Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 2


Two men came into the room and stood waiting for me to come with them. I looked up at Gale with a concerned frown, he just gave me a reassuring smile and nodded towards the two men.

“I’ll be with you remember.” He said without looking at me. His hand was placed softly on my back and he gently guided me out of the room.

I was led down a grand hall of tall light tan walks and intricate white moldings on the ceilings. We walked past so many extravagant paintings and a couple interesting ones that made me believe that whoever they belonged to had questionable tastes. The sound of everyone’s shoes were clicking... well my capturer’s shoes were clicking; my naked feet were silent as I was forced across the mosaic marble floor. It was a very grand house- mansion? I wasn’t use to anything this amazing, being raised in a dungeon most of my life. I had been brought up with dingy dark cobble stones and rusty chains clinking forever in your ears and head among worse things that would forever scar me.

We finally reached huge white double doors. One of the men knocked and I looked over at Gale for some type of answer to what was behind it, but his face was completely blank. Sighing I turned back and heard a deep weird accented voice answer back to the knock.

“Come in” the man opened the door at the command and I was pushed in.

Staggering into the extraordinary room full of high pointed arched ceilings, I saw cream walls, with again that white elaborate craved moldings in the ceiling. There were striking metal gray marble floors that looked as if there were dreary and white clouds swirling around, it sort of looked like melted silver and I shiver from just the thought. And in the middle of this elaborate room with its once again weird and interesting paintings, there was one huge impressive white embroidered lounging chair with a man leaning in it, pillows surrounding him comfortably.

The man had short well-groomed brown hair and piercing green eyes. He was dressed in a black suit as he sat with legs crossed, his bare heels resting on the floor as he stared at me. There was a group of men and women in rich clothing surrounding him. My eyes were drawn towards the same person from when I first woke up, with the same bored brown eyes, sitting on a similar white couch.

“So, you must be the son of the rabid beasts” his accent was really hard to place, and it wasn’t and English accent either. I heard the group around his snarl at this and I frowned.

I stood there in front of him saying nothing; for one I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Answer him” the man behind me growled pushing me forward so I was almost in reaching distance to my true kidnapper.

I bared my teeth at him over my shoulder till I heard a soft laugh and looked back at the one on the chair.

“I see you have claws little one” he got up from his lounging spot till he stood inches from me.

“Now, why don’t you tell me where we may find your filthy mutt parents” he asked. His dark green eyes were staring at me with expectation and I frowned.

“My parents?” I asked finally.

“Yes those sperm and egg donors of yours.” He snarled.

I backed away from him as the people again snickered at his joke.

“Why the hell would I know, I don’t even know who they are.” I growled.

Just the mention of my ‘parents’ put a bad taste in my mouth. I didn’t have many memories of them; they weren’t very loving parents, but what I do know is that they had left me in the hands of those bitches for seven long years. Where I was tortured nonstop till I gave into being their personal dog. Being used and abused just to please their every whim till I escaped with Kyle. And recently I found out where my long lost older brother had ended up but unlike me he ended up in the hands of the hunters. I was only four when those ‘people’ had taken my seven year old brother away, just as they did me at the exact same age of seven.

My wolf wanted to come out and snap and tear at everything in a blind rage at the thought of what Teagan and I had to endure but I held it back.

“So it’s just as I thought, they had sent you to the Syrin.” I just stared at him.

“And let me guess, you escaped”

“Why do you want them so much. If you knew what they did to me why would you think I would ever know where they are?”

“Just covering all the bases as you Americans would say” he smirked as he began to walk around me.

American... I guess he would think so from my accent but I’m hardly American or British from the dungeons I grew up in. I only talked the way I did because that was how my mistress told me to or should I say beat into me. Along the way I lost whatever accent it use to be.

“I hate to use the underhanded methods as I have with you but I took you for this reason. I must use you as bate to lure them out.” I swung around in surprise.


“It’s all I can do” he shrugged.

“They gave me away, why would you think they would come looking for me?”

“Because you are their paid debt, boy” he shrugged.

“Their debt?” I asked softly in confusion.

“Oh yes,” I watched him walk back to his chair and elegantly sit down as someone reached over and handed him a fancy metal cup.

“Your grace” this came from behind me as the familiar voice reached out like fingers and made a shiver run down my spine. I looked over at Gale as he came to stand beside me.

“Not now Gale.” the man said sternly and gave him a hard look that made Gale close his mouth. “Why don’t you sit next to Nicholas and be quiet. I’ve had quite enough of you this week.” He sighed and returned his gaze to me, but I was watching Gale as I saw his jaw muscles tighten in anger. Surprisingly he listened to the man and sat stiffly beside that mysterious boy from earlier.

“Where was I?” he sipped from his metal goblet. “Oh yes, the debt”

“From what I know they had sent you to the Americas to be with the Syrintribe there, instead of here in the United Kingdom, where there are plenty of those demon bitches laying around.” He explained.

I was too confused to ask what he was talking about but I didn’t have to since he kept going.

“Just think, of course they want you. Their deal with the Syrin has been broken with your escape and they have to send you back before things get nasty.” he told me his eyes staring into mine with a smile on his face as I was starting to understand but not the why in this whole thing.

“But aren’t they stuck between a rock and a hard place,” his cup was resting on his bottom lip as he gazed at me over the edge, “because to get to you, they have to get through me and that’s what I’m counting on.”

Then something occurred to me,

“You want to kill them, why?” my eyes traveled over towards Gale and I saw him sitting there with his same expressionless face. He wasn’t giving me anything here.

“They took someone from me” the man’s handsome face turned dark. “And I plan on getting my revenge but the how of it still escapes me”

So they did something to someone he really cared about and now I’ve been dragged into the middle of my parents battles with whoever or I should say whatever these people are. That flower scent was so strong in here it was making me woozy, there was no way they were humans.

“Are these people that hard to find? Seeing as how your men found me so easily, it can’t be that hard.” He snickered.

“Jeez boy, just say it how it is, they are your parents there is no getting around it.” He laughed. “And to answer your question, they have acquired a stone of great power.”

“A stone?” I questioned.

“Yes, it is called a Bloodstone. From what I know of this particular ‘rock’” he spat as he sneered into his cup. “Is that it’s a stone forged from the blood of a thousand tortured victims or in your case the sacrifice of one’s own blood, you being their son and all. The reason it’s hard to touch these bastards is that it gives them protection with special abilities like prolonged life, strength and speed along with the, oh so handy nullification of another’s powers. So in short it shield them from us unless they’re in plain sight. But to get those other powers I mentioned besides the shield, their stone must be bathed in the blood of the strongest known to the stone.”

“So they don’t have these powers yet just the shield. How did they get this stone?” he sighed and gave his cup to someone over his shoulder. And lent back into the chair.

“They got it from the Syrins, it’s their specialty, torture and what not. They shed a lot of blood and they make these stones but for a price, and that price is always pain. Being it the clients or the client’s victims and you’re the latter and from my information your older brother was another of their victims.”

I gritted my teeth with the unwanted reminder. I glared at him as I shifted from one foot to the other; the marble was warm underneath my soles now.

“Thank you” I growled sarcastically. He shrugged,

“From what I hear your parents have climbed some high ladders”

I frowned at this, “What do you mean”

“I mean they are the proud owners of one of the cruelest packs in this country, though I don’t know what they are called, word of mouth and all.” He sighed in defeat and rubbed his neck as if he was exhausted. I rolled my eyes, I was the one exhausted, exhausted from being here and exhausted from talking to this guy.

“We’ll I’m very sorry that they are causing you such pain, but I would like to go back to the Sky Raven pack now.”

The room was suddenly silent at my demand but I just kept staring at him. I was not going to be a slave ever again. It was either kill me or let me go.

“Before you say no I’ll let you know, it’s impossible to try and change my mind. As you said I was sold to the Syrins, there is nothing you can do to me that hasn’t already been done a thousand times over.” I tell him straight face.

A sudden rumble, much like a growl sounded somewhere in the room.

The man stood up and walked over to me,

“Of course you want to go home, but first there is something that I need from your pack.” I tilted my head at this.


“An alliance” I almost scoffed at his answer.

“You can’t be serious; you kidnapped me. My mate won’t even want to look at your face without tearing it off much less fight beside you.” I snapped.

Suddenly a fast movement caught both of us by surprise as I was snatched up and shook hard. Instantly my wolf rushed forward and my canines descending quickly as I roar along with whoever was shaking me. Then I was crushed into arms tightly.

Through all the chaos and the quick movements that forced my wolf’s instincts to come to the forefront I bit the person on the shoulder, as they held me in a crushing hold.

My vision was abruptly taken over by bright colors as the person’s blood rushed into my mouth. It was so sweet and decadent I was high from the moment it touched my tongue. The arms around me tightened further, pulling me flush against their hard body. My wolf’s defensive rage quickly receded and was replaced with lust and longing.

“Ahh” a soft moan rumbled under my teeth and I sunk them deeper into their skin, unable to stop as the delicious taste called to my own blood. Their scent assaulted my sense with its strong flowery aroma that caused such strong reaction from me as I tugged at my bite again.

“Yes” the person groaned and I was pressed on a soft surface, I realized vaguely that it was the couch. Their hips ground into mine as I moaned against their shoulder thrusting back in desperation.

I’ve never felt this way before or the needy thoughts of taking my clothes off and having them take me was confusing.

Something snapped within me and I released my hold, retracting my canines and laid my head down on the couch I was being pressed into, only to come face to face with Gale. His hooded eyes were staring down at me and his usual deep brown color was replaced with a shocking silver that seemed to beam at me.

He reached out and swept my hair from my face with the back of his fingers tenderly. The familiar feel of soft tingles caressed my skin at his touch and it made me close my eyes in pleasure. It’s been a while since I’ve felt those amazing tingles against my skin.


Wait no!

Then my eyes snapped open in realization.

“Mine” Gale breathed burring his head in my neck.

A shadow stood over us as I stared up at the ceiling in utter shock. Slowly eyes maneuvered over towards the green eyes of my kidnapper that look down at me, in my suddenly embarrassing situation underneath Gale, with a smug expression.

“Now, how about that alliance.” He smiled.

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