Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 4


I leant over the back-porch railing as I watched Lakota laying in the sun, back in his wolf form since it was an unusual sunny day for England. I’m pretty sure he missed it in the states. He shifted back soon after the meeting with the Alpha and the “Vampir King” ended.

I knew he must be overwhelmed with his parents threatening to take him back. Plus there was the mating situation, that in all truth I had no idea what was happening. How could he be mated to two people, I’d never heard of a triad mating before. And it was understandable that Lakota would retreat back in his wolf form to escape it all.

I glanced around and spotted a few vampires hanging out in the large expansive yard of the Sky Raven Pack. All I knew from their race was only royal blood was able to be in the sun, which meant I would probably be seeing that ‘Prince’ strutting around here somewhere. If he cared about Lakota as much as I did, he was already probably watching from a distance.

Footsteps came up behind me and I looked over my shoulder to see Teagan. I tried to hide my surprise that he was even a foot away from his mate Connor. The man was attached to the wolf’s hip 24/7. He came to stand a good arm’s length away from me and we both stared out into the forest that was the packs backyard.

“So I heard why they’re a whole bunch of strangers around the pack. These parents of ours are this dangerous?” he asked gesturing towards the vampires in plain view.

“Guess so” I answered.

Teagan seemed comfortable talking with me, which is saying something because the man was a stone wall to everyone but his mate. He was bearable to the Alpha’s since they were his parents by mating.

“They’re not going to touch my brother” he growled his warning to me and I looked over at him with a frown. He cared?

“You care?” I voiced my thoughts. His black eyes narrowed at me,

“Of course I care about him. I may not remember him well but I do remember I had a brother once in a past life.” His voice softened as he looked out towards the lounging wolf.

“Sorry” he shook his head.

“All that needs to be focused on is Lakota and keeping him from their dirty clutches. And if they ever touch him I’m burning them to ash; stone or no stone.” and with that he stormed off leaving me to feel a bit better about this upcoming war Elijah kept calling it.

It was impossible to say no to his alliance now with Gale and Lakota mated.

I gritted my teeth at this and closed my eyes to give myself time to breathe through my raging jealousy. He was my mate! I knew he was, if not there was no way I would feel the tiny shocks that ran up my skin and the begging my wolf did just to be near him every time Lakota was close.

I have yet to confront this ‘Prince Gale’ but I didn’t even want to look at the man right now, because I felt like I would blow his brain from the inside just from being too close.

Calm thoughts, I opened my eyes only to be greeted by something that threw my temper right back up. Gale was kneeling in the grass by Lakota, stroking his fur. To make it worse my mate’s tail was thumping against the ground like some kind of happy pup. My fists tightened against the wood railing and I couldn’t keep my feet in the same spot. I barely registered vaulting myself over the railing and straight towards the two.

I cast a shadow over them and it made Gale look over his shoulder, his hand stilled in Lakota’s thick fur.


“I need to talk with my ‘Mate’” I emphasized. Gale frowned and stood. He was inches taller than my 6′2 standing at 6′5.

We just stood their staring each other down. I hated to admit it but he did have strikingly deep brown eyes and strong eyebrows bringing them out more. He looked dangerous and regal. I felt something move within me, but I shook it off and bent down picking Lakota up, ignoring his whimper and walked away from the vampire.

The moment we were further in the woods away from everyone, especially ‘him’, I set Lakota down on his paws as I dropped down to my knees and grabbed the sides of his furry narrow face.

“Tell me Lakota, tell me that you feel the same as you did before you left.” I pleaded.

I couldn’t watch as he was taken away from me. It would kill me slowly and I need reassurance or closure. Answers were all I wanted.

“Please, tell me you still want me my little wolf”

Lakota met my gaze with his bright gold ones and whined pushing his head against mine, nuzzling into the side of my neck and I closed my eyes in sagging relief. My body vibrated with the tingles he was producing from his touch.

I felt his wet tongue swipe across where my neck met my shoulder and I shuddered, biting back a moan. I was used to this behavior. He always teased me like this and it made me want to lose all control I had and take him but before I never advanced into our relationship out of respect for his space. I wanted to give him time to adjust to the world. He had just escaped the Syrin’s not to long after coming to my pack, back in Alaska.

“Bite me Lakota, I don’t want to wait one more moment little wolf.” I whispered roughly in his ear. I felt them flicker as I begged, swiftly without thinking I took that furry pointed ear between my teeth and gave a tug.

He growled and whimpered pushing further into my body as if asking for more.

“Come on Lakota, make me yours. I’ve always been yours, I just can’t wait anymore.” I begged shamelessly.

His tongue swiped at me again and again and before long I was just a shivering mess on the ground with a huge tease of a wolf on top of me.

I caught the forceful swishing of his tail out of the corner of my eye and I reached out, running my hand down his thick coated, back down to his tail and gave it a quick yank.

Suddenly a heat spread throughout my body as the strike came.

“Lakota” I moaned.

I arched up in instant pleasure to feel his sharp canines piercing my skin. My wolf shuddered in pleasure with our mate’s essence as it plunged into us, making us his forever.

His body shifted form on top of me, his warm naked chest rest on mine and I grabbed at his long hair yanking his head back from his bite. Flipping him over I plunged my teeth in his shoulder as he had me, my canines dug deep and he cried out. His body bucked up against mine and I growled softly.

“Cyrus” he whimpered, his nails digging into my back.

I felt his member pressing into me hard and I was so tempted to rip my clothes off and join him in the nude. Take his body till he screamed he couldn’t take anymore.

Once I injected my essence into him I let go softly licking the wound closed.

“Thank you” I told him pressing my forehead against his and closed my eyes in bliss.

He was finally mine... Gale came into my thoughts and my bliss dampened.

Well he was mine, sort of.

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