Rock Me Baby

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When rock's former bad boy, now turned music producer, thinks his life can't get any better he gets proved wrong. He realizes the only thing that could make his life complete is a baby. Former rock star, and now successful music producer, Jace Matthews thought that he had everything. He was not only rich but successful and owned his own studio. Yet something was missing in his life. When he discovered that something missing was a baby, it blew him away. Only he wasn't the marrying type. His only alternative was a surrogate. Where's a single daddy to go when he needs help making a baby? Stevie Richards is an up and coming session singer who happens to be recording her demo in Jace's studio. When Jace hears her sing, they become instant friends. Both try to help each other through life's problems, and their friendship only grows. But what happens when Jace asks Stevie for the biggest favor in the world? Can their friendship last through business and through surrogacy? Or will love just happen to get in the way?

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Chapter 1

The ocean waves lapped at the shore lazily as the purples and yellows of the evening light slowly crept into the sky. The giant crimson sun began to sink lower and lower into the sea. A soft hissing sound could almost be heard as the water swallowed it whole. Although, the one thing that wasn’t disappearing was the summer heat. There was still a trace of it on the wind causing the beach to still be filled with people not wanting to end their day. Sitting on a bench, far from the activity, was a lone man. With his strong tattooed arms folded behind his head, his eyes took in the scene before him.

It was rare that Jace got a day off with his schedule. But then being an internationally known music producer gave him very little time to himself. He thought his schedule was hectic back when he was the talent and he was in a rock band of his own, Chaos. Rarely sleeping in his own bed and never getting time for any of those that were close to him, Jace felt as if he was burning out. After their fourth successful album, he made the most difficult choice in the world. He left his band and took a long hiatus. Jace knew he had made a lot of enemies that day. Not only did he lose some of his most trusted friends in the band, he lost some fans as well. The fans thought he betrayed them when he decided to leave.

However, he had to do what was best for him. He was burnt out from the road and his creativity was suffering as well. But after three years the rock star in him was itching to get back inside a studio, yet in a different capacity. A few fellow musicians that he had met during his career had spoken to him through the years about producing their stuff. Jace never thought of himself as a producer, but it was something new. He was always up for challenges, so he gave it a shot. It started out with a few songs. Those led to whole albums. Now he was so in demand that there was an actual waiting list to get his services.

Jace took a deep breath of the ocean air as his blue eyes skipped across the sand. This place was so peaceful and serene. It was one of his most favorite places in the LA. He loved the fact he could come here and get some peace and quiet. As the soft summer wind whipped around his long blond mohawk, Jace sighed. For months now, Jace had felt as if something were missing in his life. The only problem was he wasn’t sure what it was. He had been busy with yet another artist and yet, somehow something was missing. Today was special because it was the one-year anniversary of his mother’s death. He had to get out of the crowded studio to breathe. He remembered his very last promise to her, and he intended to keep it.

Just then a shrill cry interrupted his thoughts. Whipping his head around, Jace watched as a two-year-old boy stood on the sand as he frantically looked around. Watching the little boy Jace’s heart broke. “Poor little dude.” Getting up from his spot on the beach, Jace walked over to the toddler and smiled. “Hey buddy.” He used a soft reassuring voice as not to scare the boy.

“Mama!” The little boy wailed as he looked around again.

Squatting down to eye level, Jace put a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Did you lose your ma?” When he saw the little boy’s eyes fill with tears, he picked the boy up in his arms. “Don’t worry. I’ll help you find her. What’s your name?” He rubbed the little boy’s back.

“Robbie.” The little boy said with a toddler’s lisp.

“Well come on kiddo. We’ll find your mum.” Jace reassured him.

Fresh new tears fell down Robbie’s face as he began to cry harder. “Mama!”

Rubbing his back, Jace rocked Robbie in his arms. “It’s ok Robbie. I promise we will find her.” The first thing Jace did was look around the surrounding area. Most of the people were in the water for a final dip. Then Jace spotted a lifeguard sitting on top of his perch. Deciding it was his best bet; he began to walk towards the lifeguard.


Jace turned around to see a woman with dark hair moving quickly towards them. Robbie began to bounce in his arms as he waved his arms excitedly. Jace smiled at the little one. “Is that your ma?” When Robbie giggled, Jace knew he had his answer.

“Mama!” Robbie cried out.

As the woman approached them, Jace smiled at her. “I take it he’s yours?”

“Yes, thank god I found him. I was trying to pack up to go home and the next thing I knew he was gone.” The woman tried to catch her breath.

“I saw him crying and I promised him we would find his ma.” Jace grinned.

“Thank you so much. You don’t know how scared I was.” The woman put a hand to her heart.

Jace handed Robbie over. “There you go little dude. I told you we would find her. Now no more running off kiddo.” When Robbie giggled, Jace smiled. “I was glad I could help.”

“Thank you so much Sir.” The woman hugged Robbie tight to her as she rocked him back and forth.

“My pleasure.” Jace waved to Robbie and his mother as they began to walk back to their blanket. Then it hit him hard. A gnawing feeling grew in the pit of his stomach and it traveled up to his heart. Soon the gnawing feeling became an ache. Instantly Jace knew what had been missing. But did he have the drive to go after it?

“I want a baby.”

Tessa, Jace’s personal assistant, looked up from the computer where she was typing up his schedule for the next week to email to him and his other staff. “Excuse me?” Her blonde brows raised until they nearly reached her hairline. “I know that I’m in the studio with you enough to almost lose my hearing with all the rock music you produce, but I can’t be quite deaf yet.”

Jace chuckled as he spun around in his office chair as he faced her. “I said…I want a baby.” At her still blank face, he sighed. “As in I want to become a daddy.”

Instantly Tessa groaned. “Ok, who have you gotten pregnant? I can work with Rachel, your publicist, and we can fix this.”

Waving his hands in front of him, Jace really started to laugh. “No no it’s not like that. I haven’t gotten anyone pregnant. Hell, I haven’t even had time to date, much less fuck anyone. I swear my balls are so blue you’d think they were frozen.” he muttered.

“Then what in Hades do you mean you want a baby?” Tessa forgot all about next week’s schedule as she stood up and walked over to his desk. “You want to be a single father?” She joked with him as she rolled her eyes.

“Exactly.” Jace pointed at her as he smiled.

The smile fell completely off her face as she stared at him. “Jace, this isn’t funny. As for jokes, this is one of the worst.”

“Who said this was a joke?” He cocked his head as he looked confused. “I’m totally serious here.” His Brooklyn accent came out thicker. It always did when he was upset or emotional. “I want to be a father.”

Tessa sat on the edge of his desk. “I know what yesterday was. It didn’t slip my mind. Just because you promised her that you’d give her grandbabies someday---”

A large hand slammed down on the desk making his assistant jump. “This has NOTHING to do with Ma.” Jace’s voice carried a cold tone. “I’d be very grateful if you don’t mention my mother again.”

Knowing she was walking on eggshells now, Tessa nodded. “Alright, you want to be a father. Did you have a woman in mind?”

“I’m not planning on marrying anyone. This has nothing to do with me falling in love.” Jace scoffed as he leaned back in a chair. “You see the life I lead. The only person I’d make time for is my kid. Why drag a chick into it? You do honestly see me as the marrying type?”

“You’ve got a point there. But a surrogate? You want to do this by surrogacy? Man, you’ve really thought about this haven’t you?” Tessa shook her head as if in disbelief. “You realize that once the paps and the press get a hold of this tidbit that everyone will go crazy?”

“Which is why you and Rachel are going to make sure that doesn’t happen. When and if a surrogate decides to carry my kid, her identity will be kept more secret than the info about what really goes on at Area 51, got it?” Jace asked as he raised his brows.

Tessa gave him a confused look. “You barely read anything but Playboy. How the hell do you know about Area 51?”

“Just search the best fertility clinics in the world. I want to know about the best surrogates.” He checked his watch as he stood up. “I have a meeting with a potential new client.

Watching him walk through his office. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing, Jace?”

Pausing, he turned to look at his PA. “Yeah, I do. Just get me those files.”

After he left, Tessa sighed as she went back to work. “I hope so.”

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