Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 20


“I’m held prisoner by the bond your mother and I have. When she took you away from me Teagan, that was the first time I ever hated my mate. And then she demanded using her mating and Alpha influence to keep me away from you, Lakota. She ordered me never to go near you again. Using my wolf’s love for her against me. And as much as I wanted to save you my body wouldn’t let me defy her order.

“I love your mother, she is my other half and it’s a curse. I can never fully get away from her and I can never resist her.”


A few hours later I was sitting alone on my bed, leaning up against the head board, just staring at the wall opposite of me. I was thinking of what my father had told Teagan and me. So it was my mother who was the mastermind behind all our suffering. How could she do that to us? Did she have no heart at all? Giving her children up like that just for magic stones?

Just then a familiar voice was echoing in my ear, and I did my best to ignore her.

“Oh pet,” she purred making my skin crawl.

“He left you to me to be tortured day in and day out. Your mothers not the only evil one here.” She laughed. Her hand came and caressed my hair softly which in turn made me shiver.

“Both of them are. But do you want to know why they gave you up?” she whispered.

“Because you’re nothing. Nothing but fodder, mutt. My personal walking sustenance.” Crawling over me, she sat down on my lap but I barely felt it. I just had to keep reminding myself that she was a figment of my imagination. Slowly I caught her hand raise up to her mouth and everything in me stilled.

It isn’t real

It isn’t real

It isn’t real

I chanted as I watched her take her gloved finger in her mouth and bite down on the leather, pulling it off her hand with her teeth. As if in slow motion she reached out and I couldn’t help but stare in horror.

“No” I whined but there was no stopping her touch. The feel of her hand pressing up against my neck brought back the memories of how it felt and I screamed.

Letting the loudest scream escape my mouth because there was nothing else I could do but endure, like Is always have and I always will, it seemed.

All I could remember was thrashing around as the pain ran through my body like a constant current of electricity.

“What’s going on!” someone exclaimed as they burst into my room. It was hard to hear over my own screams. Soon I was being held down.

“Shit” I heard a deep voice that sounded a lot like Gales curse, as something shattered somewhere in the room

A pair of warm hands were now cupping my face, opening my eyes I was forced to stare in a pair of piercing blue eyes.

“C-Cyrus” I stuttered through the pain.

“Yes, it’s me. Tell us what’s happening” He asked, his voice held such a desperate edge.

“It hurts, she won’t leave me alone.” I cried.

“Okay” reaching down he pulled me in his arms, laying my head against his chest and caressed my hair soothingly.

“Who is she, Lakota?” this was a different voice. Glancing up I saw Teagan standing at the edge of the bed giving me his usual expressionless face. But even though his face was always blank you could see the fire behind those black eyes. A fire that burned so hot, fueled by his rage.


Just with that one word it made the whole room drop several degrees. Cyrus’s arms tightened around me while I saw Teagan’s eyes slowly light up, a red ring was circling his iris.

“Where is she?” the bed dipped behind me and I was wrapped in another pair of strong arms. I instantly was filled with bit of a reprieve from her constant torment, finally after waking form the infirmary. Being in both of their arms seemed to lessen the pain bit by bit, till it was completely gone and I could think again.

“In my head.” I answered. “She won’t leave me alone. She’s always there” I whimpered.

“Shh, you’re fine now. She’s not here anymore, right?” Gale said petting my head and I nodded.

“Hey Teagan can you give us a minute” Cyrus asked into my hair.

Without a word he was gone, shutting the door behind him.

Both my mates cooed and hushed me as I lay between them. I was nothing but a bother to them at this point I felt. I need to prove that I was valuable in some way not just a liability. A mentally unstable person who needed saving all the time. Suddenly I wasn’t feeling comforted, I was feeling angry at all the reassurance they were giving me. Tearing myself away from their arms I shot off the bed and swung around to face them with narrowed eyes.

“I’m not a pup! I don’t need you two to come to my rescue at every turn.” I knew I was lashing out at them for no good reason but this self-hatred inside of me kept growing and it needed a place to go. They both just sat there with shocked expressions.

“I know I’m weak. I know I can’t keep up with you two physically and I have a weak mind. I’m an Achilles heel for you. So don’t! Don’t coddle me like a child, I need to learn to walk on my own two feet and work hard at being your equal” I exclaimed. With them not connected to me I felt the hand of mistress as she casually placed it on my shoulder and I physically flinched.

See even touching them saved me from more of my weaknesses. It was my curse to never truly have peace it seemed and I had to learn to live with the pain, like I have all my life. There was no wolf to hide in now. I was fully exposed and forced to experience the worst of what this world had to offer.

“What are you talking about?” this caused me to look up at Cyrus, who was the one to speak just then.

“Your about the strongest person I know Lakota. There’s nothing weak about you. And it’s that strength that makes you so stubborn sometimes, you think you’re the only one that should suffer but that’s not true.” Cyrus slid off the bed and walked up to me. I looked up into his blue eyes and saw them soften as he gazed down at me.

“I’m not alone when I say that everything that you are is everything that we want. Your past doesn’t effect how we feel about you. What you may turn into doesn’t scare us because we’ll be right there with you to pull you back to us.” Cyrus continued. The bed shifted as Gale got up and came to stand with us now.

“I’m not an angel lakot, I know what it’s like to fight for your life. And right now I know that all you’re trying to do is survive what the world has dealt you. But don’t push us away. We’re here to help you through all the tough times and laugh with you through the good times. Even I couldn’t have crawled out of the dark hole I was in without help.” Reaching out he pinched my chin between his forefinger and thumb and lifted it up till I was looking right into his deep brown eyes. Instantly the mistress disappeared at his touch.

Slowly but surely his eyes turned a hypnotic silver as he stared at me and that familiar jasmine scent of his permeated the air and my body caught fire. His thumb raised up and caressed my bottom lip softly, I lost my breath suddenly and my eyes dazed.

“Gale” I heard Cyrus warned him quietly. But Gale just smiled, showing me his beautiful pearl white teeth and fangs that were growing larger.

“We’ll help you my little lakot.” His voice was now a delicious purr. What was happening? “Lean on us and we’ll do everything in our power to fulfill your wishes.” Leaning down he ran his nose from my shoulder and up to my ear. “We’re at your command. If a task is too much for you to handle on your own, just ask and we will drop everything and come to you without hesitation.” His voice was echoing in my head and vibrating throughout my entire body.

Glancing over at Cyrus I saw his eyes were darkening as he watched. I could tell that even though he warned Gale, he felt the same. Every word that came from my mates lips, Cyrus agreed with them all.

“Weren’t you listening?” I stuttered as I tried to distract myself from Gale. “I want to be stronger, not rely on you all the time.”

“Yes but weren’t you listening to your mates? All you have to do is ask and our strength is yours. That is what being mated means, you’re never alone. You will never suffer alone, your suffering means ours.” His hand left my chin and trailed down my neck bringing out a shiver from me. “You think we would allow that?”

Cyrus backed up against the bed and sat as he watched all this without a word. My attention was forced back to Gale as his hand now traveled down my chest. With wide eyes and a gasp, I stared up at him in shock when his finger passed over my shirt clad nipple. He gripped my waist between his hands and spun me around suddenly till my back faced him. Burring his face in my neck all I could do was stare at the wall as he breathed hot hair on my neck.

“Gale what are you doing” I whispered,

“Showing you my weakness.” He growled in my ear before nipping at the lobe.

Instantly my legs gave up on holding my weight. What was this?

His arms snaked around my pulling me into him before he walked backwards and turned me till I was standing in front of Cyrus. Embarrassment clouded my mind and my cheeks as I was forced to gaze into my mate’s eyes as I was ravished by the other.

“Do you like it Lakota?” Cyrus’s voice was a deep husky tones. Reaching out Cyrus hooked a finger in my collar as I watched as he sharpened a nail and dragged it down till my shirt was completely sliced in half. Gale contributed by sliding it off my shoulders and down my arms, taking advantage of my exposed skin and trailing kisses down my neck and back.

“Ah” I gasped at the cool touch of his lips.

“We only want your happiness Lakota.” Cyrus said trailing a finger up and down my stomach. My muscles flinched at his touch.

“We want to please you always and Gale is right” reaching down he grabbed my hips and pulled me in-between his legs now. His strong scent of spring rain was overwhelming me as both Gale’s and Cyrus’s scents mixed, doing me in. “We’re nothing without you.”

“We only exist for you and you alone Lakota. You are our purpose so let us protect you.” His hooded eyes looked at me once more before he leaned forward and kissed my chest. Closing my eyes I was thrown in sensations that consumed my whole being. My skin was on fire as their touch was shooting shockwaves through me.

I didn’t know much about physical contact besides the ones I was familiar with in the dungeon and their disgusting touches were nothing like the sweet, delicious caresses my mates gave me. There was no pain here, just pure pleasure. Was it wrong for me to want this to never end? To feel their questing lips and fingers traveling all over my skin. And one set of those fingers had slowly journeyed down to the button on my pants and slid them down my legs. Before I could protest Gale reached over grabbing my face and guiding it to meet his lips over my shoulder. My muscles relaxed at the feel of his cool mouth on mine.

“Open for me little lakot”

“Gale” I whimpered as I obeyed.

“Yes, just like that. Be a good boy” his tongue met with mine as my lips parted and he caressed my tongue sensually.

Cyrus kissed down my chest and my stomach nipping at my skin as he went. His thumbs stroked my sides in soothing circles and his warm breath was making me overly sensitive. Gale finally pulled away, leaving me gasping for air. I stared with heavy lids at him and he smiled sinfully before going back to kissing my neck. These men were going to be the death of me.

Suddenly both of them licked me at the same time, Gale tasted the mark at my shoulder he had given me and my body seized up, but I was thrown forwards as Cyrus circled my nipple with his tongue. Crying out my legs gave out and I was guided forward to lay on Cyrus.

“Don’t let just Gale have a taste of you Lakota, kiss me.” his blue eyes were electric as he made his demand and I could do nothing but do as he says.

Crawling up his body I reached his head and leaned down to press my lips against his. Sighing I softened to his warm lips on mine. His tongue trailed across my bottom lip and I opened up.

“You seem to obey Cyrus a lot better than me lakot” Gale growled into my ear as he ran his hand down the back of my thigh. Moaning I broke the kiss and looked over at him while Cyrus busied himself with his own mark on my other shoulder and my eyes all but rolled in the back of my skull.

“He likes that a lot doesn’t he.” Cyrus’s panted. Someone was toying with the edge of my boxers slowly they were dragged down to follow the pile of my clothes on the floor till I was completely naked.

“Do you want this?” this came from Cyrus as he pulled his head away from my shoulder and looked me straight in the eyes.

“We’ll stop right here and now if you don’t want us to go any further.” Gale added behind me.

They were my mates of course I wanted them to go further than this. I wanted to feel them completely for the first time. But was I ready to take them both for my first time?

“No, please, don’t stop” I panted.

With two loud growls I was thrown on my back while both my mates took a spot on either side of me. Together they ran their hands gently down my body and I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling. Running their fingers through my hair, caressing my lips with their thumbs. Their fingers roamed all over putting me in a deep relaxation. I was in a sea of pleasure and every touch vibrated against my skin.

“Who do you want first Lakota?” Gale panted next to my ear. His breath fanned the side of my face and it caused shivers to run down my spine.

“What?” I opened my eyes wide in shock as Cyrus kissed my neck before he sat back with Gale.

Glancing up to their faces I went from Cyrus to Gale and back again. This was a difficult unfair decision to make. As I gazed at Cyrus from head to toe, his breath taking blue eyes were dark, those full lips were a temptation for sure. His brown hair hung in his face as he pulled his shirt off over his head, his tan skin and build with well-defined muscles. His stomach flexed with ever movement showing off that six pack I was never sick of seeing. I’ve watched him train multiple times through the time we’ve spent together and even though I never said it, it was always my weakness.

My eyes traveled to the other side of me to Gale, my new mate. The surprise we weren’t expecting but I was happy he was here too. He completed this relationship. Those deep dark brown eyes weren’t brown now. Like molten silver they shone bright. I should have flinched from them but I was far from backing away. His brown hair was a shade darker than Cyrus and styled up to the side only to become messy when he too took his shirt off joining Cyrus. He was paler then Cyrus but not by much. My eyes traveled from his face down his body stopping at the deep v cut at his groin that disappeared into his jean, which he was starting to unbutton. The devilish smirk on his face and the tips of his fangs peeking out of his mouth all but did me in.

“Choose baby” Cyrus said huskily.

They wanted me to pick who I wanted for my first? I watched the both of them taking the rest of their clothes off and I was greeted with a vision of both of their excitements. A blush covered my cheeks as I averted my eyes but couldn’t quite keep them away.

“I can’t” I moaned scooting back till my back touched the headboard. Trying to get as much space from them as the bed allowed. Cyrus smirked before reaching out towards my ankles and yanking me down to lay flat on my back. He undid his jeans and crawled forward till he was in between my legs.

“Then how about I save you the trouble and take you first” he growled. Turning his face he kissed the inside of my thigh, traveling closer and closer to a part of me that couldn’t take much more of this. I bit my lip as I watched him reach my member and waited in anticipation as to what he might do but was disappointed as he passed it and continued to kiss up my stomach.

“Ugh” I whined as he chuckled.

“What?” he asked.

“Tease” I pouted. He rose a brow at this and narrowed his eyes at me.

“If that’s what you want Lakota, ask” he said sternly. I gulped at the serious expression he had and the need I felt.

“Please.” I pleaded staring him straight in the eyes. And he smiled.

“Please what?”

Tisking I covered my face,

“Never mind” I whispered in embarrassment.

“Nope, too late. Tell me Lakota, use your words.” Taking a deep breath I scrounged up the courage and reached down combing my fingers through his hair.

“Please Cyrus take me in your mouth”

His blue eyes shined then and I was rewarded accordingly. Gasping at the warmth of his mouth as it surrounded me, my fingers tightened their grip.

“Oh god” I moaned as my head fell back on the pillow. All I could do was close my eyes and feel. This was the first time Cyrus and I have ever done this and it was amazing.

A hand caressed my hair back and I opened my eyes to see Gale softly gazing into my face.

“You’re so beautiful my lakot” his voice was so soft as I panted leaning into his hand.

“Kiss me” his whispered demand made me light headed as I did as he said. Leaning up I pressed my lips to his. “Show me how much you want this Lakota” he said against my mouth.

Opening my mouth I bit down on his bottom lip earning a growl from him.

“Careful there, I might just bite back” Gale said his hand grabbing the back of my hair and all I could do was lay there as my mates pleasured me. It was then that felt something cold being poured between my bottom. Gasping I pulled away from Gale’s kiss and glanced down at Cyrus who sat back with a bottle in his hand.

Cyrus smiled mischievously as he continued to pour the clear liquid on me.

“Just a bit of preparation” he threw the bottle down and his fingers followed where the cold liquid. His finger reached a part of me that head never been touched and I tensed.

“Relax lakot” I snapped my gaze to Gale as he let go of my hair and placed his palm against my cheek making me stare into his reassuring gaze.

And just like that Cyrus’s finger pressed into me and I squeezed my eyes tight at the weird sensation. When he started moving his finger all I could do was pant as I did start to relax to his touch.

“That’s it, let him make you feel good.” Gale purred next me as he pet me anywhere he could get his hands.

“Cyrus” I cried as it felt like he was trying to stretch me out for him.

“Do you want me?” Cyrus asked. Did they think I could think straight during all this?

“Hurry please.” I moaned holding my arms out for him. His face darkened and with a growl he pounced on me suddenly almost knocking the air out of me as he laid his body atop mine. Pushing my legs up and over his arms we just laid there for a minute. He was panting, his body hot and his face strained as he retrained himself it seemed.

“You’re absolutely sure?” he rasped, holding himself back.

Even though he was past his limits he still put me above all else and my heart melted. Smiling I reached out and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him softly.

“Make love to me Cyrus”

We had been together for so long, holding our feeling back the whole time. I had never been mentally prepared to completely give myself to Cyrus before but finally we would become one.

His hand slide down between us and soon I felt him press against me. Inching further and further inside till he was fully seated within me. With a whimper I squeezed my eyes shut at the uncomfortable feeling of being stretched. Wrapping my arms around his neck I held on tight.

Slowly he started to move. Gasping I buried my fingers in his hair and bit down on his shoulder, the same exact spot I marked him. With a roar he lost all control and I instinctually sunk my teeth deeper as he rode me hard and fast.

“Cyrus!” I cried, his body slid back and forth against mine.

“I’m sorry baby, I’ve wanted to do this for so long, I lost control.” he panted in my ear slowing down.

My other hand slid down his back as I dug my nails into his skin. I could feel his hard muscles moving under his soft skin. He was mine, all mine wasn’t he. Well not quite I thought as I turned my head to look at Gale who had moved to kneel on the floor next to use. His silver eyes swirling with heat as he watched us. Unable to take anymore he leaned over, grabbing Cyrus face in his hand. Cyrus almost stopped moving but when Gale pressed his lips to his it just sent him over board. His thrusts became deeper as they kissed above me.

I wasn’t going to lie, this was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Placing his hands on either side of my head, Cyrus broke there kiss and rose up above me. And with his adjustment I was met with a new sensation. I inhale sharply at the feeling of him pressing on something inside. Cyrus noticed this and gave a smirk.

“So there it is” he said before thrusting his hips upward aiming true. A scream was torn from my mouth before Cyrus leaned forward and sealed our lips together, swallowing my cries. Over and over he torture that same spot until I couldn’t hold it back anymore. My stomach tightened as the sensation became stronger and stronger.

“Do it Lakota” Cyrus purred gripping my hips tight in his hands and I did.

With a cry I gave in to the feeling and let go, releasing all over both of us. Cyrus followed me a moment later. We were both panting as he collapsed on me. Reaching out towards him I caressed his face causing him to close his eyes and lean into my palm.

There were no words after that, how could there be. Words couldn’t fully express how we felt in this exact moment. A warm damp towel was suddenly pressed against my stomach as Gale stood over us wiping us clean. Throwing it the towel on the floor he turned off the lights and pulled the covers over us without a word. With Cyrus on one side of me and Gale on the other I knew, even when I protested against it, that I was safe here in between my mates and to be honest I never wanted to leave.

The struggles of the day melted away for us all and I let myself enjoy the peace they gave me. The pleasant lingering hum of my body that Cyrus had created and the warmth of being wrapped in loving arms is what finally put me to sleep.

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