’re such a cockblocker.” Cyrus mumbled.

“Never!” Gale gasped out in feigned outrage. “I just want to spend time with my mates is all” he sighed dejected.

“Yeah Right”

I glanced at Cyrus as he turned his head away from us but I could see the smallest blush gracing his cheeks. So cute.

“What did you want to do?” I asked.

“Well you’ll have to see, which means getting out of bed and not sexing up Cyrus.” He answered tapping me on the tip of my nose, effortlessly jumping from the bed and began rummaging through the drawers. He threw some clothes on the bed.

“Hurry and get dressed you two and stop making out without me.” He walked to the door and stopped.

“And you have five minutes or I’m going to physically remove you from the bed and dress you myself.” His eyes narrowed at us and we both shrank from his expression.

“Okay” Cyrus and I said in unison.

He snickered “Good” and with that he left.

Sighing we both slumped in the bed,

“He’s something else” Cyrus murmured into his pillow.

Reaching for the clothes I nodded as I got to my feet.

“But he cares”

He didn’t say anything after that while we dressed.

It was a little awkward between us as we got ready, but I couldn’t help my eyes as they wandered over towards him. His muscles were so well defined, I could see his abs as they contracted. Clearing my throat, I buttoned up my jeans and slipped my shoes on.

“Lets see what Gale has planned for us today.” I said quickly making my way to the door.

“I guess” Cyrus grumbled.

I wandered down the hall but the moment I reached the stairs I noticed something that had me shaking my head. Rolling my eyes I descended the stairs and followed the trail of doggy biscuits. Cyrus was going to be pissed when he sees this and just the thought had me snickering.

The bone shaped dog treats led me out the front door and off to the side of the house. And there stood Gale at the edge of the forest of trees.

“You found me” he smiled.

I stopped in front of him,

“You know that’s going to insult Cyrus.” Gale laughed.

“Ha, the man needs to lighten up. He should take a joke. Now,” suddenly he stepped up to me till there was barely any space between us.

“Where is my kiss lakot?” he practically purred. “Or does Cyrus only get to taste your lips?” he pouted as he leaned his head in close, angling it till our lips were just a breath apart from each other. He was so close that the beautiful sweet smell emitting from his body was surrounding me in a cloud of euphoria.

‘What these men did to me’

Closing the space between us I reached a hand up to his face and sank into him. I heard him sigh as our lips pressed together. The feel of his lips were different compared to Cyrus’s. Where Cyrus’s lips were warm, Gale’s were cool. But both were soft.

I felt Gale swipe his tongue across my lips suddenly and I gasped.

“Yep, delicious” he whispered before pulling away. Feeling a little bit dazed I glanced up at him.

“Cyrus can’t have all the love, now can he?” he smiled tapping his finger under my chin.

Then out of nowhere there was a saw something whiz by that almost hit Gale in the face.

“You’re just a regular Johnny Knoxville aren’t you?”

“Oh nothing to that extreme but I’ll take it.” Gale teased while tossing the dog treat in his hands before throwing it back.

“But have a snack, I got them for you” Cyrus caught it tightly and nothing but crumbs were left when he was done. I sighed, is this going to be my day? Looking away from the arguing duo I glanced into the trees and I was soon filled with a familiar sadness. I couldn’t run free in those trees anymore. I couldn’t feel the comforting warmth of my wolf as he took over. I was stuck on two legs.

Turning back to my mates I tried to feel better, knowing that they were here for me. After last night I knew they would help me with through thick and thin but I still felt empty inside. There was no replacement for a being that had been with you since birth. Always there looking out for you. My wolf and I had been through too much for me to just be okay with his absence.

“You know I debated on if I should lay out dog treats or kibble bits. I decided that you’ve been a good boy lately you deserved a reward.” Gale poked.

‘Oh god’ I sighed.

“Yeah, well I should lay down some garlic and crosses to repel you from the house.” Cyrus countered. Gale suddenly clutched his shirt over his heart,

“Ow Cyrus, that one stung a little bit.”

Rolling his eyes with a scoff, Cyrus walked past him but not before Gale could lean forward and nip at his ear.

“Ah!” Cyrus squealed, jumping away wide eyed. He was holding his ear and a red tint was starting to flood his cheeks. That was where I lost it. Unable to stop, laughter bubbled up and it burst out loud.

“Your face!” I cried holding my stomach as I fell to my knees and then to my side.

Both stared at me dumbfounded for a moment before they too started to laugh with me.

There was a gentle breeze today as it ruffled through our hair. Giving such a calming effect for all of us. The day was perfect, the sun was high, the sky was blue, and the trees swayed softly giving us the beautiful melody of nature.

Slowly we all settled down laying on our back, our heads were all touching as we lay in a circle and stared up at the sky.

“Nothing beats this” Cyrus said.

“It’s a perfect day and I’m glad I get to spend it with my pups.” Gale added.

Cyrus reached back and backhanded him in the chest playfully.

“Don’t call us pups unless you want to be called a leach”

“But you are pups compared to me.” He shrugged. This caused both Cyrus and I to turn over on our stomachs in curiosity.

“Really?” I said.

“How old are you then?” Cyrus added.

Gale sighed following our example,

“You really want to know?” he teased, those beautiful brown eyes were sparkling with mischief. Cyrus scowled,

“No, not anymore” he huffed. I glared at him,

“Speak for yourself” I said before looking at Gale expectantly. He smiled all the while reaching out to caress the side of my face, subjecting me to the familiar mating sparks across my skin.

“I’m well over two hundred years old.” He finally said pulling his hand back to fold them under him.

We were speechless. Cyrus and I stared at him for longer than needed. Gale rolled his eyes

“I knew you couldn’t handle it” he rolled back over on his back a little harder than necessary,

“You’re a fossil” Cyrus joked now on his hands and knees, holding himself over Gale’s face.

“Thank you” the sarcasm was just rolling off him.

“You’re welcome” Cyrus leant down closer to his face and whispered. “I should start looking for old folks’ homes for you but I don’t think they take mummies.” I quickly held my hand up to my mouth to keep from laughing at that. Gale on the other hand had other things on his mind. It seemed like it was all in slow motion as his brown eyes began to blaze silver. I didn’t have time to know what was happening and neither did Cyrus. Gale grabbed his hair tightly forcing Cyrus’s face down to his, smashing their lips together.

I watched as Cyrus’s struggling was futile compared to Gales strength. Their mouths were pressed together so hard that I saw no space between them it was like they were fused, besides the occasional glimpse of pink tongues. Then something dawned on me, I should have felt jealous at this moment… right? Watching Cyrus kissing another man, watching Gale kiss another man.

Society tells you that there can only be two people in a committed relationship, any more and it’s taboo. But if I was honest with myself it was a huge turn on to see them like this knowing they were mine and mine alone.

I felt a little naughty as I watched, what do you call this…? Voyeurism? I’m such a pervert. I noticed then that the breeze was starting to smell of rain and flowers as their scents combined. The effects weren’t lost on Cyrus either as his struggles died and he began to accept the kiss. Gripping Gale’s hair tightly he earned a groan from the vampire as he tried to dominate. I had to close my eyes as the scent grew stronger around us. I felt like a cat being engulfed in catnip; I was weak to it.

Then without warning I was surrounded, snapping my eyes open I saw Gale and Cyrus both reaching for me and taking me down to the floor. By the look it their eyes I could tell that instinct was taking over. The intense desire to mate was on them and I’m sure if I had my wolf it would be much stronger that it is now for me.

“Guys wait” I stammered as their hands were starting to travel all over my body. Oh god I don’t think I’m going to survive this.

“You’re aroused lakot” Gale purred into my neck as he licked from shoulder to ear.

“Mmm” I moaned leaning in close to him.

“It’s intoxicating” this time it was Cyrus to taste me in the same fashion but he focused more on the mark at my shoulder. My body arched at the intense sparks that emitted from the mating mark that was his.

“Seriously” I breathed weakly. My back was pressed firmly into the ground as they both buried their heads into my neck.

“Please” I whimpered. Gale was the first to lift away. I knew it was a struggle from look in his eyes. He looked hungry as he stared at me with those unusual silver eyes.

“Cyrus stop” he panted.

A growl was his only answer as he bit down into my neck; his canines sinking in deep. My vision became a blur as his essence entered my body.

A scream left me as I gave into the pleasure coursing through my whole being. His essence sent me into a release I wasn’t expecting.

“F*ck” Gale said through clenched teeth.

I had made a mess of myself as I lay panting for breath. Cyrus pulled back almost like his senses were coming back to him. His canines were out and red with blood from the bite. He looked out of breath as he sat back. He rubbed his face with his hand almost like he was ashamed.

“I’m sorry Lakota” he gasped.

“It’s fine” I comforted him still boneless.

“You shouldn’t have done that” Gale growled.

We both turned over to him as he slowly stood up with his back to us.

“Gale?” I whispered.

“I wanted to make this day about you but I- I don’t think I can do that right now.” He struggled through his teeth, he looked back at us and I saw his eyes were starting to darken before me.

“I have to go” and without another word he was gone in a flash.

Blinking I sat up staring at the spot he had been standing in.

“What-what just happened?”

“I think he’s hungry” Cyrus answered as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. As he looked down at his hand that was smeared in my blood and it dawned on me. The sight of my blood was too much.

But why didn’t he feed from me if he was so hungry. That was what mates did… right?

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