Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 1


“Stay away!” a dangerously sounding growl reached my ears. I groaned,

“But he is to see the master.” Another voice, this one was timid compared to the confident and strong tone of the first voice I heard earlier.

“I could care less what the old man wants, he’s under my protection now!” the arguing was muffled but it woke me up.

Then it all came back, the run with Cyrus, the strangers sneaking up on me and knocking me out.

Shit, I’ve been kidnapped!

I hopped to my paws and surveyed my surroundings. I was in what looked like a cellar room, standing on a rickety old cot that squeaked every time I moved. I dropped my head down and sniffed around the coverless bed, it was filled with stains and unmentionable substances that I didn’t want to think about. I was picking up a strange scent was that was unfamiliar to me; it kind of smelt like flowers. Weird in such a filthy place. The smell had such a soothing affect that I almost wanted to go back to sleep. Shaking my body I jumped off the dirty bed.

There was a sudden shuffling in the room that caused me to twist around with my hackles raise. I growled, bearing my teeth as my eyes settled on a man sitting in the corner. He was staring at me with bored brown eyes.

I guess he liked my reaction because I saw the slightest lift on the corner of his mouth.

“You’re up” the monotone of his voice made me back away. He got to his feet and walked over to my snarling form. He was giving off that weird smell that I caught off of the bed. It was stronger now since he was so close. The flowery scent made it hard to keep my defenses against him.

He wasn’t really all that tall, maybe five eight, he had dark wavy hair and dark brown eyes. He was dressed in a plain black shirt and dark blue jeans.

But there was also something odd about him.

I knew from his strange smell he wasn’t wolf; then again, I really didn’t know what he could possibly be.

“I don’t know what the old man wants with you, but you’ve caused quite a stir, wolf.” He said and with that he walked passed me and out the door.

I just barely noticed the arguing had stopped from behind the door. Quickly I ran to it and changed only to turn the knob but unsurprisingly found it was locked.

With a whimper I collapsed on the ground shifting back and buried my nose under my paws. Why did this always happen to me!

Why couldn’t I just be free!

I think I laid there on the floor unmoved on my side as I stared at nothing when the door opened, and a pair of black boots stepped into my vision. I gave them no notice.

The person knelt down till their grey shirt came into view.

“Little wolf” this was the deep voice that woke me up today.

A plate of pizza was put in my face,

“Eat” the demand was said softly.

I glanced at it but returned my eyes back to staring at nothing. I knew how captivity worked, they torture you to get their way and to keep that from happening you had to be the best slave that you possibly could be. Never get on their bad side. Do what they say no matter what, with absolutely no hesitation. But I don’t know if I had it in me anymore, I was too tired, too tired to care.

The man sighed as he sat in front of me.

I felt him reach out to touch me and I growled instinctively. He took his hand back quickly afraid I might bite him. I might just be tempted.

“I know this isn’t comfortable for you, I don’t know why he brought you here but please know that nothing is going to happen to you.” The sound of his words caught me off guard.

Not soon after that he got up and left.

Every day after that the same person would bring me food and set it in front of me. The strange thing was it was all take out or fast food of some sort. Not that I cared, I would just stare at it until he came back to replace it once it was starting to get bad. Throughout these visits from him I would start noticing a faint scent coming off him, it was like that flowery fragrance but ten times better. I still hadn’t looked at his face, then again, I hadn’t moved for days.

I had lost count at how many days it had been when someone barged into my room and the smell of a burger met my growling stomach. The bag was dropped in front of me, but the man didn’t sit this time around.

“Eat little wolf!” his voice held an edge of desperation. It made me frown, why would he care if I starved to death. Why the hell kidnap me anyways when all they did was feed me.

Was this some type of insane fetish of theirs?

The man then reached into the bag, the paper ruffling loudly as he threw it to the ground and unwrapped the burger. I saw him drop to his knees and hold the greasy nourishment to my dry muzzle. I growled at him in warning.

“Come on, eat” he said softly to me pushing the bun into my teeth.

“It’s been a week, why won’t you eat?” the question hit a nerve in me and I quieted down dragging my head away from the offer.

Because I refuse to suffer again.

I heard him drop back on his bottom, holding the burger loosely in his hands between his bent knees. His sigh was deep as we stayed there for a long moment. A shuffle told me that he was moving closer till he took the same position as me and lay on the ground, his head finally in my view.

The sight of his brown eyes caused something in me to stir, there was a quiet familiar whine that I was so accustom to, ringing in my head.

The man’s face was something that should have been carved from stone. It was perfect. Or it could have been a face on one of those shows on the television Cyrus loved so much on his down time.

His brown hair was combed up in a messy style, his eye brows were perfectly shaped. There was stubble on his face which just took his perfect looks and gave it a rugged appearance. Cyrus was always clean shaven though I knew his facial hair grew quite fast, unlike me who never got hair anywhere but on my head.

His full bottom lip was a fleshy pink, almost inviting.

The man moved close to me and I flinched,

“Easy” he whispered smiling softly. My eyes lowered down to the clear, straight white teeth behind those tempting lips.

I frowned, what the hell was wrong with me, why was he making me feel so weird.

“Let’s get to know each other.”

I narrowed my eyes and lifted my lips.

“Ok then” he laughed. “How about introductions then, my name is Gale”

I closed my eyes,

“Can you tell me yours? I’d really like to know what you got hiding under all that fur.” This made my eyes snap open.

His brown eyes were curious and expectant.

I huffed air that made the dirt on the floor cloud around us.

“Alright then, well how about you eat something” he told me holding the food back up to my mouth.

Why did he care so much about weather I ate or not, it didn’t make any sense! I just wanted to go home! Back to Cyrus.

When he noticed I wasn’t going to cooperate, he sighed once again and slowly lifted himself off the floor. Laying the burger on a pile of napkins inches from my mouth he turned and left.

I woke to something brushing through my hair and down my neck. It was so soothing but oddly cool. I frowned slightly as the cold sensation ran down my jaw and back up to behind my ear. I whimpered and buried my face into soft fabric. The sensation brought a shiver to run down my spine and I all but curled into it. The blanket around me rubbed against my skin softly as I turned further into the wondrous smelling fabric.

I then noticed that I was feeling these sensations on skin, when I usually never felt anything. My eyes snapped open and I noticed that I was in someone’s lap completely naked. I shot up away from them but was swarmed with dizziness as the lack of food caught up with me.

“Whoa be careful.” The familiar voice said as they caught my arm before I could fall to the floor.

I turned to look up at them and saw Gale’s concerned face looking down at me.

I was standing on two legs, it was uncomfortable for me and it took a second to get the hang of them till he could let me go. My body must have converted back from the emptiness in my stomach unable to keep the change.

“Are you ok?” Gale asked.

I realized it would be hard to ignore him if we were both in human form. I staggered away from him into the wall. He was a good ten feet from me as I stared at him, waiting for him to do something. Maybe I was waiting for him to force me to talk.

“Little wolf?” his head was tilted inquisitively as he stepped forward.

Out of habit I lifted him lips and snarled at him.

This brought him to a stop,

“I’m not going to hurt you little wolf, all I want to know is that you’re okay.”

I blinked glancing away when I noticed it was no longer in the cellar. It was a room with a bed and dressers. It was a relatively empty room with just the essentials I guess you can say. There was a television, brown aged dressers and a huge carpet under the equally huge bed.

I turned around and saw the window, throwing the curtains aside just dying for a hint to where I was, but I was disappointed as thick grey fog clouded my view.

Footsteps behind me grew closer as I sagged in defeat once more.

“I brought you here when I saw you naked on the floor. I also brought some clothes for you, your pretty small so they may be big.” I turned my head towards him to see him pointing to the clothes. I just wanted to shift back but I was too weak.

Slowly I walked over to the clothes, tired of being exposed in front of him.

Once I was dressed there was a glass of water held under my nose and my tongue instantly demanded it. The thirst hammered at me, but I turned away.

Starving to death was a slow process but I would do it before I let them get whatever they wanted out of me.

“If you think I’m poisoning your food I’m not” I looked up at his face, he was tall maybe even taller than Cyrus. His brows were furrowed as he watched me.

He leaned over to place the glass down and faced me again.

“Are you able to speak little wolf?” I gave no answer.

He frustratingly ran his fingers through his combed hair making it messier.

“Look I know you don’t want to be here, and I would take you back if I could, but I can’t. Believe me, I would rather see you home than suffering like you have. But like I said it’s not my call, my hands are tied. I’ve been trying to make your stay here a little bit more comfortable.” I glared at him.

“I wanted to move you to an actual room, but I was refused. So, I made sure that I was the only one who would interact with you. I know it’s not much, but it was all I could do. So please let me help you, if you could open up to me just a little bit...” his word trailed off as he gazed down at me desperately.

I stared up at him in astonishment, why, why would he do that for me? It seemed it was the only question I could ask myself lately.

“Can you tell me your name little wolf?” he asked a while later.

I bit my lip in thought before I sighed and dropped my head to stare at our feet.

“Lakota” I whispered unable to deny him this.

I heard him snicker and I snapped my head up at him glaring hard. A growl started from my chest as I began to snarl.

“No” he lifted his hand up in a surrender motion, “It’s not that, it’s just that it’s ironic”

“Lakot, how fitting” he shook his head to himself.

“No, it’s Lakota” I corrected irritated.

“Oh, I know Lakot but I prefer to say it this way” he said like it was some kind of big funny secret.

I should have just kept my mouth shut.

It was then that a knock at the door announced someone’s presence. We both looked at the door as it opened and the boy from before stood there.

“He’s ready for him”

I glimpsed from the boy to Gale and the look I saw there put ice in my veins. His usual kind face was hard as he glanced at me.

“I’ll be there with you for as long as I can” my stomach dropped at these words.

Whoever wanted me was ready to show themselves and now I got to see the person really behind all this.


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