I Found Two But Kept One

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Emma is starting High School and she is just getting over her depression over a boy she fell for and moved away. But what if that boy so happens to move back and go to the same high school as Emma? Will Emma still have feelings for him? Or another boy? Or maybe even both? What will happen if one does something bad and the other protects Emma? Read to find out what happens. Will contain swearing, maybe abuse, and possibly sexual content. (There will also be a lot of time skips)

Romance / Drama
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First Day

Today was Emma's Smith's first day back to school and first year in high school and to say she was nervous was a complete understatement. She was extremely nervous she went to the front office to get her schedule for the semester.She sighed knowing this year wasn't going to go any better than 6th grade. In 6th grade she was bullied and her grades dropped, but she also had a boyfriend that protected her and loved her she fell deeply in love with him and they dated for 1 year. But one day during summer he told her that he was moving and about 1 week later he moved far away from her, she cried that night and she wouldn't eat she became depressed for the whole summer and during 8th grade year but she soon got help and she has gotten better since then. Emma went to her first class, she smiled at the teacher and went to a seat in the middle of the class she watched as the class started to fill in before the late bell rang. Her best friend entered the class, Jessica, and sat beside her Jessica smiled at her "How was your summer Emma?" Emma looked at Jessica and smiled "My summer was good actually I've gotten better over the summer" Jessica smiles "that's great Em I know last summer was horrible so I'm glad you've gotten better and maybe you can find someone new at this school." Jessica winks and Emma just laughs and smile at her, turning her attention to the teacher that already started class.
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