The Arrangement (An Alternative Love Romance)

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Hello, Princess

By the time they left, Selene was focused on trying to figure out what it was Nick had planned. She’d forgotten all about the feeling from earlier. Whatever had caused her unease seemed to have gone away. It wasn’t long until they were on their way. Nick took her to a private park that had been built and maintained for private use by members or for events, such as weddings. It was well lit and relatively secured with an iron fence and security gates where members scanned their cards for entry. There were a dozen or so cars were in the lot, including three in employee-designated slots.

Once they were parked and out of the car, Nick took her hand and lead her into the park, choosing a path at random to follow. Every so often, as they were walking along, Nick would turn on the vibrator in her panties without allowing her to stop walking. Selene’s legs didn’t take long to start feeling a bit rubbery as she was quickly pushed back into a state of raw need. Just as she was about to start losing the ability to walk, Nick turned it back off.

During one of the periods where he was giving her a break, a voice came from behind them that instantly pushed away all desire and turned her blood to ice in her veins.

“Hello, Princess.”

Nick noticed the almost instantaneous change in Selene’s demeanor and spun around to see who had addressed them while pulling Selene against him. A dark-haired man with eyes similar to Selene’s stood there with hands stuffed in his pockets. His skin color didn’t have the reddish tone hers did, instead holding a more yellowish tone that looked sickly under the lighting. While he was dressed like any normal person, there was something about him that even Nick could feel indicated there was nothing normal about this man.

The man’s eyes scanned Nick as if he were simply a curiosity before he turned his attention back onto Selene. “Aren’t you going to say hi to your Daddy? Surely you missed me; I know I have missed you. Your mother has, too. She’s quite anxious to get you back home where you belong,” he added with a faint, malicious smile. “So, how much to get my daughter back,” he asked, turning his attention to Nick. “Her fiance has been waiting for her return for years.”

“Fiance,” Nick and Selene both asked at the same time with various levels of confusion.

“Didn’t she tell you she was engaged? He’s spent thousands searching for her,” her father explained, disregarding Selene’s own confusion. “I’ll admit he’s a bit older, but he’s already been promised her hand – several years ago as a matter of fact. Now, we are willing to negotiate for her release. I’m sure you aren’t making that much off of her with her all fat like she is and we’re willing to pay a reasonable sum.”

Selene couldn’t stop the trembling that overtook her – both out of fear and anger. Nick squeezed her hand enough to cause her to look up at him, seeing his gaze focused on the man who’d helped spawn her. While his expression was intentionally stony, Selene recognized the twitching muscle in his jaw that only appeared when he was angry.

“I recommend you walk away right now,” Nick told him flatly. “I am not interested in anything you or anyone associated with you has to offer.”

Her father chuckled as if the statement was an amusing joke. “I know she does have a magic pussy. It’s quite addicting,” he conceded. “It’s why she had so many repeat customers. The men just can’t keep their pricks out of her. I’m sure you and your friends are enjoying her quite well, but I can get you a fresher model that isn’t quite as well-used. How young would you like? I can get you a girl of any age – even a boy if you’d rather. Or both.”

Nick felt sick at his core. Even his soul felt as if he’d been somehow violated by being in such close proximity to a man who seemed to think that having sex with children was so normal that he could just offer it up as a replacement for a grown woman. He pulled Selene to where she was standing with her back to her father while her cheek rested on his chest. He covered the ear that wasn’t against his chest as if to shield her from the man’s words.

“I prefer a partner who is both grown and willing,” Nick retorted sharply. “What you’re talking about is sickening. Grown men who have sex with children are the lowest form of life on this entire planet. Selene is mine. She’s not going anywhere.”

The man sized Nick up a moment, wearing an unreadable expression. “I promise you it’s a sensation that your cock would never forget. Either way, Lena is my property. I helped create her, I can do what I want with her. Now, you either name a price or I’ll resort to other methods to bring her back to where she belongs. Her fiance paid a great deal of money for her and he’s tired of waiting. He needs heirs and I’ve been promised any daughters she gives birth to.”

Selene looked at her father in complete shock. “Fiance?”

Her father gave her a sickening smile. “Yes. You were about to get married when you ran off. Now, you come back like a good girl, and I promise your punishment won’t be too bad. You’ve played in the world, it’s time for you to handle your obligations. Do you know how much money you cost us? We had to find a replacement to keep your customers happy.”

Nick’s stomach rolled, nearly causing his food to come back up. His shirt felt as if it were wet, but Nick didn’t dare look away from this monster. He only held her tighter.

“I don’t give a fuck what you want or were promised or to whom you promised anything. You are getting nothing. Selene is mine and I’d rather kill you and go to prison than to let you get your filthy hands on her.”

“No, don’t be so hasty, young man,” her father said, raising his hands to indicate Nick should calm down. “I can get you an adult. Anything you want. I just want my little girl back. Name your price, and I can arrange it. Spanish, Asian – teen, 20’s – I can get you anything. Even boys, if you’re into that sort of thing. But, from what I’ve read about you seems to indicate Lena isn’t even your type. I am sure I can find you a suitable replacement.”

“I am never replacing Selene.”

Her father narrowed his eyes. “Fine. Then I want one million dollars as compensation. She was going to give me at least three replacements from her husband or whoever he let use her. That’s a good $30k per year per child until they stop losing their appeal and we sell them off,” he reasoned. “You’re getting a good deal, though I can’t imagine what a man like you sees in her. Though, her snatch is fucking magical,” he added with a slight moan, looking down to about where her pussy would be. “My cock gets hard just remembering it.”

“You are a sick fuck,” Nick spat. “I’m not giving you anything. I’ll never give you anything. She’s an adult and she has rights. You, however, have none.”

All the talking had given Ahmed time to get the team and surround them. He saw Ahmed give him a signal to let him know from several feet behind the man who’d made Selene’s life a nightmare. Nick didn’t acknowledge it as Ahmed moved closer, not wanting to tip the man off and give him a chance to run. There was no way he was getting away after showing his face. Nick was honestly surprised at the man’s gall.

“Why did you come? I mean, you yourself. You must know it is incredibly risky to show yourself to us,” Nick questioned suspiciously. “What was your plan. Just walk up and tell me to hand her over?”

“It’s simple. You aren’t protected here,” the man answered with a shrug. “Your escorts from the FBI are stuck outside and your security team isn’t on the grounds. Seems they were detained in the parking lot. Besides, I thought I’d give you a chance before I went all out.”

The smug expression on the man’s face made Nick have the urge to become violent. He wanted to punch that look straight off the man’s face. Fortunately, he didn’t have to raise a finger. Ahmed was behind the man and took him down with a simple, fluid movement. The man barely hit the ground before four others came up, all pointing guns at Selene’s father with their fingers ready to pull the triggers. The anger practically vibrated from many of them, indicating they had heard at least some of what the man had said.

The agents walked up, with Agent Mills placing the cuffs on the man who looked both surprised and angry.

“You are under arrest for suspicion of interstate trafficking of a minor for sexual purposes, multiple counts of sexual abuse of a minor, attempted kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, production child pornography, and everything else we can nail you with. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…,” Mills relayed.

As he continued, he lead the man away, flanked by police officers that Nick hadn’t even noticed until just now. Agent Holloway approached them, looking concerned in spite of the big break they’d just basically had handed to them.

“Is she ok,” he asked Nick quietly, looking down at a crying and trembling Selene.

Nick looked down at Selene, moving his hand from her ear to stroke her head. “She will be,” he told the man with certainty. “Selene is strong. She’s shaken, but I’ll make sure she’s got everything she needs. So, what’s next?”

“We are going to find out where he’s been, where he’s staying, and run him through the system. Once we have everything we can get, we’ll interview him and see what else he will give up. We do have a victim’s advocate available for her if she needs one. I also got a list of a few therapists who have worked with women and girls who’ve been through this type of thing,” He said, handing Nick two business cards. “I gave you the numbers for others on the back, but that lady’s card – she was once trafficked herself. I personally think she would be the best person for Selene to talk to. I’ve met the woman and I have to say that she’s an impressive person. You wouldn’t know if you hadn’t seen the brand or she told you.”

Nick nodded, looking down at Selene. She was looking up at him questioningly. “I think that sounds like a very good idea. Some things just can’t be understood by those of us who haven’t been there, sweetheart.”

Selene bit her lip, then nodded and turned enough to look at Agent Holloway. “Thank you. I really appreciate it.”

Holloway smiled warmly at her. “If you need anything else, you just call. Any time – no matter how late or early, ok?”

Selene managed a weak but grateful smile. “Does this mean it’s over?”

Holloway shook his head. “I would love to say that it is, but not yet. This gives us one hell of a leg up, though. We will have to move more quickly, now, before someone figures out he’s been arrested. I promise you we will get this wrapped up as soon as is humanly possible.”

“Thank you,” she told him earnestly. “You don’t know… it means a lot.”

His smile caused his eyes to crinkle. “I know that people like you are why I took this job and why it’s worth it for me to keep going. Every last victim has the right to try to live a normal life and get past all the horror they lived as much as possible.”

“Thank you,” Nick said, extending his hand to shake the man’s hand. “I really mean it. Thank you both. What else can we do to help?”

Holloway looked between them before he decided to answer. “There’s an organization that helps house and rehabilitate victims of human trafficking. They take care of their medical care, therapy, essentials, and even reunite many with their families, when appropriate. I can send you their details. Most of the volunteers and employees are either survivors, former law enforcement, or people who have been trained to help those who have suffered severe trauma. Many of those we rescue end up in their care at some point.”

“That sounds perfect,” Nick agreed.

Selene’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Could we do a fundraiser? I would imagine Mrs. Robinson and her group would love to champion a cause like that.”

A warm feeling filled Nick at her request. Here she was, just traumatized and reminded of the horrors of her childhood, and now she was looking immediately to try to help others. He nodded with a smile.

“I think you just might be right.” He looked at Agent Holloway who was looking at Selene with something akin to amazement. “Do you think we could arrange a meeting with whoever we need to in order to set something up?”

“Absolutely. I’ll have her call you tomorrow,” Holloway said. “You two are really amazing people. I wish we had more like you in this world.” He paused, glancing over his shoulder. “I’ve got to go, but we’ll call you with an update within the next couple of days. I’m not sure how long it will take to get information from him, but it will take at least 24 hours to check out everything we can get from his phone and anything else in his position.”

“What about his car,” Nick asked with a frown. “Do you know which is his?”

Agent Holloway smiled. “We do, actually. There was a woman in the car that tried to take off when we pulled in. I believe she is Selene’s mother. I’ll be in touch,” he added with a wink to Selene before he strolled off to catch up with his partner.

“My… wait,” she called out before he walked too far away. When Holloway turned around. “Do you… are you sure it’s her?”

Holloway frowned and pulled a plastic bag out of his pocket, then walked over to show her what it was. It turned out to be an ID. The woman in the picture was older, but it was definitely her mother. However, the name was unfamiliar to her.

“That’s her but that’s not her name,” she told him.

Holloway glanced at the card and nodded. “What are their names,” he asked, putting the bag back into his pocket before he withdrew his notepad. “I’m sure they are in my notes, but I’d like to get them again. Just to make sure I get the right ones.”

“Lawrence and Sheila Acres. He was born August 13th, 1968 and she was born July 14th, 1982,” she told him slowly, trying to remember all the details. “He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born in Tucson, Arizona.”

Holloway nodded, jotting everything down. “Thank you, again, Selene. I’m sure I have this in my notes somewhere, but it’s good to have it handy.”

After Holloway left, Selene looked up at Nick. There was a troubled look on his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“Your mother and I are not even a full year apart in age. It almost feels wrong, somehow, especially considering their age difference. Our age difference is actually greater than theirs,” he murmured, finding himself comparing their relationship against her parent’s.

Selene frowned and smacked his chest with the back of her hand. “Don’t you dare. You aren’t like him and I’m not her. You teach me things someone closer to my age wouldn’t know and do you really think they could even be able to handle knowing what I’ve gone through?”

Nick blew a sharp breath out his nose and squeezed her a little tighter. “You’re right. For a minute there, I started thinking...”

“Well, don’t. You don’t hurt me or treat me like I’m just an object. We don’t hurt people. You’re a good man, Nick. I am so lucky,” she stopped as her voice broke.

“Hey, it’s ok. I think I’m pretty damn lucky. You are the most amazing woman,” he told her, burying his face in her hair.

For a while, they just stood there holding each other, both trying to process everything that had just happened. Both of them were shaken up in their own way.

Eventually, they made their way back to the car and headed home. Once there, they undressed and Nick made them a nice, hot bath they could soak in. Neither had spoken since they’d left the park, but they also had not broken physical contact until they got undressed. It was as though they required each other’s presence to stay grounded and not lose themselves in the thoughts that threatened to take over.

In the tub, Selene sat on Nick’s lap, her back to his chest. After several minutes, Selene shifted until she was straddling his lap. She looked up at Nick, then she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Make it go away, Master,” she said softly with troubled eyes. “I want to not think right now. It’s too much.”

Without even thinking about it, Nick crashed his lips against hers, cupping her head with one hand. A wall broke within Selene and she replied with equal fervor. In moments, the two were consumed with a primal, animalistic passion. It was raw and heated, with teeth clashing and lips bruising. Selene’s nails dug into the skin of his shoulders, while Nick was crushing her against him. Without trying, Nick buried himself inside of her, beginning to shove his hips upward to drive his cock as deep inside of her as humanly possible.

There was no gentleness in this act as both sought pleasure on the most basic level. Water splashed over the edge of the tub as they rocked together. Finally, Nick stood up, holding Selene up by her ass as he lifted and dropped her on his rigid member. He managed to get out of the tub without falling, slamming Selene against the nearest wall to drive harder into her. Neither held back anything, and the sounds they made were almost deafening.

Nick pinned her against the wall and grabbed her legs to drape them over his forearms before he began to fuck her again in earnest. This wasn’t love. This wasn’t affection. This was raw, hard need fueled by anger, fear, horror, pain, and a shared reliance on each other to vent these feelings. Nick’s thrusts were brutal and deep while Selene bit and clawed at his flesh. Both screamed, moaned, and grunted with their efforts.

“Do you understands now that you are mine,” he growled as he slammed her so hard that they both nearly saw stars.

“Yes, Master! Yes… yours!”

“I. Will. Never. Give. You. Up,” he grunted each word, punctuating them with violent thrusts. “You. Belong. To. Me!”

“God,” Selene screamed, digging her nails deeply into his shoulders. “Master…. God… yes, yes… always yours...”

“Fuck,” Nick swore before he began to speed up to a nearly frenzied pace. “Look! See that? My cock in you… only mine! My fucking pussy. I own it. See that? I fuck it; that means it belongs to me! Look at it, slut! See it? See my cock burying itself in you over and over. That’s my cunt! Mine! Just like you – all mine! You can never leave me, do you understand?”

Selene at this point was so worked up she couldn’t have told you her own name. Nick was the entire world and nothing existed beyond him. Everything he said seemed to go straight to her pussy, making everything swell up or dampen even more.

“Yes, Master! Never… never leave… yours… only yours…,” she answered as she watched, fascinated as she saw Nick’s thick cock dive in and out of her like a piston. She could see how swollen her clit was, protruding from between the parted lips of her pussy. Everything was reddened and swollen and it felt so good that this moment was all that was, had ever been, and would ever be. “Oh, Master,” she moaned. “It feels sooo good!”

“Fucking right it does,” he growled, leaning forward to crush her between him and the wall so he could thrust faster and restrict her movement. “Your cunt is like another mouth… sucks me so good… I’d live in this pussy if I could. Put a harness on to hold you with my cock buried in your while I go everywhere. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Everyone see me carrying you around on my dick with a short little skirt on so that if I move it just right, everyone can see me fucking my pussy. That would just get you all hot and ready, wouldn’t you?”

“Geezus… yes, Master!! Yes, oh, god, Master… please!! Please!”

“Yes. My cock slut. Always ready for me. Always wanting my cock. You want it all the time, don’t you? I don’t think you could live without my cock, could you?”

“Yes, want… it…. Master!! Please!!”

“Do you need to cum, slut?”

Selene was almost out of her mind with need. No matter what he said, it just turned her on more. The idea of being humiliated that way only turned her on more. “Yes, Master!! Please!! God, Master please!”

“Not yet,” he stated harshly. “You better hold onto it!”

Selene held on, but it wasn’t much longer before she began begging again. Her voice was growing increasingly desperate until she was sobbing.

“Please, Master… I am begging…. Please… please!!”

Nick clenched his teeth. “Not fucking yet!”

Selene’s only focus was to clench down on the orgasm while pleas tumbled from her lips over and over into something that resembled a chant. Her voice was quieter and quieter, yet she continued to beg him, barely holding her orgasm off.


As if something had snapped, there was a sound then oblivion. An explosion went off inside her, sending her mind off into a high like no other. Nothing existed but a sense of bliss that overtook every last inch of her body. No sound, no speech, no anything – only waves and wave of mind-numbing ecstasy.

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