Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 3


I paced in the doorway watching intently as Avery stood behind his desk and talked quietly on his phone. It’s been almost two weeks since I lost Lakota’s trail and ever since I’ve been agonizing over his lose. I had to find him before I went insane and tore apart this whole country.

“Alright, thank you” sighing, Avery sat at his chair and slumped back throwing his phone on the desk.

“Well?” I asked marching in front of his desk and placed my hands on it.

He looked up at me with an exhausted expression before shaking his head. His eyes were full of pity and I held back a growl.

“No one has seen Lakota” he rubs his eyes, “It’s been two weeks and if it’s who you think it is than none of the packs would have seen him.”

I snarled, baring my teeth with frustration.

“I’m so sorry, Cyrus”

This just made me growl even louder, I was so tired of people giving me their damn sympathetic glances and murmuring to themselves about my misfortune of losing my mate before we could fully bond. I remember when I came back in to the house muddy and wet from my three day hunt for Lakota only to come back empty handed.

Connor and his mate were the first ones to hear my problem. Teagan’s reaction to the kidnapping of his brother was nothing more than a deep frown and I knew my problem was lost on him. They were never close since they didn’t know each other, so I went looking for the Alpha and at least got help there. He called the Head Elder before making a whole bunch of calls to the neighboring packs.

Now all I get from the Head Elder is that he’s “Working on it”. And Avery had reached his limit of phone calls. Even the dozens of search teams from a few neighboring packs have come up empty.

I’d reached a breaking point in all of this.

I was turning away when Avery’s phone rang, I heard him answer,

“Heath” the weary voice was renewed with the Head Elders call.

“What?” this made me turn back to look at him. Avery had a frown on his face. “You can’t be serious, right now?”

He stood straighter at what the Elder was saying and nodded even though Heath couldn’t see him.

“I will” his gaze traveled towards mine for an instant before averting his eyes quickly from mine and his lips thinned tightly.

“Ok” he hung up.

“What this time?” I practically ordered.

He refused to look at me at all. I opened my mouth to demand to know what was happening but a knock at the door stopped me.

“Come in” Avery called.

A thin young wolf came in sticking his head in the door, he couldn’t have been more than thirteen.

“There is some visitors here for you and they say that,” he looked over at me. “A Lakota is with them.”

That was all that needed to be said as I rushed out of the office.

“Cyrus, wait!” Avery called after me as I raced towards the front door.

Why was he trying to stop me?!

I reached the staircase and practically rolled down it in my haste.

The moment I touched the hard marble floor at the entrance, I threw the front door open and came to a complete halt. The familiar scent of flowers from the day Lakota was taken hit me like a freight train. An instant growl left my lips as I stared at the large group of tall and impressively dressed people, there were a few enforcers standing guard as I stalked forward.

“Cyrus!” Avery exclaimed as he came up behind me but my eyes were instantly drawn to the group surrounding a smaller form dressed in a dark shirt and jeans that fit him rather loosely.


I was taken back by the fact that I was seeing his human form rather than a wolf.

“We want to talk with your Alpha” a man with an slightly harsh but exotic accent stepped forward, he wore a dark crisp suit and shiny shoes.

“And why is that?” I snarled, stepping up to him threateningly.

He just smirk at me and looked over my shoulder.

“Are you the Alpha perhaps?”

“I am” Avery’s voice sounded behind me but I was too focused on Lakota and reached out to him.

“Come here” I pleaded, watching him look at me with those big gold eyes, the relief in his gaze made me want to drop to my knees.

He rushed past the group of strange people who surprisingly stepped aside to let him and ran into my arms. I held him to me tightly with such desperation to finally feel those tingles after so long. I buried my face in his neck, inhaling his scent to calm my raging nerves only to catch something that wasn’t supposed to be there.

“Lakota?” I questioned as I pulled my face away a fraction, my eyes were drawn to a movement behind him. A tall man stood inches from us and I found myself snapping my teeth together with a warning snarl for him to back off. His brown eyes looked me right into my blue and I felt my body stiffen.

“Cyrus,” Lakota stepped back from me and looked over his shoulder to the man. “This is Gale, he was the one who took care of me while I was gone.”

Ignoring the weird sensation in my body I snatched Lakota’s arm tightly and thrust him behind me, blocking Gale’s view of him.

“I don’t care what he did, he took you and I’m going to rip his throat out.”

“No!” Lakota broke out of my hold and put his small hand on my chest as if that would hold me back. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Why are you protecting him?” I barked in growing anger.

“Because they are mates, you blind fool” the accented voice said beside me and looked to see the man in the suit.

I frowned deeply at him and snatched Lakota’s hand and pulled him to my chest in a protective hold.

“That’s impossible” I forced through clenched teeth. “He’s my mate!”

“Well that surely didn’t stop the boy from marking my son” he smiled smugly.

My gaze traveled towards Lakota and I saw a red tint rising in his cheeks as he stared at my chest intently.

“Lakota, is that true?” a sting in my chest was growing as I watched the guilt in his face grow more and more.

“I’m sorry, it happened so fast” was all he said. I looked up to glare at the so called ‘mate’ and I growled at him.

“You’re not taking him away from me” and I was serious.

“Let us go inside shall we?” said the man in the suit to Avery and surprisingly he nodded letting my mates kidnapper inside his home.

What the hell is happening!



All I could focus on was Cyrus’s stiff face as he stood next to me. He was angry, I knew I hurt him and it made my wolf whine in guilt. I stood in the back of the office quietly, tempted to shift back to my wolf form so all my human worries were just that, human.

My eyes traveled across the room where Gale stood next to the man who, I found out earlier is his father. The man introduced himself as Elijah to the Alpha.

“An alliance?” Avery questioned from behind his desk as he stared at Elijah.

“Yes, as I have explained this matter to your wolf. His parents are on the top of our list and we need the help of your pack to take them down.”

Avery frowned,

“You want us to fight fellow wolves?”

“No, I want you to kill a pack of mutts. They are despicable creatures that have over stayed their welcome on this earth is all” Elijah smiled. Avery lifted his chin in silence as he stared at him.

“Why would I help you anyway?”

“Because I brought back you puppy, didn’t I-”

A growl sounded next to me and I saw Cyrus step forward.

Elijah just turned his head slightly before focusing back on Avery as if Cyrus wasn’t a threat, but I knew that was not true. If anything, Cyrus was one of the most dangerous men in the room- no this country and in the U.S.

“The boy’s parents will be after him soon since he is no longer in the Syrin’s hands. Their debt was paid with their son and I assume you have their other offspring who fortunately escaped his debt since his master is dead. Which puts you in the cross hairs now doesn’t it ‘Alpha’” he mockingly annunciated.

Avery’s jaw tightened,

“What have they done to you that makes you want their blood so much?”

This caught my interest, since I asked the same question but got no straight answers.

The room grew tense as Elijah narrowed his eyes.

“They killed my cousin and I want to pay back the favor.” He growled, his eyes flickered brightly. I glanced over to Gale and noticed his eyes were glowing the bright silver from when we marked each other.

I blushed at the memories and turned my face away from him back to the two men.

“So these wolves are so powerful you need help?”

“Yes, they have a bloodstone” the room went silent instantly, even Cyrus stiffened.

“You’re sure?” Avery asked his voice tight.

“Why do you think they killed my cousin? They needed his blood” he snarled, “And now they have it” he finished.

“What does that mean?” Caleb asked from behind Avery.

“It means that the stone already shields and protects them making it difficult to find them.”

“Not to mention it’s practically an Elder repellent.” Cyrus spoke up.

“Now that they have my cousins blood in their evil cold little stones it makes them stronger and faster. A whole lot harder to touch now, then before”

“Why, who is your cousin to make the stone do this? Why his blood so powerful that they would kill him for it?” Caleb asked.

Elijah was silent, hesitant to answer. He finally sighed and met Caleb’s gaze,

“He is the cousin to the king.”

“The king? What king?” the Alpha frowned.

“That would be me, King Elijah Dartanyanoff” my eyes widened as everyone who didn’t know this gasped. “The King of The Vampir.”

My eyes instantly snapped over towards Gale and noticed he was already looking my way.

My mate or one of them was a vampire and a prince of them all!

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