Taken (Blue Moon Series) (Book 5)

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Chapter 7


I lay in the kitchen watching Levi cook some weird concoction while he made small talk with Kyle. It brought me back to the time when Kyle lost his memory and I stayed by his side as he started his mating process with Levi. Man, those were tough times with the hunters after us but then I met Cyrus.

I was grateful to them all for bringing us together but now I was in such a weird position I didn’t know what to do with myself. One mate was hard enough, now two! I’m in over my head here.

Shaking my head, I stood and trotted out the back kitchens huge doggy door. Out on the back porch I could see Connor and Teagan walking up out of the forest.

“Hey Lakota” Connor said. “What are you up to?” kneeling down he ran his hands through my coat and I closed my eyes arching for a deeper scratch.

Laughing, Connor obliged,

“So I hear you have two mates” he said out of nowhere and I sagged to the ground.

Can a wolf get a break?

“Oh wow” Connor voice at my reaction to his words. “That bad is it?”

You have no idea!

“Hmm, why don’t we all do something later? I have to take a shower and talk with the Head Elder but after that you, Teagan and I can all go do something.” I glanced up at them and my eyes traveled over towards my brother for the first time and saw a little apprehension.

I nodded,

“Good, see you in a bit” and with that he and Teagan walked in the house.

Awkwardly I slid into constricting jeans and a t-shirt. Glancing at myself in the mirror, I nodded with confidence. Today I would have fun or something, just get my mind off my present situation for a while… hopefully.

Being on two legs will be fine for a while.

Closing the bedroom door behind me, I walked down the stairs to find Connor and Teagan standing together. Connor looked at ease as he waited while Teagan looked like a caged tiger. The same way he looked when I first met him back at the training grounds.

“Lakota!” Connor said stepping up to me and smiled. “You look good as a human” he joked.

Blushing I ducked my head and ran my fingers through my long unruly hair. Connor suddenly laughed, and I looked up at him.

“I know exactly where to start today, come along brother dearest.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me outside while Teagan followed silently behind.

“Today is all about Lakota.”

It is?

The car started and off we went. As we drove towards civilization, I suddenly noticed I’d never been since coming here with Cyrus. Being in wolf form puts a big restriction on the places I can go. I stared in awe at all the old beautiful buildings and foreign cars. So, this was what urban England was like.

People rushed by each other barely paying attention to one another. Cars honked and roared down the streets.

“Hey, you want to roll down your window and stick your tongue out while you’re at it?” I heard Connor snicker as the window did roll down suddenly. Narrowing my eyes I snarled at him with a curl of my lip playfully.

Then the car stopped, glancing out my window to see an old- fashioned building, painted in a dark brown. There was also a white and red spinning cylinder.

“Come on Lakota, you’re going to need this.”

Opening the door, I followed Teagan and Connor through them and stared at how many chairs they had. I saw a few people sitting while someone stood over them cutting their hair off. I stepped back.

Connor noticed and grabbed my arm to pull me towards the man sitting behind a desk.

“Welcome to Smithy’s Barber”

“Hi, I need a haircut for my brother here.” The man glanced over at me and smiled.

“Alright, just have a seat here” he stood, walking over to a chair and turned it for me to sit. I was apprehensive as I was forced in the seat as Connor pushed me by my shoulders. He began explaining something to the man.

The man who’s name we found out was Trevor came to me and wrapped a towel around my neck. He brought me over to a sink and had me lean backwards under the water. I had no idea what was happening, I’d never had someone wash my hair before, but he was nice enough from the small talk he gave. When he was done he rubbed the towel in my hair and brought me back to my seat.

But the moment when the shiny metal scissors came out I panicked. Memories of the Syrin’s dragging similar silver scissors dragged across my neck, burning, when they did their annual ‘Grooming’s’ for their pets, came back and I jumped out of the chair, right into Teagan. He gripped my arms to keep me from falling but it was not needed as I practically crawled up him to get away from the man with the silver.

“Lakota?” Connor came rushing over as Teagan wrapped his arms around me, keeping me close to him as he shook his head at his mate.

“I don’t think this is going to work.” Teagan’s raspy voice filled my ears.

“Hey mate, is he alright?” the man asked.

“I’m sorry, I forgot he has a problem with sharp objects.” Connor said softly, obviously lying.

I was practically hyperventilating into Teagan’s neck as he rushed me out of the torture room. My fingers were bunching his shirt in my fists as I held tight to him.

“Oh Lakota, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know” Connor whimpered behind me.

I shook my head, wanting to tell him it was okay but couldn’t seem to open my mouth.

I felt pathetic curled up to Teagan like this, as if I were a little kid. But I was starting to notice that the familiar smoky scent of Teagan was bringing back memories, very old memories of when we were young, and he use to comfort me in the same manner. Tightening my arms around his neck I buried my head further into his shoulder.

“Brother” I whimpered under my breath. I felt Teagan stiffen slightly before holding me closer.

“Let’s do something else Connor”

“Your right” his mate said softly.

I felt a warm hand rub my back.

“I’m so sorry” Connor whispered.

We were back in the car once again, I was curled up in the seat, quietly staring out the window this time.

“How about lunch, are you hungry?”

I glanced up at Connors concerned expression, I nodded with a small smile. And soon we pulled up to a restaurant.

As we sat down Connor handed me the menu,

“Pick whatever you want” I took the plastic paper in my hands, but I just stared at it.

We sat silently for a moment when suddenly there was a scrap of chairs at our table. Looking up I saw Gale and Cyrus making themselves comfortable.

“How did you-?” Connor started to say but Cyrus interrupted.

“Just followed my mates scent” Cyrus said stiffly gazing into my eyes intently. I blushed looking back down at the menu.

“My brother over heard that the two of you were taking him, I’m surprised you two didn’t inform us that you were going to take him for the day.” He motioned behind him where his brother Nicholas standing outside, his back against the window.

“Well I didn’t know we had to” Connor bit back.

“I don’t know how you wolves are with your mates, but a vampire would like to know where our other half is when they are taken off the premises without a word.”

“You sound like an old-time movie” Cyrus scoffed lounging back in his chair. Gale only gave him a slight glance before focusing back on Connor.

“We are his family, we have every right to take him with us.”

“I don’t mind him being with family, I just would have liked to know that he was leaving the house, is all.”

“I agree” Cyrus voiced suddenly.

I saw a small smirk rise on Gale’s face before it was gone. Sighing I looked back at the menu.

Connor frowned at me tilting his head and Teagan just sat with a straight face acting completely indifferent towards what was going on around him.

“What is it?” Connor asked. “Would you like for them to leave you alone today?”

“What would you suggest?” I muttered placing the menu down on the table.

“Huh?” he frowned.

“For lunch?” I asked.

“Oh, uh… maybe the chicken fettuccini Alfredo, it sounds pretty good.” Connor said looking up from his menu.

“Okay I’ll have that then.” I pushed the plastic menu away from me when someone came up to our table.

“What can I get you this evening?” the waiter asked looking at all of us.

Connor sprouted off a bunch of things as the person wrote it all down.

“Water” Cyrus said while Gale shook his head.

“Very good, I’ll be back with your waters in just a moment.” The waiter said before he left.

It was then when I noticed an interesting scent, it was almost like a spring rain falling on a bed of flowers. It engulfed the whole room and completely intoxicated my senses. I found myself feeling light headed as I leant towards the smell.

“Lakota?” I heard Gale say causing my eyes to snap open.

I was leaning over the table in their direction, Cyrus was giving me a penetrating stare, his bright blue eyes intense. While Gale’s brown eyes watched me with a frown.

“Are you okay?” Cyrus asked.

“Y-yeah” I cleared my throat sitting back up straight.

“Here’s your waters” the waiter came back placing them on the table, “I’ll be back with your food shortly”

The moment the food arrived it gave us all a reason not to talk. I knew that I was acting weird around both of them but today was supposed to be a break from all this, a day to forget and maybe get a new look on the whole thing but with them here it was an ever pressing situation that demanded an answer.

I knew I would accept them, it was impossible not to, but it was the process of them accepting each other. I’ve said it before that it was not normal for a wolf to have more than one mate and to have two was bizarre but with another species altogether... So it was all up to me to decide without any help or advice from others with experience.

I placed another fork full of delicious creamy noodles up to my mouth when someone’s phone rang. Glancing up I saw Cyrus reaching into his jacket. The creamy cheesy taste of the sauce exploded on my tongue and I had to prevent myself from moaning out loud.

“Okay” Cyrus’s deep voice sounded at the table.

“We have to go back.” He said suddenly looking towards me and Gale.

“Wait, Lakota is with us today.” Connor frowned placing his utensil down.

“I get it but that was the Head Elder.” he said tilting his phone in his hands and Connor closed his mouth unable to argue.

“Right, well, lets go then.” Gale said standing up and reaching a hand over towards me. I frowned with my fork sticking out of my mouth. He took hold of my hand, pulling me to my feet but all I could do was look at my plate longingly as he hauled me away. Cyrus quickly swooped up my food and walked out of the restaurant.

Sitting in the car next to me Cyrus handed me the plate back,

“Here, I know you’re hungry”

Blushing I took the fork out of my mouth and stuck it in my pasta,

“Thank you” I whispered.

“It’s about time I saw you put something in that mouth of yours.” Gale spoke from the front seat of his car.

“Excuse me?” Cyrus questioned as a dark look crossed his face.

“It’s just, when he was at my home he refused to eat anything. I was afraid he was trying to starve himself.”

I closed my eyes in dread as I could just feel Cyrus’s eyes on me,

“Is this true?”

I started to swirl my fork around and around refusing to look up at him.


“Yes, it’s true.” I murmured. The feel of his rough warm hand found its way in my hair, caressing the strands caused me to meet his gaze.

“Why would you do that to yourself? Did you not think I would find you?” there was hurt in his voice. I shook my head.

“It had nothing to do with that, it was just that I am tired of captivity. I would have rather died then be imprisoned ever again.”

“Oh Lakota” he wrapped his arm around my head and pulled me close to lean against his chest. The car was silent as we drove back to the pack house. Gale sat very still and Nicholas who sat in the passenger’s seat just quietly looked out the window.

We pulled up to the pack house to see the Head Elder standing with the Sky Ravens Alpha, Jim and Elijah on the porch.

“What’s wrong?” Cyrus asked helping me out of the car as I held my plate close to me.

“We may have a way to find your parents pack.” Heath said looked from me to Teagan, who was standing a few feet away from me.

“And why are you telling us and not finding them yourself?” Gale voiced staring at his dad.

“Because it has to be done by your mate and his brother.”

“What’s that mean?” Connor asked frowning.

Alpha Avery stepped forward towards his son.

“There is a creature that can find anything and anyone”

“That’s great!” Gale exclaimed.

“Yeah but it has its drawbacks,”

“Like?” Cyrus asked.

“Well we can’t go because you have to have the blood or DNA of those who you wish to find.” Heath added

I felt the groups behind me freeze,

“That would mean that the only ones who can go are Teagan and Lakota” Connor said.

“Correct, they are the only ones who can deal with them” Jim added

“So does that mean we have to stay behind?” Cyrus growled behind me as he closed the small gap between us. His heat surrounded me all of a sudden.

“No, the three of us have to stay because we cannot afford to leave our positions at this time. We just declared war on a rogue pack. The word will spread, and we could be under attack in a short time, but we need you six to go.” Elijah voiced.

“If you think that they will come to attack, what’s the point in finding this mysterious person” Gale said.

“Because who knows how long it will take for the word to spread that far and for them to take action.” Heath responded.

“So where can we find this person” he asked

“We will give you all the information tonight”

“Why tonight?” Connor questioned.

“Because that’s when you’re leaving.” Alpha Avery announced.

Murmurs of agreement swept the group, it seemed everyone was okay with going out on a mysterious trip to who knows where to find who knows what…

“Who or what are we tracking if you don’t mind me asking?” I asked voicing my thoughts.

There was a paused before Heath finally spoke.

“The Seer” his voice dripping in disdain.

There was a collective gasped behind me and two subtle growls to follow.

Which left Connor, Teagan and I all frowning in confusion.

What the hell was a Seer?

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