Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 19


“My fathers here” those three words was all it took to make us all freeze in shock. But the shock didn’t last for very long because with blurring speed both Lakota and Teagan were already disappearing in the trees; one of them giving out a deadly growl. With a curse I took off after my mate along with Gale beside me and the rest of the group.

“How is he moving so fast?” Gale asked in confusion at the speed which our mate was running.

“I don’t know but at the moment there’s not much that can surprise me after what we just witnessed in that infirmary.”

“I guess we can chalk it down to the Seer again.” He growled.

I glanced at him for a second then trained my eyes back on the two brothers. Why was their father here all of a sudden? Didn’t he know that he was on everyone’s shit list? Lakota was so lite on his feet I saw. They were barely touching the forest floor. The seer really did give Lakota her powers. I didn’t know much about Seers but I did know that they had an arsenal of different powers not many other supernatural being had the luxury to have. But the big question was why would she take Lakota’s wolf and give her powers to him?

The trees had turned into a blurry mass of green as we closed in on the borderline. The unfamiliar smell of another wolf invaded my senses. He really is here. We all came to a stop, moments after Lakota and Teagan arrived and there stood a deep gray wolf with white paws. And just like Lakota his eyes were a deep gold. Clenching my teeth I walked past the two siblings glaring daggers at the man.

“What was the purpose of coming here now?” I growled taking a protective stance in front of Lakota. This grabbed the older wolfs attention and he finally looked at me. Slowly we all held our breath as he walked closer crossing the border line and into our territory willingly. He just publically placed himself in a vulnerable position, in front of the Alpha no less. Then he suddenly the wolf tucked his tail between his legs and lowered himself to the ground in an act of surrender.

Stunned we all watched him, his ears laid down in perfect submission. I took a deep breath to see if this was some sort of trap but no. there were no other scents but his. Footsteps behind me approached as I glanced up to find Avery staring down at him, his expression gave nothing away.

“You are giving yourself up?” he asked, his tone was stern yet soft.

The older wolf closed his eyes and never moved.

“If this is what you want, but just know, you are not well liked here and everyone wants you dead. You may have not done anything to me and mine but the ones I have allied with would have your head if they had anything to say about it.” Again the wolf didn’t even flinch.

“So be it”

Reaching down Alpha Avery grabbed the back of his scruff while Connor who had rushed forward before his mate could and blocked his path. The wolf obediently followed.

“Well that was unexpected.” Gale said as he watched as the four of them walked off while both Gale and I stayed behind. Sighing I turned towards Lakota but his eyes were trained only on his father.

“Come on, let’s get you inside to rest.” I said touching his shoulder to guide him but I was met with resistance.

“I don’t feel like resting” his flat tone made me blink as I turned back to him only to see dull, vacant gold eyes staring back into mine. Instantly my blood ran cold. When I looked over at Gale I saw he had noticed the same thing and closed his eyes in dejection.

Lakota barely spared us a glance as he walked right past us and back to the house. I was sure he was more interested in his father than us. Vengeance was on his mind and nothing else.

“What do we do?” Gale asked, lines were etched deep in his face as we both watched his back.

Was there anything we could do? It was like Teagan all over again. Getting him to finally be part of society was hard enough when all he ever wanted to be was in wolf form. To get him to accept his human form was difficult enough. No after all he’d been through with the Syrins, the Seer goes and brings back all those terrible memories for him. It was like starting at square one.

I’d seen the same look in his brother’s eyes back when they trained for I Division a few years ago. All the private training sessions we had just to get him to accept people getting close to him. Lakota hadn’t been driven insane like Teagan but he wasn’t far off when I took him in.

“Trust.” I said turning towards Gale.

“Building trust”

“Trust” Gale echoed my words.

“But for now we need to keep an eye on our mate so he doesn’t hurt himself or others. He’s not himself and honestly I don’t think he ever will be again.”

“Don’t” Gale’s voice was strained

“I’m only being realistic. Can you go back to who you once were if you relived the most horrific moments in your life. And in Lakota’s case that means reliving the same nine years of torture over and over again. That would break anyone.” Gale didn’t say anything. He couldn’t,

“No one’s mind would be able to handle that. That’s years upon years of therapy just to get back to being okay, but never normal.” There was a knock in my throat as I voiced my thoughts. Clearing my throat I continued.

“So right now were going to be there for him. We’re going to be anything or anyone he needs. Even if it means doing something we might regret later.”


“Where is he?!” a thunderous roar echoed throughout the house.

“Shit” Gale cursed under his breath as he moved from his post on the wall. We had been silently watching Lakota as he paced like a caged wolf, in front of the door that led to the basement were our new prisoner was being held. While Teagan had been leaning against the opposite wall, still as a statue glaring with red eyes at the door, almost like he was contemplating about melting the metal to liquid. Alpha Avery had told both him and Teagan to stay out of the room, all the while leaving us in charge of the angry siblings, itching for their father’s blood.

“He’s mine!”

“Father, stop” I saw Gale rush the Vampir king.

“What are you doing Gale, get off me!” Elijah’s dark green eyes were slowly turning a raging black.

Not good.

“Elijah” I called moving quickly to detain him.

“Alpha’s orders were to leave him be for now.” I told him sternly but all I received was a glare back.

“Boy I was the one who made this alliance to kill these murdering bastards and you think that Avery’s word is law to me?” he hissed, his fangs had descended now. On close inspection they were much bigger than Gales, intimidating almost. It took all my strength to hold back the ridiculously strong man. I guess this was the power of a vampire king. Gale’s teeth were gritted tightly as his muscles strained to hold back his own father.

“I have every right, its justice! Now let me go!” the walls seemed to shake was his anger and I knew that I would probably have to use my powers to keep him from wreaking havoc. But just as I was thinking of immobilizing the king I heard a heavy door slamming behind me and curse.

“Lakota!” I snapped but it was too late as I looked to find both my mate and Teagan gone. The sound of the metal bar being placed in front of the door echoed throughout the hall.

“Seriously who designed this door! Who puts a bar in the inside of a prison dungeon!?” I exclaimed as I let go of Elijah and rushed to the door banging my fist on it.

“Lakota, Teagan get back here, now!”

“Dammit!” Gale’s exclaim made me look back to see that his father had over powered him and had him by the throat, up against the wall. He looked ready to kill him, with his fangs dripping dangerously and his eyes blazing black I knew there was no other way. My wolf had moved before I could react at the sight of Gale being hurt.

“Don’t touch him” I growled and without a second thought I opened myself up and found the kings wave length. Attaching those invisible strings to his brain I sent a shockwave through them sending him to the ground in agony as he dropped Gale to the floor.

Finally I pulled away from him, closing my mental walls once more and rushed to Gale’s side. He was coughing, holding his neck as he gasped for air. Placing my hand on his shoulder I lifted his chin up so I could get a better look and a rage started boiling out of nowhere. Snapping my glare over to Elijah I was about ready to fry his brain for good but Gale stopped me with a hand on my wrist.

Looking back he shook his head and sighed.

“Just leave it. He’s right, after what Lakota’s parents did to our cousin, he has every right to be angry.”

“Well he has no right to hurt you because of his rage.”

“When a vampire enters state like that it’s impossible to know what you’re doing. We’re basically out of control and barely even conscious.” He explained so I let it go but I still wanted to rip his head off.

“Wow I didn’t know you care so much Cyrus” Gale teased, this made me narrow my eyes at him in warning.

“Go to hell”

“No thanks”

I tightened my lips to prevent a smile. His brown eyes were sparkling at me with amusement and I reached out pushing his face away and got to my feet.

“Well that’s one problem down” I said glancing at the king as he lay unconscious on the floor. Gale grunted as he rose to his feet as well and walked up to my side.

“Now how do we get our little mate away from his father?”



There was a raging battle going off in my head. I couldn’t really tell what was real or not. Sometimes I was back to reality, surrounded by familiar comforting smells and looking into the faces of those I loved dearly. Gale and Cyrus seemed to be everywhere I turned it seemed. But then in a split second I was seeing mistress. She was an illusion, I knew she was but it was so real. Even when this mistress touched me I was consumed with pain that I just couldn’t get away from but I was all internal. I couldn’t even seemed to react anymore, there was no escape from her now, and I couldn’t run away from her touch. She was haunting me, stuck to me like a leach.

Right now the only thing saving me from her coming back into my head was my hatred for the man in the basement. I had been pacing for a while. Itching to get my hands on him. I wanted to show him what he had cost his ‘sons’. I wanted to him to feel the same treatment that I received, that Teagan received all our lives. Feel the pain, the utter hopelessness. The loneliness along with the feeling of being trapped and never escaping.

I want him to know what it felts like to slowly go insane.

“Where is he!” this caused me to stop my continuous pacing and watch Elijah come rushing down the hallway. Gale moved in his way quickly but the old man overpowered him easily. Now Cyrus was involved and it was then I noticed as they were both distracted that this was out chance. Both Teagan and I spared each other a glance before we took advantage of the commotion and rushed to the door. Throwing it open just big enough for both of us to fit through I slammed it shut while Teagan reached down and lifted the heavy metal bar and laid it in place. Leaving just the two of us and our father.

Looking around I was starting to notice that this place almost resembled my old prison. It was cold, dark, and damp. Cells lined the walls as we made out way to the very last one. And there sat the man himself. He was no longer in wolf form but as his human self.

So this is what our father looked like. For a wolf where aging was a slow process he looked surprisingly weathered. There were slight lines around his mouth. His eyes were dark with bags and his hair was the same color as mine but disheveled.

With a frown he glanced up and his golden eyes widened. Shooting to his feet he rushed to the bars and grabbed them tightly.

“Oh Spirits, it so good to know you’re alive and well!” He gasped.

Teagan rushed up to him baring his canines. His eyes were glowing a faint red as he glared at our ‘Father’

He nodded, staring Teagan in the eyes.

“I guess you’re not as well as I hoped.” His mouth thinned from his own words.

“No we’re not. You left us to rot in a dungeon and to be tortured day in and day out for years.” I snapped.

“If I had known what your mother was planning I would have stopped her or at least taken you away.” He looked at Teagan, a sincere expression on his face.

“Really?” I let the sarcasm roll off my tongue.

He looked up at me and gave me a small smile.

“Yes, you are my sons, my flesh and blood I would never want to harm you”

“No, but having others do it is okay” Teagan growled.

He hung his head.

“If there was any way of saving you I would have.”

“So you’re saying you had no knowledge of ‘mother dearest’ taking your son’s away, twice.”

Then he frowned, pausing at my words.


“Don’t call me that!” I snarled in his face.

“I’m sorry, I understand I have no rights to that anymore.”

“No, no you really don’t” Teagan glared over at him.

He paused before speaking again.

“I had no idea what was happening when you were taken from me, Teagan. And by the time my second son was taken, I honestly could do nothing when your mother took you away, Lakota.”

“Well you didn’t prevent it from happening again” Teagan said.

“You’re the Alpha, you could have formed a rescue mission to save your ‘Flesh and blood’” I told him, pacing like a caged wolf in front of him.

His brows furrowed then,

“You’re mistaken” he whispered.

“How?” I rolled my eyes at him.

“I’m not the Alpha, Lakota.” His blue eyes glanced up at me and they held such regret and shame I had to back away from him.

“Then who is he?” I demanded softly.

“She’s’ your mother.”

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