The Billionaire's Fake Wife

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chapter 3: Sensible girl

“Cassandra! Natasha! Get your ass out here right now!” Marco shouted as I cringed at the tone of his voice. I guess he found out what happened. Not that I expected him not to find out.

Taking a deep breath I grabbed Natasha’s hand and walked in the direction of our doom.

“Why are you yelling? And whatever you think we did, we didn’t do it.” I said with an innocent smile on my face. At the age of twenty-two, I’m a skilled liar and a child stuck in an adults body. Not really. But I would like others to think so.

I watched in amusement as Marco glared invisible daggers at us as Natasha busy herself looking at nothing. She was trying to act as if she had no part to play in Marco’s sudden irritated and angry look.

“You didn’t do it, huh? So can you explain to me why I have a grown ass man crying fat tears like someone just killed Kevin inside of my brand new kitchen? Which might I add is in flames.” Marco exclaimed as he pointed an accusing finger at us. I rolled my eyes at his behavior. This was probably the fifth time in months that this happened and he’s still surprised? He should have learned his lesson the first two times it happened. And before you start thinking we killed a kid named Kevin, we didn’t. Kevin is Chef Daniel’s pet hamster. Yeah, he’s a grown man with a hamster. Very manly.

I’m sure you’re wondering why is a kitchen on fire and why is the owner just yelling instead of throwing these chicks in the slammer? Is the owner crazy? He could be a little wack in the head but as I said before this isn’t the first fire Natasha and I accidentally started. Not, that you could blame us.

I mean us “trying” to cook, is like inviting the devil into your house and expecting him to be good. It’s totally pointless. It’s like God himself knew that we would be walking fire hazards but decided to ignore it. We just naturally suck at cooking. I’m pretty sure even kitchens are screaming when we enter the room, asking the heavens why me? Is this really the end? Yeah, so if you have a kitchen which I’m sure you do, never and I mean never let us in it. It’s like bringing Karma into your life.

Of course, this time the fire wasn’t intentional nor accidental. You could probably say it was a little of both. The main reason being that my little “argument” with that asshat Xander and his bitchy side kick Ryan had a teeny tiny bit to play in the reason behind the flaming kitchen. Ok, that’s a lie. It was the main reason for it.

As you can guess our argument wasn’t a walk in the park. Unless consider it Jurassic Park. Then sure it was peachy. But back to the point. Apparently, Xander was looking for a cheap whore to buy. Well, he didn’t say exactly that. But that’s how I interpreted it. I mean he literally took out a contract and check worth 2 million dollars to bribe me into “marrying” him. Which is a big No-no for me. Why?

Because 1) I’m not a cheap whore although with that stack of cash I would probably become one, however, that is beside the point. 2) That’s no way to ask someone to “help you” after you basically insulted their existence by calling them an uneducated, below average worker. And yes, those were his exact words when he made his so-called proposal because he knew I needed the money. Of course, he was right about my family needing the money. And what he was offering was more than I could make in a year but that didn’t give him the right to insult the way I lived or the people I worked for. My life may not be perfect but it was still my life.

After all his insults and belittling he probably thought I would still fall on my knees and thank him for his generous offer. Like he literally expected me to do a happy dance and kissed the ground he walked on. Ryan even asked if I wasn’t going to do it, to which I almost punched him. Not that it would have had any harm on him. I’m told I punch like a baby.

Of course, I always do the opposite of what people expect. I flat out refused his offer and told him where he could put that contract. Which, of course, angered him and led to us having another heated argument. Which in return led to everyone showing up and trying to prevent me from committing murder. I had completely disregarded the fact that he could easily have my ass thrown in jail and decided I was going to put his gorgeous face through the window.

If I thought my argument with Ryan was epic I was wrong, because meeting this arrogant asshole was the highlight of my life. I actually used words that were more colorful than the rainbow. Hell, even a kid’s coloring book couldn’t compete with how colorful I was with my words.

I’m sure whatever proposal he had for me was literally thrown out of the window after today. You would think Ryan would think everything through before bringing his friend to my psycho ass. Heck, I’m what parents tell their children not to be when they get older.

Of course, when they finally managed to stop me from clawing his eyes out with a fork, he had let out a string of profanities before demanding that Marco kick my ass out of the diner or he would ruin it.

And when Marco refused to fire me, or kick me out of as Xander would say, he attempted to do the job himself. Of course, be being the crazy bitch that I am, I was about to throw an entire plate filled with delicious goodies directly at his face. Which meant that someone’s dinner was going to make a noble sacrifice.

Throwing a plate of food at him wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg of what I wanted to do to that jerk. If I could I would run him over with my old trusty car and dance on his grave. Rich or not he had to be put down. And if they didn’t step in when they did, I’m pretty sure one of us would have been knocked out cold on the floor. I had a very strong feeling it would be him. I’m just saying a girl could do a lot with a chair and forks. I could go full out ninja on his ass.

After much debate and a lot of persuading they finally came to the agreement that I would get my pay cut and I’ll be stuck on kitchen duty for two months. Marco wasn’t fond of me working in his kitchen but I was relieved when he chose me. It was either choose between the girl he considered to be like a daughter or the brand new kitchen he recently installed. Let’s just say I was lucky he chose me. His kitchen, on the other hand, wasn’t. As for Xander, he left like he couldn’t care less as long as I was punished. He even graces my ears with the words “I don’t need a bitch like you, there are thousands of women dying for an offer like this. You can rot in this dump for all I care.”

Immature but totally worth hearing.

I was brought out of my reverie when Marco was about to smack me on the head for zoning out. But being the awesome human I am, I ungracefully dodged it only to knock over a few chairs. I shrugged my shoulders when he narrowed his eyes at me. It’s not my fault I’m a clumsy.

“Natasha can you explain to me why you’re grinning like the Grinch,” Marco asked as he massaged his temples. He was starting to look his age. Guess stress can do that to you. Natasha excitedly nodded her head before smirking in my direction.

“Sure I’ll tell you, your Majesty.” She dramatically bows. “I was grinning because I just thought of the most amazing thought today. I mean how epic would it be if Cassandra and Xander had sex? With they’re temper I bet they would fuck so ha-” I quickly cut her off with my hand. Her words were muffled as she tried to pry my hands off. There was no way I was letting her continue that statement. And there was no way in hell I was seeing that guy again, much less have sex with him. I’m not about to become one of his one night stands. Hell, No! Even if Satan himself dragged me kicking and screaming to that assholes house I would beg the devil to take me back.

“Nat, please refrain from talking and thinking about sex for 10 minutes. We understand you’re not human.” I mumbled as I took my hand away from her mouth and wiping it on my uniform. She was starting to lick it which is just gross. I shuddered in disgust when she suggestively wiggled her eyebrows at me.

“Whatever Cassie it’s not like you know what normal is. You haven’t even experimented with the opposite sex yet. You don’t know how it feels to get-”

“So you’re saying I should experiment with guys dick.”

“Yeah. Then you can actually know how to be a normal twenty-two-year-old woman.”

“You mean how to be a twenty-two-year-old woman sporting STDs and a kid?”

“There is this thing called a condo-” we were both pulled apart before I could strangle her. Yes, I know I’m a very violent person.

We were having a full-on glaring match. People say I’m like Satan’s twin sister when I’m angry. But I would disagree. I’m quite a lovable person with a slight temper. Pretty normal if you ask me.

“Girls calm down and get your heads out of the gutter. If you want to talk about dicks and sex do it in your own time. Right now what I would like to know is why my kitchen is on fire and why you thought it was a good idea to piss off Emerald city most influential CEO. I thought we agreed to you would stay away from the rich customers after what happened with Mr. Anderson?” Asked Marco in frustration. Me being me, I wanted to blame someone but the look on his face told me I shouldn’t push my luck or I might not have a job tomorrow.

I sighed in defeat. “The fire was Nat’s fault, she thought she could actually add wine to a dish she was trying to make for Colton and it got a little out of hand. And in my defense, I didn’t go to him on purpose. He asked for me to serve him and he insisted it was me he wanted. Not to mention the fact that he basically insulted me and you, I wasn’t going to stand there act like one of his fangirls while crap came out of his mouth. You know I don’t have a high tolerance for bullshit. Besides Mr. Anderson should have known better than to ask for me after what happened. None of this was my fault.” I said as I looked at my nails. I heard him groan in annoyance after my explanation. He knew what I said was the truth. And he couldn’t deny it.

“Right... Just don’t let it happen again. Next time someone asks you to serve them, let one of the others take your place. I can’t afford to sacrifice my kitchen again. And Natasha stop using my kitchen as a place for your experiments. We know you can’t cook to save your life.” I laughed at his response. This was one of the reasons he was a good boss. He treated everyone like family and dealt with anything in the most mature way possible.

Natasha, on the other hand, looked like she wanted to strangle me and sacrifice me to the Greek gods. Not that I would mind. After all, Greek guys are pretty hot so their god must be hotter. And considering I had something to with the fire and I completely threw her under the bus was probably what made her want my head. But in my opinion, this was the least she could do after putting me in this mess in the first place.

After a very eventful day, it was finally time to leave for the night. At 8 pm I was certain that my family would be worried about where I could be. I was supposed to leave an hour ago but I stayed behind to help Marco fix the tables and lock up for the night. It was the least I could do after he sacrificed his precious kitchen for me.

Saying my goodbyes to Marco I boarded the bus headed in the direction of my house. Taking a seat in one of the available seats, I took out my vibrating blackberry phone. Without looking at the caller ID I answered the incoming call before looking through my bag for my money to pay the driver.

Hi mom, I’m on my wa-” I started but was quickly cut off by a voice that sounded oddly familiar. Furrowing my brows in confusion I removed the phone from my ear and looked at it like it was alien when I saw an unknown number on the screen. Unsure of who it was I slowly placed the phone back to my ear.

This isn’t your mother, love. It’s someone far more good looking and charming.” There was only one person I knew with a big ego and that’s Ryan. Groaning in annoyance I debated on whether to end the call or not.

Why does the universe hates me? I wonder if it’s because I kicked Cody Fisher in his balls during lunch in the fourth form? Or because I told Natasha to wear her panties as hats? If it is, I already apologized for those.

“How did you get my number you gorilla faced moron? You better give me a good reason or I’ll chop off your family jewels and shove them done you-” I yelled through the phone. The people on the bus were giving me weird looks. Not like I cared. I already know I’m loud. And it isn’t the first time I’m sending crazy threats through the phone.

“Okay. Okay. I get the picture no need to threaten my best feature love. The ladies are quite fond of it.” I rolled my eyes.

“And to answer your violent question I’m actually trying to be nice and apologize for Xander’s behavior. The guy doesn’t have a nice bone in his body. And I know you’re having financial problems so why don’t you accept his offer. It’s only for about a year or more. You can just ignore his attitude problem.” I scoffed at his attempt to apologize. No matter how much I needed the money, it wouldn’t be worth it. It would only ruin me afterward. I’ll just have to work harder to support my family.

So, I did what any sensible girl would do. I ended the call after he was done talking and I was done listening to his sorry excuse.

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