I Found Two But Kept One

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New love and Jealousy

The next day Emma and Hunter walked in school together, yes everyone was staring at them but they didn't care. What Emma did not expect to see was that Noah was staring at them with nothing but anger and jealousy showing on his face. Emma knew that when his face lit up is that he got an idea or more like a plan. She couldn't see what it was exactly that he was thinking about but she knew he was up to something, she moved closer to Hunter and leaned her head on his shoulder while they kept walking. Hunter smiled at her and pecked her lips she smiled back "I need to tell you something later...alone" she said lifting her head up. Hunter nodded and suddenly looked worried "don't worry it's not that serious babe" Emma said giving him a reassuring smile.

*After school*

Hunter waited for Emma outside of school since they didn't have last period together. When Emma came out Hunter grabbed her hand and smiled at her, she smiled back and squeezed his hand lightly. They walked to car silently and when they got in Hunter opened his mouth to say something ¨What did you want to tell me, love?¨ Emma sighed and closed her eyes ¨Well you know Noah...the one in our Civics class?¨ Hunter nods and raises his eyebrows ¨I think he may be up to something... I think he´s going to try and ruin our relationship, though i´m not sure how¨ Emma says worried. Hunter looks at her ¨Does he know you or what?¨ ¨Yeah he does...we dated back in middle school but he moved so we broke up and well I fell in love with him and I was depressed for about a year and just this year I have been getting better¨ Emma says shyly, Hunter sighs and smiles ¨Well i´m very happy you are getting better but I don´t like the thought of Noah trying to ruin our relationship but I promise I won´t let that happen babe¨ Emma smiles at him and for once in that entire day she felt relieved and not worried at all.

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