I Found Two But Kept One

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1 month later

It has been a month since Emma started school her, Jessica, and Hunter got along really well. Emma saw Noah walking in the halls with some other friends that he had before he moved. Every time she saw him she just smiled a little and looked away not wanting to cry again and become the Emma that she was before. Right now her, Jessica, and Hunter were at lunch talking she didn't know what they were talking about too busy in her own thoughts she snapped out of her trance when Hunter called her name. "Yes?" she said letting him know she was listening "I-I was wondering if...you would like to go on a date with me?" Hunter questioned to say was surprised was an understatement she was shocked that she couldn't say anything she came back to reality when she saw Hunter's face and she quickly yelled out "YES!!" Hunter's face lighten up and Emma hugged Hunter they pulled away "I'll pick you up at 6 and don't ask where cause I won't tell you it's a surprise" she smiled and nodded. To be honest she has been questioning her feelings for Hunter but just last week she realized that she really liked Hunter and came to the conclusion that she has a crush on him and since then she's been staring at him and just doing things girls do when they have a crush. But she still has small feelings for Noah but she'll give Hunter a try since she really likes him.
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