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"Know one thing very clearly babes. I will never be bound to you for eternity at the cost of anything. Even my life." A tale of a girl questioning her whole existence ever since she could make sense of things. After her parents died that left her with nothing but vague memories of her childhood, she is all alone in the world. She was supposed to have everything at her call but it is not. And it all only complicate when she returns to her homeland Azurith, a land of supernatural beings lying amidst of human world. As the time transcends , the truth is revealed And whats the worse that could happen? Her worst nightmare who next in line to the throne and is a hot and arrogant jerk.

Romance / Fantasy
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What are you?

Why are you?

I always asked myself these questions. For as long as I can remember. Not that I want to. But I was compelled to.

To think. To leave. To be confused.

What will you do? If your whole existence was a question? That you are not what you were born to be.

What does it make you?

A freak? A taboo? An abnormality? An outcast?

Will you keep on questioning or, will you try to unlock the answers?

Why was I even born when no one wanted me? When everyone left me? They look at me like I am a disease.

And worse of all...

I lost everything. I suffered. I was sad and hurt.

Then, why? Why?

It was not my fault then why everything was blamed on my existence? Why do I keep hearing one thing again and again? Why was I forced to leave my homeland all these years?


What did I ever do to deserve this? What did I ever do to go through all these humiliations and pains that do not even make sense to me?

I don’t even make sense to me.

And worst of all, my decision to return Azurith was my biggest mistake ever. I should have known better to not just blindly believe an anonymous letter. Now I am stuck and I am trapped and my worst nightmare is,

Damien Knight Castillo.

I have never visited hell but I am damn sure, he will be more than willing to make me a permanent resident there. All too happily, if given the chance.

Bless my soul.

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