Rich by Chance

By Benita_16 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery


Meet Giselle. The girl who waits tables in Callaghan café to support her dysfunctional family and the most normal girl one will ever find. But everyone has secrets and so does Giselle. Her secret: - She became the owner of Callaghan Real Estate Company by chance and has to keep her identity hidden to save the company from unimaginable disaster. For how long she’d be able to keep her identity secret? What happens when she gets threats of her identity being revealed? To add more to her problems, what will happen when her new Business partner Theo makes it his goal to find the owner of Callaghan Real Estate Company? Theo always gets what he wants; will this happen this time too? Meet Theo. The man who had everything in life. Devilishly handsome, very powerful, brilliant and the owner of world’s top Real Estate Company named Odairs. Companies all over the world can do anything to close a deal with his company. No one ever dared to say no to him. What happens when the owner of Callaghan Real Estate Company shoots down his offer? Will he let Callaghan Company get away with this or will he end up finding someone? Or destiny has planned someone special for him?

Chapter 1: The Owner

Welcome to Callaghan Café. It’s the most famous café in this city and I am the owner of the cafe. I not only own this café but probably all the shops down this street, that must be around a 100 shops and if you think that’s too much then let me add one more thing to this list of “Things that I own”. I own the Callaghan real estate company which is considered one of the biggest real estate companies in this world. But besides all this I still doubt whether it’s really true because coming to the real point, I work as a waitress in the Callaghan Café. And no one knows that I own Callaghan.

This thing sounds crazy and yeah I know that because I have some “conditions” for owning this company and one of them is to keep my identity secret. Why? Because officially I am not the rightful owner of this company. I just became rich by chance. Two years ago, I used to think whether I would be able to earn a penny on my own and suddenly this guy came and handover his big company to me because he thought I am trustful. Am I? I don’t know but Dru Callaghan, who previously earned the company, believed I am.

So I ended up getting the company and it’s kind of funny when Kate, who manages this Café, complains that why I am still working here when they should have thrown me out long ago. I feel the same for her.

It’s late evening and there are not many customers so I decide to leave. I took my bag and head towards the door when my phone rings up. It is Cloe, the manager of Callaghan and also my best friend.

“Hello Elle, I have news for you.” Cloe declares as I pick up the phone. She seems pissed.

“And where do you think you are going!” Kate almost shouted from the counter. And this one is definitely pissed too. Both of my managers are pissed. What kind of boss am I? My managers are bossier then me!! I choose to answer Kate first because I can handle a pissed Cloe but not a super pissed Kate.

“Kate, I am leaving early. Tomorrow, I will be here early.” I said facing Kate and moving to the door simultaneously. I smell trouble. I turn around and BANG!!

“What the-“a deep voice spoke above my head. I rubbed my forehead due to the pain from the collision. I lift my head and meet a pair of blue eyes. Beautiful blue eyes with chilling coldness in them. I feel a shiver run down my spine. So this is how I banged into Theo Odair.

Theo Odair, the owner of Odairs Real Estate Company is standing in front of me with a hateful expression. It’s the same expression he must give his business competitors. Well I am one of his business competitors and it’s actually working on me.

Now I smell even more trouble in the form of the beautiful cologne that he has on himself. I realized I am staring awkwardly at him. Suddenly I come into my bossy character and I snap at him.

“Can’t you see?” I made my way to the door. Suddenly he grabs my hand turns me around with a jerk so that I am facing him.

“How dare you talk to me like this!” He exclaims through his gritted teeth. His grip is becoming tighter around my wrist. Now I am going to explode.

“And how dare you touch me like this!” My tone is rising. I free my hand and just walk out of the café before I slip more into my bossy character and kill him.

“Hey Cloe. Are you there?” I answer my phone at last.

“Yeah, what just happened?”

“Nothing, you have some news.” I remind her.

“Yes, it’s about Odairs Real Estate Company. They are choosing us to make that Shipyard deal with.”

“That’s great!” I said rewinding what happened in the café.

“NO, it’s not great! He wants to meet Giselle Callaghan before making the deal.” Now that’s not great.

“Shoot it down. We are not in.” I answer automatically. This deal could have boosted our growth up to 40% but I am not sacrificing my company for this. Even if this figure was 80%, I would not accept it. I cannot meet him, and I don’t want to meet him after what just happened there.

“Okay.” She agrees and hangs up. I think of all the profits his company would have bought mine but I let go of the thought.

As soon as I reach home, I start preparing for dinner. Today I choose noodles because they are quick to make and it will buy me some time to look over some paperwork related to the company.

Early morning I wake up to find my phone ringing. It is Cloe. I answer the call and after 10 minutes I find myself running as if my life depends on it. Well it does depend on my life because Odairs are still offering us the deal even when I denied meeting him. And it’s a good deal to let go. And I met him anyway, just not in the way we should have met and he did not know that I am Giselle. I am rushing to the office because I have to submit the papers I did last night and sign some new ones regarding the Odairs deal while no one is around.

I take a cab to my office and its 4:30 in the morning when I reach my office. It sounds crazy but crazy is all the stuff I do. When I enter, no one is around except the receptionist. She nods at me when I make my way to the lift. Cloe must have told her to let me in. I get in. when I finally reach my office which is at the top floor, I see Cloe wildly pacing from one end to the other of the office. She does this when she is in tension or is going to throw a fit. She sees me and almost runs to me without falling in those heels.

“You have to sign this agreement as soon as possible. They will be here in half an hour!!” she said clutching my shoulders. Now I might throw a fit. So the secretary of Odairs Company called Cloe at 4 in the morning and confirmed the deal and half an hour later we are here.

The other half an hour went in a rush as we checked the agreement for loopholes and revised it as many times as possible to avoid any confusion in future. I don’t need lawyer when I have a best friend who is the best lawyer in this city. It was 5:10 when I finally signed the papers.

The Odairs are 10 minutes late, I thought to myself as I descended down the building in the lift.

When the lift reached the ground floor and the doors opened, I thought I might pass away. And why not! Why not when the person into whom I bumped yesterday is standing in front of me. He looked surprised to see me.

“You!” He exclaims.

“Good morning Mr. Odair.” I said and left the lift.

It is 6 am when I finally step foot in the Café shop. Customers are not here yet. Kate is waiting for me and she seems pissed, well she always seems pissed.

“You left early yesterday.” She said crossing her hands on her chest. She was standing behind the counter.

“Yes, but I am early today.” I said.

“You will work till 10 in the evening today.”

“And what if I don’t?” I want to push her buttons now.

“You are fired.” Yes I am pushing her buttons.

“Then you are fired too.” I said smirking. She looked at me like she will kill me. Well, if she kills me then I don’t care because Cloe is there to kill her after she is done with me. She clutches the wiping towel in her hand.

“Get to work now!” She barked. I smirked.

I went to the coffee station where Jade was cleaning a coffee maker.

“That was daring.” She whispered. I smiled. Jade is a good friend of mine. Many times she helps me escape from the wrath of Kate and I return her the favor by doing the same. She is a simple girl with a simple life unlike me.

“I know, that’s why I did that.” I whispered back, helping her. She stopped working and gave me an unreadable look.

“Sometimes, you act as if you own this place.” She said not knowing that I do own this place. I am the owner.


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