The Billionaire's Fake Wife

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Chapter 2: Arrogant

I looked at Natasha with brows furrowed in confusion as she bounced on the balls of her feet with excitement, patiently waiting for me to say something or join in her “excitement.” But to be honest, I didn’t get what was the point of this conversation. In fact, I wasn’t even aware that there was someone in the private booth until she came back with that stupid grin.

And yes, there is a private booth in this small diner. Why? I honestly don’t know but it’s there.

Besides, was there even a valid reason for this Xander person to ask for a personal server? I mean this isn’t exactly a five-star hotel or the opening of a new restaurant. It’s the type of cliche diner you would see in movies, which are usually decorated with vintage furnitures and a few local workers as the employees.

So, why would he even think that he could ask for a personal server? Did he think the person would run to him like hungry dogs? Maybe he’s stupid? Or did all that money make him feel like he’s a king? Not that I really cared. All I want to know is why he’s asking for me instead of one of the six other waitresses eagerly waiting to serve him?

Shaking my head in irritation I turned my attention back to Natasha. I had zoned out on her rambling.

“What are you talking about? And for your own safety, you better explain what’s happening in the most logical way possible.” I grumbled as she give me her own annoyed look.

“You’re joking right?” She threw her hands in the air as she glared at me. It’s not my fault I have a short attention span.

“No, I’m not. I’m waiting for you to clarify whether what I heard is the truth or not. Because I’m finding this hard to believe.” I shrugged my shoulders before taking a seat on one of the stools in front of the counter. Of course, I needed to wait for her to stop looking at me like I’m an alien she’s ready to kill. I’m guessing she thought I would be just as happy as she is.

5 minutes...

“Are you going to just stand there with that stupid look on your face or are you going to say something?” I asked with a raised brow. This was starting to get ridiculous. I have no interest in meeting or “serving” this guy, especially if he is the same person Natasha keeps drooling over whenever she has the time. Which wasn’t long ago.

And if my memory serves me right then he’s most likely that bad boy CEO that most of the female population keeps talking about. The one who is a multi-billionaire CEO and a professional man whore. At least I would say he’s a man whore. His fan club, on the other hand, would say otherwise. They would probably praise him for getting laid with a hot babe and then kiss the ground he walks on. Stupid!

Besides everyone knows that I’m not a fan of anyone who flaunts their money like it’s going out of style or think they’re above everyone. It’s the main reason why Marco lets the other waitresses handle the few rich customers who actually eat here.

Some persons call it special treatment or Marco being stupid and it might be one of those. But I would say that he’s being smart. Because let’s face it, I’m not exactly “friendly” to them. And it could also be the fact that the last time I served someone from Emerald City it didn’t exactly go “well” for them. Unless you would classify me having a heated argument with them and being tempted to stab them with a fork, normal. Then sure, it was your typical Tuesday.

Of course, after that incident, I never had a reason to meet any of them. Well, apart from today. That day was probably the first and only time I crossed paths with an arrogant jerk here. Since I don’t exactly have a high tolerance for bullshit.

“You’re joking, right? Didn’t you hear a word of what I just said? I’m sure everyone across the street heard me.” Natasha huffed as she gave me the “I can’t believe you right now” look. I rolled my eyes at her. Seems like she finally came out of the shock. And already defending him? Note the sarcasm.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Again, I’m only asking for clarification drama queen, not for you to scream your love for the guy to the world. And you really can’t blame me for asking again since you always come up with ridiculous lies. It wouldn’t be the first time the Xander Pierce came here.”

She gave me an annoyed look as she slammed her notebook on the counter next to me. “That was one time and he was really here. And he’s here now too. This isn’t a lie or me hallucinating. Xander Pierce is really in the back booth asking for you. And before you ask, No, I don’t know why he asked for you or how he knows your name. In fact, even I was surprised when he asked if you were here. I thought I was having a nightmare.”

I rolled my eyes at her before focusing my attention in the direction of the booth this man was probably in. Fifteen minutes had already passed since Natasha came to get me and I knew they were probably getting angry for waiting so long. But I didn’t want to go in there at the moment. The only reason I would even go to “serve” them is to find out how he knew me. Because I can’t think of a single thing I could have done that would attract his attention. It’s not like I’m a rich supermodel or I haven’t been released from jail for murder. At least not yet...

So what could be the reason?

“Alright, I’ll go have a serve this Xander person since you insist, but you should know I still find all of this very suspicious. There isn’t anything you’re keeping from me, right?” I asked as I narrowed my eyes at her. She squirmed under my stare as she avoided eye contact.

“Nope. But you should hurry and get they- his order ready.” She quickly corrected herself before grabbing her notebook and sprinting off in the direction of the kitchen door. I glared at the door Natasha left open in her attempt to escape me. Was she about to say “they’re...”

Why do I get the feeling that there is someone there she isn’t telling me about? And from her behavior alone I knew I wasn’t going to like meeting this guy. Whoever is there better hope I don’t have to commit murder.

Taking a deep breath to calm myself I decided it was better to talk to this guy instead of glaring at a door.

Natasha is dead.

When I say dead, I mean flat line, cold corpse, dead.

In fact, I think I’ll torture her first.

Then I’ll throw her in a shark-infested tank with only a spoon to defend herself.

Why didn’t she tell me he’s here too?

Does she have a death wish or something?

Shaking my head in annoyance to clear any murderous thoughts, I put on my best fake smile as I slowly approached the table with the two men dressed in expensive suits. One of whom I didn’t want to see or be around at any point. I never thought I would cross paths with his arrogant self again. It was bad enough he caused a scene the last time he was here. Now he’s here with the man I’m assuming is Xander Pierce.

Ugh! Life is unfair!

“Good evening gentlemen, what would you like this evening?” I asked in the most polite way humanly possible for me. Which isn’t a lot. I was trying to be nice instead of killing the idiot in front of me. Wouldn’t want the old man to lose business because of me, now would we?

“I would like an order of you hot stuff.” Replied the idiot with that arrogant smirk. I felt my eye twitch as I tried not to give this asshat a punch to his face. I mentally reminded myself that it was illegal to murder someone in public. Although I could make it look like a tragic accident if the need arrives.

Keeping the smile on my face with the pen in my right hand and the notebook in the other, I didn’t reply. Instead of saying anything I reminded myself that all I had to do is take their orders and leave. Should be easy. Not!

“I’m sorry sir but I’m not on the menu. Can you be a little more practical in what you would like to order?” I sarcastically replied as I waited for them to pull their shit together before I snap at them. I didn’t intend to be sarcastic but I couldn’t stop my mouth. Not that I would have actually stopped. My patience is quite thin and with that here, it wasn’t exactly helping me stay sane.

“Ryan,” I heard a deep authoritative voice say in warning while I narrowed my guys at the idiot. I had almost forgotten that Xander was here since he hadn’t said a word when I came.

His voice was deep, husky and held so much authority that my head had snapped in his direction. And boy did I regret doing that. Because sitting across Ryan was the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen, and I haven’t seen a lot. So, you can imagine me gawking like a kid at the candy shop when I saw who was the great Xander Pierce everyone was obsessed with.

And let’s just say he didn’t disappoint. I could definitely see why they liked him. At least when it comes to his looks. Anything else I have no idea why. I mean it’s natural to appreciate a man with good looks. It’s a blessing from God himself. And I’m starting sound like Natasha. But that is beside the point since he is quite the eye candy.

His skin is tanned and his dark brown hair is messily styled on his head with a few strands flicked onto his forehead. His sharp jawline and high cheekbones with light stubble made it look as if god had taken extra time sculpting a masterpiece. His full lips were pressed into a thin line as his piercing green eyes glared daggers at Ryan. My eyes continued their trail done to his tense broad shoulders that were covered by his tailored midnight black suit and white shirt. His body fitting suit allowed the perfect view of the outline of his muscular arms as they flexed with the smallest movement. If he stood there wouldn’t be a need to say or do anything with confidence and sense of authority rolling off of him. He was intimidating yet you couldn’t look away.

And yes, I’m the weirdo eye raping the rich guy when he’s planing his friend’s murder. I should be scared. Anyone probably would be if they were around him when he’s angry but I’m not.

Ok, that’s a lie. I’m a bit worried that he’ll remember I’m still here and decide to glare me into the next century. But I’m also one for taking risks. So, it isn’t that surprising that I’m actually doing this.

“Hey, dumb and dumber if you’re going to waste my time. You should go somewhere else.” I said with irritation clear in my voice at the bickering grown men in front as I slammed my hand onto the table top.

Second mistake of the day...

At my not so smart statement two very angry idiots turned their deadly glares at me instead of each other. If looks could kill I’d probably be dead ten times over. Trying to play it cool and show them that I wasn’t intimidated by them -which is clearly a lie- I glared back at them.

Shit is about to go down!


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