A Breath of Fresh Air

By sweetarva All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

Chapter Three

Alisha jogged her way back to the hut and after changing into a swimming suit, headed for the pool in the resort. She found the girls loitering by the pool but none of them jumped in. Alisha was curious to find out what they were so intently staring at.

She sneaked in from behind and tapped Minnie on her shoulder. Minnie got startled and she gasped as she turned around.

“Hush Alisha! You scared the hell out of me!”

Alisha started chuckling and as she looked into the pool, she understood why the girls were so busy staring.

There were four hot men playing a game of throw ball. All of them looked like models. And one of them was Neil. Alisha couldn’t take her eyes of off him.

“Why are you girls ogling at them like that? Why don’t you get into the pool?” She asked.

“If we go in the pool, we’ll have to swim silly. We won’t be able to just sit and stare.” Arpita said.

“Well, then we can just introduce ourselves and join in the match. The pool is not their private property.” Alisha argued.

Alisha just wanted to swim, but the tide warning had prevented her from going into the sea. And she desperately wanted to go for a swim.

“Excuse me, uh. Neil? Do you mind if we jump in for a swim?” She raised her voice from where she was sitting by the deck.

The other two girls stared at her in shock at her boldness but she just shrugged and dived into the pool. Twenty laps later she was feeling much better. She didn’t notice when the other two had also jumped in.

“Where’s Nidhi?” She enquired.

“She’s gone to meet her uncle. Had to give him some parcel. She should be back any moment now.” Minnie answered.

Just then Nidhi walked in looking gorgeous and confident in her two piece floral bikini.

“Hey girls!” She waved.

“Hey guys!” She waved at the boys too.

Minnie rolled her eyes at that and said, “So typical of Nidhi!”

To which Alisha laughed, “You are engaged sweetheart. But you can always say ‘hi’ to them too, you know.”

Nidhi came towards them and called the guys as well.

“Girls, this is Arjun, Neil, Akshat and Rohit. Arjun is my cousin.” She pointed to the tall guy with the French beard.

“Guys, that’s Minnie, Arpita and Alisha. My besties.” She said further.

Alisha rolled her eyes at that. ‘What besties?’ She thought. They were meeting for the first time.

Minnie whispered in Alisha’s ears, “Don’t worry. She’s a pro in exaggerating things. You’ll get used to it.” Both of them chuckled at that.

After the introductions were done, the four girls joined in the match too.

After an hour in the pool, all of them were exhausted beyond their limits. So they decided to rest after lunch. But Alisha had other plans. She changed into a comfortable t—shirt and shorts and on her way out from the room, she told Minnie that she would be back before sunset.

Alisha then went to the reception in the resort and arranged for a rental bike. That was the best way to explore Goa.

The moment she saw the bright green Vespa, she fell in love with it. It had been years since she had driven a scooter and her hands were itching to get on it and start her drive. So, after getting the necessary documentation, she finally had the Vespa for herself.

She felt a bit jittery when she started the scooter wondering whether she would be able to drive it or no. But, after a wobbly start, she got a hang of it and drove around the resort for a few minutes. Then she wore her helmet and sunglasses and took a few more rounds to get used to it. When her confidence rose, she ventured out to explore the city.

She wanted to visit Panjim, but it was a two hour drive from where she currently was and after their time in the pool, she wasn’t very sure about venturing that far.

She just drove around the area and spotted a drop-in yoga class. She then took the yoga class and after sixty minutes came out feeling refreshed.

“I think that’s enough for the day.” She said to herself.

She then returned to the resort and spotted the girls by the wooden shacks facing the sea. She was just in time for a beautiful sunset.

“My dear Alisha,” Minnie pounced at her, “where did you go? You really need to shower and take some rest. We have a long night ahead.” She said wiggling her eyebrows.

At Alisha’s clueless expression, she pressed further, “Dumbo, we are having a beach party! And I’m going to make sure that you get drunk!” she screeched.

Alisha smiled smugly at that and said, “Yes, I do plan to drink alcohol, but whether I’ll get drunk or no needs to be seen.”

Minnie roared with laughter as she said, “You are as light as a feather sweetheart. Two drinks and you’ll be down.”

“Well, let’s see about that then.”

The girls then went back to their rooms and started debating about who would wear what.

Neil was laughing his guts out as he was watching his friends wrestle in the sand over a chocolate.

“You dim wit, that’s mine”, hollered Arjun.

“No, you are a dim wit, it was in my bag and you stole it!” said Akshat.

Neil then stepped in and said in a serious tone, “Guys. Please. Share it. Will you?”

And he burst out laughing again. He had tears in his eyes at the spectacle he was watching.

But he was happy and content.

This was a much needed break for him before he started shooting for the show he had bagged. He would be playing the lead detective in the weekly crime show that was going to be aired on prime time. It was like a dream come true for him.

He had achieved everything that he wanted in his twenty eight years of life. He was a model, a celebrity and now an actor as well. He had loving and supporting parents and a cool older brother. He was basically living his dream life.

The only thing that all his near and dear ones wanted for him was to find love and a life partner. But he always argued that he was too young for that. His career was very important and his only priority at this stage. Love could wait. And he did have a couple of girlfriends in the past. But just casual flings. Nothing long term.

He was very happy with his single status right now.

“Dude. Hey Neil. What are you thinking so deeply?” Akshat nudged him on his shoulders.

That was when Neil realized that it was way past sunset and he was lying flat on the beach gazing at the night sky.

He got up immediately and began dusting his shorts.

“Nothing man. Just. I’m so thankful to you guys for this trip.”

“It was Arjun’s idea by the way. Because you will be totally immersed in work next week onwards till your shoot ends!”

“Yes, that’s true. Anyway, let’s get ready to party!”

And with that both of them headed to their rooms.

Minnie had made Alisha sit in front of the dressing table.

“I love your hair sister! How do you even find time to manage these?” she said admiring her waist long jet black hair.

“I don’t. That’s why they are so long and frizzy and dry. You want me to say any more adjectives?” Alisha laughed.

“No, they are really pretty. I’m taking a fish tail braid and puffing them up from the front. It will look really good on you.”

“Don’t put in so much effort.” Alisha said quietly.

“Look at me Alisha,” urged Minnie.

When she met her gaze in the mirror, she continued, “You really need to move on. It’s been a year. When was the last time that you have you dressed up like that?”

Alisha lowered her gaze and said, “I know I need to move on. But I don’t know what’s wrong. I just feel like being in the hospital every single day and keeping myself busy in work. It’s not that I still love him or anything, but the things that he said to me haunt me every day.”

“You really need to meet him and give a piece of your mind to that bastard!” Minnie said angrily.

“It’s not that easy Minnie.” Alisha wanted to change the topic of discussion. So she questioned, “How’s your boutique running by the way?”

That did the trick and Minnie’s face perked up. “Oh it’s amazing. It’s every designer’s dream to have their own boutique. I’m lucky to have one so early in my life. I’m thinking of starting to design jewelry as well!” Minnie uttered.

“That’s wonderful!” Exclaimed Alisha. “I’m so happy for you!”

“You are very good at changing the topic Alisha. But this discussion is still not over.” Minnie said, looking at her in the mirror.

“As you say, Ma’am.” Alisha winked at her.

Crisis averted. For now.

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