I Found Two But Kept One

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Later that same day

Hunter went to go pick up Emma at the exact time he told her. What surprised Emma the most was when he drove her to the fair that she has been wanting to go to since last week. Emma grinned so hard her face almost hurt, they bought the tickets which Hunter insisted on buying since it he was the one that asked her out on a date. That day they got on so many rides, talked, and laughed, Hunter even won Emma a big bear. When they got home around 10 Hunter decided to just tell Emma instead of waiting any longer. He sighed nervously and ran his fingers through his hair ¨Emma I w-was wondering if um... you would like to be my girlfriend?¨ Hunter said stuttering bit. Emma looked at Hunter in shocked and slowly her shocked face turn into a grin, she nodded and hugged Hunter ¨I would love to Hunter¨ Hunter smiled and hugged Emma back. They stayed like that for a while until they both pulled ¨I have to go but I´ll see you Monday yeah?¨Emma said, Hunter nodded and watched as Emma got out of the car and went inside her house but not without waving and blowing Hunter a kiss.

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