The Arrangement (An Alternative Love Romance)

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Introduction to the Lifestyle

“Selene, this is Ahmed. He’s a security specialist and will be coming with us,” Nick said by way of introduction outside of the plane. “He’s going to keep an eye on things.”

Selene frowned. “I saw you outside the restaurant yesterday when I was coming out.”

Ahmed grinned. “Yes, ma’am, I was. You are very observant.”

“I’m going to wait inside,” she told Nick before she turned to head up the stairs that lead into the plane.

Nick’s brow was creased as he watched her. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting that. She’s usually much more friendly.”

Ahmed watched her retreating form. “You’ve just told her a complete stranger is watching her and supposed to help keep her safe. She only trusts you. That doesn’t extend to anyone you hire,” Ahmed explained. “To be perfectly honest, I think it went rather well.”

Nick eyed the man a moment and shook his head. “If you say so. That’s still unusual behavior from her.”

“Trust me, Nick. That’s not abnormal. I’ve been attacked by women who’ve been where she’s been. It is self-preservation. I am a threat until proven otherwise.”

Nick sighed. “So, she needs time to get to know you, essentially.”

Ahmed nodded slowly. “She’ll watch me a while, maybe ask me a lot of questions… just let her do it on her own. Like she did with you, she will take time to trust my motives are true.”

“I was hoping she’d be a bit more relaxed,” Nick grumbled.

“It will be fine,” Ahmed said cheerfully. “Trust me.”

Inside the plane, Nick spotted Selene with Rachel and Gail. Rachel was doing most of the talking and Selene was observing Gail and listening carefully.

“Enclosed spaces,” Ahmed explained quietly. “I imagine it is quite ingrained for her to be more cautious around people in small spaces.”

“I’ve never noticed it before,” Nick admitted.

“How many times have you been stuck in a small space for hours with her and some strangers,” Ahmed asked rhetorically.

“Point taken,” Nick commented as he made a mental note.

“Hey, do you have room for me,” a voice said from the doorway.

Nick turned around to see Tom, smiling and hoisting his old military dufflebag with one hand. He grinned and motioned him in. “I thought you were coming later?”

“I finally managed to talk my boss into letting me go a day early. I had to promise I’d send in some work by Thursday, though,” he explained, dropping his bag on the floor.

Gail practically squealed as she saw Tom and rushed over to him, throwing her arms around him. “Master! I’m so happy you are here!”

Nick saw the confused look on Selene’s face and watched her lean over and say something to Rachel. He was going to have to explain this; something he probably should have done before. He kicked himself mentally. To her credit, it seemed Rachel was giving Selene some sort of explanation. However, he needed to make the final introduction.

He motioned for her to join him, and Selene rose to walk to his side. Nick wrapped a hand around her waist. “Selene, this is Tom Reilly. We’ve known each other for about 15 years now and he’s a trusted friend.”

Selene smiled a bit nervously at him. “Hello.”

Tom reached out to shake her hand, a warm smile on his face. “I’ve heard a lot about you. I have to thank you for making my man here so happy. I imagine we’ll get along quite well,” he added confidently.

Selene seemed to soften at Tom’s words, her smile losing most of it’s nervousness. “That would be nice. I’ve liked the friends of Nick’s I’ve met so far.”

“You’ll find we tend to be a decent lot. Nick’s a good chap,” Tom said, clapping Nick on the shoulder. “I consider myself lucky to be counted among his few friends.”

The pilot let them know they would be taking off soon and instructed everyone to take their seats and buckle up. Selene had never been on a plane before that she could recall, so Nick helped show her what she needed to know. Before she knew it, they were up in the air and she watched the land fall away, things below growing smaller and smaller. She stared in fascination out the window all the while.

“It’s pretty cool the first time,” Gail said with a grin. “I’m guessing, anyways, that it’s your first time.”

Selene nodded. “It is.”

Selene noticed that Nick and Tom were absorbed in some discussion, so she turned her attention back to Gail. “Why did you call him Master,” she whispered.

Gail smiled and glanced at Tom with a look of love and adoration. “I am a submissive,” she told Selene. “Tom is my Dom. We prefer the use of Master over Sir, and I am his ‘pet’.”

Selene’s look of utter confusion drew Gail to explain further. “Have you heard of BDSM?”

“Kinky sex stuff,” Selene responded with a nod.

Gail giggled. “It’s far beyond just sex for some. For us, it’s a way of life. My place is to serve him in whatever way makes him happy, and he takes care of everything I need. It might sound bad or weird, but it’s all based on love. My happiness is in seeing him happy and his happiness is in making sure I am safe, loved, protected, and happy. There’s a level of trust there that is necessary and beyond what you need in a vanilla relationship. Vanilla meaning ‘normal’,” she expanded at the puzzled expression on Selene’s face.

For the next hour, Selene and Gail continued the discussion, with Selene asking a lot of questions, and Gail answering everything as detailed as necessary for Selene to understand. They discussed the aspects of the lifestyle, different types of relationships, and everything in between. By the end of the conversation, Selene found herself with a lot to think of. Then, she got a bit of a surprise.

“You know, Nick has tried for years to find a good sub. He’s played, but he’s never been able to find one who suits him full-time,” she informed her.

Selene’s brows lifted. “He has?”

Gail nodded. “It’s hard for a Dom to live without a submissive in the same way it’s hard for a submissive to live without a Dom. We are two halves of a whole, and we need each other to fully enjoy life and feel that sense of completion.”

“Does that mean he’ll want someone else eventually,” Selene queried worriedly.

“No, darlin’,” Gail discounted with a shake of her head. “I get the feeling he’s found exactly who he needs and I suspect it’s the same for you.”

“Does that mean I’m submissive?”

Gail shrugged. “That’s for you to decide. You can be and still not live the life. It’s a personal choice everyone has to make for themselves. You have to be comfortable with it and find it makes life more enjoyable for you. I will admit, being able to let go is incredibly freeing.”

The rest of the flight, Selene was quiet while she digested the information and considered what it meant. It sounded terrifying, but the more she thought about it, the more she could see aspects of what Gail had been telling her in their relationship as it was now. One other thing Gail had said resonated with her.

“Many subs have been victims of abuse and find that this helps them heal. Having one person dedicated to you can be incredibly therapeutic. A fair few of us have stressful jobs where we are responsible for others and important aspects of the businesses we work for.”

Gail has also written down a few websites she should go to in order to read more on the subject. Selene tucked the paper carefully away so she could find it easily when she had time to do some reading. This was something she’d have to talk to Nick about at some point, but she wanted to learn more on her own first. Having specific questions and some background would be important if she wanted to truly understand.

But why had Nick never mentioned any of this before?

She found herself coming back to that question over and over.

At the airport, they all parted ways in separate rental cars to the various destinations. Tom and Gail would be close, but they’d still be about 40 minutes away. Ahmed had a few things to take care of before he would meet them at the cabin this evening. Selene was still quiet in the car, deep in her own thoughts.

“I heard you and Gail had quite the conversation,” Nick finally said, once they were out of Portland. He glanced over at her often, his hands gripping the steering wheel a little tighter than was necessary.

“Why have you never mentioned any of this to me before,” she asked in an accusing tone.

Nick sighed, his lips turning down. “I… It… I didn’t want to push anything too quickly. I wanted to give you time to adjust to things a little at a time. With so much going on, I was concerned that you weren’t ready to have that kind of discussion, yet, much less think about whether or not you’d be interested in trying things out. You’ve only recently felt secure enough with me to have sex. This involves so much more and.. I didn’t want you to feel pressured.”

Selene’s brow creased as she thought about all this. “So, you were just waiting until a better time? ’Cause of everything going on right now?”

Nick nodded, glancing at her as he reached out to take one of her hands. “I swear I wasn’t hiding it from you. I wanted to ease you into it.”

Selene nodded, relaxing a bit. “I want to know everything,” she informed him. “I need you to explain it all.”

Nick squeezed her hand gently. “I will. When we get there and settled, we can sit down and go over everything.”

Contented by this response, Selene smiled at him and squeezed his hand back. “Thank you. I’m sorry I was snappy earlier.”

“It’s ok, sweetheart. I understand. Do you want to grab something to eat on the way?”


Selene loved the scenery. Maine was largely undeveloped and had a relatively low population, so outside of the towns, the houses were often spaced out. They spoke on the way, discussing things they wanted to do during their trip. While Selene had never skied or done any type of snow-related activity, she was excited to experience some new things. Nick gave her confidence she might not have had otherwise, especially since these weren’t necessarily inexpensive activities. The snow was stunning on all the trees, many of which were evergreen, providing a picturesque view. Christmas lights were everywhere, many providing for impressive displays that Selene fixated on as long as they were within sight.

The cabin was a log style, though far bigger than any log cabin she’d ever imagined. Smoke rolled from one of the chimneys and lights were on, as the sun set far earlier here than where they were from. The driveway was clear, as was the walkway to the front door. A man came out and helped collect their luggage. He gave Selene a smile and a nod, but said little.

About 20 minutes later, they were unpacked and sipping homemade hot chocolate that the man’s wife made before they left the couple alone. Not long after, they began to have the discussion they’d decided to have earlier.

Nick explained the basics, especially the safety procedures such as safewords and signals. He discussed the contract aspect, more like an agreement that outlined what each person expected from the relationship for a set period of time. He discussed how these arrangements were modified, the need to discuss likes, dislikes, and things they were curious about to make sure both parties were on the same page. After they’d covered all the important non-sexual things, they went into the sexual aspects of this type of relationship.

Selene asked dozens of questions, getting everything straight in her head. While there was a lot to absorb, it was all relatively logical. The three biggest components were communication, trust, and consent. She also learned that these relationships were defined by what each couple felt comfortable with and appealed to them. Whether a sub met their Dom/me naked on their knees and nude when their partner came home or simply sitting on his lap while eating where they shared their food off the same plate.

It wasn’t just about the sex – it was about a strong foundation and eroticism. One of the things Nick told her was important was that the sub always had the right to end something if it made them uncomfortable for any reason. The Dom or Domme, a female Dom, took care of their sub, physically sexually, mentally, and emotionally.

“We already do some of these things,” she realized. “That orgasm control thing – that’s where you get me close then back off so I cum harder?”

Nick nodded slowly. “The next step is to start telling you to cum right before you do. You’ll associate the instruction with your orgasm and eventually, you might be able to come on command.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means,” Nick said as he moved closer, “that I might be able to walk up behind you and whisper ‘cum for me’ and you could have an orgasm right then and there.”

Selene’s breath caught. The idea sounded highly erotic.

“That idea appeals to you,” Nick commented as he saw her reaction.

Selene looked down, nodding once.

“Selene, you have the traits of a submissive woman. If you decide you are interested, I can start training you and test to see if you like it,” Nick suggested. “We can start off small and test the waters. But,” he added as he closed the gap between them, “you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Selene nodded and glanced back up at him, her breath picking up speed. “Yes. I think I want to try it out.”

Nick pushed her back into the couch and hovered over her. “Are you certain?”

Selene nodded again. “I trust you.”

A smile curved his lips and he bent his head to give her a quick kiss. “Then how about we start with something simple. When we’re at home alone, I want you to stop wearing underwear. I also want you to only wear short skirts or dresses,” he told her, reaching his hand down to rub her in the junction between her thighs through her jeans. “I want easy access to this pussy. I also want to be able to bend you over at any time and put my cock in you and fuck you until you’re lightheaded and can’t think. Does that sound good to you?”

With her lips parted and breath coming in short pants, Selene nodded. Her pupils were dilated and her legs fell further open to accept his touch.

“Good. Go change now. Wear something skimpy on top, too. I want my pussy available to me and quick access to your delicious tits,” he instructed before he moved away. After helping her up, he swatted her bottom. “Hurry up, too. I have plans for you tonight. I’m going to take you from behind,” he said quietly in her ear. “I’m going to put a vibrator on your clit and fuck you good and hard and see how many times you can cum in an hour.”

Almost shaking with anticipation, Selene quickly got up anf made her way back to the bedroom to change. When she pulled off her panties, they were already quite wet. She didn’t understand it, but Nick had the ability to bring every ounce of need to the surface. By the time she was headed back into the living room, a sense of embarrassment and excitement filled her at the same time. Whatever Nick had in store, she had little doubt she would enjoy it.

Nick watched Selene re-enter the room. The skirt wasn’t too short, but short and loose enough to work for what he had in mind. The top was very low cut, giving him a good look at the swell of her breasts. He nipples, erect and at attention, were visible through the material, just barely lower than the neckline of the top. It was one designed to be layered, but he certainly like it this way. With so much of her cinnamon skin on display and that little roll of her hips, Nick could feel himself hardening quickly. Just the idea that she was dressed like this for him was enough to spark his lust into a full inferno.

“I want to see,” he told her when she stopped in front of him. “Come here.”

Selene stepped close enough he could reach her and he placed his hands on the outside of her knees, slowly sliding them upward until he was able to raise her skirt. There, he found her bare and exposed, causing him to groan.

“I love that you’re doing this for me,” he told her as he pulled her into his lap. “I’m so happy you trust me so much.”

Selene curled into his embrace, getting herself settled comfortably. “You make me happy and feel safe. I like doing things for you.”

“You make me happy, too, Selene. Every day I wake up with you in my arms is a good day, no matter what else the world throws at me. Or us.”

“Us,” she repeated. “It sounds kinda funny.”

“Why is that,” Nick asked, looking down at her.

“I’ve never been part of an ‘us’ before.”

Nick’s arms tightened around her and he kissed the of her head. “If I have my way, we will be an ‘us’ a very long time.”

“I think I’d like that.”

“That makes me happy, sweetheart,” Nick told her, pulling back a bit. “Now, shall we play a bit? Or are you hungry or tired?”

“What do you want me to do,” she asked, looking up at him curiously.

“Let’s go to the bedroom. I have a few things I packed in my suitcase. I was planning on introducing you to a few new things this week. This will just make it more fun,” he told her.

In the bedroom, Nick pulled out a nylon bag and placed it on the bed. Inside, a variety of sex toys as well as lubricants were revealed. While Selene recognized some of them, many of them were new. At the sight of a dildo, she could feel her anxiety rising.

Nick, seeing her expression, took her hand. “Hey. We will only do what you are comfortable with. Anything you don’t feel comfortable with stays in the bag.”

Selene nodded, finding herself more easily reassured by Nick’s promises than she was anxious about the toys. “Ok. So what did you want to use,” she asked as her curiosity piqued.

Nick pulled out a strange-looking device that appeared to be partly made of a gel-like material. Straps dangled from it, drawing her attention.

“These straps hold it in place,” he explained. “This part here goes over your clit and these little spiky things stimulate your clit once this is turned on,” he continued, showing her everything and giving her a chance to inspect it. “As you can see, it’s all soft and flexible.”

Selene looked it over curiously, then looked back at Nick expectantly. “Ok.”

Nick smiled. “Pull up your skirt and I’ll get this on you. Then, we’re going to watch a movie and I’m going to use the remote to turn it on and off so you are all worked up and soaking wet and ready for me.”

Without hesitation, Selene did as instructed, allowing Nick to strap the device onto her. After it was secured, he pulled out the remote and turned the device on it’s lowest setting to test it out. “How does that feel?”

Selene could feel the vibration immediately and sucked in a sharp breath. “Oh, I can… it feels good,” she whimpered.

“God I love how sensitive your clit is,” Nick admitted, turning the device up a notch to see how it affected her. Her eyes rolled upward sightly and she released a soft sound. Nick groaned, finding seeing her aroused the most enticing thing in the world. He then switched the device off and kissed her brow. “I’m going to change. I want you to sit on the couch and I want to see your legs spread wide so I can see your pussy when I walk in.”

With a shaky breath, Selene nodded. The anticipation after the little test already had her wet and ready, but she’d already discovered that Nick liked to torture her a bit and knew the reward for her patience. She quickly hurried out of the room to do as he asked. Something told her tonight was going to be very intense, and she was looking forward to the experience.

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