The Arrangement (An Alternative Love Romance)

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The Revelation

When Nick woke up, Selene was curled into his chest and his arms were around her. The feelings he experienced from waking this way were new to him and he reveled in them. He sighed happily and pressed his face into Selene’s thick hair. This was absolutely the best way to wake up, and he wished it would be this way every morning. With a contented sigh, he allowed himself to pretend that it would be.

As much as he was growing to want it to be something different, Selene only saw him as a friend. She’d said so herself, last night. Besides, she was young and she had a whole life ahead of her. He didn’t know what her dreams or goals were, what she wanted for herself, or where she wanted to be. He couldn’t hold her back from wherever her future may lie; it wouldn’t be fair to either of them. Happiness could not exist if one party is miserable, and Nick could never do that to another person. It was just cruel.

Nick’s hand unconsciously rubbed up and down her back slowly, accidentally causing her shirt to ride up. When his fingers brushed over her bare skin, Selene arched into him and released a soft moan. Nick bit into his lip and did it again. She responded much the same way, though this times her hips shifted and rubbed against him. A groan slipped from him as his pants again began to feel too tight. He pressed himself into her, onlly to be rewarded with her rubbing against him again. This time, she made a whimpering noise that nearly drove him off th edge.

“Oh, Selene, how I’d love to tie you up and fuck you until you forget your own name. You’d be ruined for any other man, too,” he whispered low.

If she heard him, she gave no indication of it. Nick closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He shouldn’t be thinking about this. All he was going to do was frustrate himself. Though, from the discomfort in his groin, he knew he would have to seek his release soon. Nick wasn’t ready to let Selene go just yet and break the peacefullness of the morning. When she woke up, he would get up and deal with his issue.

About 20 minutes later, Selene began to stir. She arched her back, pressing against him before her eyes opened quickly as she realized there was someone next to her. Her eyes met Nick’s, then she began to glance around. After a moment, she relaxed as she realized where she was and with whom.

“Good morning,” Nick whispered with a smile, kissing her on the nose.

“How long have you been awake,” she asked sleepily.

“Not long,” he assured her. “You sleep ok?”

Selene smiled slightly and nodded, snuggling her head back into his chest. “Yeah. Really good, actually.” She blinked a couple times and pulled her head back, only now aware his chest was bare. “Oh.”

“Oh,” Nick inquired with a raised brow.

“I.. I wasn’t expecting skin,” Selene stammered. “It took me a second.”

Nick laughed, tightening his arms around her and spreading his fingers out across her back. “I can’t sleep with a shirt on. I get too hot.”

“It’s ok,” Selene said, an almost shy tone in her voice. “I was just surprised.”

Nick hummed, bending his head down to nip her exposed ear. “I was a complete gentleman otherwise,” he teased. “Though, I’ll admit I was thinking about some less than gentlemanly ways to wake you up.”

Selene’s eyes widened in surprise before she frowned and smacked his chest. “Don’t tease me like that. It’s not fair.”

Nick’s brows rose. “What makes you think I’m teasing?”

Her eyes snapped back up to him as her breath caught in her throat. The surprise on her face seemed to be what had also caused her to freeze. Nick watched her lips part as if she were going to say something, but nothing came out.

“Cat got your tongue?”


“Yes, Selene?”

“You.. like… find me attractive?”

It was Nick’s turn to be surprised, but he caught himself quickly. He reached down and cupped her rear, pulling her harder against him to feel his rigid member through their clothes. He watched her eyes roll upward before he bent his head to speak just above her ear. “I find you absolutely desireable. You are appealing physically, mentally, emotionally… If you ever give me permission, I promise you that I will make sure it’s the most enjoyable experience you’ve ever had,” he warned her. “I will make you cum until you don’t think you can anymore, then I’ll make you do it some more.”

Selene’s breath had gone shaky, but she wasn’t the only one affected. Nick’s breath was coming more harshly ansd he drew one of her legs over his hip to be able to push it better into the junction between her thighs. She made a whimpering sound that caused Nick’s grip to tighten. He rolled her onto her back and slid his arms under her legs behind the knees. Now, he had the ability to grind himself straight into her and the moans she began to release told him he was hitting her just right. As hard as it was with the jeans on, he swore he could almost feel her around him and he began to thrust himself as if he truly were inside her.

“Oh, Nick,” she moaned out, her nails digging into his arms.

He watched her expression, but at the second loud moan, he covered her mouth with his own. Nick’s tongue immediately pushed between her lips and explored the confines of her mouth. One of his hands slid upward to cup one breast and squeeze it gently, rubbing his palm over the nipple in an attempt to stimulate her there, though his hips had not ceased in all this. He finally broke the kiss.

“When you’re ready, you’ll have to let me know. I won’t go that far until you tell me you want it. But know that I’m more than willing to go there with you,” he told her before he stopped moving and let her legs down slowly.

A soft whine came from her throat, her heavily lidded eyes fixed on him full of desire and need. She reached up to grasp his shoulders, pulling him back in. Nick offered no resistance and quickly took her lips in a hungry kiss when she lifted upward. Their arms wound around each other, holding tightly as the budding chemistry between them exploded and swept them both away into a state of raw passion.

There were no pretenses. Nick dominated the kiss and Selene succumbed to him willingly, encouraging him with soft sounds while pressing as close to him as was humanly possible. Her nails again began to bite into his flesh, and soon he gathered them both in one hand and held them above her head. He again cupped her breast with his free hand, kneading it firmly before breaking the kiss to explore her neck. Each time his lips found a sensitive spot, he would bite and press against it with his tongue. Selene was writhing beneath him, and Nick could hardly bear the separation between them from their clothing, however, he was a man with great control and he held back from ripping their clothes away to simply take her now. It wasn’t easy and he soon had to release her hands and lift himself off of her.

“Selene, we have to stop. I only have so much willpower and it’s all I can do right now to not rip every shred of clothing off of us both and fuck you right now,” he told her, his voice rough with lust. “I don’t want to do this unless you are certain this is the path you want to take.”

“I..,” she started, then stopped. She scanned his eyes before she managed to get the words together. “I want you, too, but… you’re right. I’m not quite ready.”

Nick smiled and gave her a quick kiss before he pushed himself up into a sitting position before he helped her sit up.

“I need to go take care of my… issue,” he said with a smirk and a glance downward. “It’s getting rather painful.”

Selene hugged him and kissed his cheek before rolling over and hopping off the bed. “Ok, I think I’ll be doing pretty much the same thing as you will be. Meet you in the kitchen?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Nick responded with a grin, getting out of bed himself.

A sound to the side of the room caused him to turn his head. Selene’s eyes were locked on his groin and she looked surprised. When she realized he’d caught her, she ducked her head and turned around to collect her bag.

“I don’t mind you looking, Selene. It’s nice to get ogled now and then,” he teased. “Especially the closer I am getting to 40.”

“That’s not old, you know. Men start looking their best in their late 30’s to their early 50’s,” Selene informed him. “Yeah, they’re cute around my age, but they still have that boyish appearance. You don’t start looking like men until after 35.”

Nick felt a spark light up within him and he couldn’t hold back the smile. “I guess that’s a good way to look at it,” he commented before he made his way out of the room.

Once in his room, Nick stripped the rest of the way down. Under the hot water, he closed his eyes and allowed his mind to replay what had happened, only this time she was nude and he didn’t have to hold back. He came so quickly it almost shocked him, but his cock did not soften even a little. He allowed the images to continue, filling his mind with her expressions and the sounds she made while he explored every inch of her body. The second orgasm took longer to reach, but the power of it almost made his knees give out completely underneath him and darkened his vision. He stood holding on to the wall for several minutes while he caught his breath and his vision cleared.

The rest of his shower didn’t last terribly long, and he soon was headed toward the kitchen, dressed only in a pair of shorts. The smell of cooking food hit him before the sounds of Dottie humming to herself as she worked. His stomach growled at the prospect of eating, but what caught his attention had nothing to do with food.

Dottie always collected his newspapers on her way up and laid them out for him on the breakfast table by the window. There, on the front page of the city’s social paper, was a picture of him with Selene, standing close with happy smiles on their faces. The headline read: ‘City’s Most Eligible Bachelor Spotted With New Secret Girlfriend’. Under the picture, the caption said: The couple, spotted at comedy show last night, couldn’t look happier. Is thing a turning point in the businessman’s disastrous romantic life?

Nick quickly scanned the article. There was a lot of speculation, some people analyzing their body language, and a run-down of the many women he’d been linked to in the past. They had not yet identified Selene, but that was now only a matter of time. His heart sank. This was not what he wanted when he took her out. He’d hoped she’d have agreed to the ruse before anything like this began. Now, he had to ask her and explain that if she declined, he couldn’t protect her as well from the chaos that would soon hit her. There was no telling how this could affect her job, either.

“I take it that you aren’t happy about the article,” he heard Dottie query, breaking him from the swirling thoughts racing in his mind.

Nick shook his head. “No. We aren’t even dating yet,” he groused as he slapped the paper. “I was trying to be inconspicuous. She’s got a menial job and lives in a motel – they’re going to skewer her as soon as they find out. They’ll want every dirty detail. She’ll be harassed – and considering where she works, there’s no telling how that could affect her job. Fuck!”

Dottie smiled sympathetically. “This is the girl that works for Paul?”

Nick nodded, glaring at the image as if he could make it vanish by willpower alone. “Yes, and she’s nice. She’s nice and genuine and she doesn’t see me as the ‘millionaire bachelor’ or as someone of staus; she just sees me as Nick.” He looked at Dottie with worry. “I don’t want my life and all it’s complications to ruin her life.”

“Then just ask her already,” Dottie told him. “Maybe get one of those press handling people you have to protect her. No one knows better than you how aggressive these people can be, even crazy. You also better warn Paul. They’ll show up there, and so will those crazy jealous women you usually date. I hope the girl’s got thick skin.”

Nick nodded slowly. “Selene has a way with people. I’ve seen her handle some pretty asinine unhappy people at the restaurant and even Mrs. Robinson has taken a liking to her. I didn’t think that old woman liked anyone.”

Dottie’s brows lifted. “I thought she didn’t like anyone?”

Nick shrugged and shook his head in wonder. “She genuinely likes Selene. I’ve even seen her almost smile after they interact.”

“Now that’s impressive. Sounds like she’s got a chance,” Dottie commented before turning back to the stove. “Anyone who can soften a woman as cold, hard and critical as that Widow Robinson has to be pretty thick-skinned. That’ll help.”

Nick nodded and looked back at the picture. The sense of anxiety has lessened, and now he was thinking that the pictures were pretty good. He wouldn’t mind having copies, if he were to be honest about it. Nick went to retrieve his cellphone and began to make some calls. Even if she wasn’t going to be with him, he was responsible for this and he needed to step up and deal with it. Whether she wanted it or not, he had to provide her the option.

About a half hour later, Selene walked into the kitchen with yoga pants and a band shirt at least a size too big that came down almost to mid-thigh. She hair was loosely tied back at the nape of her neck, though it was still very damp. She glanced at Dottie, giving her a hi and a wave when the older woman looked her way and smiled.

“You must be Selene. Nick speaks very highly of you,” Dottie told her. “I’m Dottie. I help keep the place clean and do the cooking. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Same here,” Selene answered with her characteristic friendly smile. “I have tried your cooking and I’m a big fan.”

Dottie laughed and waved a spatula at Nick. “You keep this one, boy. I like her already.”

Selene ducked her head a bit in embarrassment, though Nick was all smiles.

“Oh, I intend to,” he answered her while his gaze was fixed on Selene. “She just doesn’t realize it yet.”

Dottie laughed, glancing back at Selene as she took a seat across from Nick. “You’d better make it official, or some other fine young man is going to snatch her out from under you.”

Selene’s green eyes flickered between them before she scoffed. “I doubt that. Most of them are only after one thing. Guys like that don’t date girls like me.”

“How do you know when you always throw away their cards,” Nick asked with a smirk.

“I don’t think you’re helping your cause, Nicholas,” Dottie warned.

“I was just teasing,” he defended.

Selene just shook her head and chuckled at them. That was, until her eyes caught a glance at the picture Nick had failed to hide. She grasped it and lifted it to get a better look. Nick tensed, afraid of her reaction. He needn’t have – Selene erupted into laughter.

“Oh, my god! They think we’re dating? That is hilarious,” she exclaimed with pure amusement. She glanced over the article, rolling her eyes at various parts, then tossed the paper to the side. “People can be so dumb. I don’t know why people read this crap.”

Nick glanced at a concerned looking Dottie, his own worry showing. It had never occurred to him she wouldn’t understand the implications of this, though he realized should have. Selene had no concept of what it was to be under the spotlight. This was a foreign world to her. He silently cursed himself for being so short-sighted.

“Selene, I don’t think you understand. They’ve put you in the paper as being connected with me romantically. That means everyone is going to want to know everything about you,” he explained slowly. “People will be watching for you, will follow you around and take pictures, plus there is going to be a reaction from members of the public.”

Selene frowned as she listened, though he noticed that her skin seemed to pale somewhat as the realizations hit her. She looked at him then, wide-eyed and looking genuinely afraid.

“There will be more pictures?”

Nick nodded slowly. “They won’t be limited to the city paper, either,” he explained, motioning to the one she’d been looking at.

Selene’s lips parted and now Nick was certain she was getting paler. He moved over to her to make sure she didn’t faint. He noticed that her hands had begun to tremble.

“I’ve already made some calls to get you someone to help handle the press so you don’t have to worry as much about what they might release...”

“No, Nick,” Selene said shakily. “You don’t understand…”

“Alright, then. Tell me. Talk to me so I can understand,” Nick told her soothingly. He noticed that the food was laid out, but that Dottie had made herself scarce. He sat in the seat next to her and scooted it close, taking her hands to provide her some reassurance. “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe, Selene. It doesn’t matter what it is, I’m with you all the way.”

Selene lifted her head and looked into his eyes. Her green orbs were clouded with tears, fear, and a sadness so profound he could feel his heart ache. The mask she wore was slipping away, and he could see the raw pain and despondence. As tears began to stream down her face, Selene began to speak in a desperate tone.

“I move around a lot. It seems like every time I get somewhere and I start to get settled, my past keeps catching up with me. They’ll find me again. This paper they may not see, but others they will and they’ll find me again, Nick.”

“Who? Who will find you? I’ll protect you, honey, but I have to know,” he said urgently. Fear was building up inside him as he watched her mask slip further the faster the tears came. “Please, Selene. Let me in.”

As if she’d gone into a trance, Selene’s eyes seemed to go far away. He waited patiently, but when she began to speak, he felt the blood in his veins turn to ice as horror filled him. It was one of the last things he thought he’d ever hear from another human being.

“My father loved little girls. Sexually, that is. He bragged about getting off in my mouth and squirting up in me from the day I was out of the hospital. He would take pictures, then video later when I could walk around on my own. My 4th birthday, he told me now that I was a ‘big girl’, I had to start doing my duty to satisfy him fully. That’s why I was born and it was time to start living for my purpose. From that day on, he did everything to me.”

She paused a moment before continuing. Nick wanted to tell her to stop, but he couldn’t. He had to hear everything.

“On my 6th birthday, there was a party, sort of. A bunch of men had come over and they were talking about presents. When I asked what I was getting, my Dad informed me that tonight, my present would lots of cum from all the men. He said that I was now grown enough I could start helping support the family. There were a dozen of them. After that, the men came a lot. Sometimes I was taken places for someone’s party and I would just be one of the kids there they were having sex with. The worst part was that my mother would beat me if she didn’t think I was making the men happy enough, or if they weren’t coming back often enough.”

“When I got pregnant, she made sure it was miscarried. No one wanted to fuck a fat little girl that didn’t even have tits yet, she told me. Dad complained the first one, because he said having another little girl in the house would make them more money, but she talked him out of it. They were going to wait until I was 14, then start keeping the babies, but I didn’t get pregnant before I managed to run away.”

Nick was completely speechless. It seemed like the temperature in the room had dropped 30 degrees, and he wasn’t sure his heart was even still beating. He could not imagine the horror or the pain or the suffering she had endured. The rage came when he thought about the kind of people who had done this to her, but toward her he had developed a sense of admiration.

She survived.

The strength it must have taken had to have been enormous.

Without the ability to respond in any meaningful way, Nick did the only thing he could think to do. He pulled her into his lap and wrapped his arms around her, holding her as close as possible without hurting her. Whether it was this gesture or reliving the trauma Nick couldn’t be sure, but once he had her secure, she began sobbing those deep, painful, body-wracking sobs. All the while, he held her and rubbed her back.

“I won’t let them hurt you again, Selene,” he vowed to her quietly. “I don’t care what it takes; those people are never getting their hands on you again. You don’t have to run anymore, honey. You have me now, and I’m not going anywhere.”

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