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The Billionaire's Fake Wife

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"I wanted to make him see that no matter what he did I wouldn't be a toy he could use when he felt like it. That I wasn't his next conquest..."- Cassandra William Cassandra Williams is a sarcastic girl with her hate for rich guys greater than the one she has for spiders. She's a college dropout and has to work her ass off to support her family. Her life was somewhat alright. At least that was before Emerald City's infamous CEO comes into her life, turning her already miserable world upside down. Xander Pierce is a ruthless businessman with a heart as cold as ice. He is a multi-billionaire and CEO of Pierce Cooperation. Men fear him while women beg for one night with him. The unexpected happens and these two cross paths. What happens when Xander needs a wife before his parents next wedding anniversary? Throw in crazy ex's, drunk chats, a fake marriage and watch as Cassandra fights to protect the people she loves while trying to save the Pierce family's broken bonds. In a game of love, regrets and lies who will fix the cold-hearted CEO's bad boy lifestyle? Will Cassandra survive Mr. Cold-Hearted or break under the pressure?

Romance / Humor
Alana Whyte
4.5 23 reviews
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Chapter 1: Xander Pierce

I’ve spent most of my life day-dreaming about what life would be like if my family had a lot of money like the wealthy people in Emerald City. The city where only the wealthiest and most prestigious people of Amsterdam lived and dwelled. The place of fancy cars, never-ending parties, and power-hungry men. It was a place for the hard working and the scariest people in our small country.

But nevertheless, I still tried to imagine a life there. A life where we didn’t have to wonder about high bills and where our next meal would come from. Living in one of the not so developed parts of Amsterdam wasn’t easy. It was hard for my parents and grandparents to provide for my basic needs. It pained to see them working so hard without any real benefits. It was unfair to us and everyone in our community.

So, one night I made up my mind. I was going to focus on my studies and work my way to the top. Work for the life we should have had. To be able to finally see what that amazing view in Emerald City was all about. To be able to earn my own money and start my own my company and finally be able to give the people I loved with all my being the things they deserved. It was a dream I would give my all to make come true. No matter what challenges were ahead.

But all those wonderful thoughts of becoming a famous actor or maybe even a well-known CEO of my very own company had been thrown out of the window when I finally saw how unfair this world was and still is...

Now at the age of twenty-two, I have to work three crappy jobs just to get enough money to support me and my family for a month. Not to mention the bills that needed to be paid, leaving us with just enough to scrape by. Even after all the sacrifices, my family made to send me to my classes to get a better education, it wasn’t what I expected. I barely managed to graduate high and had to leave during the first semester of College to find a job because we couldn’t afford to pay for my courses. But I didn’t complain because I knew what sacrifices everyone had made for me to reach this far.

So instead, I found small jobs close to Emerald City to earn some money to help out. Not that it did much. Even with a reasonable pay, there was hardly any money left after we paid our bills. I was brought out of my thoughts when I felt some touched my hand.

Blinking a few times I internally groaned when I heard the rambling of the most annoying and dramatic person in my life. “Hello... Earth to Cassie! Are you there? Oh crap, we’ve finally lost her! Why? Why did you take her form me?”

I face-palmed myself as I tried to ignore her rambling. I still hadn’t gotten over my depressing thoughts from seconds ago. Taking a deep breath and exhaling I turned my attention back to the crazy woman in front of me. Sometimes I just have the urge to stick a sock in her mouth and leave her in the middle of the desert. But like always it was that dramatic attitude of hers that made me love her and called her my best friend.

Or as we refer to it, my sister from another mother. And that ladies and gentlemen of the audience is Natasha Samuel. The drama queen with long wavy blonde hair, pretty dark brown eyes and curvy body that compliments her 5′6 height. And her naturally tanned skin was all the total opposite of me.

Where her hair was blonde mine was a midnight black color with waves of silky curls that ends at my waist. I have hazel brown eyes and pale sensitive skin. At 5′8 my body wasn’t very curvy like her’s but I had enough to not to make self-conscious about my looks. Not like I could ever be like one of those supermodels.

“No, you didn’t lose me and stop acting so dramatic for crying out loud. We only have a twenty minutes break before we have to go back to Marco’s for our shifts.” I said a little annoyed. I mean the least she could do is act a tiny bit mature and not dramatic. But like any weird creature that was near impossible when it came to her. Trust me I tried teaching her to be a ‘young lady’ once and it was the worst eight minutes of my life. How can you make everything a person says sound dirty and walks around demonstrating it in eight minutes is beyond me? I’ve seen things a virgin shouldn’t see. And those images are forever stuck in my brain. I’ve been scarred for life!

“See this is what I’m talking about. You’re always so strict and uptight when I was only trying to get your attention. I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past ten minutes and all you do is stare at your piece of cake as if you’re deciding whether to make out or have sex with it” said Natasha as she waved her hands in front of me. At the mention of sex and what her dirty mind was thinking, I choked on air and dropped my delicious piece of cake as my face heated up. Curse those stupid blood vessels. Always showing everyone I’m embarrassed.

She only grinned at me like she just won the lottery. She has always loved to tease me because it was ‘fun’ messing with an innocent-minded girl like me. From that statement alone you must have already figured out that I’m still a virgin and never had any sexual relationship with the opposite sex. Because quite frankly my virginity is the second most precious thing to me, and I didn’t just want to give it to some random guy who probably wouldn’t stick around after he had what he wanted. Why let a stranger have it?

“Can you stop with your dirty talk? It’s not welcomed in my life. Besides we need to go help chef Michael in the kitchen before Marco kills us.” I said as I slowly got up and stuffed my face with the leftover cake. Natasha always looked at me like I was crazy when I ate like a cave-woman. Not that I cared. It’s not like I was going to eat like a proper lady. After all, I was in no way a proper Lady. I’m a young woman struggling to survive in this cruel world, not some perfect doll.

“Uh... Yeah, we should hurry and maybe this time we can be successful in blowing the kitchen up and getting a month off work.” Said Natasha with an evil smile plastered on her face. Was she attempting this again?

“No, we can’t. Do you need a reminder that we need the money? Or do you plan on not eating for a month? I know you want to look like flesh and bones but I don’t think that look would be good for me. And you would think by now that the Marco would know not to keep us together in the same place.” I said as we left the small cafe.

Like always the mention of no food for a month, Natasha stopped her evil planning as a horrified look swiped that evil smile away in seconds. It worked every time. Although it never helped to prevent any bad things from us being together. All I’m going to say is that having us together during work leads to bad things happening. Very bad things. And it didn’t help that we both worked three jobs at the exact same places. Coincidence? Not really.

“Yeah, I guess he still thinks we’ll eventually not burn the place to a crisp.” Said, Natasha, as she skipped beside me. Marco’s Homemade breakfast was a block away from the cafe we were at so we had a little time to chat on the way back. Marco was like a second father to me when I was growing up since my mom used to work with him when she was younger. As long as I could remember she would always bring me with her when I couldn’t attend classes.

Of course, being the kind man Marco is, he would always allow her to bring me to the little breakfast joint to taste the new goodies he made. And boy did I love it. Especially his double chocolate chip pancakes with syrup, whip cream, and a little berry, it was heaven on a plate. When mom couldn’t work anymore I took her place.

I was only 19 years old when I started working there. It was tough but once I got used to it, there wasn’t any difficult task to do. And if he ever heard I called working with him crappy I would be in for a scolding of a lifetime.

As we continued walking we talked about random stuff. Well at least I did but Natasha just kept cutting me off to talk about some rich guy named Xander Pierce. I’ve never heard of him before but then again I’ve hardly been on any social media to know what’s happening with the rest of the world. Apparently, he’s this big shot CEO that guys are scared of and girls are dying to have sex with. From what I can tell Natasha seems to be in the latter.

As for my opinion on them, I couldn’t care less, the rich think they’re better than us. And that we should worship the ground they walk on. But if you ask me that’s just a desperate excuse for attention. Flaunting their money and disregarding the people who struggle every day to make a living. Yeah, not my cup of tea.

Business today was a bit slow and I couldn’t be any more happy about it because it meant I could finally relax. Leaning against the counter I took a sip a from my glass of lemonade. There wasn’t much I could do. At least that’s what I thought before an excited Natasha ran in my direction with a broad smile and notepad and pen in hand.

“Oh my gosh! You wouldn’t believe who is inside the back booth!” Natasha squealed as I furrowed my brows in confusion. I didn’t someone was in the private booth at the back.

“From your expression, you look like you’re dying to tell me so go ahead.” she squealed again before she starting speaking really fast.

“It’stheXanderPierceandhewantsyoutoservehim...” Huh?

“What did you just say?” I asked in confusion. I didn’t understand a single word that left her mouth.

“Didn’t you hear me? The Xander Pierce is here and he wants you to serve him.”


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