Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 15


Cyrus reached down to help me up off the floor. Taking his hand in mine, he hauled me to my feet.

“Where is he going?” even though I asked the question I think I knew the answer. He was probably off to find someone to feed from. If I hadn’t been feeling jealous at seeing him kissing Cyrus, I was now. I felt a twinge in my chest at the thought of him drinking from some random person.

“Lakota, it’s best he found someone to sate his hunger. I know it bothers you but a ravenous vampire is a dangerous thing to deal with. And with your current condition-” he stopped before he could finish as he saw me flinch.

“I’m sorry, that was insensitive of me”

“It’s okay” I muttered. His hand tightened in mine and he pulled me to his side.

“He’ll be back” he softly reassured. “How about we take a walk or something”

I nodded and we headed into the forest. The breeze rustled the trees around us softly as we strolled hand in hand. The smell of fresh soil, grass and fresh water coming somewhere off in the distance was a comfort to me as we walked in silence. It wasn’t until we reached the stream that we saw a plaid blanket laid out. Placed on it was a basket.

“What’s this?” I asked as we went up to it. Beside me I heard Cyrus sniffed around, I looked up at him and saw him hesitate.

My heart squeezed at his expression and I closed my eyes.

“It was Gale wasn’t it” I whispered.

I didn’t need his answer because I already knew.

Stepping up I took a seat on the blanket and opened up the basket. A small smile spread on my lips as I saw a few burgers and bottled sodas. But just as quickly it left as a sense of sadness touched me at the thought of watching him leave earlier. I just wanted him to trust me enough to tell me his problems… well maybe I was asking too much. I sounded hypocritical even to myself. He was always trying to get me to do the same and it was hard, so who was I to ask.

Sighing I reached into the basket and pulled out the wrapped food and drinks. Cyrus moved beside me and leaned back on his hands staring out at the gentle rushing water.

“So this is what he wanted to do.”

“This is called a picnic, right?” I asked as I emptied the basket. Cyrus looked over at me with a soft expression before nodding.

We sat in a comfortable silence together. But I knew that both our minds were on Gale. I wanted to know where he was. What was he doing… who was he with? Biting my lip I closed my eyes.

‘No Lakota, stop thinking like that.’ I scolded myself.

Just then the leaves rustled behind us making us jump. Cyrus positioned himself in front of me protectively. I was still sitting on the blanket as my eyes focused on the bush when something red jumped out and ran straight at me.

I screamed in shock as it was too fast for Cyrus to catch in time. The mysterious red thing landed on my chest sending me backwards to the ground. With the wind that was knocked out of me finally returned I got a good look at the culprit and was surprised.

“A fox” was all I said.

Its tiny muzzle was pointed right in my face as it’s yellow eyes stared into my own gold ones.

“What the hell” Cyrus muttered as he stomped forward ready to remove the creature. This was weird because from what I’ve heard and experienced, animals usually kept a safe respectable distance from humans and even more so with shifters. Not once when I was traveling with Kyle were we messed with by any type of wild animal. Bears even were too wary to approach. But now here was a little fox one of the most wary of the animal kingdom standing on my chest.

“Wait” I said to Cyrus as suddenly I felt a strange stinging sensation in the back of my head.

“What? Why?!”

The sensation started to intensify as I stared into those haunting yellow slitted eyes.

“Somethings wrong” I ground out through clenched teeth.

“Yeah, theres a damn fox on your chest” Cyrus growled. “He’s probably punking you for our food.”


The foxes lips pulled back revealing sharp teeth as he began to push on my chest. The pain in the back of my head worsened.

“Danger” I said

“What?” Cyrus came up to me with a deep furrow in his brow.

“He’s telling me that there’s danger…?”

I think I was losing my mind because there’s no way I’m understanding what this animal is saying to me.



With wide eyes I jumped at the scream in my head.


Then it connected as I shot up to my feet, Gale! The fox jumped away and ran back to the bush but stopped and stared back at me expectantly.

“Follow you?” I asked but he just ran into the woods and I had no more time to think. I just ran after him.

“Lakota what’s going on!”

Cyrus was behind me as we ran deep into the trees.

“Gale” was all I said because that’s all I knew.

The fox was fast and we lost him a couple times but he was always waiting when we caught up. Before long we arrived at the the Sky Raven packs boarder. And I couldn’t believe what I saw.

In the clearing was a pack of unknown wolves surrounding Gale.

“Gale!” I screamed.

He was bloody, his clothes were ripped as he continued to turn in a slow circle to keep an eye on all the vicious wolves around him. But the look on his face was something I’d never seen before. His eyes were pitch black, his fangs were large and vicious as he hissed at them all. Gale was cornered and his survival instincts were forced to the surface.

At this moment he was probably the most dangerous of us all.

“Lakota go, tell the alpha!” Cyrus demanded as he rushed to Gale’s aid.


I was frozen. How could I just up and leave them like this. Telling the pack was important but being here to help was also important. Everything in me was telling me to stay and I knew instinctually that I needed to listen to it.

On closer inspection I noticed that these wolves weren’t ordinary pack wolves. Their eyes glared red.


I frowned, why were they out here invading the Sky Raven packs lands and picking fights with Gale. One of the wolves saw us and turned his attention on Cyrus and I, growling threateningly. Cyrus was already moving in close to get Gale out of this mess. While I, being the wolfless one here stood in shock. How could I help them? The wolf who noticed us gave a bark informing his comrades.

The moment those red eyes caught mine I was sure I saw a shocked expression. Not soon after he barked again and they all looked up at me. Now I was freaking out, why were they all staring at me like they know me or something? Was it that they could tell I was missing my wolf. Maybe they thought I was a human and was easier prey than Gale.

Good, that was better then them hurting Gale!

Maybe I should run and have them follow after me to get them away from my mates. Cyrus seemed to notice this too and spun around to face me.

“Don’t move Lakota.” He looked up at me and quickly realized what I was going to do. Narrowing his eyes, his lips tightened in a scowl.

“Don’t you dare think about it!”

Smiling I took a step back,


I couldn’t second guess myself, I had to save them. I had to be useful.

I turned quickly and took off, glancing back I was satisfied that I was right in thinking they wanted me more than Gale as they gave chase.

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