The Billionaire's Fake Wife

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Chapter 5: Give it your best try

Balling my hands into fists I slowly turned in the direction of the person I wanted to get rid of the most. "Good evening gentlemen, how may I help you?" I said over the music as I pretended I wasn't just caught trying to escape.

keeping my eyes focused on Ryan I ignored the man staring a hole in the side of my head. Whether he was in his right mind or drunk I couldn't tell. "I'll have a bottle of tequila and my friend here would like you to be his wife," Ryan said tapping Xander's shoulder. My eye twitched in irritation at his stupid remark.

Two weeks have passed since I last saw dumb and dumber. Yet it felt like no time had passed with their persistent offers and fancy gifts. Sending all their gifts back and ignoring their existence. Unfortunately I had the bad luck of meeting them tonight. Of all the bad things that could have happened tonight. The universe chose this.

Trying to be as professional as humanely possible for me I replied. "I'm sorry sir but we only serve drinks at this bar. If you would like to have a woman for the night I'm sure there are many outside this establishment to assist you in your needs. And your friend might need a therapist."

"Ah I'm sure those ladies may be willing in that particular field but we don't need fuck buddy at the moment. We only need a wife for my pal. Though I wouldn't mind having you warm my bed." He winked at me as Xander continued to be a silent bystander. I could tell they were trying to bait me. They wanted a reaction out of me. Teasing me so that I would respond violently and agree to their offer so that they could leave me alone. It was either that or they were plain stupid.

"What I'm trying to say is that you fit his criteria. A strong woman with no love life. Perfect for the job. We'll even pay you a generous amount of money if you agree." Taking a deep breath I reminded myself for the millionth time that it was still illegal to behead or murder someone. Even if that person seems like they had a death wish. I could see the joy in Ryan's eyes as he watched me struggle to keep my temper in check. My patience wearing thin.

Choosing to ignore his words I scanned the crowd for any signs of Natasha. I needed her to cover for me while I tried to calm myself. As if she had sensed my need to be rescued Natasha made her to the bar. Grabbing a bottle of tequila, two shot glasses, salt and a few lime slices I placed them infront of the pair of idiots.

"Here is your tequila. Now if you'll please excuse me I have other business to attend to. If you need anything else Ms. Samuels will assist you. " I said as Natasha stood next to me. Her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water as she looked at dumb and dumber in surprise.

"Mr. Pierce, Mr. Anderson it is a surprise to see you here," Natasha said as I rolled my eyes at her choice of words. We work at a Nightclub. Where did she expect them to be at this hour? A country club playing golf in the night?

Without waiting to hear their reply I snuck a half-empty bottle of vodka away from the shelf and made my escape to the ladies' washroom. The need to get drunk after a stressful night was stronger than any other feeling.

As I entered the washroom I drank some of the vodka from the bottle. Sighing in content as the cool liquid went down. Ignoring the burning sensation in my throat as I continued to drink it. Feeling a bit light-headed I held onto the sink in front of me. I'm no big drinker but a little liquid courage was needed tonight. My ability to get drunk quickly never ceases to amaze me.

Looking into the mirror I could see how tired I was. The barely covered bags under my eyes and smudged lipstick was embarrassing. Taking a damp cloth from the side I wiped away my ruined makeup. Luckily it was almost time to end our shift and I was drunk enough to not care. As I washed and dried my face I heard the creak of the door as someone entered.

"Whoever you are I would suggest you leave and look for the next washroom," I said as I was met with silence. Assuming the person had left I looked up into the mirror and saw Xander braced against one of the cubicles with his arms crossed over his broad chest. He wore a simple sky blue button-up shirt that was tucked into black jeans. His hair was messy with light stubble on his face. He was tempting. Seductively tempting.

The alcohol is making me delusional.

"This is the ladies' washroom. If you're looking for the gents it's next door." I said in hopes that he would leave.

Raising a brow in question. "And what made you think I was looking for the gents?" He asked. His voice was deep and intoxicating. I could hear the clink of his dress shoes as he walked in my direction. Without warning I felt his arms circling my waist and pulling me into him. The stench of alcohol clinging to him.

"I quite like the view here. This attire suits you." He whispered in my ear as I felt an involuntary shiver run through my body. His warm breath fanning my ear. My body felt hot and sensitive to the slightest touch. My mind a fuzzy mess. My heart pounding and my cheeks flushed. This was a stranger I knew nothing about. Yet here I was drunk in the arms of the man I wanted nothing to do with.

"Is this why you refused to accept my offer? Because you like dressing in tight clothing and pleasing men." His words bringing me back to reality. How could I let my mind be clouded by alcohol? How could I forget he was a mannerless man? A man who felt the world revolved around him.

Turning around as much as I could in his arms I tried to slap him. Grabbing my wrist I glared invisible daggers at him.

Yes, I worked here because I needed to make money to support my family. But that didn't give anyone the right to say I was only here to please strange men. That I was asking to be disrespected.

"Are you trying to say that marrying scum like you would be better?" I asked through clenched teeth. Struggling to get out of his hold. Instead he tighten his hold on my waist and leaned closer.

"I'm saying it would be better than wasting your time here. All you have to do is marry me and sit quietly at home like a good little wife until our contract ends. It's a win-win situation. You won't have to work in a dump like this and the shabby diner and I'll get my family off my back."

"Sorry to burst your bubble but I still refuse. I don't need your stupid money nor do I want to marry a man like you."

A mischievous smile graced his lips. "You're going to regret refusing my offer, Ms. Williams. You will see that I can be a very persuasive man." He said as he let go of me.

"I do hope you see reason before I do something quite drastic."

"You can give it your best shot," I said as I pull the front of his shirt bringing him to my eye level. I felt his body stiffen. I knew I was digging my own grave but I could care less what he thinks he can do to change my mind. I wasn't going to bend to his power and ego.

As if coming to his senses he pull away from me like I had burned him. His eyes darkened. His mischievous behavior was gone. "We'll see about that." He said as he ripped my hand away and stormed out of the room.

My legs feeling weak as I tried to calm my racing heart. The adrenaline rush fading as my began to spin.

What did I do?


I groaned at the throbbing in my head. The events of the night were a blur. The blaring sounds of my alarm had woken me up from my wonderful sleep. My head feeling like it would explode.

"Why do I feel like I've been run over by a bus," I grumbled under my breath. Grabbing my alarm clock and tossing it across the room. Sighing in content at the silence. Throwing my hand to the side I frowned my brows in confusion as I felt an unfamiliar squishy object. Was my pillow this soft?

Squeezing the unknown object I heard a feminine squeal. Ignoring my throbbing headache I quickly sat up in my bed screaming. The sudden movement giving me a head rush. My vision going dark for a moment.

Slowly turning my head to the side I tried to remember where I was or who I was with. Having no recollection of leaving Charlie's club. Panic coursing through my body as I grabbed the pillow at my opposite side. Ready to attack anyone within hands reach with my soft weapon. Though it would not help the situation.

But the real question is do men scream like a little girl and have squishy parts? Or did I imagine the whole thing? And yes I know I'm not making any sense. But I'm not normal!

"Who are you and why are you in my bed?" I questioned as I saw the outline of the figure hidden under the covers. Receiving no response from the mystery person I took my trusty pillow and slammed it onto their unmoving body.

Holding back a scream I watched as Natasha emerged from under the covers rubbing her head. "Jeez, woman I already feel like shit. Why are you attacking me this early in the morning?" She grumbled as I screamed in horror at the sight before me.

As much as it was a relief that I didn't bring a random man home. It appeared I brought home the a racoon instead.

Natasha who was still dressed in her uniform had a face full of foundation 2 shades lighter than her complexion. Her black eyeliner and mascara smeared around her eyes. The red lipstick on her lips was cracked and patchy. Her hair a matted mess on top of her head. Overall she looked like a raccoon that was rummaging through a dumpster seconds ago.

Swinging my pillow again I watched as it connected with her face. "What the hell is wrong with you?! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" I yelled as Natasha looked at me like I was stupid.

The bedroom door slamming open as as a panicked grandpa Max ran in. "Are you girls alright?! We heard screaming. You son of a potato you better get the hell out of my house. Or I'm going to call the police." He said while aimlessly swinging his baseball bat. My grandmother following behind with a frying pan and what I assumed was whip cream.

Running my hand down my face I shook my head in disbelief at my grandparents' behavior. Their concern was appreciated. But if we were being robbed we would already be dead or would have to pray that the robbers had a sense of humor and died from laughter first.

"We're not being robbed unless you consider the human raccoon beside me a professional thief." Bracing my head against the headboard I stifled a laugh at the look of pure horror on my grandmother's face as she did a once over of Natasha. It was as if she had seen Satan himself.

"Dear Lord, who the hell is that?" My grandmother asked as I nudged Natasha in the side. My head feeling like crap.

"Granny Jade it's me, Natasha."

"My word why do you look like you escaped from a zoo? Honey, you need to take better care of yourself."

Natasha frowned her browns in confusion and sprinted out of the bed running to the nearest mirror. A string of colorful words leaving her mouth when she saw her appearance. I knew I probably looked like a homeless person too but I didn't care. Mornings are a nightmare for me. I could never understand the excitement others had to leave their bed at ungodly hours. Food and sleep were life's blessings. Why give them up?

Grabbing the painkiller stashed in my drawer and drank it. Leaving the comfort of my bed I glanced at the time on the cracked clock on the floor. My eyes widening in shock as I saw 9:15hrs staring back at me. Grabbing the annoying thing off the ground I prayed that I had seen the wrong time.

Cofirming that it was indeed after 9:00hr I groaned in annoyance. "Nat, you should start getting ready. We're late for work at the diner." I yelled while massaging my temples. A terrible start for the day.

And while it never hurts to be punctual to work I always say it's better late to be late than never showing up.

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