Dance with the Devil.

By Lovina S. All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller


A Mafia love story. "I don't like to call it revenge, Returning the favor sounds nicer." -Him. "I respect those who tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is." -Her. What if the hero of your story is actually The Villain! Crystal wakes up from coma after 9 months with no memories of past. To her surprise she has been married to Valentine Romero for 2 years. But, what if the marriage he portrayed as a fairy tale is biggest curse of her life? The words she believed were actually lies? Dark secrets are about to be revealed and this time will Valentine be able to cage her as he wanted and make her dance with his demons? Read Dance with the Devil. A Dark Mysterious Romance.


They called him the King.

King of underworld.

He was a being to be feared and worshiped as he was born from darkness. He has sinned, he has crushed and ruined. He has killed. There was blood on his hands. He has that aura to haunt very souls of living beings. He was trickster and manipulative, but he was loyal.

He was loyal and kind to those who kept their belief in him. He would die for them and won’t hesitate to slaughter for them. Of all he was Don of Italy and Valentine Romero was his name. Ruthlessness was all he could muster and mercy is what he never gave.

Still she fell for him and discovered the spots hidden from all eyes. She kept her trust in him, well aware that how his hands were covered in blood. His soul reeked of darkness and danger described his personality. Still, she bared her heart to him and gave away the key of forgiveness. In her light, when he basked, he discovered a world that he never believed in before. He felt the emotions which he never understood before. She is Crystal Rodriguez, and taking risks is her favourite hobby.

They call him cruel, yet he came on his knees and cried when destiny tested his love.

It may be a cliché story, but it’s just a love story of a man who has sinned deeper than the burning core.

He was a villain, miscreant and menacing for world. But for her, he was a hero who has touched her soul.

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