Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 6



I had been summoned by my father and so here I was standing in the Sky Raven Pack Alpha’s office. A few wolves were already here as I looked the room over. The Alpha, my sire, and two other men were sitting in the room. One wolf in particular’s hair was grey and if I knew my wolf biology, that would mean he was well in his years, since they aged slowly but weren’t immortal like vampires. The other man was a much younger wolf with brown hair and hazel eyes, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him be called Uncle Jim or something along those lines. Both of these wolves had an aura about them that was much different than all the other wolves or even the Alpha himself. I frown, they must be in another class in the wolf hierarchy and it was interesting and a bit frightening to know what made them so different. Come to think of it, Cyrus was giving me the same vibes too.

“Gale, thank you for joining us, we were just discussing our plans to capture these bastard parents of your mate.” He leaned forwards, elbows on his knees and looked at me with a satisfied smirk. He’s been planning this for weeks now. Ever since his cousin was taken from us and now he was getting his revenge. I didn’t blame him one bit for all these extremes though, but it did make me mad that his plans had brought my mate to suffer even though it brought him to me.

“Alright Gale, sit down let’s get this started.” Father said.

I sighed and lowered myself into the seat next to him, here we go.

“I want those bastards dead, and now, if you get me.” Was the first thing out of my father’s mouth. I glanced at him and then the others to see their reaction. They were all so calm as if starting a war with a couple of crazy wolves was nothing.

“I get it and if I were in your shoes I would be the same. But we have no idea where these people are. And not to mention who they are.” The Alpha explained

“Do you know what they look like?” the grey-haired man asked.

I looked over at him, then my father, the look on his face was hard.

“Of course, but how will that help you? I doubt you could find them that way.” he answered.

“Well if we know what they look like it would help tremendously.” Jim said.

Father sighed,

“Like I said, even if I told you what they looked like I doubt you’d find them by their face. I’ve been searching for them for a long time and have gotten nowhere.”

“What I need is your talent as a wolf to sniff out the prey.” He smiled sadistically.

“Elijah, to sniff out these people I need at least a scent to go off of. Or a lead on where they are.” The Alpha told him.

“Your lead is that they are a pack of blood thirsty wolves run by merciless Alpha’s.” fathers expressionless face gave everyone pause, my sire was a tolerant man but when he was backed into a corner, something precious was taken from him, or his pride was damaged he turned into a vicious creature not to be trifled with. In other words, he was scary when he is serious as he is right now. And from the state of everyone in the room they could feel his anger seeping in the air.

There was a long silence, we all sat there with frowns on our faces.

“Lakota seems distraught with these developments and I am telling you all now, if he is hurt any more than he has been by these people I’m tearing everyone apart.” I growled and earned a round of grins.

“Since you are convinced that they are after Lakota then we will find them” the Alpha said.

“I might know who you’re looking for but I’m going to have to do some digging” the man with the white hair stood. “I need to talk with Connor and Teagan, so excuse me” he explained bowing slightly before leaving.

“Well, he has very polished manners. I like that.” father stated.

“Y-yes, Cedrick’s uh… very refined.” Jim said awkwardly, his gaze traveling sideways.

I frowned with confusion before shrugging off my curiosity of the white-haired man named Cedrick got to me more.

“Hmm, well anyway I must be going now, lots of work to do back home.” father stood slowly as if without a care in the world, he looked every bit the royal he is as he moved.

“And as for a scent to go off on, since you wolves are the ones with the amazing noses, you do have something.” Father stated. Every eye turned to him then with curiosity.

He smirked and strolled towards the door before turning his head gracefully to the side to look at us.


With that he left.

I sat there staring at the door for a long moment before standing myself and looking at them all. I knew what my father meant. He was talking about Lakota, if we could get a read on his blood the scent would lead us to his parents.

“If you will give me time with Lakota I’ll see if he will let me draw blood from him” I said to them and watched them all nod at me. I guess they all understood what father was saying in the end.

I left the room and started down the hallway full of the scent of wolves. It kind of reeked if I was honest; like unwashed wet dog.

As I began down the hall a thought accrued to me. The only reason I was here, in this house was Lakota, and he seem to be missing. I frowned as I looked all over for him. He wasn’t in the back, the front or in his and Cyrus’s room.

With that thought my mind went to the other man in the relationship. To be honest I wasn’t bothered by him at all. The only thing that really got to me was that he was not accepting of me and it was putting Lakota in an awkward position. In truth he was a very handsome man that I wouldn’t mind getting close to. His icy blue eyes were mesmerizing, and he was sexy all dressed up in his army style clothes when he trained with the wolves. Two of whom I found out was Lakota’s brother and his mate.

If only he would open up enough for me to approach him in some way.

Sighing I continued to search for Lakot.


A rhythmic staccato of heels beat down on the stone as she and her group walked towards the huge doors at the end of the hall. Throwing the double doors open she stood in front of the Superior.

“Yes?” Superior said softly, her head turned slightly but her back to the door. She stood in front of a large painting, on it was a woman enticing a man with her voice, lulling him to his doom. It was the only thing in the enormous room beside a desk and chair. The walls were multicolored stones, fitting for the dark dungeon it was.

Kneeling down to one knee, the woman and her subordinates placed their arm across their ribs, under their breast, showing complete devotion and submission.

“We have located the wolves.” She said

A cruel smile graced the Superior’s beautiful face.

“Bring them to me, they have a lot to answer for, I believe.”

Bowing her head she stood gracefully and backed out of the room as her subs closed it gently.

A grin spread on her lips as she began back down the hall way of stone once more.

“With pleasure.” She purred.

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