The Arrangement (An Alternative Love Romance)

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Selene lay alone in the bed. The room was pitch black. Out of nowhere, a heavy weight pressed on her and a hand covered her mouth before she could scream.

“I have been watching you a long time,” she heard the man say. “I have wanted to stick my dick in you for months. Tonight, you’re mine.”

She gasped and began struggling, but the man’s larger size gave him an advantage and he soon had her hands and legs pinned. He stuffed something in her mouth, then bound her hands together and secured them to the headboard. His hot breath washed over her ear.

“Remember the safe word,” he told her in a soft whisper, then returned to character.

He worked her nightshirt up enough he could reach her pussy. He ran a finger down her slit. “Mmmm,” he moaned after breaking the kiss. “You’re all bare. I love it. Let’s see if you’re as tight as I think you are.” With that, he pressed a finger against her interest and slipped it inside. He groaned. “Oh, fuck yeah. Damn, bitch. I certainly picked the right pussy.”

With her struggling, he had to pin her legs with his as he yanked the front of his sweats down. He started rubbing her clit to get her wet. “Mmm… yeah. You’re probably slutty enough to like this. Maybe if you make me feel good enough, I’ll come back and repeat the experience. You’d like that, huh?”

Selene shook her head, trying to remove herself from his touch. As much as she struggled, though, he had her too well secured for it to make any difference. He stroked her clit, then dipped into her pussy for several minutes, smiling when he finally was getting the effect he wanted.

“There ya go. See, your pussy wants what I’ve got. I’m going to give it what it wants, he told her. After positioning himself at her entry, he wrapped a hand around her throat and squeezed before removing the cloth from her mouth.

“Say it. Tell me you want it, bitch.”

“Fuck… you.”

With a growl, he stabbed his cock into her hard, forcing her to rapidly spread to accept his girth. He started pumping furiously.

“You may say no, but your cunt says yes,” he hissed in her ear as he thrust repeatedly into her. “It’s ok to be a closet slut. You’ll accept it eventually.”

He pulled back and pulled her legs to the same side, then lifted them over his shoulder before he began pounding into her from that angle, grinding his hips into her pussy. His groin repeatedly stroked her clit, causing it to start swelling.

“Please… stop… I’m… I’m married.”

“That’s ok. I don’t mind. He’s just going to have to live with sharing,” he grunted. “Because you’re going to let me fuck you whenever I want or I’ll kill your husband and keep you locked in my basement. Is that clear?”

When she shook her head, his hand tightened it’s hold. “If you don’t agree, when I get done here, I’ll just knock you out and take you down there now. Then, I’ll tie you up and fuck you all day, every day. So, you’re going to be a good girl for me, aren’t you?”

Selene then nodded quickly, trying to turn her head away. He simply took that as offering her neck and he began to kiss and lick at her skin. His pace slowed down a bit while he was tasting her skin and he moaned in her ear when he bit her neck and her body twitched, including her deep inner walls.

“Oh, yeah. This was totally worth it. Fuck yeah,” he huffed, then lifted a bit to pushed her legs all the way to one side so he could get better leverage.

The man then took on a faster, rougher pace, slamming into her so hard that her entire body jerked upward, her hands repeatedly banging against the headboard. He grunted in her ear with his efforts, moaning and groaning with enjoyment. Selene could no longer stop herself from moaning in spite of herself, feeling her nipples hardening and raking against the nightshirt’s material. It seemed oddly coarse and was nearly painful. It caused her moans to grow louder.

“There we go… now the slut shows her true colors. Fucking getting off being raped – yeah, you’re a real slut. I’m going to have a lot of fun with you. Fill you up with my jizz. I can put a baby in you than your hubby won’t even know is ours. It’ll be our little secret.”

“You’re sick…,” she half whimpered – half moaned.

“Yeah, says the cunt soaking my cock in her pussy juice. You like it,” he growled, making two extra hard thrusts and grinding into her roughly before resuming his pace. “Your pussy leaked all over me. I know you like the way it feels. You like being fucked by me. You’re gonna like it a lot more over time. I’ll fuck your ass one of these days, too,” he taunted, abruptly pressing a thumb against her tiny hole. “Mmmmm, yeah. I’m gonna fuck your mouth good, too. Feed you my cock and squirt it right into your belly. Spray my seed in every hole. Brand you with all my cum.”

Perhaps because she knew this was Nick and she was safe, all of this talk just sent her spinning. She could imagine Nick doing all these thing to her, and in spite of the play scenario, she felt no fear – only excitement. Gail had been right about how it seemed to help reduce the fear. Instead of all the horrible memories, she felt only the freedom to play along and know she’d come to no harm. He could threaten anything, and it only seemed to make her hotter. It had taken a few tries to get this far, but it was so worth it. Something about the game made it so hot that Selene had openly pleaded for more role-play scenes.

Now, she felt truly free.

Nick, dropping character, flipped on the light and released Selene’s neck. He pried her legs apart and split them wide open, lift up so he could drive down into her. Selene began to scream, this time in raw pleasure. Nick’s cock took up every little bit of space inside of her and stretched her besides. The head rammed into her cervix and Nick frequently stared down at where Selene’s pussy swallowed him over and over.

“Look at that pussy. Sucking on my cock like it’s hungry. Oh, yes… the perfect little cunt. Look at that! See how eager it is to accept it?”

“Y-yes… “

“This pussy knows who it belongs to, doesn’t it, pet?”

“Yes… Master… “

“Who does it belong to, pet?”

“You…. Master… oh, god!” She cried out as she felt his thumb press into her swollen clit. “Oh… oh, Master!”

“That’s it, take it all. Take that cock,” he growled. “Feel how thick it is in you… how it stretches you out. That cock will fill you for the rest of your life. You’ll never have any cock but mine. I own this cunt. Say it!”

“I’ll never have another cock,” she moaned. “You own this cunt.”

“That’s right… that’s right. You belong to me. Your cunt belongs to me,” he said through gritted teeth as he looked back down at where they were joined. His eyes then shifted to her face, watching her expressions as she writhed and moaned in response. “You look so beautiful like that, my sweet little pet. I’ll never get enough of that face.”

Selene would have smiled if Nick had not just moved his thumb across the rigid nub of her clit. He then smacked it lightly, sending shockwaves through her body, settling low in her belly. She squealed out her delight, only for him to do it again, then again, each time causing her breathe to halt before another moan slipped out. Her moans and cries grew louder, Nick again shifting her legs so he could get her from a slightly different angle. That all but did her in. Nick knew exactly where her spots were and when he got it at this angle, she could cum nearly instantly. Habit, however, formed from Nick’s training, meant she held onto it until she was granted permission. She squeezed her muscles inside and held them tight, attempting to increase his pleasure and get him to cum more quickly.

Nick swore under his breath. “Dammit, pet… you’re gonna make me cum too quick,” he protested, closing his eyes, “but god that feels so good.”

“Master, please, it feels… so good…. Please, I… I need…,” she cried out when Nick ground himself into her. “Master!”

“Squeeze it, pet… squeeze it hard,” he ordered, continuing to rotate his hips as he crushed her cunt between their hipbones.

Selene almost lost it, gripping him as tightly as she could, panting quickly as her level of control was tested to it’s limit. She begged and pleaded over and over, her voice little more than a whisper, hovering on the precipice of a cavern of bliss. “Please… please…,” she whispered over and over. “Please Master…. Please…”

Nick groaned, leaning in to listen more closely. The sound was delicious. When he knew she could not take it anymore, he finally gave the order.

“Cum for me.”

Nick was almost shocked at the power of her response. Her entire body convulsed and her scream sounded almost strangled. When it finally came out clearly, it was high-pitched and lingered until it faded away with her breath. The spasms had included her pussy and her inner walls vibrating around him sent him over the edge. He pumped slowly, twisting to hit that spot that made her crazy as long as he could, but the whole scene had apparently done to him what it had done to her – it made it so much more intense. He watched her even as his vision faded in and out for that few moments his orgasm took over everything else.

He collapsed on top of her, still buried in her. He released her legs, allowing them to lower to a more comfortable position. After getting mostly a hold of his breath, he pushed himself up enough to free her hands so he could roll them both over. Nick held Selene against him, watching her gasp for air, her eyes still closed. Small tremors rippled through her.

He stroked her back and whispered to her, drawing her mind back out of it slowly until she opened her eyes.

“There are those beautiful eyes.”

Selene smiled lazily. “Thank you, Master.”

“You’re welcome sweetheart. Sorry I slipped out of character there.”

“I didn’t mind,” she told him softly. “I enjoyed myself. You got a little different angle there at the last and then it all goes fuzzy and then I was here. I guess that’s a good angle.”

Nick chuckled and kissed the top of her head before resting his head back on the pillow. “I will keep it in mind. You didn’t freeze up at all this time,” he added offhandedly.

“I focused on the fact it was you and I was safe, just like you taught me.”

“I’m really proud of you, you know. How are classes going?”

“Good. I may add another next semester, but I think next year I will start full time. I want to get the bachelor’s and it will take forever doing it part time.”

Nick smiled. “Did you pick a college?”

Selene bit her lip, then nodded. “I can do it all online. It will be easier than walking around with hardened marines following me everywhere,” she teased. “I checked it out and if I get decent scores, I can apply to some better colleges and maybe end up in a higher-tier school.”

“That would be great for you. If you want, though, we could get a place close to the school… in case you need to use their facilities.”

Selene chuckled. “I don’t really need or want to hang out with a bunch of people my age. Besides, I have a busy schedule that makes it inconvenient.”

“Excuses, excuses,” he teased.

“I know. Is it bad I just don’t want to be in that kind of environment? All the pressures socially and so on… it just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I don’t feel comfortable with it. It would feel so… exposed with all those people around all the time.”

Nick chewed that over a moment, trying to decide if this was something he should be concerned about. “You still go to Mrs. Robinson’s tea on Thursday?”

Selene nodded and tucked her head under his chin. “I would hate to miss it. I went shopping with Rachael and Gail, too.”

“Ok. Well, if you don’t feel comfortable going to the actual school grounds, then do it how you feel best. As long as you’re not locking yourself away from the world, then I am not going to be overly concerned with the whole thing. I hope you get into whatever school it is that you want to go for. Have you decided yet?”

Selene shook her head slightly. “I’ve been reading over several of the programs available, the classes, who teaches them, and how good they are considered to be. I’m still going over everything before I make up my mind who I want to apply to.”

Nick smiled and squeezed his wife in a gentle hug. He glanced down and saw the familiar rings adorning her finger as her hand rested on his chest.

“Have I told you lately how happy I am,” he asked. “I consider marrying you the best decision I ever made.”

“Awww…,” Selene responded, shifting so she could look up at him. “/you’re so sweet.”

Nick swatted her rear lightly. “Don’t you go telling everyone else that. I’ve got an image to uphold,” he teased playfully. “Big, bad businessman, you know.”

Selene giggled in pure amusement. “Bad is not a word anyone would use to describe you, Master. I hate to break it to you, but you’re a pretty nice guy.”

“Ah, don’t blow my ego like that,” he protested, grinning ear to ear. “I thought I was pretty hard assed.”

“You’re just very firm when you need to be.”

“Mmmm… I think I need to be firm again right now,” he asked with a wicked grin, pushing his hips up into hers.

Selene realized he was thickening up inside her. “I believe you’re already well on your way,” she said softly, closing her eyes when he pushed upward again. He was now hard enough again that his cock moved inside of her, pushing deeper. Selene moaned softly. “Very, very… well on the way.”

“I will want you until my breath leaves me and my heart has ceased to beat.”


“Only for you,” he responded, then grinned as he thrust up into her, now fully erect.

“I love you, Master,” she gasped, feeling him brush her cervix.

“I love you, too, my sweet pet.”

Nick grabbed her hips and lifted her hips where he wanted before he began thrusting up into her, causing Selene to lose her breath. Nick’s expression turned to one of lust as he watched her tits swing toward him, bouncing with every thrust.

It had taken nearly three full years, but the trial for the trafficking ring, her parents included, began in November that year. While their lives went on, the worry about Selene might having to testify lingered over their heads. Selene selected six schools to apply to, providing references and letters from the charities about her to help round out her application. In spite of all the stress, she not only got into her top choice, but she quickly found herself excelling in her classes. She worked hard, throwing all her extra effort into learning everything thoroughly. It helped keep her mind off of the trial.

The trial was a massive affair, though it was largely closed to the media, outside of a select few who were allowed to witness the trial without any recording devices. There was an endless sea of experts, witnesses, and video testimony from a number of the oldest of the captive children who were interviewed by the judge from questions chosen by each side. Selene followed the reports, but so far, she’d not been called. She was about to start her second year when the deliberations began. Selene felt sorry for the jury; they had been sequestered the majority of the trial due to the sensitive nature of the cases. One juror had been too traumatized to continue after they began hearing from the doctors what the abuse to the children had been and done to their bodies, including the long-term results.

When they sent the jury out, Selene was finally able to sigh in relief. As long as this went well, she’d never have to speak and draw attention to her past. As annoying as the press had been early in and more around their wedding, it would be nothing compared to what that type of revealed secret would cause. It would be havoc on their lives. All of her most private things would be out for anyone and everyone to read.

Now, those fears were all but gone. Only a mistrial would justify any further concern.

Agent Holloway or Mills had kept in touch, letting her know that the prosecution had done an excellent job and he was certain there would be guilty verdicts. Her parent’s case, they informed her, was certain to come to convictions. The girl who had been found testified and brought tears to the eyes of many of the jurors. The links between the parties had been laid out clearly and the experts had been very good at explaining things in layman’s terms.

Due to the number of defendants and the lengthy series of charges, it took the jury far longer than normal to make the decisions necessary. When they returned, over 90% of the charges came back as guilty. Not one person brought forward did not receive some prison time. Her parents both received over 100 years each, meaning they would not be able to apply for parole until they were in their 70’s and 80’s, assuming they lived that long.

Selene and Nick threw a party to celebrate. The long years of fear and waiting were over. Selene was finally free.

Five years later, Selene graduated in the top 10% of her class with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a specialty in non-profits with a minor in accounting. She had also started another degree in social work, but was only going part time while she focused on making her own charity that was designed to provide additional funding to local organizations that helped the poor. Shelters, soup kitchen, food pantries, school and medical programs were the primary focus, but others would be considered.

Eventually, she intended to expand some medical services all around their county and later around the entire state. She also wanted to set up additional shelters around the state to help the homeless and those attempting to rebuild, but not making enough to get on their feet. During her tours around town to check on a few shelters who needed repairs, she noticed there were several old hospitals left unused, along with a couple of schools. It gave her an idea.

Selene talked to Nick about it and, in spite of the fact it would run at a loss for a while and may never turn a profit, they decided to go for it. After inspecting the buildings, one of the hospitals and both schools were eventually purchased and converted into apartments. They would accept both section 8 and they would offer others rent based on their income with a maximum amount set. It took over a year to get the schools done, including revamping the playgrounds. The hospital took a fair bit longer, because there was a lot of demolition work needed as well as going back and forth with the plans. When it was done, there were over a hundred apartments, going up as many as four bedrooms and two bathrooms, though most were one or two bedroom units. The start of her life long work had begun.

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