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What are you?

Why are you?

I always asked myself these questions. For as long as I can remember. Not that I want to. But I was compelled to.

To think. To leave. To be confused.

What will you do? If your whole existence was a question? That, you are not what you were born to be.

What does it make you?

A freak? A taboo? An abnormality? An outcast?

Will you keep on questioning or, will you try to unlock the answers?

Why was I even born when no one wanted me? When everyone left me? They all look at me like I am a disease.

And worse of all...

I lost everything. I suffered. I was sad and hurt as well.

Then, why? Why?

It was not my fault then, why everything was blamed on my existence? Why do I keep hearing one thing again and again? Why was I forced to leave my homeland all these years?


What did I ever do to deserve this? What did I ever do to go through all these humiliation and pain that does not even make sense to me?

I don’t even make sense to me.

And worst of all, my decision to return Azurith was my biggest mistake ever. I should have known better to not just blindly believe an anonymous letter. Now, I am stuck and I am trapped and my worst nightmare is,

Damien Knight Castillo

I have never visited hell but I am damn sure, he will be more than willing to make me a permanent resident there all too happily, if given the chance.

Bless my soul.

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