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Romeo and Valentino always shared their women. Would Molly be the end of that as they both fall for her? What happens when she is kidnapped by enemies of the Team? Working for a SEAL Team wasn't what she had expected. Molly needed the work. She was living out of her car after her mother died. But to be surrounded by so many strong virile men was a bit out of her experience as a virgin. She had been hired to take care of Colette who was having a difficult pregnancy. However, there were added benefits to working for a SEAL Team member's wife as well as added risks when her kidnappers were still after her. Can gladiators, Romeo and Valentino, after so many one night stands shared, learn to love one woman between them forever? Or will this woman come between them as friends and partners?

Romance / Action
Sway Jones
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Chapter 1

Valentino’s hips swirled around as if on a pole. His pelvic region humped at the young woman draped across the couch, fully clothed. She was a big girl celebrating her birthday with some friends at the club. Valentino was giving her a night to remember.

Grabbing her by the hair, he pulled her upright and ran his hands down her chest over her abundant breasts. He smiled broadly when he heard her moan. Quickly turning her around, he took her hands and ran them up and down his naked chest. She obliged him and loved the feel of his sweaty cut body at her fingertips.

Valentino made his pecs dance and then kissed the equally sweaty woman on the forehead before turning to see who else’s day he could make.

Romeo watched his partner work the room easily. He had women shoving themselves in his face but they weren’t the ones he interacted with all that much. Tino liked a certain type and he looked for it in the clubs but usually didn’t find it.

But this ladies night, there were a plethora of lush curvy girls and socially awkward girls he could “dance” with. Tino loved making these women fall in love with him for just a few minutes of their lives. He liked making them feel sexy and letting them have a story about a gorgeous man at the club who loved “fucking” them through their clothes.

Every once in awhile he found one that he thought they could share and brought her over to introduce Romeo. There weren’t any worth sharing that night however.

It had been two weeks since their last assignment had sent them away. They had been in the Sudan for four weeks trying to set up a refugee camp’s security perimeter so that Muslim extremists would stop terrifying the mostly Christian refugees. The work had been grueling and he wasn’t sure they had made a difference but they had done all they could, leaving it all on the field and he hoped that was enough to keep the poor refugees safe for a while at least.

But it still nagged at him that they could have done more; he just didn’t know what more they could have done. He hated leaving business unfinished. Most of their operations had a beginning and an ending. They had a goal they accomplished or didn’t. These collateral assignments were always well-developed problems that no one ever seemed to have a solution to fix.

“Hey man quit thinking so hard,” Preacher said ironically. “I’m the thinking cowboy remember?”

Romeo smiled at his teammate. “Yes you are the thinking cowboy. I’m still caught up in the Sudan.”

“Man you can’t let it get to you. We did the best we could. We did everything we could. That’s all God expects of us.”

“Well your God expects too little of us.”

“Nah! Just enough to let Her know we are putting in our part of the work. After that it’s up to Her.”

“I wish I could leave it at that.”

“You know you have control issues but that’s good because you’re the team leader. Someone has to control all this testosterone.”

Romeo shook his head but smiled at the man in the cowboy hat. “Ok. I’ll work on the control thing.”

“You’re almost as bad as Grey. There’s some control issues.”

They both looked over at Enrique, nickname “Grey” because of his affinity for handcuffs and whips in the bedroom. The other two men, Dude and Rook - Zac and Jack - followed their fellow teammates’ lead and stared at Grey.

“What?” Grey yelled when he saw their collective gaze fall upon him. He ran his hand over his face to check if he had something stuck on it that they were all staring at now. “What are you all looking at?”

“See, control issues,” Preacher drawled while smiling at his friend.

The five of them sat at a booth, watching the dance floor. They had come to the club because it was ladies night but other than Tino none of them wanted to get up and meet the ladies. Several had come up to them but none had proven interesting enough to get an invite to the table.

Truth be told, they were all thinking about the only member missing from their group that night – William. He was at home right now with his wife, Colette. She was on bed rest, had been for the last two months, ever since she got pregnant.

It had been a miracle that she had gotten pregnant but it was a high-risk pregnancy given the damage her past had done to her womanly parts. So that she didn’t loose the fetus, the doctor had confined her to bed rest. No moving basically. She could use the bathroom but no showers only bath. No leaving the bed for an extended period of time. Her body needed the extra security of immobility to help keep the baby in her uterus for as long as it possibly could.

Her body didn’t want to keep the fetus but with the help of the doctor and the total bed rest, the odds in favor of the baby coming to term were going up. Unfortunately the all day and night bed rest made it difficult on William and Mrs. Sullivan, who had come out to take care of her daughter while William had been on assignment.

The guys were thinking about William and his woman, Colette. Despite the harsh reality of their relationship at that moment, they had each other and were very happy together.

Every one of the men on his SEAL team wanted what William and Colette had. Intimacy. Love. A special bond between two people, or three in the case of Romeo and Valentino. Seeing their friend live it out everyday with his wife made it all the more apparent to the guys that they wanted more out of their relationships with women.

None of them had had a long-term relationship. The nature of their work and their youth kept them from wanting anything more long term. Until now …

Christian, aka Romeo, was older than the others by half a decade. Valentino was younger than him. That had never been a problem for them before but Romeo wondered if it could start a rift in their relationship if he started looking for something more permanent with a woman. Would their sharing stop?

He enjoyed sharing a woman with this friend. It allowed for both of them to be satisfied in a way that being alone with a woman didn’t. They never had sex with each other, finding their attraction solely hetero. Yet there was something about having a partner at your side sharing the responsibility of pleasuring a woman that made the sex seem more intense. It was boring any other way for either man.

But could their arrangement handle being with one woman forever? It was an interesting question to consider. Romeo wondered if Valentino had ever thought of settling down with one woman. His seeming enjoyment that night of “riding” several women belied the sentiment.

“How’s Colette?” Romeo asked Rook when he pulled out his phone to answer a text message. Colette was the only one who ever texted the Rook. It made him feel special. He was special to Colette. They were the closest in age to each other. Rook always took special care with Colette whenever he was given the chance to take care of her.

William really didn’t like sharing Colette with the rest of them including caring for her body. Romeo could understand not wanting them to give her a sponge bath but he didn’t see any problem with helping her to the toilet or bringing her some food to eat. But William insisted on doing that all himself.

He enjoyed doing it as far as Romeo could see. After Colette was kidnapped and almost sold into sexual slavery, William had been incredibly attentive to her. He didn’t want to take for granted her presence in his life especially when she so easily could have been taken from him.

“She’s ok,” Rook answered with a smile. “She’s waiting on Mrs. Sullivan to cook her some supper. Evidently William tried making her mac and cheese and ended up making the smoke alarm go off.”

“When is he going to learn to leave the cooking to you,” Romeo commented dryly.

“I can’t always do the cooking,” Rook argued. “One of these days someone new will come along and you can make him do all the cooking.”

“Nope I’m sorry that’s your MOS from now on Rook. Culinary specialist.”

“Aw man!” Rook sounded off mock angry. “I hate that.”

“No you don’t. You love cooking for us.”

“Sometimes. Not all the time.”

“Ok, ok. Maybe you can teach some of us how to make some of your specialties and we can share the load a little bit more.”

“I would love to. But you know, what I really want right now is some of Mrs. Sullivan’s mac and cheese. Perhaps she can teach us some recipes.”

“Brilliant idea!”

“Guys,” Romeo shouted to the table. “Mrs. Sullivan is making food for Colette. If we leave right now, we may be able to finagle some home cooking for ourselves.”

“Let’s roll!” Grey yelled.

“Giddy up!” Preacher shouted.

“I’ll get Tino and meet you all at the cars,” Romeo told them.

“Quick!” Rook ordered. “Or else we are going to miss out.”

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