Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 21


A warm hand traveled down my back, their fingertips causing shivers to run through my body, waking me up. With a sigh I turned into them to find Gale’s brown eyes staring into mine. Blinking up at him I smiled,

“Lakota” he whispered leaning over me. With a hum I turned my head to press my lips against his. His hand roamed down my side slowly, his fingers a soft caress forcing shivers to run down my spine. His lips trailed from my mouth and down my cheek to my neck. He spent a bit of time tasting and kissing my skin there till he reached the mark he gave me and my body tensed up with pleasure.

“Show me your passion lakot” he said huskily. His lower body pressed fully against mine now and I felt his hardness, my breath caught.

“Gale” I whimpered.

“Yes?” he voice held a smile.

“Please” I don’t know where this wanton part of me was coming from but all I know was that I wanted him badly.

“Oh beg me more little Lakot” his lips skimmed my shoulder. The feel of his teeth scraping against my skin had me closing my eyes in pleasure.

With a quick yank he had me up on my knees above him, his hips between my legs. Something was rubbing against me as I hovered over him. Gasping I glanced down to see him pressing his member into me.

“Do you want to ride me Lakot” his deep husky tone vibrated through my blood stream. And I answer truthfully,

“Yes” I whispered and received a beautiful smile in return.

“Then do it” he purred before pressing deeper and in moments he was in me and I was sinking down on him.

We both gasped as I settled completely on him.

Interlocking our fingers together he helped me sit up as the feeling of him filling me made it hard to concentrate on moving.

“Come on baby, ride me” he panted. Looking down at him I noticed his fangs were peeking through his slightly agape mouth as I slowly lifted up and down. Those beautiful brown eyes swirled with silver as he stared up into my eyes. A smile lifted up the corner of his lip.

“I like you on top lakot”

“Do you?” I panted.

“Yes” his eyes traveled down to stared at what was happening with us down there. Letting go of one of my hands he reached down and grabbed my member in his hands.

I gasped suddenly, my body bowing forwards from the feel of his warm hands encircling me.

“Gale” I groaned. Smirking all he did was watch me closely as he leisurely massaged me up and down. In this position I could feel him pushing against that spot Cyrus had found from last night over and over again. My body was tightening with the multiple stimulation.

“Gale, I’m so close.”

It was then that another pair of hands gripped my hips and with a cry I snapped my head over my shoulder to find Cyrus behind me.

“Let me help you”

And suddenly he was guiding me up and down, faster and faster. Gale’s hand froze on my member as he closed his eyes.

“Oh god, yes” he moaned.

I was too close to the edge to even speak anymore.

“Does he feel good baby?” Cyrus whispered in my ear never stopping my hips.

“Hm” I breathed

“He’s filling you up nicely too” his voice rumpled low with a purr that had my blood on fire.

When did Cyrus become so dirty?

“More, please” Gale suddenly growled. I glanced down at him to find his eyes a complete blazing sliver and his lips pulled back to show off his fangs. It should have been scary but instead I was fully attracted to it. So while Cyrus took over my hips I leant down to lick at those glossy sharp incisors. With just that gentle swipe his fang had cut the tip of my tongue and I softly caressed it on his. I knew I was pushing, he didn’t want to bite me out of fear of hurting me but I trusted him with everything I had. And if he did happen to end up going too far, I didn’t mind. If I could give up my life for something it would be for my mates.

His body stiffened then, the taste of my blood exploding on his taste buds. I watched in awe as the silver in his eyes darkened to a pitch black so fast I didn’t have time to react to what was going to happen till it was already done. With fast hands he gripped my hair in tight fists till my head was yanked to the side roughly and he struck.

His sharp fangs pierced my neck where his mark lay so fast that it had me lose all control I screamed, not in pain though but in absolute pleasure that I was unprepared for my climax to erupt like this. I spilled everything between us as my blood filled his mouth over and over in greedy gulps.

His arms wrapped around me so tightly I could hardly breathe. And even though I was becoming light headed I loved it all. Cyrus wasn’t needed anymore as Gale took over, his hips pounding into me and that same spot so hard that I was on the verge of climaxing again.

“Gale” I whispered so quietly because that was all my voice could produce.

When I felt him release into me he finally unlatched his teeth from my neck and let out the loudest roar. His muscles relaxed abruptly as we both collapsed, me on top of him. A hand all of a suddenly was caressing my sweaty hair and a wet warm tongue swiped the side of my neck to stop the bleeding.

“Are you okay?” Cyrus asked as he lifted his face from my neck. Gale looked too dazed to even talk.

“Yeah. What’s wrong with him?” I asked worried but Cyrus laughed.

“He’s completely sated. You can say that he’s drunk off you. Vampires are very susceptible to their own mates blood, it’s like a drug in a way, no others blood can make them as vulnerable, than yours and mine when he’s had enough to fill him. When he comes too he’s going to be so disappointed in losing control like that” Cyrus chuckled as he took his hand from my hair and replaced it in Gale’s.

I glanced down at my mate as he lay there eyes glazed over, I smiled. He had nothing to worry about. He would never hurt me and he needed to start believing that.

“You seem to know a lot about vampires Cyrus.” He was still gazing down at Gale, his hand softly combing through his dark brown hair.

Their relationship has made a full one eighty since their first meeting. I couldn’t help but smile at the loving expression in Cyrus’s eyes as he stared at our mate.

“I’m an Elder, we’re taught a lot more than regular pack members. Not saying that a wolf like you couldn’t get hold of this information from the pack library but you’d have to want to know this information to even start searching for it. Elders on the other hand go to special schools to learn about themselves and learn about other species. It just so happens that vampires peeked my curiosity more than any other supernatural creature.”

“I see” was all I could say.

I didn’t know what it was like going to school or living in a pack. I may have stayed with Cyrus for the last few years since my escape but I wasn’t muck of a pack member.

“Let’s get you guys cleaned and have breakfast.” He offered looking up at me with a soft expression. I nodded as I leant down to whisper in Gale’s ear.

“Come on wake up Gale, I need you.”

And just like that his eyes snapped open, that black hungry gaze was gone and replaced with his sweet deep brown.


My father had been interrogated by the Alpha several times since he came a week ago. Avery had let him go, his senses telling him that the man was telling the truth and meant no harm to anyone. It was hard to fool an Alpha’s nose in a true interrogation but he still had a full security detail for both the pack and himself. Elijah was not happy about this at all and was being detained in one of the vacant rooms in the house for the time being. Teagan and I weren’t very pleased about it either but it was being in proximity to him that had us mad not the fact that he was alive which Elijah seemed to be particularly obsessed with.

Currently I was outside on the porch as both Cyrus and Gale spared together. Leaning up against the rail, I was watching silently. Gale had apologized profusely about biting me like he did. I told him that I loved every minute of it but it wasn’t getting through to him. He was so distraught till even Cyrus couldn’t take it anymore and here they were, battling each other. It stared on a serious note but I could see the teasing they were giving each other. Gale had Cyrus in a head lock as he ruffled up his hair with a huge goofy grin. Cyrus fought bravely but he was no match for Gale’s strength.

The sound of footsteps echoing on the wood porch had me looking behind to find none other than the man I really didn’t want to see. The slight smile on my face faded quickly as I gritted my teeth painfully to keep me from saying something we’d both regret.

“I heard you lost your wolf” his voice was soft as he came to stop beside me. I narrowed my eyes at him,

“No thanks to you”

“What? What does that mean?” he frowned at me, truly confused. “And how is that even possible to lose him?”

“I lost him in exchange to find you and your mate.”

The frown disappeared quickly replaced with a face of guilt.

“Why would you do that?”

“So the vampyr king could have his rightful vengeance against you all.” I turned my head away from him to look back at my mates who were too involved in their little game to notice my situation.

“I know that we attacked his relative for Nyla but honestly it was an order none of us could fight. We didn’t even know why we had to kill him.” He confessed regretfully.

I turned to face him fully now.

“Do you know anything or are you just your mates puppet?” I sneered.

He sighed and rested his elbows against the railing next to me. He kept a good distance from me that I appreciated.

“I deserve your anger Lakota, I truly do. I blame myself for what happened to you and your big brother. I wasn’t strong enough to fight your mother to save you, it makes me just as guilty as she. I can’t even imagine what your life was like thus far.”

“No I don’t’ believe you could, and you never will.” An eerie hand suddenly caressed down my shoulder but I knew it wasn’t real. I closed my eyes; not now. She had left me alone since last night. I was starting to understand that I had to be touching my mates to get my hallucinations of mistress to disappear.

“Where did you end up Lakota?” His question was quiet.

“Don’t you know?” I growled sarcastically. He shook his head,

“Nyla never told me anything because she knew I would try and find you, to get you back.” His eyes narrowed as he brought up his mate. His eyes were blazing with sorrow and what seemed like contempt.

The more I watched him the more I was able to see that he felt the loss of losing his children immensely. And I was mad that I felt sorry at all.

‘He’s a liar, he knew where you were. He just wanted the power of the stone.’ Mistress purred in my ear. Gritting my teeth I continued to look at him, ignoring it as much as possible.

“You really didn’t know?”

He gave me a sad smile before looking out towards the yard, his eyes drawn towards my mates.

“I always wanted to be a father Lakota,” he said and I couldn’t help but stare at him. “I wanted you and Teagan so much...” he paused as I watched his throat bob before he continued. “and when your mother gave birth to your brother, then you I was beyond joyed.” Turning around he leant his back against the rail now.

“When Teagan was taken away I was broken. I knew she used him but I didn’t know what for at the time. I looked everywhere for him but your mother hide him well and no one would tell me since everyone was under Alpha orders to not say anything.” I didn’t say a thing just stayed quit and listen.

“You have no idea how angry I was with her. How much I wanted to kill her. It made me hate myself that the thought even entered my mind about harming a hair on my mates head but I loved my children more than anything. And that fact that she forced my wolf to stay away from you I couldn’t tell you in words what I wanted to do to her.”

“Then you disappeared.” He sighed his voice wavered a bit. I watched him reach up to press his fingers into his eyes as if he was trying not to cry. I bit my lip preventing myself from approaching closer to him. I felt the anguish coming off him as it took me a little to restrain myself.

He was a stranger, a man who was portrayed as a monster this whole time and now I was hearing his side. And the truth was shocking. He wasn’t lying, I knew he wasn’t and it made it even worse. He wasn’t the only one suffering when you thought about it from his prospective. He was trapped just like Teagan and I, another tortured soul. Just not physically.

‘You gullible mutt’ shaking my head to get rid of her voice I turned away from him.

“What about the stone. Do you have it?” I stared out towards the tree line as I asked.

“I have it” this caused me to spin back to face him.

“You do?!”

Slowly he reached in his pocket and opened his hand to revealed a tear shaped, smooth dark red stone, it almost resembled a ruby but there was something sinister about it. As I stared at it I felt like I was being pulled in by an unknown force and I had to snap myself out of it. There was serious power in this little rock and it screamed danger.

“I may not know what your mother’s motives are for the things she does, but as her mate I take responsibility for her actions, and am willing to take her punishments as well. Nyla needs to be stopped, she’s not right mentally, something happened and I don’t know what. But I’m here to help you stop her by any means necessary.”

His golden eyes were steady and bright. He meant every word.

“And what if you had to kill her?” we bother spun around to find both Cyrus and Gale standing on the other side of the porch railing.

Cyrus had asked the question and his face showed the seriousness of the question as he tested him. Cyrus just asked a wolf if he would kill his own mate. Something that was impossible for any mated wolf to do. Just the thought of me killing my own mates made my insides twist with pain.

My father was quit for the longest time before he sighed,

“I honestly don’t know. I don’t think I have it in me to kill her but I’ve wanted to.”

“Thinking and doing are two very different things.” Gale said his deep voice was hard.

“Yes they are.” Then suddenly he turned to look at me, his gold eyes meeting my own gold ones and they set into a narrowed gaze of resolve.

“If it came to it and it was the only thing I could do... Then yes, I would.” His voice was frail with pain but it held truth that spoke volumes.

“Good” both Gale and Cyrus said simultaneously while both my father and I stared at each other without a word.

“You’ve suffered, you and your brother both. I can’t change the past but I can change the future and no one is going to touch you again, not while I’m still breathing. You’re finally here, in front of me... never again will you be taken.”

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