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Healing her Heart

By dreamer2233 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Children


She is so broken. In her life, everyone has hurt her, given her pain. First her mother, then her father, her sister, her crush, everyone. Then, he entered in her life, healing her pains, but due to circumstances gives her the biggest pain, which breaks her even more. Vaibhav Oberoi is a twenty-five-year-old bachelor. Every girl dies to spend her whole life with him but he is in search of her. He has spent countless nights with girls but has never found her till date. His life changes when he comes across the broken her and is adamant to make her his, taking her all pains and filling her life with all the love in this world. But will his one mistake, his one wrong decision will destroy their new built relation? Mukti is a twenty-three-year-old girl. She wants to be strong but every time life gave her a blow to break her more. Everyone has cheated her. Even her father whom she loved the most, snatched her baby from her. Leaving all this behind, she escapes to New York where she finds him: the one who will give her all the love before committing a mistake. What is his mistake? Why is she so broken? Will he be able to heal her?


Vaibhav’s POV

Sitting at VIP corner of club, I ran my eyes in every corner to find some hot chic for the night.

Today was Saturday night, which meant my night where I could have any girl for myself. It was my routine that on weekend I visited this very club for my manly needs.

I took a sip of my drink, looking at a hot chic that had just entered the club. She was wearing a short, red dress, highlighting her cleavage. She was so hot. I gulped another sip, looking at the other girl, who was dancing on the floor and was shaking her hips hard.

“Hey, handsome, waiting for someone?” I felt a finger moving on my cheeks and I looked up to find a hot girl, looking at me with a seductive smirk.

I gave her my special smile, which could melt any girl in a second. I pulled her on my lap and stroked her cheeks and then neck, followed by her cleavage.

“I was waiting for someone like you,” I whispered huskily.

“Oh really, handsome? Then what are you waiting for?” She moved her long finger along my neck and opened the top two buttons of my shirt.


I could feel myself hard there. The feeling was just so erotic.

“You know, handsome, let’s rock this night.”

This girl knew her work so well. She opened my shirt and start roaming her hands on my chest.

“Ahh,” I moaned in pleasure.

I cupped the face of the hottie in my hand before planting my lips on her. God! She was such a good kisser. She tied her legs around my waist, kissing me widely. I picked her in my arms, kissing her and took her to my personal room in this club. I entered the room and threw her on the bed.

I looked at her with predator-like eyes before jumping on her and tearing her dress apart. I gazed at her sexy body before kissing her hard like hungry men. Whoever she was, held me by my shoulder and licked my chest like an expert.

She bit my nipple, giving it pleasure.

I moaned in pleasure before kissing her cleavage. She opened my shirt and threw it away, while moving towards my pants. She opened its button and started her slow torture there.

Not wanting to waste any time more, I threw my pants, followed by our undergarments. I pushed inside her very hard, taking her in every position widely to fulfill all my desires.

Once satisfied with the night, I pulled out of her and wore my clothes. I threw some cash on the bed before leaving the room, leaving her all alone.

This was my life. A life, where girls threw themselves on me just for my money and for their pleasure.

Mukti’s POV

Remembering all my Gods, I entered the interview room with as much as courage as I could attain. It had been two weeks since I had come to New York, but I was unable to find a decent job.

I don’t get why no one was ready to give me a job, even after my MBA degree. I thought it would be easy to get a job with such a high degree and good grades, but how wrong was I?

I had given interviews in many firms, who always gave positive reviews about me. They promised to call me whenever they needed my service, but till now, I had never received a call.

I came out from a new company, getting a good response and a new hope. After this interview, I gave another interview before reaching back at my one-room apartment. I slummed down on my weary couch.

What has my life become! Tears spilled my eyes just thinking about my life.

One month back I had a good job with a comfy house and a wait, wait for the little soul who was soon going to come in my life.

I slowly placed my hand over my now empty stomach and closed my eyes feeling pain. The pain of loss.

How could be parents like this?

Why had my life played such a cruel joke on me? Why was I so weak that I wasn’t even able to protect my own baby? Why I was so innocent that everyone played with my heart breaking it and walking over it again and again? These were the questions I asked myself daily.

Roughly removing my tears, I moved towards the refrigerator to take out some vegetables and cooked them for myself.

I had cried so much. I have cried so much for my pain but I won’t anymore. Tomorrow was Sunday and it would be my day when I would enjoy my life to the fullest, forgetting all my pain and all my tears.

I would show the world who the real Mukti was!

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