The Arrangement (An Alternative Love Romance)

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New Experiences

The agents that arrived consisted of a man and woman team. Rosa was a 30-something woman of Hispanic origin and Devon was a 40-something black man with a southern accent. Unlike Holloway and Mills, they took a less casual approach with Selene and Nick preferring to use first names and presenting themselves as relatively easy-going. They were quick to smile and laugh, putting Selene more at ease around them.

After their arrival, they held a small meeting with Ahmed and part of the security team to go over the essence of the present security measures and see what else could be done. Selene and Nick both watched as Ahmed and the agents played a back-and-forth chess game of sorts, each testing out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. In the end, it appeared as if they all had reached some sort of agreement. While they didn’t fully understand what was going on, both picked up enough to know that they were working to ensure that no one would be able to get to the house without being intercepted.

Afterward, everyone filed out to do whatever it was they had to do. Nick sighed in relief.

“So, now that things are settled for a bit, I want you to get appropriately dressed, pet,” Nick whispered in her ear from behind. “I want easy access to my pussy. Make sure you get your ass ready for me, too,” he added. “I think it’s time we use a certain toy I bought some time back. I also have some new tools to use on you.”

“Oh,” Selene inquired with a slight tremble.

“I have a harness I can suspend you from the ceiling in. I can bind your hands behind you and force your legs to remain parted. I also have a very nice swing where we can work in a variety of positions. It’s less restrictive, which I would like to start with. I want to test the harness on you, but we won’t use it yet unless you just really want to.”

“Yes, Master,” she answered automatically, partially distracted by the heat of his breath over her ear. “I can go change now, if You wish.”

“Good girl. Do so. Please do hurry. I want you ready for my cock within the next 20 minutes. I want the shortest skirt you’ve got and a tiny little thong, and something that barely covers your tits. I want them ready for easy display.”

“Yes, Master,” Selene said breathlessly, practically running toward the bedroom to begin to get ready. The preparing part wasn’t fun, but it was necessary for hygiene reasons.

As soon as she was done, she hurried into the living room to find Nick sitting on the couch facing the fire. His pants were undone and he held his member in his hand. His eyes seemed to darken as they set upon her and he motioned for her to come toward him, then kneel.

“On your knees. Spread your thighs out so I can see that sweet cunt,” he instructed, his lids lowering as he observed her following his instructions. “Now, push your panties aside and hold your lips open so I can see everything.”

Nick licked his lips as he watched her do as he asked, almost moaning when he could see the pink flesh exposed to his eyes. His cock began to harden.

“Rub your clit,” he ordered. “Pinch your nipples, too. Get them all hard. I want you to turn yourself on as best you can without touching my hole. You can never put anything in there for sexual gratification without my permission.”

“Yes, Master,” she answered with a whimpering sound when she began stroking the most sensitive side of her clit.

The feeling was intensified by the way Nick looked at her as he began stroking himself lazily. That it pleased him seemed to make it all more intense. She only had to tease one nipple to get it to harden, because she was transfixed on Nick’s expression as he watched her.

“That’s it, baby. Play with the other one. Get it all hard,” he instructed, his voice growing deeper as his lust heightened. “Your little pussy is getting wet, baby. Does this turn you on?”

“Yes, Master.”

Nick smiled lazily. “Good. I have to say, I love the view I have right now. My pet all on display, touching herself. I’m going to have you get yourself ready to be fucked, but I haven’t decided when I’ll let you cum. I may make you hold it until the end of the night.”

“Please, Master, no…,” she whimpered in protest.

“Mmmm,” Nick groaned. “Maybe if you beg me really good, I’ll let you cum sooner,” he said with a devilish grin. “You do know how much I love to hear you beg. Now, keep your eyes on my cock and imagine it inside you while you keep playing with yourself.”

Being watched, even by Nick, increased the sensation of vulnerability to him. It was this that allowed her to let go and allow him to guide her to mutually enjoyable pleasure. Her pussy soon began to throb as she watched Nick’s cock grow perfectly rigid, the purplish head appearing from under the foreskin. As he stoked downward, she could see it fully: the most sensitive part of his body. Something in her craved to taste it, to kiss it, to show it the adoration she felt for all the pleasure it brought both her and her Master.

“What are you thinking, pet? Your pussy suddenly got very wet.”

“I want to kiss it, Master,” she said huskily, unconsciously leaning toward him.

“Do you now,” he asked, feeling his breath leave him. Selene had submitted so far that she was acting on little more than an instinctive need to please him and the sight was so powerful, it made his dick begin to throb and ache. “Come, pet. Show me how much you appreciate your Master’s cock.”

Selene all but lunged toward him, positioning herself on her knees in between his legs. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to the side of his cock, then slowly up to the head, giving it a longer, lingering kiss.

“Keep playing with yourself,” Nick instructed.

Selene’s fingers worked her clit again, hen opened her mouth to give his cock a deeper kiss. Wrapping her lips around the head. She flicked her tongue along the slit. Nick’s moan spurred her on, opening her mouth and taking more of him in, using her tongue along his shaft to tease the skin, brushing against his head in the process. The sensation between her thighs multiplied as her mind slipped further into a more primitive state. Her clit throbbed, the fluid from her arousal was coating her fingers as the need built up higher and higher. Nick’s moaned washed over her more when she loosened her jaw and relaxed her throat to take him all the way in. Nick sucked in a sharp breath and swore.

“Oh, my sweet bay girl… god that is so good,” he moaned, resting his hand on her head, stroking her hair.

The pleasure he was expressing was all the encouragement she needed to continue, using her mouth to express her hunger for him, moaning from her own heightened pleasure from the act she performed. Her mouth and tongue worshiped him and lavished him with all her love, massaging his balls with her free hand. She was so lost in it that she could feel him inside of her as real as he was in her throat. Her hips rose and jerked as she humped her own fingers, narrowly avoiding her entry.

“Fuck, Selene… fuck… god,” Nick groaned, his hands around her head, frozen as he tried to decide whether to stop her or let her continue. “Selene… pet… you’re going to make your Master come really quickly if you don’t…,” he groaned, “slow down.”

Selene moaned loudly around his cock, giving him just a half-second to decide to pull her mouth away. She leaned forward to take it again, but Nick pushed her further away.

“Stop and suck your fingers clean, pet,” he rasped, trying to regain some focus and steady his breathing. “We’re going to move into the bedroom.”

He watched her suck her fingers dry, one by one, moaning when she was finally done. When she looked back up at him, he could see everything in her eyes. No walls, no fears. The love she felt radiated from her and Nick found his breath escape him. Overtaken by emotion, Nick grabbed her and pulled her into his lap, then kissed her, hard.

Selene melted into him, wrapping herself around him. As the kiss continued, Nick stood, carrying her to the bedroom. Her slippery pussy brushed against his cock, increasing his sense of urgency. He needed his girl, now.

Nick placed her on the bed, then told her to get on her knees at the edge of the bed. He retrieved the strap-on and stripped off his pants so he could put it on. He grabbed a bottle of lube, walking back into the bedroom. He walked up behind her, with her observing over her shoulder. Nick looked down at her open pussy, swollen and glistening. He dipped a finger inside her, drawing it out just after she gasped and traced it up to her anus. He used some of fluid to lube her up, dipping first one finger, then two, working them slowly in and out. He spread them bit by bit to loosen her up. Once he was satisfied and Selene was panting, he began lubing up the dildo, then pressed it against her puckered entry, then adjusted his cock to press against the entrance to her pussy. Holding the false cock in position, he reached up and grabbed her shoulder.

“Relax and take a deep breath,” he said softly. He waited a moment for her to nod, then he began to slide himself and the dildo into her at the same time, groaning on his way in. “Oh, yes, pet… very good.”

Selene’s breath came unevenly, faster as Nick began to pump, slowly at first to make sure everything moved smoothly. The sensation was at least twice as intense as the sensation of him fucking her alone. She was more full, more stretched, and the nerve bundle was trapped between the two stroking cocks. She was soon so into it, she wasn’t even aware of the sounds she was making, pushing herself back into his thrusts as hard and fast as he did.

The sounds she made were of pure pleasure, encouraging Nick with the clear evidence of her enjoyment. He grasped her hips and began to drive faster and harder into her, watching the dildo slide in and out of her, his thicker cock partially visible below. Their skin slapped together, a wet sound from all the fluid her body had leaked, coating both of their thighs. Nick looked back up at Selene, seeing that look she got when her passions overrode her thoughts. He fucked her faster, driving into her hard, watching the movements of her back and shoulders.

Then, he saw the shudder and the goosebumps she got when she was right on the verge.

“Cum,” he demanded roughly.

Almost instantly Selene’s back arched and she screamed out as her orgasm hit. Nick kept pumping at the same pace, feeling her pussy quivering around him. He rolled his hips as her screams began to fade, causing a fresh one to begin. Three. Four. Five. After the sixth one started, Nick rammed inside her one last time, pinning her to him and came. It was so powerful, he cried out from the overwhelming sensation. For a few moments, both of them remained there, pinned together with Selene trembling and Nick gasping for air.

“Master,” she whined after a few minute, wiggling against him. “Please… don’t stop. Please, Master, more… “

A growl came from Nick’s throat and he ground himself into her. “My pet loves her Master’s cock, isn’t that right? Are you Master’s fuck toy, baby,” he asked roughly, leaning over her body. “My pet wants her Master to use her well?”

“Yes, Master… yes… please, Master,” she whimpered, a hint of desperation in her tone.

“You liked me fucking you in both holes, pet?”

Selene’s head bobbed quickly. “Oh, yes, Master. Please, more… please...”

“You realize if we go again, it’ll be over an hour until I cum again, don’t you,” he taunted, reaching under her to punch a partially hard nipple. “Are you certain you want that?”

“I’m begging you, Master, please! Please! I’ll do anything, Master… please...”

“How bad do you want it?”

“Please, Master… I want it so bad.. I need it… please, Master… I’ll do anything…. Please… please… please, Master….”

The desperation and raw need in her voice filtered into Nick, feeding his passion. She was his. She would always be his. He drew back his hips and thrust them roughly back to her, pulling her back into him. Selene moaned and shuddered, trying to press back into him in spite of his weight over her. He did not let her, instead, he took up a slow pace, thrusting hard into her each time. He lifted up and wrapped both hands around her waist.

Nick thrust forward and slammed her back, causing her whole body to shake with each thrust. Her moans resumed, though she begged faster, but Nick had his own plans. He continued the jarring thrusts for several more moments before he spoke.

“Who does this pussy belong to?”

“You, Master!”

“Who do you belong to?”

“You… Master...”

“What cock do you love?”

“Only yours… Master… only… yours...”

Nick bent over her again, wrapping one arm underneath her as he humped her more gently for a moment.

“Who’s heart is yours?”

Selene’s breath caught. “Yours, Master.”

“Who holds your heart, my sweet Selene?”

“You… you do...”

“Who’s name will you take,” he whispered in her ear before kissing along the side of her face. “Who will always be your man?”

Selene opened her eyes and twisted her head to see him. “You, Master.” There was no uncertainty in her voice. She truly believed it. “You. Only you… ever.”

“Good girl,” he said before he rose up and took hold of her hips again. “You want it hard and fast, pet?”

Selene nodded, a whimper slipping from her as her whole body responded to his words. “Please, Master… take it all… as you wish. Please!”

Nick’s face contorted as he suddenly focused entirely on what he was doing. He held her hips steady, then ordered her not to move. She’d barely nodded when Nick began to fuck her again, his thrusts almost vicious as he yanked her back into him, over and over. If she could sense pain, she would feel the savage pounding against the back of her thighs that would leave bruises. But Nick knew how hard she could tolerate and he ensured he gave her every last bit of effort. His cock felt impossibly hard, or she was squeezing him more tightly than he realized. The mix of emotion, her sounds, and her answers had all enhanced everything he felt, including the sensation of her wrapped around him.

A primal urge slipped forward and Nick slammed into her harder before he wrapped her hair around his hand and yanking her head back.

“You are my slut,” he growled close to her ear. “You belong to me!”

“Yes,” she screamed, her eyes rolling up in her head. “Yes, Master, yes!”

“My property. My cunt. My fucktoy. Mine!”

“Yes, Master… oh, Master… oh, god, Master...”

“Yes, pet?”

“Feels… so… good… please… don’t stop.”

“Oh, baby, I have no intention of stopping. You’re going to be keeping my cock happy for a while tonight,” he assured her with a wicked tone. “You wanted Master’s cock, you are going to get a lot of Master’s cock.”

Selene moaned loudly, and Nick kept up his pace, righting himself a bit without letting go of her hair. Her soft cries and screams overtook everything else and she was the only thing that existed. He watched her expressions, the way her body moved to tell him what she was responding most to and what didn’t draw as big a response. Soon, he’d worked an angle that, after a dozen strokes, caused Selene to shudder and moan brokenly.

“Oh, yes… that’s the spot,” he hissed, making sure he continued hitting the same spot over and over, watching her elbows grow weak and the trembling of her body increased. “There we go. Does that feel good, pet? You like that?”

“Yes… yes… Mas… ter… ,” she managed between gasps. “Oh… Mas.. ter… oh...”

“Fuck yes,” Nick groaned, rolling his hips upward to watch her upper body fall forward. “That’s it… that’s it… you like your pussy full, don’t you?”

Managing only a whimper, her head bobbed once, weakly.

“Did I take me pet’s voice away?”

Selene managed a nod, her breath coming too fast for her to catch it.

Nick lowered his mouth to be near her ear. “Do you need to cum, pet?”

Her head moved again, though barely, and he could tell she was hanging on by a thread.

“Cum, pet.”

Selene’s back arched so hard that her head nearly collided with Nick’s. Her upper body lifted and a long, trembling scream ripped from her throat. Nick released her hair and wrapped his hand around her throat.

“Yes, pet, that’s it! Cum all over me. Give it to me,” he ordered in her ear. “Give me everything. It’s my fucking pussy and I want you to keep cumming!”

Selene shuddered just before she screamed again. Nick continued to pound into her, relishing the sensation of her pussy sucking him and quivering around his cock. He wanted to test something, so he again spoke in her ear.


Selene’s body responded just as it had before, though her scream was somewhat choked from drying out. He ordered it again before he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his lap as he got up on the bed. She was still bent forward at the waist, but now he was under her, relieving her of the need to support herself. Nick leaned back a bit, then began bouncing her on his lap, still with both his cock and the dildo working in and out of her.

The shift in angle did something incredible for both of them. The angle pressed his cock and the dildo together, massaging himself with the nerves inside of her pinned between. Both were now moaning, their bodies rocking together. Nick forgot all about putting her in the swing or binding her in a harness, all there was was the sensation of his cock being stroked by the two things at once in all the right ways. Selene was gasping, short moans slipping out as she lay still in the somewhat awkward position, unable to make her arms or legs work.

Their skin was covered in sweat, Nick’s muscles bunching and loosening as he drove into her roughly. His pace eventually grew uneven, and he could feel his own orgasm approach.


Selene could no longer make any clear sounds, but her body shuddered with her release. That was all that Nick needed to cum again, shoving himself up into her as far as he could physically go. Selene twitched and jerked; through the haze, Nick felt her orgasm again.

He didn’t know how much time had passed before he had to move, and he gently eased himself and the dildo out of her. He helped Selene stretch out, then unfastened the strap-on and went to get a towel out of the bathroom. He wiped Selene up first, then himself, then the toy before placing it in the sink to be cleaned thoroughly. He then went back to the bedroom and slipped into the bed next to Selene, who had yet to move, though she was clearly beginning to steady her breathing. He draped an arm over her and waited for her to collect herself. He could tell she was not in the zone, so she just needed a few minutes.

“Oh, Master,” she whispered as soon as she had regained most of her senses. “Oh, that felt so good. Did you like it,” she asked softly, shifting enough to look at him.

“Absolutely,” Nick answered with a grin. “It was incredible. Would you like to do that again sometime?”

Selene nodded, moving over to cuddle up next to him. “Yes, Master. Lots.”

Nick laughed and kissed her nose. “Remember how scared you were when I bought it?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now you understand why I wanted it.”

Selene nodded, pressing her lips to Nick’s chest. “I don’t think I’ll be so scared now. You’ve shown me a lot of new things and I’ve liked most of them.”

“I always want you to enjoy yourself,” Nick said softly, brushing her hair back from her face. “I’m very proud of you, you know.”

“You are? Why?”

“You have grown so much in such a short time. You’ve come out of your shell; you’re more confident and that tension you always bore before is long gone.”

Selene smiled, looking up at him with adoration. “You made it possible. I don’t think I could have done any of this without you.”

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