The Arrangement (An Alternative Love Romance)

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Happy Birthday, Baby

They settled into a routine. Ahmed scheduled alternating routes to keep her movements somewhat unpredictable so planning to snatch her wouldn’t be a simple task. She was never alone in public, and even home, there were security personnel outside the apartment and the building itself. Ahmed, when not with her, was holed up in the library overseeing everything. Inside the apartment was the only place she could be by herself. Even at work, someone was always watching.

She was starting to feel like a prisoner again.

Then the agents returned and began laying out the bigger picture for her. This was a huge deal, involving numerous agencies in multiple countries. There were dozens of individuals under investigation and they had located a few of the party houses where the kids were taken in groups. She was also informed they had several locations under surveillance where it was suspected children were being held and or prostituted out. They were even lucky enough to have a couple people in the ring, collecting much needed intel.

Selene then understood that her fear and discomfort was minor, all things considered. This was temporary. Once the bust was over, things would be easier on her and all that would matter would be the trial. A trial she also learned they were hoping she would not need to testify at. Even if she did, other protections were in place to help protect her identity. All the legal documents had her listed as Jane Doe #2, and the other agents watching her used a code name to reference her.

With all this in mind, Selene made an effort to appreciate the fact she had people protecting her and that she was reasonably safe. It might seem stifling at times, but she just needed to make the best of it. This was temporary and this time, running wasn’t an option. There was nothing in her willing to walk away from Nick. He wanted her as much as she wanted him and it was the first time she could remember having a true bond with another person. Leaving that behind was unthinkable.

In spite of all the tension, life was good. Selene and Ahmed had managed to get to know each other a bit more, and she no longer was as cautious around him. Gail and Tom were around constantly and Gail had become Selene’s closest friend. Tom had sort of taken up the role of a much older brother, becoming a friend and confidant. He and Ahmed had started teaching her some self-defense tactics that could help in a crisis. Not only that, but it gave her a little added confidence to know she had a better idea of what she could do that would actually work.

A blow came to them after a couple weeks when Selene fainted during an exercise. It turned out that Selene was severely anemic, vitamin D deficient, and her hormone levels were off. Further tests revealed more bad news. Her early years of repeated periods of starvation and abuse had left her organs weakened. While she was reasonably healthy overall, there were things that she would have to be careful of. One of those things was intense physical activity. While she might be able to build herself up a bit, the doctor stated much of the damage was permanent and would have lifelong effects.

In top of a regiment of vitamins, she had to get shots every few months of B-12, and they would need to repeat some tests in six months to check her progress. She was also put in with a nutritionist, who helped them work out what she needed to add or increase in her diet. Most organs don’t repair herself, but her diet could affect how well her system worked over all. On top of it all, she was still underweight by more than 10 pounds.

Dottie was more than happy to start making sure she modified their meals to make sure Selene was getting everything she needed. She’d grown rather fond of the young woman, especially seeing how happy Nick was and how devoted they were to each other. She even had to acknowledge that Selene was far more mature than she’d expected. She hadn’t missed overhearing her protesting buying something new for some thing or another because she already had enough clothes to ‘last a lifetime’. Dottie had barely managed not to laugh in earshot.

Nick had planned everything out for celebrating Selene’s birthday. He had originally wanted to propose to her, but with everything going on and listening to Tom’s advice, he’d decided not to. Instead, he was giving her something else. Something that should mean almost as much. He pulled out the box that held what looked like a fairly simple necklace. A delicate chain that fit almost like a choker with a few tiny red roses dangling in the front. In the very center, though, the triskelion used by the BDSM community was done with tiny roses and barbed wire looking strands of white gold. It was delicate and beautiful with a slight twist he thought she’d appreciate.

This was a different type of proposal, as important as wedding vows. Tom had agreed that this was more appropriate. While it wasn’t legally binding, it was in every other way. With all of their play and all of their talks, this was part of the progression. Tonight, he was going to formally ask her to wear his ‘collar’, a symbol that those among the community would know means she is both a sub and taken. It represented a promise and a vow, an acceptance, and the reaching of an agreement to make a long-term commitment to each other. Nick had bought himself something, too. If she accepted it, Nick had a ring that matched the necklace he would wear on his left ring finger. Their symbols were identical, and he found he liked it quite well.

When he showed Tom and Gail the set while Selene was at work, Gail had almost cried. She was incredibly happy for him and thought it was a beautiful set. Tom even had to admit the man’s ring was a cool addition and would think about doing something similar for Gail’s public collar, since her real one wasn’t really something suitable out in the outside world.

“So, what one did you get for home wear,” Gail asked curiously.

Nick smirked at the question. “More like my ring in the front, black leather for the rest. I am going to wait to ask her to start wearing it, though,” he told them. “I’m going to explain it all, show it to her, and let her get time to decide if she’s comfortable with it first.”

Gail smirked and covered her mouth to stifle a giggle. Both men looked at her. Tom’s look told her she had better spill.

“We’ve talked about collars,” she admitted quickly. “She asked about mine and it turned into a whole explanation.”

Both Nick and Tom had been looking at her expectantly.

“And,” Tom prompted.

“And, she thought it was pretty cool. She was asking how long before you get one and things like that,” Gail expanded. “She knows what they are and… she looked at some different ones with me when I was looking over a few different styles online the other day – both public and private types. I am pretty sure she’d be happy to have you ask her. I am also pretty sure she will go wild over the design.”

Nick remembered the sense of relief he’d felt, and now he was on pins and needles wanting to ask her. It was that morning when he opened his eyes and saw her there, sleeping on his chest that he decided. He traced a finger over her bare neck, imagining it there. His initials on each side, the soft leather that wouldn’t chafe her skin… he could almost imagine it. And he knew then, he didn’t have to wait.

Over the last months, he’d learned Selene wasn’t wholly comfortable with oral, but he knew what she did like, so he reached down and cupped her bottom before he shifted her enough to pull one of her legs over his. Now, her legs were parted and he reached down until he could rub his finger through her slit. He thumbed the nipple he could get to, stimulating it a little at a time. Selene made a soft sound, but seemed otherwise unaware.

Nick carefully rolled her over so that she was on her back and he was half over her, his mouth latched on to one nipple while he pinched and tugged the other all the while rubbing her clit. One side, he’d learned, was more sensitive than other other, and he’d learned which angle really got her going. In minutes, Selene had begun to moan and she was already growing quite wet. Nick groaned when he slid a finger into her and her pussy clenched around it. He stroked her inside as well as kept teasing her clit and her nipples. Her hips began to move instinctively and she began moaning softly in her sleep. He moved so that he could assault her neck slowly, increasing the pace of his finger inside her.

When his mouth reached her earlobe, Selene shifted, arching her back as a longer, more intense moan erupted from her.

“Good morning, sweetheart. You seem to be a little wet,” he murmured in her ear before he pushed another finger into her. “I do think your pussy is hungry, baby.”

Selene’s eyes fluttered open just as her hips pushed into his hand. “Nick,” she whimpered. Her eyes closed when he curled his fingers inside of her. “Oh, god that…”

Nick’s mouth covered hers before the moan escaped, swallowing it whole before his tongue thrust into her mouth. He cupped her head, pulling her harder into the kiss, using only his fingers below to stimulate her arousal. Nick moved to where he covered her body more fully with his own, using a knee to encourage the parting of her thighs. His fingers never stopped moving, pumping in and out of her in a steady rhythm, curling slightly every few strokes.

Once he was in position, Nick broke the kiss and began nipping her neck, letting her moans fill the room. He closed his eyes in pure enjoyment of the sounds before he stopped and removed his hand, placing his thick member at her entrance.

“Look at me, sweetheart,” he said softly. “Happy Birthday,” he said with a wicked smile, then thrust hard into her until he was buried as far as he could go.

Selene barely had time to register what he’d said before she lost the ability to form a thought. Nick gathered her wrists and pinned them above her head, his face moved forward to press his lips near her ear.

“Your pussy is so addicting, like hearing your moans, and tasting your lips. You are everything I want,” he told her, his breath hot against her flesh. “Do you understand?’

“Yes,” she moaned, working her body underneath him. “Please… more. Please...”

Nick groaned, feeling a surge of something primal rushing through him. “How much more, baby? Tell me how you want it.”

“All of it,” she said, gasping for air. “Hard, fast… rough. Fuck me like I’m your slut.”

“My slut,” he breathed. He bit his lip and sucked in a deep breath. “My baby wants it harder, fast, and rough, then she will get it.”

Nick paused, raising up on his knees. Selene groaned at the withdraw, until Nick grabbed her legs and pushed them forward, basically folding her in half. He leaned forward until they each were against his shoulders, then pinned her hands again. He re-entered her, then grabbed her ankles and pinned them up, holding one ankle and wrist one each side. Stiffening his legs, he began pounding into her, skin slapping together with each inward thrust. Selene was practically screaming in pleasure, feeling every last bit of her full to the brim, with him bumping into her cervix with each thrust.

Selene was unable to move, her body restrained enough she was under his complete control. No fear rose, instead all she did was crave more. She pleaded with him, for what she didn’t even know, only able to express that single word. Her brain couldn’t form a cohesive thought and it wasn’t long until she knew what she was pleading for.

“My baby needs to cum,” Nick questioned through clenched teeth. He was surprised at how quickly he could get off in her, even now he was struggling to hold it back. “Beg me, baby. Beg me to give you permission.”

“Please Nick! God, I’m so… close… please!!”

“Who’s are you,” he demanded.


“Who do you belong to?”

“You, Nick! Just you. Only you. Forever,” she cried, her voice growing increasingly desperate. “Please!!”

“Mine,” he growled. “All… mine...”

He took a few more hard thrusts before he growled a command into her ear. “Cum.”

Selene’s body stiffened, then she screamed. Nick felt the slap from the wave of her orgasm gushing from her and he moaned loudly as his seed spilled violently into her. He began to pump more, drawing the pleasure out as long as possible for both of them.

Once it was over, Nick released her limbs and helped her put her legs back down. They lay there a while, both spent and struggling to catch their breath.

“You did so good, baby. I hope you got what you wanted,” murmured in her ear when he’d begun to breathe more evenly.

“God yes. Thank you,” she whispered.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart,” Nick said with a soft smile before kissing her cheek affectionately. “I love you so much.”


Nick,” Selene breathed, “I never imagined life could be like this. Thank you.”

Nick smoothed her hair back, gazing into her eyes. “You have taught me so much, sweetheart. I should be thanking you. Now,” he added, then paused, “I heard you and Gail talked about collars?” When she nodded, he continued. “Do you want one, Selene? You want the world to see you belong to me?”

The way he said it with his voice roughened from both their recent activity and his emotions gave her goosebumps. She could feel the meaning behind his words and the importance of what he was offering. While much of the world wouldn’t know, there was a segment of the population who would know immediately she was ’owned’, in their way of speaking. Not like property, instead it more like a term to express the level their relationship stood at.

Selene nodded, smiling in happiness with tears pooling in her eyes, causing them to shine particularly bright. “Yes.”

Nick rolled away, causing Selene to groan in protest, but Nick only gave her a grin. He stood and walked over to his dressed, reaching inside to pull out a thick, flat box that was the size of a small dinner plate. He walked over to the bed and sat next to her as Selene moved to sit up. She looked at the box, then at Nick.

“I had all this custom made. I wanted something special for you, because this is the only collar I ever plan to give and I want my girl to have something unique. I hope you like the design,” he added, opening the box.

Selene gasped softly as she saw the three pieces: the leather collar, a necklace in the same thing, and a ring that looked like a man’s.

“Obviously, the leather one is only for home. The necklace is for the rest of the time. I had the ring made for me, because I wanted to openly show that I am taken by the only woman I have ever loved,” he said quietly before he turned his head to look at her. Nick reached up and brushed her hair back from her face. “But, we can’t put it on you until after we shower.”

Selene all but shot out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom. Laughing, Nick closed the box and set it aside before he joined her. He washed her body, her hair, then put lotion all over her body. His hands were gentle but firm, massaging her as he worked. As soon as they were done, then dressed, Nick had her kneel in front of him before he bent down and clasped the collar around her neck. She reached up and felt it, feeling a sensation within her; a combination or desire, freedom, happiness, and, for the first time in her life, truly loved and wanted.

She leaned forward and pressed her cheek against his thigh. Nick reached down and rested a hand on her head.

“I know we’ve come a long way pretty fast, but I have never been more sure of anything as I am of this thing between us. I hope this shows you how serious I am,” he stated. “Now, it’s your turn. I know this isn’t necessarily a normal thing, but I thought it would be appropriate.”

Selene shakily retrieved the ring, looking up at him before she lifted the ring so she could see it more clearly. It was stunning, and she smiled as she handed it to him. Instead, Nick took her hand and helped her put it on his finger, then kissed her brow.

“My love, now you are my wife in all but name,” he told her.

Selene nearly threw herself at him, both of them holding tightly to each other.

The rest of the day went quite smoothly, and Nick both kept her busy and having a good time. Spring had reached them and the flowers were blooming. Fully leaved trees were everywhere, the sun was shining brightly, and the weather was mild. It was a perfect day. Selene often touched the necklace she now wore throughout the day as if she could hardly believe it.

His words had become reality. He hadn’t just been giving her false promises. In her head, a part of her always doubted people’s promises because she’d been let down so many times. But this, this proved he was serious. Not only that, but these items were incredibly well designed, which meant he’d thought about this for a while.

She had found where she belonged. It was more than she’d ever hoped. The feeling was indescribable.

That evening, they joined Tom, Gail, Rachel, and her friends Mike and Reece at a club in a private VIP room. They had a birthday party planned for her, complete with gifts and special birthday-themed drinks. It was a blast. Most of them didn’t know this was her first real birthday, but because it was her 21st, apparently thought it was a big one to celebrate. Nick knew, squeezing her hand and winking when everyone yelled surprise after they entered and Nick removed the blindfold he’d made her wear for the last 15 minutes, not wanting her to even know where they were going. While she’d been a bit anxious, she trusted Nick enough to quash her fear. He was officially her Dom now. The level of trust that required alone gave her the strength to keep fighting against things that terrified her.

As always, he did not disappoint.

She was thrilled just to have the experience of belonging and friendship. Real friendship. Rachel’s friend Mike was her current lover, Reece was a friend of both of theirs and seemed like a decent guy. Of course, Selene was thrilled to see Rachel, Gail, and Tom as always. After two rounds of some ice cream cake concoction with liquor, Rachel insisted it was time for gifts.

“You must have got her something good,” Nick teased. “I’ve never seen you so eager to get someone to open a gift before.”

Rachel shot him a somewhat playful glare. “I love to give gifts. And, I got Selene some really cool stuff,” she added, looking upward innocently.

The first two gifts were just for fun. There was mace disguised as a dildo that had them all laughing and passing it around. The other was a lava lamp with a stash container in the bottom and on the top. Rachel had bought her a couple of pairs of stylish boots, one flat and the other with a slight heel that Selene instantly fell in love with. There was also a ring that wrapped around one finger to look like she was wearing several rings on both the lowest and middle section of her finger. She thought it looked really cool. Tom had bought her a couple of books on BDSM, one signed by the author, who was apparently a friend of one of Tom’s friends. Then, Gail got her a kit with a variety of lubes, oils, and lotions, making Selene blush like crazy while others laughed or hooted (Rachel, of course). The other gift, she was told, she should only open in private with just her and Nick. From what Selene gathered, it was even more intimate that the lubes and lotions.

At the end of the night, Nick took Selene up to the roof of the building they lived in. There were fairy lights set up and there was soft music playing. Flowers were everywhere, providing an intoxicating scent. In the middle of the setup, Nick reached out to her.

“Dance with me?”

Selene walked up and took his hand. “I don’t really know how.”

Nick smiled and pulled her close, placing one of her hands on his shoulder. “Follow my lead,” he told her.

Leading her in a simple waltz-like pattern, Nick and Selene moved across the ground as she quickly picked up on the steps. Nick smiled down at her.

“You picked that up fast,” he stated. “I suspected you would. I’ve watched you waiting tables. You move like a dancer.”

“Thank you for today,” Selene said before she rested her head against his chest. “You make me so happy.”

“I am glad you’re happy. I was a bit nervous it wouldn’t be as good as I hoped.”

“It was perfect.”

“Good. Happy birthday, baby.”

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